DEMENTIA IS PROGRESSING — ‘Joe Biden has no idea where he is, then claims it’s a joke’…


Quid pro joe
Seems a little slow
Travels cross the country
Going to and fro

Gets off the plane
Don’t know where to go
While his little entourage
Keeps him all in tow

He walks out on the stage
Trips and stubs his toe
He stands at the podium
And spars with Amy Klo

He doesn’t know what he says
His age starts to show
He’s slowly losing all his wit
His mind starts to go

He says all his stupid gaffes
The people just say whoa
While deaf and blind MSM
Say, “oh that’s just Joe”

He thinks Donald Trump
Is his biggest foe
But he doesn’t realize
He’s the biggest schmo

He wishes that his poll numbers
Would start to grow
But the people hear him talk
And they are thinking NO

He’s supported by liberals
Like Margaret Cho
Or any boot lickin
Hollywood elitist ho

Quick grope Joe
Moves real slow
Puts both his hands
Where they shouldn’t go

Acts real weird
Like he’s a pedo
Touches in places
That are a no no

He sniffs the girls hair
Wherever he may go
Meanwhile Hunter Biden
Sniffs all the blow

He had another son
By the name of Beau
But he got real sick
Now he ain’t no mo

Dear brother Hunter
Such a loving bro
Went to see the grieving wife
To plant his seed and sow

Joe worked with a monkey
Named Barack O
He chats with the Ukraine
Lookin for some dough$

He and Hunter made a deal
No one would ever know
But that ol’ Benghazi bitch
Got a vote of…..NO!

Makes a final speech
It’s the end of the show
Wifey walks on the stage
……..”Joe, it’s time to go”

Should be in his garden
Jerking on his hoe
Or in his recliner
Staring at his toe

Quid pro joe
On the down low
Everywhere you go

Hides in his basement
With his little ho
Cameras all set
For a little show

Joe reads the prompter
Little does he know
Every word he speaks
Doesn’t really flow

Interviewed by Tapper
A real media ho
Asked softball questions
Like they were made of dough

He talks with Bernie
Like he was a bro
That’s what he thinks
Little does he know

Boot lickin Bernie
A real commie schmo
Tried to make a run
Got told where to go

Bernie made a deal
No one would ever know
Another little cottage
A nice place to go

Old Joe will be in prison
His hair as white as snow
He’ll think about the yesteryear
As he sits on death row

What a tangled web he weaved
That he tried to sew
Like an horrific story
From Edgar Allen Poe

Bragged about his power
He just could not lay low
Now he knows he said too much
Time to eat some crow

He’ll think of all the money
That he tried to stow
Sitting in a cold dark place
Without….that twilight glow.


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