Debates, the White House and Declass

President Donald Trump (adapted (R) picture,

[Editor’s note: It seems Trump has refused to participate in the next debate, as organizers plan a virtual debate.] 

by G5

The Vice-Presidential Debate

I watched the ending of the Pence Dumbala Affair. I knew she was lying because her mouth was moving. I couldn’t watch much more, because of the potential effects on my digestion. Apart from warnings popping up on my device concerning her causing bullshit overload. And of course, she dodged more than she attempted to lie about.

She can’t debate, has no policies, has tragic baggage of a legacy, and is totally out of her depth with zero experience in the real world.

Trump’s economic, foreign policy, and defense accomplishments were primarily the reverse of the Soetoro O’Biden occupation SitCom.

What Hiding Lying O’Biden and Dumbala Harris screeched about each other in their own primaries, was fairly well correct. The Democratic Platform is the Low Information Voter, fed by Fourth Estate propaganda, supported by the intellectualized, Ideologized, disengaged, and institutionalized electoral fraud. And somehow this is choice and democratic.

If in doubt: examine the histories.

In passing: what Dumbala tried to sell as a parallel between Lincoln and Dems concerning the appointment of a SCOTUS position 27 days before an election, and the follow on; WAIT FOR IT; was Bullshit. But her audience is already committed Low Information Herds.

A profoundly ignorant, illiterate buffoon, attempting to bluff the moment.

The White House

During the 2020 SOTU: former Democrat George Sonny Purdue, was sworn in as Acting President, and bunkered under The WH.

During the recent twenty-eighth attempt to murder Trump, and second to murder FLOTUS: Pence was sworn in as Acting President, and Ted Cruze as Acting Vice President.

Trump will release the full unredacted DOJ-FBI files concerning The HRC Email Affair, The Mueller Russian Hoax Affair, and The Obama-Biden Corrupt Unlawful Sitcom White House Occupation.

Wray: of The Seventh Floor FBI Mafia, will be removed by Trump after the next election.

The Legacy and Dignity of Soetoro’s criminality to be inserted where only Michael plays.

The Twenty-Fifth Amendment to apply, should Orange become incapacitated. Not any succession legislation, on which Antoinette Pelosi has polished her less gross formal dentures.

The Dem Voting Frauds are already being court challenged in a number of states. The welcoming for Barrett as she is moved to SCOTUS. The correct balance for Robert’s cringe Ideologically driven vacillations.

The Two-Party System that has seen the Deep State political machine and its Fourth Estate propaganda machine, diminish to an unrepresentative sect. Exposed as the criminal, enslaving, self-interested, Fifth Column it is.

The rush to the bottom by a hidden agenda to convert the US into a terminal Third World, owned, disengaged, totalitarian state.

Currently fronted by the ridiculous hiding lying O’Biden and Dumbala Harris. The debasement of an entire nation. Beyond its infatuation with Infanticide. A symptom of a regressive, uncivilized social structure.

Flynn and Legal Matters

The Flynn Case is currently receiving an airing from honest people in responsible media.

As I have written: false convictions occurred in; Flynn, Stone, Manafort, Cohen, and Gates. Attempts at; Concord, thirteen alleged KGB, and three other Russian Citizens, failed. From; The Brookings Institute, Gestapo Mueller, FISA, FBI, DOJ, Democratic Party, Deep State, Fourth Estate Consortium, Totalitarian Self-interest obsessed, Mafia. A Political Elite Entitled Ruling Class.

The Rewritten English Legal System, of the Progressive Minded. The Constitution has no meaning. Illegality is a matter of Political Perception. Destroying or hiding evidence and manufacturing evidence are merely aspects of the craft.

There are no Left-Right Paradigms. There are only a Ruling Class and the rest. The latter including the vast majority of the People. Maintained in power by bought, Low Information voting classes, and institutionalized Electoral Fraud. A Democratic Ideological Delusion of the few ruling the many.


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