Dave Portnoy explains to Tucker what it felt like to have Covid…

It is likely that Democrats partnered with Fauci/China to coordinate COVID. Many videos hit youtube explaining Fauci’s corruption when covid first started, but they were all frantically scrubbed by big tech and anyone sharing them was blocked from all platforms, including conservative sites reliant on Google for monetization.
Quite noticeably, democrats never acted afraid of the virus themselves. That always struck me as odd and told me it was probably a hoax from the beginning.

Now democrats must keep the fear alive to push mail-in voting and keep people afraid of the future while covid hospitalizations/deaths plummet and we find out that the CDC data are misleading anyway. Anyone daring to venture out to a restaurant, etc. in a democrat city will likely be met with a democrat mob of BLM terrorists to “disrupt” their meal… as the terrorists dutifully follow instructions from Congress-filth maxine waters and nancy pelosi to harass anyone not agreeing with them.

Meanwhile President Trump looks to the future and says America’s best days are ahead of her & next year will have growth like we never imagined.


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