Dark, Sinister, and Evil: ‘There’s Bodies ALL Over the Property’ He Yelled…Serial Killer Family…Human Remains Found Everywhere

serial killer bodies buried spring hill florida billy mansfield

Police discovered human remains at a home in Spring Hill, Florida. The home belonged to convicted serial killer Billy Mansfield, who is currently serving four life sentences for the kidnapping, rape, torture and murder of a multiple women.

The killer’s horrific crime spree took place from 1975-1980. The case is getting new attention now since a tip from a family member led to more human remains being discovered at the property.

Serial killer house of horrors

Spring Hill is a small town in Hernando County, Florida. Located about an hour outside of the hustle and bustle of downtown Tampa, the residents of Spring Hill enjoy living in a relatively quiet, safe community.

But there is a dark, sinister past that still haunts this sunny Florida neighborhood. In the late 1970’s a man named Billy Mansfield lived in a home on Centerwood Avenue with his father and brother. There, the men carried out such shocking and brutal acts of evil that neighbors still get queasy when thinking about it.

According to court documents, Billy Mansfield had a fetish for young women, who he would often kidnap and drag back to his Centerwood Avenue home. There, he would keep the women alive, bound and gagged for weeks while carrying out his sick and twisted fantasies.

He would also present the women as gifts for his father and brother. The women were repeatedly raped, tortured, and passed around between the trio of psychopaths. The victims experienced unimaginable suffering before Billy would finally murder them, often dismembering the bodies and burying them around his property.


Billy Mansfield’s father and brother still live at the property on Cederwood Avenue. Both of the men have long criminal records. His brother Gary was just arrested on October 27th for possession of narcotics. Seeking immunity from his drug charges, Gary Mansfield began telling police there were “bodies all over the property.”

The family is dangerous

Turns out, he wasn’t lying. Hours later police found human remains buried in multiple locations around the home. The grisly discovery has spiked a new wave of terror in the neighborhood.

One neighbor, who chose to remain anonymous out of fear, told reporters “That family is dangerous. They will kill you, like they killed others. I can’t say anything about them at all. I might get killed. They’re crazy.”

“It’s scary to think stuff like that happens,” another resident told reporters. Billy Mansfield was facing the death penalty in Florida until he cooperated with authorities and confessed to the crimes.

His punishment was reduced to four life sentences and he will spend the rest of his life in a California prison. Meanwhile, Spring Hill still hasn’t forgotten about the evil committed in their quiet community.


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