Cuomo begs fleeing New Yorkers — ‘Come back, I will cook for you’…

The attitude: How dare you leave.

Look at the way they handled COVID- by shutting everything down. You couldn’t even claim the dead body of your mom, husband, or child from a hospital. The dead were buried on North Brother Island in a Potter’s field. They deliberately sent covid patients into nursing homes, the residences of the well-known most at-risk population for death by covid in the world. Half the deaths in New York state were nursing home deaths.

They changed bail laws so that someone is arrested and then released immediately. They released convicted felons from prison to save them from covid, letting them roam the streets and neighborhoods of the city and state. They encourage rioting, looting, and arson against people, public, & private property, schools, and businesses. Everybody’s mandated to wear a mask which only helps criminals.

Then they want to get rid of the police.

Why the hell would you live in New York City? In fact why would you live in the state? People are right to move out. It’s not what they pay taxes for.

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