CSBA promises more deportations

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The Toronto Sun reports that the number of people crossing at Roxham Road, the illegal border crossing near La Colle QC, where most so-called irregular migrant crossings occur, exceeds the population of many mid-sized Canadian cities.

Rebel News routinely visits the Roxham Road crossing, where a steady stream of migrants crosses daily with the assistance of police and immigration officials at the site. 

According to Blacklock’s:

The performance objective for total removals in 2023 is set at 16,312 which represents a 219 percent increase from the prior year’s performance,” wrote staff. Tracking the most dangerous foreign fugitives is a priority, the memo added.

‘Removals are prioritized based on a risk management regime with cases involving national security, organized crime, human rights violations and criminality being the highest priority for the safety and security of Canada,’ said the memo.

‘This first priority also includes failed irregular migrant asylum seekers that entered between Canada’s ports of entry.’

Although migrants at La Colle were not required to be vaccinated to enter Canada, vaccine requirements for flight and entry to Canada for regular travellers remained in place until September 2022. 

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