Crimes Exposed via Second Opinion Video re: “SAFE AND EFFECTIVE”

Comment by Dee McLachlan

Every single person in government and the media that pushed these jabs participated in the most despicable crime — the maiming and murder of tens of thousands.

Today a good video by Stone Turner.

Apologies for the repetition, but it is almost impossible to get one’s head around how this “vaccine” hoax was made possible. The ‘safe and effective’ narrative was the biggest LIE ever told. The “science” was a big fat LIE. A lie repeated hourly on television by countless mouthpieces and authorities — paid for by Pharma.

Leaders are not leaders — they are puppets directed by powers above them. TV hosts are not presenters, they are no more than script-reading puppets. It proves once and for all that humanity operates in a hive-mind sheep-like way.

And this madness continues despite the EVIDENCE.

Future humans will look back to these times as the “dark ages” — the dark age of mass mind control, thought-abandonment, and “willful blindness”.

It is difficult to conceive that people are allowing these “powers” to exist. People concealed life-saving therapeutic treatments to push a jab-agenda. Tens of thousands of people should be detained and expelled permanently from participating in anything to do with deciding humanity’s future (including Gates).

And a video on 35% increase in mortality — 5 shots:


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