Crazy scene outside home of Postmaster General…

In 1970 the campus demonstrations against the war and impatience with race relations were getting more and more aggressive, violent, and more and more unruly. Each week the raging crowds were pushing the limits harder and harder. until, I was sure, something really dangerous had to give. Most violence and damage is minimized by the discipline and tolerance of well trained police and para-military organizations. I was at sea in the Mediterranean when I heard about the shooting at Kent State, an accident due to lack to training and discipline. I recall thinking at the time, “well that will calm down the demonstrations and riots.” And it certainly did. It was like cold water was thrown “demonstration industry” overnight. Suddenly it was real. For those of us in the military, we already knew what this was like and that none of this was a game. Spoiled children raging impossible demands against homeowners, and threatening people because of their presumed beliefs, is not going to end well. Like Kent State, it will be an accident, but someone will die. Dying can be pretty permanent. So, BLM/Marxist/Antifa/bored feminists/self righteous ideologues/assorted other terrorists, take some advice from the military, and ask yourself each moment, “is this the hill I want to die on?” What is my cause AND objective for today, and am I willing to die for it? Keep it up, and soon, some of you will get the answer to that question. Peace be with you all, and God bless you.

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