COVID outbreak at Toronto CBC office

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The office of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is listed on the City of Toronto’s COVID outbreak website.

While fearmongering about the state of COVID in Alberta and Saskatchewan with headlines like “COVID-19 ER visits and hospitalizations on the rise among Alberta kids” — wherein CBC falsely claimed a 14-year-old brain cancer patient had died of COVID 10 — and Saskatchewan asks other provinces if they can spare ICU staff amid COVID-19 crisis,” the Mother Corp. had a bit of COVID crisis of its own.

In the latest online list publish by Toronto Public Health, CBC is noted amongst outbreaks in Hogtown workplaces with 20 or more employees.

Between October 6–12, CBC had two identified active cases. The COVID outbreak at CBC has since been declared over by public health official, but the pandemic of fake news at CBC rages on.

It is not clear if the two cases in CBC’s workplace reflect real human beings or the medical mannequins that CBC uses to scare its few remaining viewers and readers about allegedly overwhelmed Alberta ICUs.

CBC was shamed into apologizing after sharp-eyed Twitter users noticed the state broadcaster, in an article headlined It’s real. It’s dangerous: What it’s like in an ICU ward,” used images and video of a very not real plastic patient lying in an ICU bed.

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