Could mask mandates return to Quebec?

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After almost three years of the pandemic, a fifth dose of the vaccine for some, repeated lockdowns, curfew, vaccine passports and even an Amber alert on New Year’s Eve to remind us that we can’t leave our homes after 10 p.m., could we see a return to mandatory masking in Quebec?

François Legault, Premier of Quebec, mentioned that masking will remain on a voluntary basis, for now. I emphasize these two words because Mr. Legault has said them regularly before then changing his mind a few days to a few weeks later.

Quebec’s Bill 28 was passed last June. The purpose of this bill was to put an end to the state of health emergency while providing for the maintenance of transitional measures necessary to protect the health of the population. Let us not forget that the health emergency that was deployed on March 13, 2020, has been renewed by decree for more than two years. Is it not time for Quebec to hold an independent public inquiry into the use of this health emergency?

Until December 31, the Legault government will continue to have exceptional powers to make major decisions about the people. So it will come as no surprise when mandatory masks come back. We must not forget that Legault also prepared everything with the school boards by providing them with 30 million masks, plus the unused masks that were stored in the Quebec revenue offices. 

Of course, the school ventilation problem, which has been going on longer than the pandemic and needed to be fixed, has simply ended up in the abyss. It is better to open the windows of classes at -30 degrees in winter to ventilate — but at least the students are protected by their blue mask or made with old recycled materials.

It was even suggested in an article in the Journal de Québec to wash surgical masks. Sorry?

Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam even mentioned recently that the mask is not perfect in terms of protection, so why keep forcing it? Especially since no one seems to know how to use a mask so that it is used effectively. Masks rolled in a pocket or in the bottom of a bag, sewn with leftover underwear, masks so worn that they have turn brown, those wearing their masks around the elbows or under the chin — very effective, you know. 

We don’t want to have to submit to the mandatory mask again. Sign our petition to ensure this doesn’t become a reality again at

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