Coronavirus a Second Look Addendum: Powerful Voices have their Say on Pandemic Salvation

Your policies and politics make no scientific, medical or common sense. Your belligerent fascism will not deter us in defending our human attributes codified as constitutional rights! Your measures are destructive, irrational and unconstitutional! They serve other masters, not the citizens of this province or this country!” – Rocco Galati, Oct 17, 2020


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As this episode goes to air, alarm bells are ringing world-wide are warning of the rise of Covid. As Director-General of the World Health Organization Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus put it during a press conference this past Monday:

“Over the weekend, we saw that while many countries had brought Covid-19 under control, cases in some countries in Europe and North America continue to spike.” [1]

We are now currently seeing the rise of secondary lock-downs, or partial lock-downs for the countries of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands, Czech Republic, the Republic of Ireland, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Greece.

Similar signs are springing up in various jurisdictions that lock-downs are building across Canada. [2][3][4]

In the wake of this historic turn of events, professionals, political figures and members of the general public are forced into the position of defending or attacking actions on the part of government which restrict public freedoms and public movements. Either our political leaders are acting in the best interests of the public to SAVE LIVES or they have seized power illegally and are attacking a significant portion of the people nation-wide.

Now, opposite sides of this argument are verging toward a clash. In Canada, one side is wedging litigation against Trudeau, Ford, Tory and a host of other people who are championing the fights against the virus at the expense of human rights. The other side are struggling to authorize the onslaught if it will contain the virus and end the rampage on vulnerable Canadians.

This week on the Global Research News Hour, we include representations of both sides of the argument to allow listeners to decide for themselves the responsible way out of and through the pandemic.

In our first half hour, we hear from Rocco Galati, the renowned constitutional lawyer, who has launched a challenge against three levels of government on the grounds their actions in terms of masks and other restrictions are an illegal seizure of power and a theft of human rights. He was recorded at a ‘Toronto Freedom Rally’ on October 17.

In our second half hour, we are joined for a live interview with Winnipeg based Dr Anand Kumar. Kumar, an active, on-the-ground participant in the Covid crisis and a co-signature on an open letter requesting a lock-down for Winnipeg to keep the sick-count from overwhelming the finite number of intensive care units (ICU) at their disposal.

We also encourage our listeners to revisit the other six episodes of our Coronavirus series to further your insights into big picture.

Rocco Galati has been a constitutional lawyer for roughly 30 years. He is the Executive Director of the Constitutional Rights Centre and in the past won multiple suits against the government.

Anand Kumar, MD is both a doctor and a professor of Medicine, Medical Microbiology, and the department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics. He has trained in internal medicine, critical care medicine and infectious diseases. He also co-signed an open letter to the Premier of Manitoba asking for a lock-down in the interests of limiting the exploding cases of Covid-19 hitting the urgent care centres hard.

(Global Research News Hour Episode 294)


Click to download the audio (MP3 format)

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  1. Monday WHO Nov 2, 2020 Press conference:



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