Considering the Durham Timeline…

There’s a lot of debate about the timeline for John Durham’s investigation and when the information will likely become public. Toward that end here’s some food for thought.

First, *if* the “criminal investigation” (as confirmed officially by DOJ spox) resulted in evidence that would push toward a grand jury seating, it must be remembered that could not have started until after June 15, 2020:

The entire DC justice system was frozen in place until after June 15. Now considering a time-frame for typical GJ seating and processing, that would put evidence into the GJ around, say June 20th.

Now take a typical DC grand jury timeline of 5 weeks (Wolfe case May 3rd through June 7th); and contrast that against the complexity of the Durham inquiry (twice duration); and consider recent reports that investigators have only just reached principals (Brennan); then an approximate timeline would be two months +/-.

That puts a seated grand jury for Durham’s purpose around June 20th through Mid-August.

Coincidentally, when CTH first discovered the totality of the background corruption story back in the third quarter of 2018, the targeted date for a determination of whether the DOJ was willing to address the scale of the internal corruption issues was mid-August.

Absent action by the DOJ to address the most explosive evidence that outlines the totality of fraud upon American voters by the corrupt DOJ and FBI interests; CTH began compiling all the data into a comprehensive brief on a specific aspect that cuts directly to the heart of the issues.

For the past month, all in phase-one, I have been sharing the contents of that evidence with anyone who can make a substantive difference. I have traveled to several states and briefed staff, principals and some select media. Every person briefed is stunned by the specific evidence compiled and how the dots were never connected; nothing is refuted.

Phase two is making that briefing material well known to everyone.  That material reconciles everything that took place in 2017, 2018 and 2019.  Most long-time CTH readers are already familiar with it…. however, the rest of the electorate are not.

Today someone all of us think has a very granular understanding reached out and discovered they only knew a small segment.  This is good, very good, because they will likely be the bridge to the phase-two delivery.  More conversations are planned.

Hopefully Mr XXXXX and Durham will deliver on behalf of AG Barr and the American people.  However, if they don’t address the dual justice system -mid August- then things will be even bigger and even uglier.

Think about the lessons inside the hidden details of the Wolfe case. Think about the ramifications to the Gang of Eight; to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence; to the entire system of intelligence oversight; to the system of inspectors general in the intelligence community; to the separation of power dynamic; to checks and balances; to the entire purpose of the Mueller probe; to an internal coup to remove a sitting president by actions that touch all three branches of U.S. government;…and more importantly to the administration of justice…

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