Conservative outsider Joseph Bourgault talks truth, freedom, justice

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Joseph Bourgault learned, just a few moments before joining me for an in-depth and exclusive interview in Airdrie, Alberta, that he had been officially approved as a leadership candidate by the Conservative Party of Canada. He is now taking on the task of raising $300,000 by the end of April deadline to ensure he can carry on campaigning for the leadership of the CPC.

Joseph Bourgault is a proud Saskatchewan business owner who has entered this race very much as an underdog, but his strong and uncompromising positions of freedom, individual responsibility and tax reform could potentially draw liberty-minded voters’ support to his campaign.

Unlike some politicians who have skirted media at great lengths, Mr. Bourgault scheduled a time to sit down with us and present his case.

We discussed COVID-19 mandates, medical coercion, digital ID, carbon taxes, state-funded media and inflation during our extensive conversation as we bring you unparalleled coverage and ask the questions that you want answers to during these leadership races.

In addition to this exclusive interview, you can see coverage of the full event, including an interview with Olympic gold medalist and Stanley Cup champion Theoren Fleury right here.

While other news outlets may show up briefly to an event, or not show up at all, we are bringing you more coverage of more campaign stops than anyone else, and you can find it all at

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