Concerned Lawyers Network: Notice of Liability and Potential Claims


Covid-19 test exported in 2018, (R) Premier Daniel Andrews


Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews,
Victorian Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton,
Prime Minister Scott Morrison,
Federal Chief Health Officer Paul Kelly

Re: Notice of Liability & Potential Claims

We refer to our letter to you dated 6th November 2020. We require a reply to the very specific questions put to individuals (as attached). Please reply to those questions by 2nd January 2021. Regarding the balance of the letter and evidence put forward, in the absence of any response to same, we consider THAT the evidence is not refuted by any of you (listed as recipients to our letter dated 6 November 2020).

Signed on behalf of Concerned Lawyers Network:
Maria Rigoli B.A. LLB. (Melbourne University) Acc.Spec (Fam)
Jeff Tran B Science LLB (Melbourne)
Russell Sumner LLM GDipDisRes Post GradDLegal Practice (UK)(LLB) (HONS)
Shemarrah Davis LLB (Monash University)
Tony Nikolic LLB Criminology (Uni. Western Sydney) LLM (College of law)
Liesl Tziolis B.A, LLB, (Hons, Uni of Qld), MBA


  1. Prime Minister- If Covid19 is in fact man-made, is this crime of creating and unleashing a bioweapon on Australians still being investigated? Are there any reports of Australians or Australian organisations being allegedly complicit? Has CSIRO Geelong been cleared after they denied links with Wuhan after it was alleged they manufactured the virus and later used the Wuhan lab to amplify and test more on the virus? Have any investigations began or are they continuing in relation to the potential treason and sedition against Australians arising from this bioweapon if it is the case it was man-made? If so, what are the findings?
  2. (All recipients) One of the most disturbing pieces of evidence is the fact that the Covid19 Tests were manufactured and sold around the world (including to Australia), more than 3 years before Covid19 was named as a disease. A cursory due diligence of the TGA approved supply lists cross-referenced to trademark/patent applications seems to point towards this conclusion. What level of due diligence (if any) has been done on ALL the manufacturers and sponsors?

How were the required clinical trials done and were the participants in these trials informed that they were partaking in a clinical trial? Was their express, informed consent obtained?

Where is the DNA and genome sequencing obtained from the “testing” kept and for what purposes? How many of these manufacturers and sponsors have CCP related backers, funders, shareholders? Further how many of these sponsors and/or manufacturers represent a conflict of interest for MPs and public health bureaucrats?

  1. Victorian Premier, Queensland Premier, and Prime Minister is DNA harvesting taking place in Australia from Covid19 testing, or are there plans for a law similar to that of the UK to be introduced here? If so, for what purpose? Is consent being obtained for DNA harvesting? Who is managing the DNA database? Where is the data being secured?
  2. Prime Minister and Victorian Premier- is Victoria or Australia getting similar financial incentives from the World Bank or IMF for following their policies on Covid19 (or any other global policy) as with the country of Belarus? If so, what are the details?

  3. Victorian Minister for Health Victoria Martin Foley WHY have you banned this life-saving drug -Hydroxychloroquine- (HCQ) during 2020 and up to 22 January 2021? Jeannette Young also- why have you criminalized the prescribing of HCQ?

  4. Prime Minister List all types of “emergencies” that the Defence Legislation Amendment (Enhancement of Defence Force Response to Emergencies) Bill 2020 is designed to cover. Why this unprecedented move to allow foreign troops and police into our country? What is the definition of Foreign Armed Forces (can it included a UN “peacekeeping force” sanctioned by the UN Security Council”? Why is it limited to natural disasters and other emergencies and what does this mean in practice? Why are there virtually zero checks and balances for this with the Governor-General being handed an inordinate amount of power to direct “foreign armed forces” together with the “Minister” and the “Prime Minister on Australian soil and presumably against Australian citizens?

It is not unreasonable to draw a conclusion that this is in response to “COVID 19” and to enforce medical procedures on Australian citizens without their consent. Is this a reasonable conclusion to draw? How do you intend to ensure that the rights of Australian citizens free of government tyranny and overreach are protected through parliamentary oversight?

Why are members of foreign armed forces being given immunity from prosecution? Will they be used against Australian citizens who lawfully protest? Is this included in the definition of Domestic Violence? Is the definition of Domestic Violence being widened deliberately to allow people to be arbitrarily detained? Will they be used against citizens who refuse medical conscription such as testing and vaccinations? What will they be used for and who will be paying for them?

Schedule of recipients p4 of the letter:

Click to access CLN-FOLLOW-UP-LETTER-11-12-20.pdf


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