Communist Democrat Governor Takes Things Too Far, Goes After Salon Owners Children

Governor Kate Brown Oregon salon lockdown covid

An Oregon salon owner opened her business in defiance of Governor Kate Brown’s lockdown orders as a matter of financial survival. As a result, the governor threw the full weight of the state against her, including allegedly using Child Protective Services to threaten her children to force the salon owner to comply.

Democrat Governor punishes business owners

Glamour Salon owner Lindsey Graham reopened her salon in May and received a fine of $14,000 from the state. Graham claimed that Governor Brown began to personally “terrorize” her family, and threatened to place her children under the care of Child Protective Services to “intimidate” her into closing her salon doors.

“As soon as I tried to open my doors against the governor’s mandate back in May, she came at me with the full weight of the state,” Graham told Laura Ingraham on Fox News.

“She terrorized myself, she terrorized my stylists, and she terrorized my family. She took every government agency she could, and she put her full weight into intimidating me into closing, including sending Child Protective Services to my home and threatening the removal of my children.”

Three days after publicly opening her salon, Child Protective Services showed up at Graham’s home and “interviewed my children without my presence,” she explained. “They opened a full-blown case against me which was completely bogus and unwarranted, and it didn’t stop until I shot back at them with a threat of the lawsuit.”

Pandemic ushers in the Great Reset

This is outrageous. These radical Democrats are releasing violent criminals from prisons and arresting hard working business owners, all under the excuse of COVID-19 social distancing. What it looks like is Lefties are trying their best to destroy society and usher in a “great reset,” which is just a fancy way of saying global Communism.

It’s one thing to use the regulatory power of the state to impose fines on businesses who don’t comply with the rules, it’s quite another to further threaten to take one’s children as a result of non-compliance. We have willingly allowed our freedoms to disappear as a result of fear and we will only get our freedoms back when we as a people rise up and say “enough.”


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