Communist China Want Closer Military Ties With America But Only Under Their Terms

Nov. 28th, 2021

In a story by Breitbart on November 26th, 2021, it talks about how the Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) desires closer relations with the U.S. military – and then blamed the U.S. for taking “provocative” actions that make such a close relationship difficult. As usual, the communist regime wants everything on their own terms like a spoilt little school bully, they want the US to give up their defence of Taiwan in exchange for a more understanding and agreeable military and especially hassle-free trade future.

Wu went on to say that China wants to be friends, but Washington insists on such aggressive policies as supporting Taiwan, challenging China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea, and monitoring Chinese military movements. China is saying again do exactly as we say and we can have a much better understanding going forward, no-one wants another war especially between two massive military mights like China and the US as it would not end well for anyone. But it seems that as far as the totalitarian regime is concerned war can only be prevented by the US giving up its duty to protect Taiwan.

The Chinese Defence Ministry Spokesman Wu Qian insisted that China has principles for the development of relations between the two militaries, which is that China’s sovereignty, dignity, and core interests cannot be violated. So again China insists that it gets its own way as usual. This has always been the problem throughout history when trying to make a deal with communist, totalitarian, authoritarian, and tyrannical governments as they are always so inflexible and obstinate it makes it almost impossible to make any progress. But in the manipulative mind of the Chinese at least they have tried to make peace at least they have made an effort to bring together the two countries.

Because the only way to make progress is to give the communist regime whatever they want it’s obvious the so-called hand of friendship is yet another ploy to give the world the idea that China is the good guy and everyone else is the bad guy.

The reality is that China is the party raising tensions across the Pacific – everywhere from the skies of Taiwan, which have been filled with a large number of Chinese warplanes lately, to the Philippines, which is resisting aggressive Chinese attempts to seize disputed shoals by force. The Philippine Defense Minister Delfin Lorenzana recently rejected China’s demands for Philippine forces to remove their unusual outpost from the disputed Second Thomas Shoal as “baseless.”Lorenzana said China is the “trespasser” on the shoal, which has been blockaded by Chinese coast guard ships over the past few days. Philippine vessels were blocked from resupplying the small contingent of troops based on the BRP Sierra Madre, a rusty ship deliberately run aground in 1999 so the Philippine military could use it as an observation post.

The U.S. State Department said last week that America “stands with our ally, the Philippines, in the face of this escalation that directly threatens regional peace and stability.” So obviously this is why all of a sudden that China wants to be friends with everyone, as everyone already knows what a set of bullies China and its military actually are.

The world realises that China will say one thing then do another they are famous for that, the other day Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton also denounced China’s “alarming” actions,  pointing to its bullying of Taiwan and relentless militarization of the South China Sea. he went on to say “we’re all familiar with the frequent claims of the Chinese government that it is committed to peace, cooperation and development. And yet we bear witness to a significant disconnect between the words and the actions. We’ve watched very closely as the Chinese government has engaged in increasingly alarming activities,”.

Governments have hopefully now got the measure of Communist China and their ambition to rule the world by trade deals and military might, so this latest obvious and pathetic attempt for ‘friendship’ with America is as always just a ploy to make them look better than the bullies that they really are.

To read more about this story please click the link: Chinese Defense Ministry Wants Closer Ties to U.S. Military

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