Commercial Lien

If someone has ‘wronged’ you, by their actions, you have a remedy, in Law. The Common Law is the Law-of-the-Land, and is the highest man-made Law under which the People of the Nation are bound.

Under the Common Law, everyone is individually responsible for their own actions. The ‘office’ they may hold, the ‘authority’ they may consider they have, and/or the uniform they may wear, does not protect them in any way, shape, form.

Simply because they (like everyone else) are responsible for every action they take. This was set into tablets of stone following Word War II, at the Nuremberg Trials. German Officers claimed “I was only obeying orders”, yet they were still found guilty, and hung accordingly.

This also forms a part of the Geneva Convention to which most Countries are signatories.  Thus “I was only obeying orders” is not a defence.



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