COMEDY GOLD — Stylists hang hair dryers and curlers outside Nancy Pelosi’s house…

San Francisco still has the WASPy Ivy-league cocktail party network that can not stand the Democratic Party and the reasons why San Francisco and the rest of California, once a paradise turned into an absolute embarrassment. Then you have the ilks of Peter Thiel, bankers, financiers Republicans that are mostly libertarian, and can’t imagine voting for a Democrat. The tech millennials here aren’t too radical. I think they’re not interested in politics. Others are shocked to find a Republican in San Francisco. They look at you like you’re from another planet, but for the most part are polite.

Unfortunately, we are surrounded by rich Democrats that are absolutely arrogant, smug assholes. Think Pelosi and Steyer if you dare…

The nastiness responses were mostly from the LGBTQ (alphabet) community, and I mean nasty. And yes, I am Catholic, Traditionalist, love San Francisco and countryside, and proud Log Cabin America First Republican. We do exist and love the USA.

Look up Harmeet Dhillon. She’s.a fellow San Franciscan!

Stay strong my fellow patriots and have a good laugh at the liberal lunatics. It’s easy for me to do living here in San Francisco!


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