Col. Doug Macgregor – Ukraine Russia War Latest

Col. Doug Macgregor – Ukraine Russia War Latest

By Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom

Here’s what others had to say:

Burnt Offerings
An officer and a gentleman. What a delightful and smart man Doug is. America badly needs to hear the wisdom of decent moral leaders like the Colonel. This man is a national treasure.

Bernadette Nespole
Absolutely outstanding discussion. I loved Col. Mac Gregor’s answer to your first question, Judge! MacGregor stands his ground and is unwavering! This is what I love about Judging freedom! Grade AAA host , guests, content and subject matter experts! Love ya, Judge!!!

Khurram Dad
Two American former military men commentators that deserve the utmost respect, Douglas Macgregor & Scott Ritter.

Timothy W
Judge, I really appreciate the knowledge, intelligence and demeanor of Col. Macgregor. Thank you so much for hosting him.

bansraj mattai
It’s so true: one “can listen to Col. McGregor all afternoon.” Always clear, precise, and confident. Thank you both, gentlemen!

Anon Online
Douglas Magregor and Scott Ritter are THE BEST sources to keep informed on this situation. Thank you for organising Judge, keep up the good work. Kind regards from Belgium.

Rana R
Col Douglas McGregor is one very special, intelligent and rare American. His assessment of the situation corresponds with other sources reporting from the battlefield.

Always an absolute pleasure to hear Colonel’s excellent and sober analysis on this conflict and a great thanks to Judge for keeping this conversation alive.

Tony Fernandes
Thank you for the excellent interview and commentary! Smart, incisive, and intelligent questions followed by fact-based, rational and knowledgeable responses!

I can listen to Col. Macgregor over and over again. Occasionally, on yt I come across some re-posted portions or compiled videos, and even if I’ve watched the original one, I just can’t stop re-watching it again. It’s always a pleasure!

Hassan Deedaur
Our favourite Youtube program; our favourite Judge too, even though sometimes we do not share his line of questioning – of course we know the reason why he does it being a Judge, he has his methods. Cool. Every time I watch our favourite judge, it takes us back to college and the lectures of our favourite Professors. God bless.

Jack Wachtel-Scott
Russia’s referendums in the Russian speaking parts of Ukraine are in fact Russia’s unilateral implementation of the Minsk accords that the Ukrainians under U.S. influence refused to implement. The Mink accords were meant to give the Russian speaking regions autonomy but yet remain part of Ukraine. Putin has simply implemented the accords but instead of the regions remaining part of Ukraine they will become part of Russia. Bad things happen when you don’t honor an agreement.

Spartan 59
There is nothing better than to listen to the discussion of two Intellectual Giants with common sense. Listening to Judge A and Col Mac is like a breath of fresh air.My only complaint would be the length of time, can’t you stretch it out to at least a cup of coffee in length? 😀 It would be so nice to sit and listen to the soothing words of fact and not fiction, knowledge , not guesswork and dare I say that Col Mac has a voice that resonates commonsense and relief in understanding what is really going on.
My thanks to you both, may you both be blessed with good health. Col Macs best answers today…”NO”….”Suit this guy up and let him find out for himself”…”His story on Cuba”.

Екатерина Серикова
Norway is not an option. They were selling gas because they used their rivers to generate electricity. Some time ago Norway is announced that they can reduce the amount of gas for selling because the water level has dropped in their rivers and they need to use gas to produce it. The British government was quite pissed because they buy gas from Norway and it is 60 percent of all energy of The UK.


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