CNN’s Cuomo: Trump Should Be the Picture of a ‘Demagogue’ in the Dictionary — ‘Literally Wants to Make You Hate’

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on Wednesday’s broadcast of “Cuomo Prime Time,” said President Donald Trump “is pathological,” and his the picture should be next to a “demagogue in the dictionary.”

Cuomo said, “Trump is an incumbent who says, look around, everything has gone to hell in a handbasket since I became president, and only I can fix it. Think about it. He literally is selling you the proposition that you need to re-elect him to fix what went wrong on his watch. He talks about the economy as if the pandemic never happened. The numbers after the pandemic do not matter, that’s not the state of our economy right now. And if you don’t re-elect him, the things that have gotten bad on his watch will get worse. Doesn’t simple logic 62 days out from an election dictate that the guy who helped make things bad would probably make it worse if given a second chance? Now, remember, here’s the key. How do you sell abnormal? You need to be abnormal. Forget about presidential. Instead of presidential, Trump is pathological. He lies and uses power and pawns to divide. He is the picture that should be next to a demagogue in the dictionary. He literally wants to make you hate. Prove it. OK, how are you supposed to feel about media that doesn’t praise him, like me, for example? hate them, hate them.”

He continued, “Now this president who’s been carping constantly, literally months, about voter fraud without basis, floating doomsday scenarios without basis — the election’s going to be rigged if you vote by mail — what’s his answer? Literally, he says the answer to secure a safe election is for Americans to try to vote twice. I kid you not.”

After playing a clip of Trump saying people should both mail-in vote and go to the polls, Cuomo said, “What is this, SNL? Is this a movie? What system is he talking about? So vote absentee, then go to the polls to try to vote again. What do you think, all the absentee ballots are there, and they go, hold on a second? What’s your name? Address? Let me see if there’s an absentee ballot. There’s no such system. This man is president of the United States. How can you be this obtuse? He says vote twice. You know what that’s also known as? Fraud. Something he’s been accused of many times and had to settle in court.”

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