CNN’s Cuomo: Biden Beats Trump in ‘Mental Acuity’ — He Is Ranting, ‘May Be Impaired’

Thursday on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time,” anchor Chris Cuomo said President Donald Trump was pointing to his opponent former Vice President Joe Biden’s “mental acuity” because something was lacking in his own mental acuity.

Cuomo said, “We had assumed the president was refusing to help us with testing because he was making a political calculation, but, regrettably, we may have been wrong. Today this president gave us reason to believe that his judgment may not just be bad. It may be impaired. Did you hear this?”

In a clip, while discussing Joe Biden, President Trump said, “He is going to do things that nobody would ever, would ever think even possible — take away your guns, destroy your Second Amendment, no religion, no anything, hurt the Bible, hurt God. He’s against God.”

Cuomo said, “Those are the rantings of someone shouting at the sky and hoping for spare change. A man responsible for your and my family really believes that a political opponent is trying to hurt God and hurt the Bible? Whatever that means? I mean, do you find that wisdom in that 2 Corinthian part of the book that he made up?”

He continued, “He’s the only Christian I’ve ever known who says he’s never needed God’s forgiveness. He’s the only Christian I know who’s almost never been seen attending a service. But the time has come to look past his faith. It is time to look at this man’s behavior through the lens not just of a man who simply lacks moral agency but, perhaps, basic cogency.”

He added, “I mean, is this about being devout or just dumb? He doesn’t know whose it is. He doesn’t know what’s in it. He certainly doesn’t know how to live by the message. But he wants to talk about being a good Christian? A man who puts kids in cages because he likes the message it sends? I don’t think, though, this is just about faith. I really believe it is time to take a look at his fortitude.”

In a clip, Trump said, “And to avoid liability, shifting production to ‘thigh land’ and Vietnam.”

Cuomo said, “Thigh land? Hooked on phonics much?”

He continued, “I don’t know if it’s phonics or basic brain function… this man messes up words more than any sober talker I’ve ever heard.”

In a clip, Trump said, “When they gaze upon Yo-Semites towering sequoias.”

Cuomo said, “You talk about the whole ball game, 2 Corinthians? Yo-Semites? Are you kidding me? Twice? Did he really just declare Yo-semite a park only for Jewish people? At least he is embracing a minority. Let me ask, is Yo-semite park found in Thigh-land?”

He continued, “I mean, is there something going on? I mean, has he awakened to reality here by saying it about Biden, is he really revealing something about himself? This is the man who congratulated the Kansas City Chiefs on their Super Bowl win for representing the great state of Kansas, also known as Miss-ow-ri. That’s okay. I can still be president. Look, the question, why is this happening with him? Is it what he puts on his hair and face? Is it seeping into his brain, devouring his intellect, taking reason prisoner?”

He added, “Oranges, origins—should the president of the United States know the difference? Should he see the spelling of Thailand and know it’s not thigh-land? Should he know that a very famous park is not Yo-semite? I think they’re pretty fair questions. Certainly, the president does. If this comes down to a battle with Biden about mental acuity, I don’t know that’s a race he wants to run. There very well could be something going on here even though this president is desperately trying to prove there isn’t, and this is desperate.”

He concluded, “The president has raised a really important issue. I had assumed that he wasn’t doing what is so obvious in this pandemic, what is being told him by the people around him on the task force, Health and Human Services, Department of Homeland Security, people coming to him saying, rapid testing. I need more help with rapid testing. That’s going to be the future. Seeing the UK, they’re not doing great, I know, but apples to apples on speed of testing they’re ahead of us. I had assumed that it was about a political calculation, but what if the truth is this president doesn’t have the ability to calculate? Looking through that lens, maybe that’s why all this crazy talk comes out of his face. Maybe that’s the answer.”

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