Clive Palmer SLAMS Dan Andrews over Nazi slur of JEWISH candidates

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United Australia Party boss Clive Palmer has slammed Dan Andrews for referring to his candidates – some of whom are orthodox Jews – as Nazis.

Palmer said it was ridiculous and “insensitive” to label his party as a bunch of Nazis when two of his 16 candidates were, in fact, Jewish.

“It would be a direct affront to those candidates and it’s such insensitivity,” a furious Palmer said.

Andrews had told media earlier this week that the Liberals were preferencing Nazis, referring to UAP among other freedom-focused parties.

“The only Nazi in this State is Dan Andrews,” Palmer said.

“He’s the one that shot people in the back for expressing their opposition. He’s the one that entered people’s homes and took pregnant women under handcuffs. He’s the one that authorised it all.”

Palmer agreed it was ironic that Andrews, whose Labor Party has no orthodox Jews standing as candidates, was labelling his party that did have practising Jewish candidates as the Nazis.

One of those candidates, Leon Kofmansky, said Melbourne’s Jewish community had not forgiven Andrews for surrounding and shutting down synagogues during the pandemic.

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