Claire Edwards Has Allegedly Revealed a French Army Document about Covid

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

On November 1, 2020, GumshoeNews published the Youtube video in which Claire Edwards, formerly of the UN, made the strongest possible statements, in her own words, as to what we should do about Covid.  Namely, she said we should arrest Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and various royals including Prince Charles.

I overlooked much of her talk and zeroed in on Prince Charles.  The title of my article was “Nothing he did common or mean” – my way of saying Charles could abdicate quietly. I then switched to the topic of legal immunity.

Still, we should have zeroed in on Claire’s speech – as we will now do. It seems she is the translator, from French to English, of a report that was leaked to her by French Reserve Army Officers. I take it to be their own informal writing, not a government dispatch.

Note: I have not found a way to verify Claire Edwards’ veracity or even her credentials. Please consider this Gumshoe article “tentative.”


… You have in your hands the “for the general public” version, with the Investigation Group’s names and the Unit’s symbols redacted.

… its findings on the characteristics of the COVID-19 epidemic, as we were able to observe them. In order to propose a prevention protocol and to provide information on therapeutic approaches, it is necessary to establish the parameters of the pathogenic agent, which has revealed serious inconsistencies in the official version.

These inconsistencies have led to the identification of obvious corruption and an agenda contrary to public welfare, culminating in criminal and genocidal intent, and the implementation of a totalitarian state, which are reported in our conclusions….

Translator’s [Claire Edwards’] summary of the most significant content of the report

This is a unique and precious document. It is both a guide to the silent and hidden war that has been launched on humanity, and a survival handbook. I [Clare Edwards], urge you to read this document in its entirety. It may save your life and the lives of your loved ones.

To my knowledge, it is the only official report written on the Covid scamdemic and it makes horrifying reading. It was written by a group of French Army Reserve Officers and their conclusions are unequivocal. The person who passed it to me has checked its origins and has provided credible assurances of its genuineness. It was banned from publication, but the Officers wanted it to be in public hands and therefore redacted it to suppress their names, professions, ranks and affiliation, and passed it on to those who could publicize it. …

In my view, they include doctors, lawyers and army officers. They clearly had access to people who are aware of the “unavowable” purposes of the perpetrators of this scamdemic. I … call upon all humans serving in the army and the police everywhere to join the side of the people….

If you are a normal human being and not a psychopath, many emotions will arise as you hear this information: shock, horror, anger, rage, grief, sorrow. But do not run away from this. Feel it. Remember that we who understand the situation have a duty to inform ourselves and others at this unique time in the whole of human history. All the more so because the situation now is urgent.

Having looked at the legal arrangements put in place in different countries under the so-called Covid emergency measures, and the rollout of 5G and WiGig at 60 GHz during the lockdown, I am satisfied that the so-called second wave will consist of an attack on our children. I know from my discussions with Lena Pu that the WiGig weapon has already been deployed against at least one school in the US.

The French Officers tell us: Our body is more resilient than we think, and we are full of unexpected strength, provided we keep a positive mindset. Whatever the scale of our challenges, let us remember that a small flame is enough to dispel the darkness of a room.

And that little flame is in us. In the darkest hours of human history, hope has always stood as a bulwark against defeatism. Today, this hope is called trust in life.

CONCLUSIONS [as drawn by Claire Edwards, I think, from the findings of the of the aforementioned French Officers’ Investigative Report. The asterisks and numberings were added by me, and a touch of bolding — MM]

*1.  Glaring inconsistencies and inexplicable “lacunae” invalidate the official theory.

*2.  The management of the health “crisis” seems to be a pretext for a totalitarian global takeover.

*3.  Totalitarian machinations: intention to impose a global cryptocurrency, a vaccine with nano-chips and a subcutaneous electronic chip.

*4.  There is massive corruption at the heart of WHO and the most unavowable intentions.

*5.  5G is implicated in Covid-19, with electromagnetic radiation having possibly highly potentiated:  The pathogenic power of the virus, or the Prevotella bacterium that caused the cytokine shock.

*6.  Similarity between the lung damage observed by all emergency doctors and damage caused by the use of an electromagnetic weapon (plus permanent headaches, fatigue, burning sensations in the lungs, thrombosis and loss of sensitivity to smell and taste, also cited as symptoms of COVID-19).

*7.  Many antennas were installed thanks to the lockdown, without concern for the “precautionary principle”, despite it being otherwise widely cited, in particular to hobble medical treatment.

*8.  “Covid-19” is a biological and electromagnetic war supported by a vast “smoke-and-mirrors” operation, which is sowing confusion among the ranks of medical and hospital personnel.

*9.  “Covid-19” could be the preparation for a much larger-scale joint operation combined with a smokescreen to conceal large-scale tests of the 5G weapon, for criminal ends that remain to be clarified.

*10.  5G installations, both terrestrial and aerial (Elon Musk’s satellites in low-Earthorbit), are clearly part of this “total war” project.

*11.  Dr. Jeremy K. Raines, an authoritative electromagnetic field engineer, reports that signals are used by the human body to regulate its processes, and warns that external electromagnetic signals can seriously interfere in this process.

*12.  No investigation has been carried out on the reaction of the Earth to the massive use of 5G technology despite it having been established that industrial activities (mining activities, oil and gas extraction, geothermal) can induce earthquakes.

*13. Unusual earthquakes have taken place in France and municipalities have been declared to be in a state of emergency.


The Investigation Group formally advocates the creation of a permanent “CBRN Study Group” [chemical, biological, radiation and nuclear], aimed at studying biological agents and pathological electromagnetic radiation, for the purpose of giving populations the means to protect themselves from the possible widespread use of 5G technologies which, once in place and turned up to high power, would inevitably result in carnage, especially if they are combined with pathogenic injections in vaccine form and aerial spraying (chemtrails) of endocrine disruptors or viral agents…..

Electromagnetic field interactions with the human body observed effects and theories – Jeremy K. Raines. Thus, while deaths caused by Covid-19 could have been amplified by 5G trials increasing the pathogenic potency of the virus, conversely deaths caused by a sudden power surge from 5G antennas could have been attributed to Covid-19.

After fifty days of investigation and in terms of risk study, the Investigation Group recommends that an urgent analysis by a Threat Study Group should be carried out on:

  • The sociological impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on civil liberties and the economy
  • The content of the mandatory vaccine under preparation, including the presence of nanotechnologies (electronic chips and population control)
  • The intended abolition of physical currency and its impact on civil liberties (population chipping, which has already started in Europe)
  • The impact on civil liberties and health of the widespread deployment of 5G, and the deployment and precise role of HAARP and SURA
  • The precise nature of chemtrails and their objectives: heavy metals as endocrine disruptors (aluminium, barium), the spraying of ethnic viruses
  • The risk of intercommunal clashes as a tool for the destruction of nations
  • The risk of world war (widespread CBRN conflict). For individuals, the Investigation Group recommends that they:
  • Develop their autonomy: Natural water point nearby Food Vegetable garden  Chicken coop  Beehives (if possible)  Essential oils, green clay, quercetin
  • Not submit to a vaccine (French and international law prohibits treatment without the informed consent of the patient)
  • Keep their distance from operational 5G installations · Beware of aerial spraying (chemtrails)

They should not go out.

The future situation may well require considerable vigilance and solidarity, in a spirit of brotherhood and complementarity.  Certain people seem to have decided to open Pandora’s box.


There is treason in the air. The statistics of the “pandemic” have been completely distorted, justifying measures under “health emergency laws” leading to: · Confiscation of public freedoms · Government decisions to shorten the suffering of older patients by injections of notoriously lethal substance to “avoid crowding intensive care beds” If this is confirmed, it would be the most heinous crime against humanity ever committed. Panic was stoked among the population through: · The epidemic  · The absence of tests except for VIPs · The lockdown of the whole healthy population · The organized shortage of masks and tests

  • The government’s ban on chloroquine treatment (available over-the-counter for 70 years without anyone worrying about the “precautionary principle” now used as an objection to confiscate this treatment) except for “severe forms”(translation: near death and when lung damage is irreversible) · Media pressure supporting death-counts Everything seems to have been done deliberately and at the highest level to: · Spread a false medical paradigm · Destabilize the emergency services
  • Distorted the numbers: by the way the tests are done, by the way the diagnoses are made, by the way cases are counted · Expose law enforcement · Promote the spread of the epidemic (including reopening elementary schools while a danger persists since public institutions remain closed at the same time · Hamper by any and all means the reduction of the viral load of infected people.

Covid-19 is only the first salvo of an ongoing operation involving: · Mass vaccination · The “chipping” of humanity · The installation of 5G antennas · Aerial spraying of new viruses. A Fumigation Operation?

Electromagnetic Weapons for A Silent War

Dr. Andrew Kaufmann took photos of exosomes under a microscope and compared them with photos of what is claimed to be COVID-19. These two photos were exactly the same. He then examined the genetic composition of the exosomes and that claimed for COVID-19, and it turned out that these two compositions are identical in all respects. Each attaches on the same cellular receptors. They are the same thing.

Thus one notes that the total number of deaths did not increase compared to the previous year during the same period, but this total figure includes the presumed deaths by COVID-19, which are the majority.

This means that there is no increase in the number of people dying, but that their death is attributed to COVID-19, while they actually died from something else.

On Old People

The French government issued a government directive on 19 March 2020 to stop accepting “frail” people over the age of 75 in hospitals, which condemns our elderly to death in EHPADs [residential care homes for the elderly], while at the same time this same government forbids the application of Professor Raoult’s protocol in the care homes and authorizes by decree the administration of a very strong drug to sedate the elderly (exactly the drug contraindicated for lung diseases). Treating them is forbidden, but a treatment that will give rise to death is authorized.

Comment by Gumshoe

To repeat, I (Mary Maxwell) have not established the bonafides of this article. It looks plausible to me. If any of our readers speak French, would they please tell us in the comments below if Claire Edwards’ work is being carried on French Internet sites.  Thank you.


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