Civil Liberties lawyers threatened by Ottawa police on Canada Day

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Lawyers for The Democracy Fund (TDF) were threatened with a $1,000 by-law violation in Ottawa today. 

TDF has sent two lawyers to Ottawa to monitor the ongoing Canada Day celebrations and protests. 

The Police would not allow the lawyers to have their banner at the event. 

After doing some ‘lawyering’ with the Ottawa Police, the TDF lawyers were able to determine that as long as the banner doesn’t touch the ground, they can carry it. 

This is not the first time that TDF has sent lawyers to Ottawa. During the winter’s Freedom Convoy protests, TDF frequently had a team of lawyers in various cities in Ontario monitoring the peaceful protests. 

In fact, just this past week TDF was granted standing to appear during the Public Order Emergency Commission

So, if you’re in Ottawa and see some lawyers holding a sign, give them a hand! It’s for a good cause. 

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