Citizen Open Thread — Wednesday

Those two extremes are not the only choices available. One thing to remember is that the GOP isn’t monolithic. There are RINOs, big government/big business/establishment Republicans, country club Republicans, cultural conservatives, Tea Party members, and I’m sure I’ve missed several others.

What President Trump is attempting to do is to reshape the party, or at least reshuffle their priorities, to bring them closer to Main Street than Wall Street. That’s not to say POTUS is anti-business, he’s just looking to restore a better balance. Culturally, while he doesn’t come from as conservative a background as Bush-43, he’s been more conservative in his governance. But the very process of trying to change something, in this case the GOP, pretty much guarantees resistance and problems.

When Trump took office he had no government experience and no significant government connections. The Dems certainly wanted him to fall flat on his face and so also did many Republicans. He had a “short bench” of potential cabinet nominees and most of the blunders that I saw were in that area (e.g., Sessions and Tillerson). But one of Trump’s strengths is the ability to adapt and overcome. Pompeo and Barr have been huge improvements and the rest of the cabinet is performing admirably, IMHO.

It can be frustrating to watch, but consider that anyone looking at how the Allies were doing in the early phases of WW-II would have concluded they were doomed to failure. This is a process, consisting of many battles. Sometimes the people you’re counting on come through, and other times they let you down. But the important thing is to remain committed and not lose your resolve. One of the most important war efforts in the 1940s was to keep up morale, both for the public and for our military forces. The reasoning was, and it still applies today, that if defeatism is allowed to take hold in the mind then it will inevitably become self-fulfilling.

And, if you consider what defeat would mean, for our cultural values, way of life, and everything that goes with them, I hope you can see why keeping up morale (even in the face of setbacks) is paramount.

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