Citizen Open Thread — Tuesday

I have seen many great comments on CFP since finding it maybe a year or so ago. There are a lot of smart people posting to this site. Pointing out a few of them would be a bit of a problem because of who got left out but I’M GOING TO DO IT, ANYWAY! Just know that there are many more, way too many to list, but these few have caught my eye as exceptional contributors. Fata Morgana, joeygirl, RetiredSAIC, BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, Dan066, Hooah!, Olsen Elder, and, of course KANE !.

As I said, there are dozens more who often catch my eye, too, and add greatly to the conversation. I’m sure many of you have your own lists that are equally valid. I just wanted to point out a few and say I hope you all hang around. You often make my day and remember, if we can change just one vote away from the evil confronting us, it’s worth our time.

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