Citizen Open Thread — Thursday

enjoy your posts

silver is a good hedge in negotiable quantities
for local exchange

but it is most likely the reset will be a dual system
with a global digital currency

digital dollar
non reserve bank issue
i left you a reply on other thread


preach it brother
13 families
council of rome
council of 300

people think the swamp is a few dirty politicians

they do not understand the mechanics of the money

reports are beginning to come out of
” chinas debt traps”
with the pacific island and african nations

china didnt come up with it

most can complain allllllll day about
commie dems

yet they never mention the flacid republican majority

uSA went bankrupt
the federal reserve was formed
everyone knows this and
knows it is a privately owned bank

even those that know that dont know that dont know that uSA had to form an administrative corporation to navigate bankruptcy and partner with the federal reserve

that corporation is

the UNITED STATES also went bankrupt
then the FEDERAL reserve responded by installing FEDERAL AGENCIES and FEDERAL EMPLOYEES to staff those agencies

they cannot be fired by the president

Unless the House and Senate, who are in on the deal agree
climton and bush could fire thousands
who then went on to become lobbyists

but President Trump has difficulty doing so

because he is just a temporary employee with at most an 8 year tenure


for those that doubt this i ask,
– can you fire managers at your mortgage company

-if you AS A CEO get a business loan, can you fire the BANK PRESIDENT?

-If a corporation goes bankrupt,
can the BOD fire the shareholders?


not knowing that the uSA and the US are 2 different things is one of the biggest obstacles to freedom of the people

and THATS why they get away with it

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