Citizen Open Thread — Monday

The wheels of justice grind slow. Somebody turned the riot switch off last night in Portland. Beware they MUST have some new diversion in the works to distract from the light being shed on the Epstein network and JIZZLAINE Maxwell court documents realease as well as Obama spying directly on our President for personal reasons. OBAMA AKA STALKER IN CHIEF. The Epstein situation and Obamagate are Connected at the hip and the REAL news story that the media has been working so hard to distract the nation from. The Covid Plandemic Hoax is just one vector of psychological information warfare being waged against all God fearing citizens of America then they piled the riot debacle that has already boomeranged on them. Best Trump campaign events ever. Just pray that AG Barr and the DOJ maintain the nerve to continue properly exacting justice on all of these treasonous criminals. They cannot keep the spotlight off the real deal much longer.

LUKE 8:17
For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.

Thank God this is so. Take heart in God who brings forth Justice upon the evildoers.

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