Children’s Books Expert Blows the Lid off School Libraries

Watch this enlightening interview with Deborah DeGroff, a children’s books expert. She says that kids’ literature has not just been dumbed down – it is now being used to indoctrinate the next generation.

Deborah DeGroff became interested in the subject of children’s books when her oldest child began to read. While perusing the then-current literature of the eighties, she noted the qualitative difference between those books and the books she had read as a child.

Upon more investigation, her curiosity shifted to concern. Thus began a lifetime of research and a resounding cry for parents to look inside their children’s books.

Watch Deborah DeGroff’s interview with Dr Jennifer Roback Morse below:

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From Dumbing Down to Indoctrination

“I never wanted to write a book,” Debbie explains. She said she just wanted to “make parents aware of what’s inside these books and encourage them to begin reading their own children’s books. I wanted to teach them what to look for as they read.”

The end result of Deborah’s research and concern is the book, Between The Covers: What’s Inside A Children’s Book. In the book, she connects the “dumbing down” of school books to a simultaneous shift from moral instruction to amoral, and ultimately to today’s immoral indoctrination of our children.

“Dr Judith Reisman emphatically let me know that I was going to die with that knowledge in my head and that I needed to write a book,” Deborah explains. “You can be assured that I embarked on this journey kicking and screaming.”

Readings and Resources

To find out more about Deborah DeGroff’s work and what is going on in the world of children’s literature, check out:

  • Website: What’s Inside Children’s Books?
  • Book: Between The Covers.
  • Article: “Being Woke is a Virtue, Waking up is a Threat“.
  • Mission America with Linda Harvey: “Banned Books: How Parents Can Approach Schools,” with guest Debbie DeGroff, here.
  • Counterpoint with Tanya Granic Allen: “Parents Beware: The Dangers Hidden Inside Children’s Books,” here.
  • Tom Roten, iHeart Radio: “Your child’s book may be anti-God, anti-US, laced with profanity/sex,” here.
  • Fearless Features with Mark and Amber Archer: “Book Censorship and Obscenity with Debbie DeGroff,” here.
  • Dr Judith Reisman’s website: here.

Originally published at the Ruth Institute. Image via Daily Mail Australia.

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