Children of The World, a yarn with Grandfather Louie

Grandfather Louie is one of our trusted Elders who is inviting us to make ourselves a party to our People’s Peace Alliance here in Ngadjuri and Kuarna Nations. The membership fee for joining our People’s Peace Alliance is that we each need to plant at least one native tree/ bush/ shrub/ grass and renew our membership yearly.

Louie is very worried about Mother Earth and all the children and the living creatures and wants to make sure we’re restoring native habitat and planting our future trees of life to give us fresh air and oxygen. Louie and his family and community have been relentlessly targeted, hunted, attacked, abused and suffered all types of inhumanity and constant disrespect in their own country. Yet Louie is still willing to talk truth and peace and lawful remedy. We love you Louie

Learn more about how you can be part of the positive change at People’s Treaty

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