Chicago Activist Tells People Mad About Looting to ‘Get over it! These Buildings Are Insured!’

An activist accused people upset over the recent looting in downtown Chicago of being upset about the wrong thing during a recent press conference.

“People are worried about looting and there are literal lives being taken away? There are people who are dying and y’all are mad about looting Mag Mile? Get over it!” Alycia Moaton said at the event hosted by the group GoodKids MadCity.

She continued:

These buildings are insured. Materials will come back, but we will not come back if they kill us. What do y’all not get about that? Gucci, Apple store, whatever it is, that stuff can be replaced. But we won’t be replaced. We lose our lives every single day for this cause, and y’all are mad about the wrong shit.

On what appeared to be her Twitter profile, Moaton described herself as a “mad abolitionist” and a member of GoodKids MadCity.

The looting and rioting in downtown Chicago on August 10 lasted nearly five hours, according to Breitbart News.

At the press conference, Moaton also referenced a protest on August 15 when police arrested multiple individuals and several officers were injured once the event turned violent, according to Fox 32.

“Y’all want to know what makes a protest not peaceful? Police officers. Y’all want to know what makes a protest not peaceful? Pepper spray, batons, tear gas,” Moaton said, then accused officers of pushing people off bikes and hitting them in the head.

She stated:

I was arrested and I wasn’t told what I was arrested for until five hours later in the holding cell. I was not given my rights. I was not able to talk to anybody for almost eight hours. They put 16 people in one cell during a pandemic. These officers are not wearing masks inside of this police station. I was touched inappropriately before my arrest, after, in this station. And other people can attest to that statement. Also, all of my friends were also locked up last night trying to protect me.

Moaton then accused police of “misgendering people” and claimed that “Sexual violence happened in this station last fucking night.”

She also claimed Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) sent Chicago police officers to protests and rallies to “attack us and pepper spray and do all this extra stuff to youth.”

“This is a fight that’s never-ending. It’s a fight that’s been going on way before anybody who’s been here, so that means it’s not gonna stop. We’re gonna keep it going,” she concluded.


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