CERN’s ALICE Experiment Replaced MK-Ultra ALICE Assets

MK-ALICE assets served as the predecessor to CERN’s ‘ALICE’ experiment.

Male MK-DELTA assets were codenamed ‘JASON.’ These assets served as assassins and contributed to the JASON Super Soldier Project. The Jason Bourne films are based on this.

Female MK-ULTRA / MK-DELTA assets carried an additional psychic application. Female assets were codenamed ‘ALICE’ – a deliberate reference to the ancient programming script modernised by ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ Indeed, Project Looking Glass was an MK project that explored psychic ability; it was based on ‘Alice Through the Looking-Glass‘ programming. The concept of the looking glass refers to piercing the veil and exploring the alternate dimensions outside this space-time dimension.

It seems MK-ALICE assets have since been replaced by AI. The D-Wave prototype was named ‘Orion.’ “In 2015, D-Wave’s 2X Quantum Computer with more than 1000 qubits was installed at the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab at NASA Ames Research Center.”

The AI quantum D-Wave computers perform inter-dimensional computations. The inter dimensional beings responsible for these computations are the same ones that female MK victims were trained to communicate with. The beings are the same ones that provided the Nazis with scientific information via female clairvoyants. The same entities informed Tesla whose technology was stolen and used by Nazi scientists serving US Military Intelligence. Tesla’s technology also formed the basis of CERN.

CERN’s ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment) is a heavy-ion detector on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) ring. “It is designed to study the physics of strongly interacting matter at extreme energy densities, where a phase of matter called called quark-gluon plasma forms.”

CERN scientists stated, their aim is to tear the veil separating this world from the hellish dimensions containing the Fallen Angels, including Apollyon, that clairvoyants, Nazi scientists, and MK-ALICE subjects communicated with. This veil is the ‘restrainer’ that protects mankind from the locust army and other horrors described in Bible prophecy. Indeed, the CERN scientists call this barrier the “Restrainer.”

The dimensions are pierced via obtaining the correct frequency. This is achieved by human subjects using methods developed at the Monroe Institute, Montauk facility on Long Island, and by John C. Lily and his colleagues who used sensory deprivation combined with LSD, hypnosis, and brain readings. High IQ female child subjects with natural psychic ability and right hemispheric visualisation and creative abilities were targeted for this process.

The Alice in Wonderland series (written by pedophile Lewis Carroll) served as a modern version of the ancient Luciferian cults scripts used to program and control MK-ALICE victims. The name ALICE is supposedly a derivative of ‘Lucifer.’ It may also be linked to Alice Bailey, one of the modern fathers of the occult methods weaponised by the Nazi US Military scientists.

The term ‘Orion’ was highly significant to the MK projects employing ALICE assets like me. Another goal of CERN is to access and storm the Biblical Heaven. Some suggest Orion is the location of the entrance to Heaven. I don’t approve of Ellen White, but this theory is interesting:

Luke 14 features a parable about a man who gate-crashes the heavenly wedding feast dressed in the wrong clothes (skin). Jesus asks the person how he gained entrance to Heaven. I believe this parable refers to the elite’s use of transhumanism and CERN Stargate to gain unlawful entry into heaven via an alternative to transformation and immortality gained through belief in the Biblical Jesus Christ. These people will be thrown into hell.

Others say the bands of Orion refer to Luciferian binding and releasing of witchcraft, and the entities located in that area of the universe. This article by Tom Horn sheds further light on things I wrote about in EYES WIDE OPEN. It refers to the identity of Apollyon (aka Apollo, Nimrod, Gilgamesh, Osiris). The Bible states that in the end times, an angel provides a key (correct frequency) to open the Abyss and release Apollyon. CERN is built over the traditional site of the temple to Apollo and the entrance to the Abyss. The Bible warns against the hellish consequences of opening the Abyss and unleashing Apollyon and his hoards…

The website of brilliant decoder Nicholson 1968 features numerous videos explaining certain concepts surrounding CERN and the name ALICE.
Here are the telling lyrics to the Alice in Wonderland movie theme song:

Shinedown: Her Name is Alice

(“If I had a world of my own,
everything would be nonsense.”)
(“Nothing would be what it is,
because everything would be what it isn’t.”)
I invite you to a world where there is no such thing as time
And every creature lends themselves to change your state of mind
And the girl that chased the rabbit, drank the wine, and took the pill
Has locked herself in limbo to see how it truly feels

To stand outside your virtue
No one can ever hurt you
Or so they say

Her name is Alice (Alice)
She crawls into the window
Through shapes and shadows
Alice (Alice)
And even though she’s dreaming, she knows

Sometimes the curiosity can kill the soul but leave the pain
And every ounce of innocence is left inside her brain
And through the looking glass we see she’s painfully returned
But now off with her head I fear is everyone’s concern

You see there’s no real ending
It’s only the beginning
Come out and play

Her name is Alice (Alice)
She crawls into the window
Through shapes and shadows
Alice (Alice)
And even though she’s dreaming
She’s unlocked the meaning for you

This kingdom,
Good riddance,
Good freedom
And innocence
Has brought this whole thing down

Her name is Alice (Alice)
She crawls into to the window
Through shapes and shadows
Alice (Alice)
And even though she’s dreaming
She’s unlocked the meaning

(“Red nights, white knights, marching into the fight”)
(“Drink me, shrink me, fill me to sink me”)
(“Red nights, white knights, marching into the fight”)
(“Drink me, shrink me, fill me to sink me”)

She’s unlocked the meaning for you

(“And contrariwise, what it is it wouldn’t be”)
(“And what it wouldn’t be it would”)
(“You see?”)

The lyrics seemingly refer to the MK-ALICE mind control programming I wrote about in my book EYES WIDE OPEN. Click on this LINK for your free copy.

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