Celebrities go nude for naked ballot PSA… Cringeworthy

C-Note, more reverse psych or just double speak ? and I saw nothin at all indecent really, just dumb

By the way for any feeling anxious or depressed here ya go ! I published ths today

“Here is a list of natural remedies for anxiety and to sleep well while calming the mind and relaxing the entire body. Ashwaganda, St Johns Wort, Valerian, Kava Kava , cat nip (tea or powder), Chamomile (tea or powder)

Other techniques that may help you manage anxiety and depression include getting regular exercise, along with sufficient sleep and proper nutrition. Such natural techniques as guided meditation, controlled breathing, yoga and cognitive behavioral therapy can also be very useful. Never take any drugs in the benzodiazepine family like Buspat or Effexor or any other pharma as it is all poison one way or the other and many times very addictive. Note the insane legal drug addictions rampant in USA exacerbated by guess who ? DOCTORS, who handed it all out like candy to babies !

Note : Ashwaganda is on the list and I have espoused it for many uses especially as a precursor for HGH and testosterone as well as a very powerful endocrine balancing agent once you have cleaned and healed your liver/Kidneys and intestinal tract. Many of these herbs are very powerful and far more effective than any pharma with zero side effects, so all of this is a synergistic event of other components to healing and incredible good health . I do caution people on the testosterone boosting herbs I recommend and use, because you can take too much and get a bit too much testosterone going on. You will know that because you will gain too much muscle too fast and that means gaining weight. So once you get to a point of balance with your endocrine system and metabolism you need to focus on keeping a balance of muscle , flexibility and stamina, exactly the same as all UFC fighters do. This is all based in my own experience of 40 + years now with herbs and self healing that started with building strength and endurance for motocross/supercross racing and it all works from my own first hand experience and many others as well have done this with great success. I also had a very serious injury in 2006/07 that caused me to be crippled totally for almost 6 years and I completely healed myself which took almost a decade of that incident and regained all my strength plus even more ! It all works but you must also live correctly , get good sleep, lots of regular exercise and get good nutrition. And all of that is easy to do and you will not do without anything except the stupid ! I would also suggest for those who are afraid or weak minded to find yourself a naturopath to guide you on this path of healing and do your own research as well imtently. Also realize meditation/prayer are key issues to gain knowledge of these matters. I use prayer to get into meditation mostly but not always. There are times I walk around in a meditative/alpha brain wave state and when that occurs you are healing big time as well as receiving guidance far more than most people have ever even imagined possible ! All good to be sure, no negatives at all and it all puts you even closer to what many call God on a constant basis ! “


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