CCP’s Bioweapon Arsenal—Smallpox-like Virus

Written by: billwilliam

Proofread by: Ermat

The Chinese Communist Party controls stockpiles of smallpox virus and is willing to unleash the bioweapon to conquer the Western Christian world or to kill political rivals, according to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcast on November 26, 2021. 

The CCP has long harbored plans to wipe out the Western Christian world with bioweapons such as smallpox. On some walls in the Ministry of State Security hang maps marking all water sources in the United States in the year 2020, so that the CCP can release chemical or biological agents to contaminate water sources at any time. Mr. Guo recalls that a CCP tactician Geng Huichang once designated Christianity as the archenemy of the communist party. In Geng’s perception, Christianity perpetuates Western dominance over the world, and therefore the CCP plans to massacre Christians with bioweapons like the smallpox virus.

Mr. Guo reveals the breaking news that patients displaying smallpox-like symptoms are found in the Chinese cities of Changzhou and Hangzhou. Medical doctors in certain hospitals in these cities are taken away for quarantine. Even some hospitals in Shanghai are shut down. Mr. Guo surmises that political infighting within the CCP may have led to the virus outbreak. Sun Lijun (former Deputy Minister of Public Security, now in jail) and his boss Meng Jianzhu (former Secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Commission, now in jail) have no qualms if they unleash bioweapons to revenge against their political rival Xi Jinping. According to Mr. Guo’s whistleblowing, many county-level labs in Communist China have in storage or research on the smallpox vaccine virus, which may result in massive infections if deliberately released for nefarious purposes.

A scientific paper authored by CCP scientists illustrates that the Wuhan Institute of Virology indeed experiments with a smallpox-like virus. In 2020, the scientists isolated from the brains of mice a new strain of Ectromelia virus (mousepox virus), which is a close relative of the smallpox virus. The family poxvirus (including smallpox, mousepox, monkeypox, cowpox) produces the A-Type Inclusion (ATI) protein, which embeds infectious virions in gel-like inclusion bodies “to provide long-term protection in the environment.” One key feature of the novel mousepox strain is large truncation mutation to the N-terminus of ATI protein chain. The authors believe the truncated ATI may result in “higher replication efficiency in vivo and higher transmitting efficiency to cause respiratory infection in mice.” In other words, scientists in the Wuhan Institute of Virology discover that truncating or deleting the ATI gene can enhance the transmissibility of a smallpox-like virus by the respiratory route. The mortality rate of the novel mousepox virus is 70% among adult mice and 100% among suckling mice. Other virulent poxviruses like variola virus (smallpox) and monkeypox virus all have truncated forms of ATI gene and may not form large inclusion bodies. If the scientists in Wuhan lab decide to manipulate poxvirus by deliberately truncating or deleting the ATI gene, they can potentially create more infectious viruses. 

It is not a matter of whether the CCP dares to release a smallpox-like virus, but a matter of when and what scale. Mr. Guo cautions against vaccines if a smallpox outbreak were to erupt. Just like Covid and the Covid vaccine, the virus and vaccine are a bioweapon pair that deals damage twice. The vaccines are bioweapons purposely designed to be ineffective and to cause severe adverse effects. Don’t trust the death jabs.

It is imperative that we overthrow the evil Chinese Communist Party regime, or viruses more lethal than Covid may be released in the future. Or maybe smallpox is already out of Pandora’s Box. 


1. Mr. Miles Guo’s GTV live broadcast on November 26, 2021 

2. Wang, J. and et al. “Identification, Isolation, and Characterization of an Ectromelia Virus New Strain from an Experimental Mouse.” Virologica Sinica. (2021) 36:155-158

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