CBS: Trump Up 10 Points Among Independents





A new poll from CBS and You Gov shows President Trump is up 10 points among Independents over Democratic Nominee Joe Biden — 47 percent compared to 37 percent. The new polling comes days after the Democratic National Convention wrapped up and just before the RNC is set to begin in Charlotte.

The results also find that 81 percent of Independents feel “Very strong” about their choice and 16 percent feel “strong.” Just 2 percent say they are “Somewhat strong.”

Enthusiasm is lower than the other numbers with 58 percent of Independents saying they are ‘Very enthusiastic” about voting in November. 17 percent are somewhat enthusiastic, 16 percent are not too enthusiastic, and 8 percent are not at all enthusiastic.

Just 14 percent of independents polled say “yes” or “maybe” to potentially changing their votes. 86 percent never would.

See the full results of the August 20-22 poling from CBS and YouGov here.


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