Dramatic Video Shows Florida Man Shot Dead By Deputy For Not Dropping Knife During Foot Pursuit

Dramatic Video Shows Florida Man Shot Dead By Deputy For Not Dropping Knife During Foot Pursuit

Jacksonville, Florida — On January 19, 2023, detectives from the narcotics and vice section were conducting surveillance on a known drug dealer, Brian Brightman. The detectives knew Brightman was located inside a van and an apartment complex parking lot located in the 13200 block of North Main Street. In the driver’s seat of that van was the man later identified as 38-year-old Eric Nathaniel Thornton. After observing what appeared to be an illegal drug transaction being committed from the van, detectives used their vehicles to block the van’s movement and then attempted to detain the occupants.

The detectives were outfit in tactical uniforms that clearly identified them as police. As they approached the van, Thornton opened the driver’s side door and fled on foot. Several of the detectives immediately pursued Thornton to detain him. As they were doing so, they observed that Thornton was armed with a knife in his hand. The officers gave multiple commands for Thornton to drop his knife. Instead, Thornton continues to flee while still holding the knife in his hand. It is at this point the two detectives fired multiple shots at Thornton, resulting in him falling to the ground.

Immediately following the shooting, JSO detectives provided first aid on the scene as a rescue unit was called. The Rescue Unit transported Thornton to a local Hospital where he was pronounced deceased. Brightman was removed from the back of the van and taken into custody. Detectives also located an eight-year-old child in the front passenger seat of the vehicle. The child was removed without harm and turned over to a family member at the scene. Two knives and two grams of fentanyl were found at the scene. Brightman was charged with the felony offenses of the sale of Fentanyl, child abuse, and the unlawful use of a two-way communication device.


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RAW: Cops Release Audio, Video of Officer Shooting Knife-Wielding Teenager

Tracy, California — On Friday, January 27, 2023, at about 1:47 pm Tracy Police Department Communication Center received a call regarding a “suspicious circumstance” between two male subjects in the area of Silvertail Place and Foxtail Way. Per caller details, one of the males was holding a knife while chasing the other individual. When the first officer arrived around 1:56 pm and contacted the knife-wielding individual, the suspect approached the officer. The suspect was given commands to stop and drop the knife.

The suspect failed to follow the commands as he advanced toward the officer. The officer discharged his duty firearm, striking the individual.

A large knife was recovered from the scene. Responding officers rendered first aid at the scene until emergency medical personnel from South San Joaquin County Fire Authority and American Medical Response arrived to take over patient care and transport them to an area hospital. The suspect, now identified as a 17-year-old male, is currently in serious but stable condition and is expected to survive. The involved officer, a 28-year veteran of the Tracy Police department, was uninjured.


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Vermont Man Dies After Large Fight at Middle School Basketball Game

Screenshot / Twitter

The Vermont State Police are investigating the death of a 60-year-old man, Russell Giroux of Alburgh, following a fight at a middle school basketball game.

The altercation took place at the Alburgh Community Education Center on Champlain Street in Alburgh during a game between Alburgh and St. Albans. Troopers were called to the scene, but the fight had already ended and some participants had left before their arrival.

Giroux later received medical attention and was pronounced dead at Northwestern Medical Center in St. Albans. The cause of death is still under investigation.

The Vermont Principals’ Association, which oversees school sports in the state, said in a statement that they have no information beyond what the authorities have provided.

“Although we can not speak specifically about the events at this individual game, we would like to once again emphasize that middle and high school sports are educational and are for the benefit of the student-athletes,” Jay Nichols, the executive director of The Vermont Principals’ Association said. “Spectators that cannot behave appropriately can be barred from events and can face criminal charges.”

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Shocking Video Shows Cops Fatally Shoot Double Amputee Accused In Stabbing

Huntington Park, CALIF. – Huntington Park Police Officers responded to a stabbing call at 3:40 p.m. on the 2400 block of Slauson Avenue, Huntington Park. Upon arrival they contacted a male adult stabbing victim who gave the description of a Male Black Adult suspect in a wheelchair and his last seen direction of travel. Assisting Huntington Park Police Officers checked the area indicated by the victim and located the suspect near the 1900 block of Slauson Avenue, Huntington Park.

When Huntington Park Officers attempted to detain the suspect, the suspect retrieved a 12” butcher knife from his person and threatened them by attempting to throw the knife at the officers. The suspect was tased at least twice by Huntington Park Officers but the deployment of the taser was ineffective. The suspect attempted to throw the butcher knife at the officers again, at which time an officer involved shooting occurred.’

The suspect was struck by gunfire in the upper torso. He was treated on scene by Los Angeles County Fire Department paramedics and pronounced dead.

A butcher knife was recovered at the scene.


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Jaw-Dropping Video Shows Russian Soldiers Wiped Out By ‘Death Ray’ Weapon Fired By Ukraine

Jaw-Dropping Video Shows Russian Soldiers Wiped Out By ‘Death Ray’ Weapon Fired By Ukraine

This video shows a group of Russian soldiers walking in a field with detonated mines, then being hit by a devastating weapon believed to be a Ukrainian anti-tank missile shooter. The impact reportedly  kills several soldiers and seriously injures others.

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Man Pleads Guilty To Threatening To Set Off Bomb On Capitol Hill If Biden Didn’t Step Down

Man Pleads Guilty To Threatening To Set Off Bomb On Capitol Hill If Biden Didn’t Step Down

Photo Courtesy of Sydney Bobb

WASHINGTON – Floyd Ray Roseberry, 52, of Grover, North Carolina, pleaded guilty last week to one charge of threats to use explosives during a standoff with police that lasted four hours near the Library of Congress.

According to court documents, at approximately 9:45 a.m. on August 19, 2021, U.S. Capitol Police and the FBI responded to a bomb threat made by Roseberry who was sitting inside of a black Chevrolet pick-up truck with no license plates, adjacent to the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress, at First Street and Independence Avenue, in Southeast Washington, D.C. Roseberry was seen holding a cell phone and was claiming he had a detonator.

While inside the truck, Roseberry broadcast live video and audio through Facebook.

He stated that he was upset about the 2020 election results and demanded that President Biden resign from office. Roseberry demanded to speak to President Biden about several grievances. He claimed to have an ammonium nitrate and/or a Tannerite bomb in the toolbox of this truck. Roseberry stated that the explosive device was engineered such that any loud sound would cause it to detonate and destroy two and a half blocks, which would encompass the Library of Congress as well as other buildings owned or leased by the United States. Roseberry further claimed that he was one of five individuals in Washington, D.C. with bombs.

Roseberry could be seen on the Facebook videos holding a small metal keg with a puddy like substance on top and holding what appeared to be a trigger. The metal keg was later analyzed by the FBI and determined to have a small quantity of smokeless black powder at the bottom, but was incapable of detonating with the trigger Roseberry was holding, or by an acoustic mechanism as Roseberry described in the Facebook Live videos.

Roseberry was also throwing U.S. dollar bills out of the truck and onto the street and stating, among other things:

“Hey, call the police and tell them to come out here and clear the Capitol. Tell them to clear the Capitol. Tell them to clear it. … They need to clear that ‘cause I got a bomb in here. I don’t want nobody hurt. Yes sir, I don’t want nobody hurt. I’m not coming here to hurt nobody. I’m not lying, tell them there’s some more.”

“…I’m telling you, my windows pop, this bomb is gonna’ go, it’s made for decimals. …there’s gun powder in there this is some of the strongest shit you can get. I got two and a half pound of Tannerite.”

“If you want to shoot me and take the chance of blowing up two-and-a-half city blocks, ‘cause that toolbox is full, ammonium nitrate is full.”

At approximately 10:21 a.m., Roseberry began communicating with law enforcement by writing messages on a small white dry erase board and placing it in the driver’s side window of the target vehicle while intermittently holding an unidentified device. The messages stated in part, “please don’t shoot the windows the vibe will explode the bomb,” “I have no control of it,” “decimals is what sets off not me,” and at approximately 11:21 a.m., “my name is Ray Roseberry.” In video from the morning of August 19, 2021, Roseberry was observed holding an old metal can that appeared to have been fashioned into an explosive device.

He faces a statutory maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. Judge Contreras scheduled sentencing for June 15, 2023.


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Paul Pelosi Attacker Makes Chilling Phone Call To TV Station

Screenshot / KTVU, YouTube

SAN FRANCISCO (KTVU) – David DePape called the KTVU newsroom from San Francisco County Jail Friday, the same day a superior court judge ordered video of the hammer attack on Paul Pelosi to be released. The call was unexpected.

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Media, Big Tech take pains to bury Big Pharma Project Veritas Video

Media, Big Tech take pains to bury Big Pharma Project Veritas Video

FDA declines to say whether it asked Pfizer for explanation of undercover video. Tucker Carlson producer claims Google staffer “call[ed] us to kill the story.” Tabloid quickly erases report with no explanation.

By Greg Piper

Undercover video that purportedly shows a Pfizer executive explaining the company’s “directed evolution” plan to keep COVID-19 a “cash cow,” then furiously backpedaling when Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe exposes the ruse, has drawn intense curiosity from members of Congress and intermittent Big Tech throttling and a partial media blackout.

Despite the fact that the figure identified as Jordon Walker belatedly called himself a “liar … trying to impress a person on a date,” played the race card in requesting police involvement, and physically attacked O’Keefe and the film crew, a prominent tabloid inexplicably removed its article on the sting.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) demanded a congressional investigation of “vaccine manufacturers and the entire COVID vaccine approval process,” while Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) asked Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla to explain the company’s actual or possible plans to mutate SARS-CoV-2 and any related discussions with industry peers or government officials.

The FDA declined either to answer whether it was following up with Pfizer for an explanation of the figure’s comments or give the agency’s interpretation of the video, telling Just the News to contact Pfizer, which has not responded to queries going back to Thursday afternoon.

The figure identified as Walker claimed regulators would not closely scrutinize Pfizer’s “exploratory” efforts because of the revolving door between government officials and pharmaceutical companies. Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb joined Pfizer’s board two months after leaving the Trump administration.

The sting victim also previewed a potential explanation from Pfizer to Congress by denying to his fraudulent date that “directed evolution” is “gain-of-function” research, the subject of ongoing inquiries from lawmakers. He speculated the initial Wuhan COVID outbreak was the result of insufficiently controlled mutations.

Search engines are giving unexpected results for the controversy. Neither Google nor privacy-focused Brave, which last year poached users upset with DuckDuckGo’s pledge to bury Russian “disinformation,” returned first-page results from Project Veritas itself in Just the News searches for “project veritas pfizer.”

Both surface purported fact-checks of the video and the trickle of mainstream media coverage in The Hill and local media, and both included an October 2021 fact-check of an earlier Project Veritas video about Pfizer.

Newsweek’s fact-check begins by aiming to discredit Project Veritas based on previous mainstream media fact-checks and then analyzes it line by line, at one point downplaying the potential problems gain-of-function research can cause.

Several Twitter users shared Google screenshots reading “results are changing quickly” and explaining that “reliable” information was still indexing. The recurring misspelling of Walker’s first name in searches didn’t prompt Google to suggest his correct name as it typically does with typos.

Google hid primary sources, including Walker’s LinkedIn page, which Brave did return in its pre-scrubbed form as of Wednesday night, confirming Walker’s role at Pfizer.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson highlighted Google’s then-blackout of the controversy on his Thursday program, saying it illustrates the power of the pharmaceutical industry. Carlson’s producer Gregg Re claimed that a Google staffer who used to work for Fox “call[ed] us to kill the story.”

Sen. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) told Carlson this was par for the course with Google, which, he alleged, “changed their algorithm to benefit Joe Biden” during the general election campaign, rigs results to promote Google’s favored views, and has showered campaign cash on both parties to evade accountability.

Brave Software Head of Communications Catherine Corre told Just the News the old fact-check about Project Veritas showed up high in results because the source, the Poynter Institute, made an “invisible” meta tag update a few days ago, meaning the page “was labeled as ‘fresh’” in Brave’s search engine. It’s fixing the bug, she said.

“Brave Search is an independent search engine and we do not censor results,” nor does it apply blocks or rules to disfavor content other than child sexual abuse material, Corre said. “We do not prioritize so-called ‘fact checkers’ in any way.” She didn’t answer why Project Veritas itself didn’t appear in first-page results, but said its rankings depend on “relevancy to the query, freshness, page popularity, etc.”

Google didn’t answer Re’s claim about trying to kill Carlson’s story but told Just the News the “changing quickly” notices have been triggered millions of times since the feature’s rollout a year and half ago.

They appear automatically when “a range of sources have not yet weighed in” and they don’t block results, a Google spokesperson said. The query “herschel urged woman abortion she says,” referring to recent U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker, provoked the notice, for example.

“Political ideology is not a signal our systems understand” and Google does not “manually manipulate web listings” for ranking purposes, the spokesperson said.

The Daily Mail took down its report on the Project Veritas sting apparently within two hours of going live early Thursday morning, according to an archive of the page and baffled social media users. The report said it has asked Pfizer for comment.

MSN republished the Daily Mail report and removed it just as quickly. That version’s metadata still shows up in Brave results as of Friday afternoon, but Just the News has not been able to find archives or caches. Google slapped the search with the same “changing quickly” label.

Human Events noted the disappearance of the Daily Mail and MSN reports in a story written by Project Veritas Press Secretary R.C. Maxwell, which said neither website responded to questions.

Carlson and social media users speculated the disappearances and broader media blackout, which includes CNN and MSNBC, were related to Pfizer’s heavy advertising spending in mainstream media. The company paused its advertising on Twitter following billionaire Elon Musk’s takeover, according to The Wall Street Journal, due to concerns about a pullback on content moderation.

The Daily Mail, however, has recently run other unflattering Pfizer stories. It reported Friday the FDA found a potentially higher risk of stroke in people who get Pfizer’s bivalent COVID vaccine and a flu shot the same day. It also emphasized Bourla’s pay package and the tripling of Pfizer’s revenue since 2019, when the CEO was accosted by critical journalists at the World Economic Forum in Davos.



FDA pulls authorization for AstraZeneca COVID treatment, says it’s ineffective against some variants


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