Moira Deeming: Former ‘Labor Party Princess’

Just when you think all hope is lost for the Victorian Liberal Party to ever regain its conservative political roots, along comes a candidate like Moira Deeming. Deeming is the type of grassroots politician the luvvies love to hate; young, articulate, passionate, and an ex-progressive.

Which is precisely the reason they’ve given her the moniker ‘Labor Party Princess’. Quoting the great Robert Menzies in her maiden speech to parliament, Deeming captured something of your widespread appeal:

‘The real life of this nation is to be found in the home of the people who are nameless and unadvertised. And who, whatever their individual religion or dogma, see in their children their greatest contributions.’

In her own words, Deeming says, ‘She was born and bred on the political left coming from a long line of union leaders, card-carrying Labor Party members, and Labor MPs.’ Indeed, her great-grandfather was John Joseph Holland, a western suburbs Labor MP for over thirty-five years as well as a councillor for the city of Melbourne. All of which is to say, Deeming comes from ‘good Catholic Labor stock’.

Seeking Liberty

What would motivate her then to change to the Liberal side of politics? According to Deeming:

‘There is a long tradition in Australian politics of those raised on the gospel of unity who come to learn firsthand the value of liberty and who then switch to the liberal side of politics. Sadly, they’re often referred to as “Labor rats” but in reality, they were just ordinary people who foresaw the problems which are plaguing all political parties that refuse to tolerate independent thinking and the tragic consequences of idolising economies which are controlled by the State.’

After quoting the famous examples of three former Labor politicians who switched sides throughout their careers — such as former Prime Ministers Joseph Cook and Joseph Lyons as well as Warren Mundine — a former president of the Labor Party to chairman of CPAC — Deeming commented:

‘I grew up idolising the Left, unions, and the Labor Party. But when taken to an extreme, these ideals have a “dark side”. As a teenager, I witnessed first-hand the corruption and the coordinated bullying of anyone who doesn’t think and act in “unity” with the Left.’

Pernicious Pedagogy

For Deeming, her political paradigm shifted due to issues she observed firsthand as a teacher in state schools. Deeming said:

‘Lessons on tolerance were being replaced with lessons on inclusion. It wasn’t enough to just accept each other’s differences with respect. Now students were required to affirm and celebrate beliefs which they just did not share. Perfectly reasonable religious and moral differences were being framed as discriminatory, intolerant, and a new vocabulary was introduced categorising people as “allies” or “enemies”.

‘Instead of being inspired by history’s heroes, students were being chastised and even told to stand up in class and apologise for historical crimes they had neither committed nor condoned.

‘They were told that the physical world is on the brink of doom. But rather than assigning research projects to find practical solutions, they were being assigned activism as work. Including, social media awareness campaigns, ideological fundraisers, and even attendance at protests during school hours.

‘Instead of being taught the life-changing value of grit and character, my most vulnerable and disadvantaged students were being weighed down and discouraged with spectres of insurmountable social forces all arrayed against them; capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy.’

These are serious issues. And every Australian citizen should be alarmed at what is occurring in Victorian schools, because that particular state seems hell-bent on leading the way socially for the rest of the country.

Sex and Lies

According to Deeming though, the proverbial ‘final straw’ in her deciding to challenge the government was as follows:

‘I discovered that school policies and curriculums had been radically altered to remove almost every child safeguarding standard that we had.

‘Primary school children were being subjected to erotic sexual content.

‘Female students no longer had the right to single-sex sports teams, toilets or change rooms.

‘And teachers — like me — were being forced to secretly lie to parents about their children who were secretly living one gender at school and another gender at home.

‘I realised then that my teaching career was over because I simply would not ever do the things I was being asked to do.

‘I would never ask the class which sexual experiences they’d had and which they were willing to do. I would never tell girls to bind their breasts. I would never accuse gay students of being transphobic. I would never tell my female students they had to tolerate a male teacher supervising their change room. And I was never evergoing to lie to parents about what was going on with their own children at school.

‘But I also knew that if I spoke out that I was going to be vilified and that I would never work in a public school again. And that is exactly what happened.’

Somewhat surprisingly, even the Sun Herald joined in accusing Deeming of promoting ‘extremist views’, while Daniel Andrews resorted to his usual tactic of dismissing Ms Deeming’s concerns as ‘shameful’. But listening to Deeming’s maiden speech, there is nothing extreme, let alone shameful, about it.

Deeming explicitly called on the Victorian government to amend the law in three ways. First, to protect sex-based rights to protect female-only sports, changerooms, and other activities while ‘maintaining the safety and dignity of transgender people’. Second, to make it illegal for children to be present in brothels. And third, to make it legal for parents and clinicians to seek treatment that alleviates gender dysmorphic feelings in children.

Deeming is a politician with the courage which we need right now. Sadly, though, the Liberal Party leadership have basically thrown her under the proverbial bus, distancing themselves from her convictions.

How tragic. When a former ‘Labor Party Princess’ cannot find a home in a party supposed to represent Liberal democratic values. No wonder the Liberal party lost the last election with little prospect of winning the next.


Originally published at The Spectator Australia. Photo by Ennie Horvath.

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Victorian MP’s Maiden Speech Was a Reckoning for the Political Elite

Moira Deeming’s maiden speech to the Victorian parliament was a reckoning for the Victorian Liberal National Party.

Leftist-lite Liberal Party leaders have every reason to fear her.

If not for her passion for truth, then for the very fact that the thunder of authenticity always sends the counterfeits running for cover.

No wonder over-polished, image-managed politicians were triggered.

Either the LNP is a son of Christ-centred Classical Liberalism, or they’re the sons of Cultural Marxism.

They cannot be both.

For those who stand with the latter, just look at who’s bemoaning the contents of Deeming’s speech.

Typical of Australia’s career politicians putting party self-interests over against the people, their instant vilification was a betrayal of their office.

A sad reminder of how reprobates, not representatives, have hijacked an institution once celebrated for its fierce appreciation for freedom of speech.

Strong Voice for Women and Children

Stepping up to support Deeming, Women’s Forum Australia called her words ‘phenomenal.’

On Facebook, the independent thinktank then described the speech as ‘pulling no punches’, adding, ‘Victorians are lucky to have her!

Quoting Deeming, WFA CEO Rachel Wong stated,

“An absolutely incredible maiden speech. Your unfailing courage and commitment to the rights and safety of women and children is an inspiration to us all. The suffragette colours were the icing on the cake.”

A Teacher’s Grave Concerns

What got Victoria’s leftist jihadists so riled up was Deeming exposing their extremism.

As a teacher, “I began to be very concerned about the things I was being told to teach,” Deeming explained.

“Lessons on tolerance were being replaced with lessons on inclusion. It wasn’t enough anymore to just accept each other’s differences with respect. Now students were required to affirm and celebrate beliefs they did not share.

“Perfectly reasonable, moral, and religious differences were being reframed as discriminatory, and intolerant. A new vocabulary was introduced categorising people as allies or enemies,” the LNP newcomer recounted.

The system put Acronym Inc. before ABCD, Deeming testified.

“Instead of being inspired by history’s heroes, students were being chastised and even told to stand up in class, and apologise for historical crimes that they had neither committed, nor condoned.”

These kids, Deeming said, were also being told what to think, rather than taught how to think.

Catastrophisers told kids, “the physical world is on the brink of doom, but rather than assigning research projects to find practical solutions, they were being assigned activism — including social media awareness-raising campaigns, ideological fundraisers, and attendance at protests during school hours.”

Deeming then voiced support for women in sports, boldly declaring, “Women and girls are suffering in Victoria because this government cannot or will not define what a female is… I call upon this government to immediately reinstate sex-based rights in the law.

“Curriculums have been radically altered, where primary school children were being subjected to erotic sexual content. Female students no longer had the right to single-sex sports teams, toilets, or change rooms.

“Teachers like me were being forced to lie to parents about their children who were secretly living as one gender at school, and another gender at home.”

It was here, Moira said, “I realised my teaching career was over. I would never do the things I was being asked to do… So now, here I am!”

This was a speech with the thunder of Wilberforce, the tenacity of Churchill, and the no-nonsense fury of Thatcher.

The war of woke being waged by its faux religious fanatics has made centrality a luxury liberty can no longer afford.


Originally published at Caldron Pool.

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Ripe for Revival — Reflections on “Great Southland Revival”

It will probably come as a surprise to many people that the word ‘revival’, like the term ‘Trinity’, does not occur in any reputable English translation of the Bible.

However, while the word can’t be found anywhere, the concept can be seen everywhere.

Its origins are simple. It derives from the Latin infinitive revivere, which means to live (vivere) again (re). Basically, it means ‘new life’.

Biblical Beginnings

Paul tells us in Romans 6:4, that we were buried with Christ by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life. He writes elsewhere of being made alive in Christ; of living a life by faith towards God; of experiencing new life (2 Corinthians 3:6; Galatians 2:19-20; Ephesians 2:5; Colossians 2:13).

The Psalmist celebrates the pathway of life (Psalm 16:11) and the promise of everlasting life (Psalm 119:50; 133:3). To summarise: to walk in newness of life is to walk in revival. To be in Christ is to be in a state of revival.

This leads us to the inescapable conclusion that revival is — or ought to be — the everyday experience of followers of Christ. Leo Harris, the pioneer of the CRC churches, described it simply as living out the New Testament.

Geoffrey Bingham, biblical expositor and author, used to remark that revival is basically giving attention to ‘the bread and butter’ issues of life — prayer, Bible study, faith, hope, love, forgiveness, kindness, reliability, steadfastness, integrity and so on.

Biblical revival affects every aspect of what we do and how we behave. This is why the apostle talks of ‘walking’ in newness of life. Walking is steady, ongoing action. It is not explosive or dramatic. Sometimes not even exciting. Missionary hero William Carey attributed whatever success he had experienced to this.

‘I am a plodder,’ he once wrote. ‘I can plod. To this I owe everything.’ Decades of ministry have persuaded me of the same reality. I used to drum into my students a simple, short phrase: ‘Plod with God.’


What we commonly call revival can be seen as the outcome of two direct scriptural terms, ‘awakening’ and ‘visitation’. Frequently, the prophets called people to wake up (Isaiah 26:19; 52:1; Joel 1:5), as did both Jesus (Mark 13:33-37) and Paul (Eph 5:14).

When the people of God become sleepy, they need to be aroused. Such awakening includes the idea of action. Lazarus may be well and truly alive, but he still needs to get up and walk. He is not resurrected to stay in the grave.

Similarly, the Bible frequently refers to times of visitation, when God drops in, as it were, to demonstrate his power. Sometimes, he visits us with judgement (Exodus 20:5; Psalm 59:8; 89:32); more often, he visits us with blessing (Genesis 50:2 4-25; Psalm 106:4; 1 Samuel 2:21). The greatest visitation of all was the coming of Jesus (Luke 1:68; Acts 15:14).

Divine visitations remind us of how things ought to be. Stuart Piggin has written of revival being an intensification by Jesus of the Holy Spirit’s normal activity. For this reason, it is often relatively short-lived. It may also be unexpected. Jonathan Edwards called the initial phases of the Great Awakening ‘a surprising work of God.’

Martin Luther, the premier pioneer of the Reformation, the greatest visitation since the days of Christ, was as surprised as anyone when it began. It is self-evident that awakenings and visitations are necessarily the work of God, initiated by Him. They do not originate as the result of human effort. We cannot awaken or visit ourselves.

God’s Hand Throughout History

It is appropriate to speak of such manifestations as revivals so long as we recognise that they have a purpose beyond themselves. And this is where this book, Great Southland Revival, is so important. The authors make it clear that their aim was not to write another study of the nature of revival, but rather to record how and when revival has been experienced in the past, so that we can be pointed to
possibilities for the future. And they have accomplished this purpose admirably. The book is prophetic.

It is particularly gratifying to read accounts of divine visitation that have been buried, ignored or simply unknown to contemporary Christians. There are many surprises to be enjoyed. It is enlightening to read of the work of the Spirit in apostolic and medieval times; it is heart-warming to see how the Wesleyan revival touched so many lives; it is exciting to observe the impact of the Great Awakening and the Pentecostal outpouring; it is invigorating to trace the Evangelical roots of Australian society.

Many readers will be astonished to learn of the 1902 Simultaneous Mission in Victoria and New South Wales which led to tens of thousands of professions of faith and remarkable social transformation. The best example was the visitation in Mount Kembla — similar to the impact of the Welsh Revival, but predating it by three years.

Or of the astonishing move of God in the mining town of Moonta in 1875, where the whole community was deeply touched by God’s Spirit. Or of the powerful effect of Evangelicalism on the founders of Australian Federation.


This volume offers hope and encouragement to people everywhere, and to Australians in particular. This is not to say we will suddenly all be perfect. It is salutary to be reminded that the congregation at Ephesus, one of the best New Testament churches, included people who had to be instructed not to abuse their families, get drunk, tell lies or steal. Even so, they had been ‘made alive’, that is, revived, and were now far from the darkness that once held them in thrall. They were ‘walking’ in revival (Ephesians 2:10; 4:1; 4:17; 6:2, 8, 15).

It all began with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, followed by months of patient preaching of God’s Word, whereupon God worked unprecedented signs and wonders and the name of Jesus was held in high honour throughout the city (Acts 19:1-17). Idolatry was shattered and inevitably, persecution followed (Acts 19:18-41).

If this is a template of revival, it is salutary to ask where Australia stands on the continuum. Mahlburg and Marsh give us plenty of reasons to ask the question — and to pray for a visitation from on high.

As journalist and Christian apologist Greg Sheridan pointed out in late 2022, Australia has unashamedly taken a position as a pagan nation and is, therefore, like Corinth, another New Testament city, not fit for destruction but ripe for revival. I look forward to the day when a later edition of Great Southland Revival will chronicle that story.

NOTE: To purchase your own copy of Great Southland Revival, click here.

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Hopefully Lindsay Fox had rails fitted to his steps before Andrews and Albo arrived at Portsea

Hopefully Lindsay Fox had rails fitted to his steps before Andrews and Albo arrived at Portsea

from Brisbane Times and Cairns News

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese was flown in Lindsay Fox’s private helicopter to a five-hour barbecue with the business magnate and Premier Daniel Andrews at the billionaire’s seaside mansion in Portsea last weekend.

The meeting between two of Australia’s most powerful politicians and one of the country’s wealthiest families was quietly held on Saturday afternoon after Albanese finished his official business in Victoria, and before he flew to the flood zone in Western Australia.

The Prime Minister’s Office did not respond over several days to requests for comment about his attendance at the social gathering and his use of the billionaire’s helicopter.

In spite of requests, there was ‘No Comment’ from the Prime Minister’s office about his weekend hook-up with transport magnate Lindsay Fox and dodgy Victorian Labor Premier Dan Andrews. Pic Brisbane Times

When the issue was raised with Albanese by a Nine News reporter during a press conference on Wednesday in Rockhampton, Queensland, he said: “I have private meetings all the time. And I have private meetings which are private meetings.”

Albanese travelled to Geelong on Saturday for a morning meeting and press conference with Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles. About an hour later, just before noon, he boarded Fox’s helicopter for the 10-minute flight to the trucking magnate’s seaside compound on the clifftops of Portsea.

The last time Dan Andrews attended a gathering at Portsea he ended up in intensive care for three months after allegedly falling down two steps at his rental house. Cairns News broke the story about Deadly Dan’s reported injuries which medical experts said were consistent with having been bashed and kicked severely while down.

There has been no mention of Andrews’ alleged assailant Luke Sayers who put him in hospital, being in attendance at Saturday afternoon’s barbeque.

The Fox family has extensive business interests at state and federal levels. Lindsay Fox has been described as Andrews’ “go-to billionaire” by senior Victoria Labor sources. Albanese and Andrews have also lauded the Fox family for their philanthropic endeavours, including attending the recent groundbreaking of the $152 million Paula Fox Melanoma and Cancer Centre.

Andrews,who arrived by car, and Albanese, had lunch with members of the Fox family inside the grounds of the sprawling mansion. Among those who attended was Lindsay Fox’s son, Andrew, who plays a major role in managing the family empire.

The prime minister took time out for a swim on Point King Beach. After the nearly six-hour visit he returned to Avalon Airport shortly after 6pm, again on the Fox family’s helicopter. The trip by road around Port Phillip Bay from Geelong to Portsea would normally take at least 2.5 hours.

Under parliamentary rules, the prime minister’s complimentary helicopter travel will eventually need to be declared as sponsored travel or hospitality in the register of members’ interests.

The premier’s office declined to comment on the nature of Saturday’s meeting, but confirmed Andrews had attended the barbecue. The chief executive officer of Fox Special Projects Group, Ari Suss, who often acts as spokesman for the Fox Family, did not respond to requests for comment.

Albanese has extensively documented his recent official travel on social media, and he posted a photo with Andrews on Saturday with a caption stating it was “great to catch up with my friend … in Melbourne today after my visit to Geelong”. However, there was no mention of his time spent with one of the wealthiest men in the country. Andrews, a prolific user of social media, was also silent. Andrews, made no mention he attended the Fox mansion for a barbeque.

Fox has made no secret of his ambition to develop his company’s privately owned airport, Avalon, into an intermodal transport hub that can open up new and more efficient passenger and freight routes between Australia and South-East Asia. For the family to realise this ambition, it would require assistance from the Victorian and Commonwealth governments.

The federal government contributed half the construction cost of Avalon’s international terminal and, in October 2019, Andrews led a government delegation to Vietnam to help the Fox family secure a deal with budget carrier VietJetAir to run direct flights between Ho Chi Minh City and Avalon.

However, before the pandemic struck, Avalon’s daily commercial passenger traffic comprised just one Air Asia flight to and from Kuala Lumpur and a handful of Jetstar shuttles to Sydney and the Gold Coast, the latter secured by a $12 million subsidy by the Andrews government.

Andrews was criticised by the opposition in 2021 over his close relationship with one of Australia’s richest and most influential families. In January 2021, the premier and his wife, Catherine, visited the family’s compound, where they dined with Lindsay Fox and his wife, Paula, tech entrepreneur Andrew Bassat, and Luke Sayers, a former PricewaterhouseCoopers chief executive.

At the time, Linfox, the logistics group founded by Lindsay Fox, had tendered to build a quarantine facility at Avalon Airport to house international arrivals in Melbourne during the pandemic. The Linfox bid for the facility was unsuccessful, and a 500-bed facility was ultimately built by a different bidder in Mickleham, in Melbourne’s north.

Then-shadow treasurer Louise Staley demanded Andrews distance himself from any government decision because of his friendship with the Foxes.

“Given the extent of his personal relationship with the Fox family, the premier should recuse himself from any cabinet deliberations on a quarantine facility or other decisions affecting the commercial interests of Linfox,” Staley said in February 2021.

Staley had asked Andrews in parliament how often he had visited Fox’s Portsea mansion. The premier ridiculed Staley as a “conspiracy theorist”.

Editor: Who would have thought that Albanese would associate with Andrews socially in light of Andrews’ alleged sordid, ruthless reputation.


40 Days for Life at the Exclusion Zone

Despite being prevented from reaching women in need by the exclusion zones around Victoria’s abortion clinics, 40 Days for Life was still able to step into the spiritual battle for precious new human lives and the souls of their parents.

It seems like a lifetime since I was in the thick of a legal battle to stop Victoria’s abortion exclusion zones, a struggle that went all the way to the High Court in Canberra. Designed to stop women from reconsidering an abortion at the last moment, the exclusion zones, also known as “bubble zones”, or in legal parlance, as “Safe Access” zones, prohibit anyone from communicating about abortion within 150 metres of an abortion business, if that communication could lead to a woman choosing life for her child.

So it was with a mixture of sadness and resolve that I embarked on leading my first 40 Days for Life campaign in 2022, knowing full well that the consolation of seeing a baby saved from abortion was unlikely to be ours. I was very grateful to have support from Paul Hanrahan, who along with running Family Life International, has also organised many 40 Days for Life campaigns in Sydney.

Paul’s advice was invaluable and his experience ensured that our expectations were realistic from the start. Paul travelled to Melbourne to speak at a pre-campaign event and was well-received by the attendees, especially by those who didn’t know what to expect from being involved in 40 Days for Life.

Divine Providence

We launched on September 28th, although preparations had begun months before that. From the beginning, I knew that if this was to succeed, then God would have to take the reins and lead it. A project like this was simply too much for a busy mother like me to manage. So lead it, He did: and for the best part of four months, God sent everything needed for a successful pro-life campaign — an increase in the theological virtues of faith, hope and charity; generous financial assistance; physical energy, and of course, He provided very dedicated personnel to assist.

One of these was Josephine Okon, a mother of three, whose main role — among others —  was to coordinate events. When asked why she agreed to take on such an arduous task, Josephine said,

“I used to go to the pro-life Marches with my Dad back in the 90s, but the first one I went to more recently was with my baby in 2019 where I was prominent in a Channel 9 ad.

40 Days for Life 9News

I had found out about the 40DFL campaign through my friendship with Kathy when she would just casually mention she was doing it about 3-4 years ago. I had intended to go out and pray with her, but was afraid to for many different reasons.

I had previously prayed out the front of the abortuary with the Helpers (of God’s Precious Infants)  for many years before I was married and had children, so the concept wasn’t foreign to me, but the thought of doing it on my own back then terrified me.

 “I feel like God had been calling me to do pro-life work for a long time when the topic around 40 Days For Life came up again in my conversation with Kathy. I was determined to do more than just pray. I said to Kathy that if she does it, I will be alongside her helping her with whatever she needs to be done.”

The Communications Director of the Melbourne campaign, Evelyn Ogilby, was also new to pro-life work. She said,

With the COVID interruption, normal parish volunteer roles had slowed and dried up. I was looking to do something but I wasn’t sure what so decided to wait patiently and see what God might bring me. I didn’t have to wait long when Kathy approached me to work on the 40 Days for Life campaign.

 I’m a strong believer in the sanctity of life from the womb to the tomb, so this prayer vigil seemed like a great opportunity to put my faith into practice.”

This campaign was the first one held in Melbourne in several years. Disruptions due to COVID-19 had made it impossible, but there had previously been ten campaigns conducted over 5 years.

Strong Support

In 2022, there were more than ninety in-person participants from more than twenty-five Catholic parishes and other Christian churches, with hundreds more praying and fasting from home. We were overwhelmed by the support shown by our priests, particularly from the more traditional parishes.

One priest asked his entire congregation to pray and fast for our intentions! In all, fourteen priests from around Australia and even overseas offered a total of forty Masses during the campaign for our protection and for an increase in holiness for our participants.

On Day 1, we held a launch event that featured talks by two post-abortive speakers: a post-abortive mother from Idaho, USA, named Kay Painter, and also a Catholic doctor, Mark Hobart. Their stories highlighted the great damage done by abortion to those who procure them, as well as the lasting regret suffered by those who intentionally end the lives of their own children.

40 Days for Life 2022 launch

Peter Stevens from FamilyVoice also spoke at the launch and gave great support to the campaign from the beginning. It was a great beginning and the attendees, many of whom had never been actively pro-life, were inspired to be generous with their time for the duration of the campaign.

Another strong Christian supporter was Warwick Marsh of The Canberra Declaration. Members of his group had independently decided to fast throughout October, in response to a years-old request from the Catholic bishops for Christians to fast for marriage and family during that month.

While that initiative appears to have gone by the wayside from the Catholic side, Warwick Marsh and his network have continued this sacrifice for the sake of families. This meant that they were already primed to assist us with prayer support.

Healing and Communication

Many graces were received by the participants over the course of the campaign. One attendee opened up about her own abortion, which she had undergone many years ago as a teenager. This was the first time she had ever spoken about it.

Others felt that they were given new opportunities to share the pro-life message with their families and friends. Some were also able to have meaningful conversations with members of the public who passed by the vigil site and asked about our presence there. These were all fruits of the generous prayer and fasting to which so many contributed.

We were aware that discouragement could be a problem, especially as the campaign progressed. It is only human to see reports of babies being saved elsewhere and to forget that, for His own reasons, God often chooses to hide the fruits of our spiritual efforts.

However, the many graces that flowed to our campaign meant that feelings of discouragement were short-lived and that, until the end, a supernatural faith in our efforts bearing unknown fruit prevailed. Even during the final week, new participants were signing up, some praying publicly to end abortion for the first time in their lives.

40 Days for Life

So while the bubble zones made it harder for us, there was more merit to our sacrifices, as we were there in the pure faith that our prayers and fasting would help, without our receiving the consolation of seeing a mother and her baby saved from abortion.

The abortion business which was the focus of last year’s campaign was the notorious Fertility Control Clinic (FCC), which has been the site of the deaths of tens of thousands of tiny babies since it opened in 1972.

Prior to the exclusion zones going into effect, the efforts of the pro-life community here, particularly the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, had led to more than three hundred mothers choosing life over abortion outside that place.

Abortion Coercion

During the campaign, I often took the first shift and parked directly across the road from the Fertility Control Clinic. Sometimes I would see women entering the FCC; one woman in particular sticks in my mind. She appeared to be very uncomfortable with her decision to enter the abortion business and was pleading with a man — it looked like her boyfriend — not to go in to have their baby killed.

She didn’t look like someone who was committed to the idea of an abortion. In the past, before the bubble zones, an ambivalent woman like that may have accepted help from a vigil attendee and decided to keep her baby. It was heartbreaking to think that a law, ostensibly designed to protect “choice”, harmed this woman and killed her child by removing her chance to choose life at the final, critical moment.

This bubble zone law was sold as being about medical “privacy”, when clearly in the words of a coerced post-abortive mother, “It was about secrecy!”

40 Days for Life

While my team had planned to run another campaign this year in Lent, circumstances have now made that impossible. It is our hope that some dedicated members of the pro-life community will be inspired to build on the successes of our campaign and continue this vital public witness for life.

As Evelyn Ogilby wrote:

“Abortion not only destroys a child, but I believe it also destroys the mother to some extent, even those who seem to be unaffected at the time.  Somewhere in the depths of their being, they surely must realise that they have lost a child — and at their own hands.

Some pregnancies are unwanted, and some are unplanned. Unfortunately, many women feel they have no choice and no help.  It’s a sad reflection on our society that we have made something so natural seem so difficult.

Also we seem to have convinced women that this procedure is healthcare, when it is just life- and soul-destroying. My inspiration… “As you did it to the least of these, you do it unto Me.’ (Matthew 25:45)

The Christian position has always been, whatever the circumstances of the child’s conception: “Every child should be welcomed.” A grave error of our day is to believe that we humans have the right to choose who lives and who dies, so, like the early Christians who were known for their love of pagan Rome’s discarded children, we must continue to share our message of welcome through campaigns like 40 Days for Life.

40 Days for Life


Originally published at Family Life International.

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The Good and the Bad from the Victorian Election: A Wrap-Up

The Victorian election results are (mostly) in now, and for Christians, the result is not great. The staunch anti-Christian campaigner Dan Andrews has been re-elected despite strong swings against the Labor Party.

Things are certainly not as bad as they could be. Labor is unlikely to pick up even one seat in the Lower House (with a strong –5.8% swing against them across the board) and the initial predictions of a “greenslide” evaporated very quickly post-election night. The Greens picked up just one seat in the Lower House, although their result was stronger in the Upper House where they will gain three seats.

The newly registered Family First Party (led by Lyle Shelton) performed very well (considering they were registered the month before the election), polling more than any other minor party in the state (3.1%). While they did not pick up a seat this time around, Family First preferences brought a number of Democratic Labour Party candidates within very close margins of winning seats. Small swings to either party would have pushed them over the edge.

In huge news, Adem Somyurek of the DLP won his seat, knocking extreme anti-Christian campaigner Fiona Patten (formerly of the Sex Party) out of parliament. Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party also picked up a seat in the Upper House.

While, sadly, Andrews will have the numbers to control the Upper House (he will need the support of the Greens, the Animal Justice Party and one Legalise Cannabis member to pass legislation), there will be some strong voices to hold him to account. But there is more good news in the Upper House:

  • Moira Deeming (a very staunch pro-life Christian woman) was elected for the Liberal Party
  • Renee Heath and Ann-Marie Hermans (two other Christian candidates) were also elected for the Liberal Party
  • It appears that Derryn Hinch’s radical Justice Party (who regularly supported Dan Andrews’ policy agenda) has been eliminated from the Upper House
  • Bernie Finn and Hugh Dolan (from the Democratic Labour Party) both came close to winning a seat (Bernie Finn missed out by only 200 or so votes)

Overall, the votes for pro-life and Christian candidates and parties were quite encouraging. Family First and the DLP both receive strong swings towards them (receiving a combined 4.3% of the vote — almost equivalent to the Nationals Party vote).

In summary, the election outcome is nothing to rave about — Dan Andrews and the ALP regained control of the Lower and the Upper Houses.

Nevertheless, there is cause for hope, particularly in the long term.

There were significant swings against the ALP and, given the circumstances, substantial votes for Christian candidates and parties (look out 2026!). Additionally, quite a number of pro-life, pro-family and Christian candidates were actually elected to parliament.

Please pray for these men and women as they seek to speak the truth in an increasingly dark situation.

Don’t give up hope! God is in control. We appreciate all your effort and prayers over the past few months.


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He Is Still In Control: The Victorian Election — Fiona Patten and Bernie Finn

Politicians come and go — but God is still working out His purposes.

We read in Daniel 2:21 that God “changes times and seasons; He removes kings and sets up kings.” This of course happens all the time. Leaders come and go. This week we learned about two more examples of this happening — both here in Victoria. Two members of parliament lost their seats. One was the best news I heard in a long time. The other was the saddest news I heard in a long time.

I refer to Fiona Patten and Bernie Finn — politicians from the upper house. I have written about both often enough over the years. Patten lost her seat after serving two terms — eight years — in parliament. Bernie lost his seat after serving four terms — 16 years — there. Prior to that, he had served in the lower house for eight years. So he has been around for a while.

Dodgy Deals

To the one, we say ‘Good riddance’, while to the other we say, ‘What a shame.’ Let me discuss both a bit more, and then move on to some bigger themes that we must not forget. As to Fiona, she of course is the former sex worker and head of the sex industry who formed the Sex Party. I kid you not.

Later, the name was changed to the Reason Party. Yeah right. But it still boggles my mind that Victorians would vote — twice! — to elect a former hooker and someone whose party was all about sex and sleaze. Mind-boggling stuff. While in office, she spent her whole time doing grubby deals with premier Dan Andrews.

They readily scratched each other’s back big time, and Victoria is much the worse for it. It seems every lousy and immoral thing you can think of this pair happily ran with. They managed to turn Victoria into the most godless and decadent state in all of Australia. So I for one am pleased as can be that she is gone. (Although there are now reports that she will keep working with Andrews one way or another!)

Bernie Finn, on the other hand, was one of the best politicians Victoria has seen for a very long time. He excelled in the three Fs: faith, family and freedom. There was no greater advocate for the unborn than Bernie was — and is. After the diabolical abortion legislation of 2008 went through, he established the annual March for the Babies. Yet because he put life and liberty first, his own Liberal Party dumped him! See more on that here.

God is Still Calling the Shots

When I read on social media that Bernie did not quite make it into the top five positions for his region (he came in sixth), I posted a quick comment under his announcement. I simply said: “Something bigger and better for you — in my prayers champ.

And I believe that. This is not the last we will see of Bernie. He may well take a much-needed break, but I am sure we will see him back in action soon enough, doing even more for life and for family. As leader of the Democratic Labor Party (DLP), he has plenty of work cut out for him.

So we look forward to hearing more from this champion. And I do indeed encourage you all to keep praying for him. I know he covets such prayers. But he is not the only one who has had a radical career change. Politicians will always come and go. Some last longer than others. Some have a very short run.

And it is not just politicians, of course. One version of the start of the verse from Daniel says this: “He changes times and periods of history.” History does change for all of us. You might be in a job for thirty years, only to be laid off suddenly. Sadly, a longstanding marriage might break down. You might lose a loved one or close friend. Things change all the time.

How God’s sovereignty and human choices fit together will never be fully understood on this side of eternity. But they do. Both are fully affirmed in Scripture, even though it is all a bit of a mystery to us mere mortals. And along the way, learning to have faith and trust in God is vital. Often, that is all we have to hang on to.

Winding Road

We all know how changes come along that leave us confused or even hurt. We might think a certain course of action was of God, only to find a door being closed in your face. As but one example, for a while there when I was back in America, I was pretty sure a gal I liked was part of God’s plan.

That did not end out going the way I thought or hoped it might. But that is a good thing. Had I married this American girl, instead of the Australian that I did eventually marry, I of course never would have made it Down Under. Things would have been quite a bit different in that case. Indeed, this article would never have been penned if my first choice had worked out.

So things change, and we seldom see the whole picture of where God is taking us. We might be pretty sure of one path, only to find we are soon on another. But again, this is where faith and trust come in. If we knew all the details ahead of time, there would be little need for faith. But God gives us enough light for the next step. His word, we are told, is a light unto our path.

So Bernie has had a bit of a change in direction. I too cannot assume I will always be doing what I am now doing. Indeed, I regularly offer up this ministry to God. I tell Him that if He wants this chapter in my life to close, and he wants me to do something else, I am willing. That is all any believer can do.

Work and Pray

Now, to state that God is sovereign in this area — indeed, in all areas — does NOT mean humans have no role to play here. If God ordains the ends, He also ordains the means. He has decided that human beings are morally responsible and accountable for their actions. What we do counts and is significant. Yet God is also at work.

As such, Bernie did not just sit around, hoping to get reelected. He did his part: he worked like mad to seek to alert and woo voters in his area. Sure, he and others prayed a lot, but both were needed: a lot of human effort, and trust in God. So Bernie did all he could, and he left the results up to God.

All those who are Christians live and act the same way. Again, it is a mystery how our choices and God’s purposes cohere and combine. But they do. And as I often say, we should concentrate on our part, and let God concentrate on His part.

The old meme of a guy resting on his shovel, waiting for a hole in the ground to be dug, fits in here. He can pray all he likes, and trust God all he likes, but chances are real good there will be no hole unless he starts digging. This is true in politics and everywhere else.

The theology on this would fill countless volumes in numerous very large libraries. But getting the last word theologically speaking is not my intention here. Instead, my intent is quite practical. Please keep praying for Bernie. I look forward to what God has for this great man. Onwards and upwards, Bernie.

Pray also for Patten. I have often prayed for her, and folks like Andrews, that God would either improve them or remove them. Well, it looks like she has been removed – from office at least. I still pray she repents big time and becomes a Christian.

But this too is a cooperate effort: we pray, and God works. He has even decided to get things done — in part at least — by the prayers we pray. Mysterious stuff — but exciting stuff. So keep praying, saints. And keep working. There is plenty more that needs to be done until the Lord returns.


Bernie has just said that given how close the vote was for the fifth position, he is requesting a recount — keep praying, folks!


Originally published at CultureWatch.

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