2022/12/06th – We are all going to be needed

We are all going to be needed as the desperate Cabal prepares

Are they preparing for a massive event ?  

What part of Australia do you want flooded next ?

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Aussie Cossack Reports   Stay tuned for more @AussieCossack

Things are warming up at the Ashfield Inner West Council building – PARANOID Mayor Darcy Byrne has called in swarms of Police!

RIOT POLICE deployed by Mayor Darcy Byrne against the locals during Council Meeting!
Australia’s most controversial council meeting is taking place now on Liverpool Road in Ashfield

We are going to be needed   –  Wyatt Minuteman

I did an investigation into Dr Robert Malone, I am convinced he is a good guy, the D33PSTATE hijacked his research and weaponized it. Kirsty Alley – I don’t believe it Australian PM Albanese – Positive for Covid AZ Election I am convinced the EBS is Imminent and we are on the countdown clock It’s Time to Prepare – We are going to be needed in the Aftermath disclosure


Brazilian Military Begin Executing Lula de Silva Officials As Bolsonaro Declared ‘Real President of Brazil’ 

Stolen elections have consequences   Read more on the link


Human remains in fast food – It is not just about McDonald’s



Registered sex offender perving on a 6 year old child and gets caught by the Father. There is no punishment to harsh. And so ends the lesson. 

In the EYE of the storm – Calm for a short time – Then . . . . .

Why did the DS build so many camps in so many countries ?



Are they preparing for a massive event?


What part of Australia do you want flooded next ?

So what does the Australian defence force, defend ? – besides a Corporation masquerading as “Government”


Military whistle blower DS is jabbing soldiers  

This could be fake news to destroy peoples’ confidence


Situation Update: Special Operations Teams Taking Out NWO Globalists In Switzerland! Four Hour Window For The Military! Food Shortages Are Real

Here are 3 items from the video

See the full vid here if you want


Max Igan – Can we Escape our Prison

The first 10 mins – what Dan Andrews doing…the new fines  Also in Perth new fishing laws,, crazy can only have a few days of catching fish but you still have to pay $80 per year…

AustraliaOne Party – Guru and Riccardo Live Stream

Comments from Debby C

All we can do is hope the “good ‘uns” are crossing over … the light being cleaned up too   Of course … I groaned when I heard Bosi will be doing another interview with Charlie Ward.  But that is what it is, and part of that sector’s public face.

At the 27:01 Bosi talks about the extremity of the “psyops” due to necessary strategies and its totally understandable “utterly fed up” frustrations.  I would add to this, the factional wars actually happening behind the scenes, and the unknown factor of Kim’s sector, which is stalling efforts, and demanding a complete taking down of the old order,  whatever the faction, bad or “seemingly” good, which the White Hats Plan is part of like it or not , in terms of the higher level controls; and that a whole new plan of complete restoration is being demanded … and thank goodness i… understatement.

However … I was relieved to hear Bosi say this, and why from the beginning it was one of the many reasons, but a main reason I was interested in Bosi for Australia’s restoration: his training in strategy, especially when a whole lot of unknown data comes in, which I knew it would, eventually, with Kim’s sector.

At 28:33 he expresses his overall trust of the Plan.  OK. … whatever …

But at 32:30 to 34:01 ( paraphrasing ) he states that if he’s been sold a lie regarding this Plan, or it fails, or anything else, he’s prepared for that … ready to pivot and move forward.   OK … I bloody well needed to hear that.

Meanwhile, he is who he is, as we both know, an enigma and a very difficult kettle of fish, and polarising for sure.  But as Guru says at 1:10:18 ( paraphrasing ) he still seems to be one of the men for the hour … and as I say … this is bigger than everybody, and very, very, very few grasp that.


China’s Secret Organ Harvesting MURDER Hospitals,

Truth Behind Massive ‘Anti-Lockdown Protests’




2022/11/01st – ♪♪ Summertime – will the livin’ be easy ♪ ♪

The day of reckoning approaches 1st Thess 5 – all will be revealed –

So many gurus, thus I make this DISCLAIMER – Items are in good faith – no claim for 100 truth  See Items 5 + 6

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I will no longer put up The Restored Republic – altho’ it contains lots of interesting things, there is too much date setting which gives people false hope. If one understands the enormity of the EVENT, it will happen at the right time when everything is in place – God will prevail   2nd Chron 7.14



1 – Global Depopulation in full swing as Adult Death Syndrome Skyrockets


2 – Supreme Court hearing – Day 1 – AHPRA Are Impersonating a Cwlth Agency

Dr Bay v AHPRA and the Medical Board of Australia and the State of QLD. A full hearings was granted on the jurisdictional and constitutionally validity of the QLD parliament making health laws for the entirety of the Commonwealth



3 – Vaccine Scandal in Slovenia – Bottles Code #’s for Placebo, Vax, or KILL  Many of us have long suspected this but coming across a whistleblower nurse 


4 – Doctors in Canada – now 93 dead 

In Canada, if you’re a doctor and you want to practice medicine, you must take the COVID lethal injection which, since I last reported, has killed 13 more doctors there bringing the current number of dead Canadian doctors to 93 souls. Next week there will be more and the week after that?… God Himself only knows! And if 93 are dead – which they are – how many more do you suppose are sick and or permanently disabled? Please watch this important 8 minute video to hear what one brave Canadian doctor, William Makis, is reporting. 

And so: how can anyone intelligent enough to become a doctor be so stupid as to take a known lethal injection?




5a – Things are building up, are you ready for the Storm?  Wyatt = lateral thinker


5b – Ready For The Storm – Good lyrics. Not all entertainers are asleep


6a – FCB D3CODE – Elon’s Bedside Table Decode Part 1 – 29 Nov


6b – FCB D3CODE – Elon’s Bedside Table Decode Part 2 – 30 Nov


7 – Pelosi is out look what is replacing her

Trump told us last week she was fired and the the way to another country – Cuba ??  It won’t be long before the replacement will join her after you see what he stands for


8 – Directors ID No Authority ?  Tim Dwyer

All Gov Departments are operating out of FRAUD and Fraud Violates Everything It is OK to Stand Up, It’s OK To Push Back, It will come down to the choice between Freedom Or Slavery, Choose Freedom Early.  BASIC Law 101 If any Fraud Exists there is no lawful authority in any Contract.


9 – Aussie Cossack Report

How Firearms Prohibition Orders (FPO) are used by Police as an oppressive measure against independent journalists like @AussieCossack.

🔴When introducing the laws, former Premier Barry O’Farrell said, ‘This bill will equip the NSW Police Force with new weapons to help tackle criminals with guns.’

🔴O’Farrell sought to reassure the general public that the laws would not be used to target innocent people, saying, ‘This legislation will concern those who are involved in criminal activities involving guns.’

🔴While the Bill was supported by conservative MPs, many others raised concerns about the lack of ‘checks and balances’ available to those subject to searches.

🔴In particular, Independent MP Alex Greenwich raised concerns about the fact that police would be able to search anyone subject to a FPO without giving any reason or warning.

🔴Greens MP David Shoebridge was concerned that there was no review mechanism for the exercise of the powers, proposing an amendment to allow a Court to declare a search unlawful where it was shown to be ‘unreasonable, unjust, oppressive or otherwise an abuse of power.’

🔴Since September 2014, a total of 642 searches have been conducted without a warrant – with 442 being conducted on people and 200 on vehicles.

🔴Incredibly, none of the 642 searches carried out since September resulted in a firearm being found.

🔴@AussieCossack is officially the most “searched” individual in Australia with 47 searches in the past 12 months alone. The videos of these searches are available to view on @AussieCossack YouTube here (https://youtube.com/@AussieCossack).

🔴Suprisingly, @AussieCossack has never been charged or convicted with any firearms offences.

🤔Do you think the FPO against @AussieCossack is politically motivated and should be rescinded?

10 – Old Buildings – why are they not being built today ? They are only stone. cement, plaster and paint + human effort.



2022/11/24th – Military update with SGAnon Update

Military update with SGAnon Update – Items 1 + 2 + 4 

DISCLAIMER – Nothing is claimed to be 100% truth, yes it’s getting harder to know what to believe – but all will be revealed soon. 

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Beware – there is a lot of Cabal anti-Trump propaganda, digging up and distorting and bending anything they can use from Trump’s past.  If you fall for it, I suggest you did not read or understand the Law of War Manual in recent posts here. PS Trump promoted Invermectin as “the Vaxx” not the others.

Download the Law of War Manual  


These TV people tell you what to believe

1 – SGAnon Update  Turkey to Leave NATO | Putin and Xi Coordinating | German/UK Militaries Running Background Ops


2 – High Expectations – The Storm (part 3)


3 – QUEENSLAND is now rationing electricity using smart meters

(Natural News) The state of Queensland in Australia is rationing electricity by means of smart meters, putting it closer to a dystopian future of everything being rationed.

According to the Queensland state government, smart meters “record electricity consumption typically in 5 or 30 minute intervals.” The recorded data is then sent to electricity companies using “energy industry wireless communications” to determine how much energy a certain household uses.

The state government touted the purported benefits of these smart readers, including “accurate and up-to-date information on usage patterns through electricity retailer online platforms and mobile apps” and “faster services” such as billing inquiries or account transfers.

“Changes to electricity metering came into effect throughout the National Electricity Market on Dec. 1, 2017,” it said. Save for a few off-grid areas in regional Queensland, majority of the northeastern state was included in the shift to smart meters.

The Queensland government also mentioned possible options to decline having a smart meter installed – alongside the remote communications that send energy consumption data.


Posted  23-Nov-2022 17:30:50

Never said 2024 paired with verbiage. You must understand the Military Occupancy Law of War Manual (December 2016), paired with the Constitution, Military Justice Act of 2016, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Federal Resilience Act (December 2020), National Security Act of 1947, 50 United States Code 34, 10 United States Code 12406, 10 United States Code Ch. 1209, Executive Orders 12148, 13848, 13912, 13919, 13959, 13818, 13885, 13961, amongst other things.

They all go together like a blueprint and once you learn those… then you can start picking out Optics and Comms. Got to listen to how he said “candidacy” and how he laid this out with around: As Commander-in-Chief I will ENSURE Joe Biden does not receive four more years (Who’s to say the Democratic Party would pick him?) Nancy Pelosi (Fired; on her way to another Country = GITMO)

The MARS (Military Auxiliary Radio System) THE PAUSE (Public Alert: Unregistered Soliciting Entities) Angela Merkel (150 years = Federal Corporation; White Flag of Surrender = Chapter 12.4 Law of War Manual DIRECT reference)

Help is on the way (MARS; Martial Law / National Guard) Governors who don’t want our help, we will insist (Martial Law / National Guard) Gangs and Street Crime will be cleaned out (Martial Law / National Guard) Quick Trials, Trial in Morning, Execution end of day (Military Tribunals)

But once you understand Optics and Comms, it will click that this is and was NEVER about a 2024 Election. Everything is precise, concise, and calculated

Derek Johnson

Air Force Military Auxilary Radio System





5 – Vessel Finder    one sample

Copy to URL  https://www.vesselfinder.com/ 

6 – Many Walmarts were closed

This WAS part of the Cabal plan for FEMA camps –  the tunnels have been blown up after thousands of children were rescued

7 – From Aussie Cossack 

A Russian Wagner soldier who goes by the callsign “Cherdash” lies wounded with immobilised legs in battle. 🔴Rather than surrender alive to the Ukrainain Nazi’s he calmly covers his own face and shoots himself in the heart with his AK-74. Video too graphic to show 🔴Moments later an enemy grenade from a NATO drone drops next to him…🇷🇺Russian Hero. Respect.

8 – Graphene oxides (nanotechnology) in Tuna

I used to love tuna, not anymore.  Shame they did not show the brand


9 – This fish was caught in the wild the package says. I don’t think so. 

10 – Victorian Election, Victoria the secretive Police State  24 November 2022

copy to URL  https://corpau.blogspot.com/2022/11/victorian-election-victoria-secretive.html

11 – The coming Internet of Vehicles

12 – Passion of the Christ star – Jim Cavieze 

Hollywood Elite trafficking Children for Adrenochrome


13 – The AUSTRALIAN $20 note – with a SATANIC message?


14 – Brazilian Truckers are blockading roads and ports

while a Federal Judge had to step down for allegedly discussing a military coup with President Jair Bolsonaro. The head of Bolsonaro-allied Liberal Party will announce the next steps today.


15 – Dear Santa – I want this for Christmas but don’t tell anyone

16 – The Final Lockdown 

Street Lights That KILL in Smart Cities, CBDC, Digital ID

Aman Jabbi – The Final Lockdown – Street Lights That KILL in Smart Cities, CBDC, Digital ID

17 – So you don’t believe in Miracles ?  play full screen




RichieFromBoston – November 23rd, 2022

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SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

2022/11/20th – Hopium or Confident Expectation

Hopium (wishful thinking or Confident Expectation)

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
2 Corinthians 4:1 “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

A Confident Expectation It does not imply uncertainty or lack of assurance. Instead, Biblical hope is a confident expectation and desire for something good in the future

They are not going to reveal ANY tactics or dates for the enemy or for any doubting Thomas who wants it all to happen tomorrow according to their personal expectations.

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1 – Imminent Military Lockdown ?   

Updated from the Alex Collier message yesterday.

Extrapolating what he says the lockdown is IMMINENT and could be before the end of this month given the timelines being discussed.

2 – From the Aussie Cossack

A journalist was asked on Sky News today about the expected result of Vic elections.  He said – it is probably pre-ordained.  (ie already rigged as was our last elections ?)

On Thursday, The Woolworths Group revealed it would no longer require its employees to be vaccinated. During the peak of pandemic, staff had been required to be vaccinated, unless they had a valid reason for exemtion.

What about the vaccine injuries?
🔴Strokes? 🔴Myocarditis? 🔴Blood clots? 🔴Heart attacks?
✊Lest we forget… no amnesty. Nuremberg 2.0 is coming.

3 – Weather manipulation blooper   he spilt the beans on air


4 – PCR Tests are for human cloning

PCR tests are for human cloning  I wonder how many Doctors and Nurses doing the testing know this” The they she refers to are not “aliens”, they are fallen angels who permeate Govt Departments everywhere     Listen carefully
Here is part of the full video next at the link


5 – Why are there good cops and bad cops ?

Good cops who protest or resign will be replaced by more bad cops  The problem lies at the top.

I wonder how many Doctors and Nurses doing the testing know this” The y she refers to are not “aliens”, they are fallen angels who permeate Govt Departments everywhere Listen carefully
Here is part of the full video next at the link


6 – China just SHOCKED the world – Deep State U.S. is in real trouble


7 – Kingdom of America – round table

For your consideration and own research. Lots of great change coming to our world.
Key points on this clip: We have a ‘Civilian’ Commander in Chief (CIC) of the Kingdom of America (KoA), this role is shared equally with his wife. These roles are of a Benevolent Monarchy.
They were selected by a military alliance, who have been working covertly behind the scenes, whilst a movie 🎥 has been playing out on MSM with actors, clones and masks. Australia is part of the Kingdom of America.   Stop living in fear from watching the TEL LIE VISION.
Focus of yourself.   Step out of the matrix.

Copy to URL  https://rumble.com/v1rcica-the-kingdom-of-america-round-table-with-charlie-ward.html

It’s the time of the AWAKENING
PEACE & LOVE 💓 is our way forward.
https://t.me/usafcc/1994  As you might have noticed our Commanders in Chiefs have not been posting for quite some time. They been very busy behind the scenes working hard for We the PEOPLE and they are not going to reveal ANY tactics or dates for the enemy or any doubting Thomas who wants it all to happen tomorrow according to their personal expectations.

8 – Deaths within days and weeks from the Jab –  No MSM is interested



2022/00/03rd – If this is True, then Rejoice – Otherwise Hide

2022/00/03rd – If this is True, then Rejoice – Otherwise Hide

If this is True, then Rejoice – Otherwise Hide                      See Items 2 + 3 + 4

Disclaimer – Nothing is guaranteed as all truth – no one knows it.  

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1 – Biden Brilliance is outstanding


2 – If this is True 

US Mil Mass Arrests are Underway | Deep State Desperate to Flee | US Marines Domestic Ops  2 Nov

SGAnon discloses information relating to the current mass arrests that have been authorized by the US military, as well tunnel destruction, USMC operations domestically in SoCal USA, and elsewhere, as well as continued military alliance coordination.  Listenable at 1.5 speed

We all knew this was coming at some point. We never believed it would come in this lifetime, but here it is …   Everything is already posted.


3 – Massive’ Win: PA Supreme Court Rules Undated Mail Ballots Can’t Be Counted 

‘Massive’ Win: PA Supreme Court Rules Undated Mail Ballots Can’t Be Counted (townhall.com)

4 – Germany Is Tearing Down Wind Turbines to Make Room for Coal Mine


5 – Tunnels, Underground War, DUMBs – Real or Fake ?  46 mins

6 – Freemasons Secret Societies Exposed

Priest warns The Vaxx will Kill you


7 – They taught Flat Earth in schools until Rockefeller came along


8a – What you need to know about the BOOK of ENOCH and the AGE of the FALLEN ANGELS    Part 1


8b – What you need to know about the BOOK of ENOCH  Part 2


9 – As the Data emerges History will show the Australian Parliament is Full of Cowards 


10 – Aussie Cossack News

Penny Wong EVADING questions on CORRUPTION within the Labor Party


11 – Rates are a TAX.  States are forbidden from raising a TAX   Tim Dwyer


12 – Why is the Lunar Calendar on the turtle’s shell?

13 – The Prague Astronomical Clock made in 1410 AD



Police Superintendent Destroys Trudeau’s False Narrative as Steps are Initiated for Genocide Trials

SonOfEnos Published October 20, 2022

During the inquiry into Crime Minister Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergency Act, the OPP officer responsible for criminal intelligence monitoring the Freedom Convoy just destroyed the Liberal World Order narrative being spewed by Justin Trudeau and the Fake News.

Native American’s petition Russia and the World for Nuremberg trials for the prosecution of the Canadian Government on charges of GENOCIDE

Update on my court battles and the only cure for the Mark of the Beast.

The Lord will bless you for supporting this channel because you’re helping me do his work. Here’s the link https://givesendgo.com/sonofenos

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

2022/10/15th  –  Why is Europe is in an energy crisis ?

2022/10/15th  –  Why is Europe is in an energy crisis ?

Europe is in an energy crisis because they listened to Greta Thunberg instead of Donald Trump – who do we listen to ?

Disclaimer – Nothing is guaranteed as all truth – no one knows it.  Only the know it all  people who get all their info from TV and comments from TwitFace.

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Don’t be silent, to protect yourself. Seeing a man rape a child and standing by, doing nothing, is blatant complicity. Observing a neighbour under extortion by a Council for rates is in the same category. You refuse to assist to end it, is the same as allowing it to happen. That goes for every crime. When we stand by and do nothing, we are part of the criminal act.

1 – Awakening coming  

2 – Summary of the optics the US. Trump is running the show

click – https://thedocuments.info

3 – JFK Jnr letter to Biden 1994

4 – QPhone  you can order yours now –  8G

 I did – It’s not the lethal Cabal device you use now  

Scroll down  


5 – Tech billionaire Chamath says Europe is in an energy crisis  because they listened to Greta Thunberg instead of Donald Trump.  “An entire continent essentially allowed a 16-year-old girl to dictate their energy policy. And when Greta Thunberg was able to shame an entire continent into walking away from nuclear and not really evaluating how you can have energy independence. What they did was they put Europe in an incredibly fragile position… [President Trump’s] language turned people off even though the message that he was delivering was 100% right. When Trump went to the United Nations, he was clear, he was precise, and in hindsight, and I’m saying this as a Democrat, he was right about the German reliance on Russian gas and the European reliance… In all of our haste to overtly judge Trump because of his delivery and his personal style or whatever, we went toward this 16-year-old person who has no rooting in science or technology, to dictate the energy policy of an entire continent. I mean she was nominated for a Nobel Prize, just to remind you guys, this is how insane all of these people were.”

6 – Princess Diana and the background to the pedophilic royal family.

7 – David Martin – Nuremberg Code 2.0 revealed

      same applies here – Crimes Act and similar

8 – Australia Turning the Tide on the Vaxx

Yes, they claimed the vaccines would prevent transmission.


9 – Now all together 1 – 2 – 3

9 – Altered State | Badlands Media    Trailer

Promo for an *excellent new show* on a *new channel* by Patel Patriot:  Altered State with Brad GetZ and Zak Paine, Wednesdays 9pm EST on Badlands Media


10 – What is primary water ?

11 – Ideal Aussie Yobbo’s Wife ?   

She is holding every mug of beer  except the top one




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