Daniel Andrews is SCARED to Show His Face

Daniel Andrews is SCARED to Show His Face

By Avi Yemini

Labor is HIDING Daniel Andrews from potential voters in Mulgrave, not even printing his face on billboards, as Ian Cook grows in popularity, potentially UNSEATING the premier after 20 years. They’ve sent his “best” volunteers instead.

Here’s what others had to say:

rick Y
Politicians need to be thoroughly investigated to see who owns them..
National security risk most of them.

Josh Woods
Although I’m an ex-immigrant who lived in SA(Feb 2016-March 2021) who happens to be ethnically Chinese(but don’t support the CCP at all as a British-American), there would’ve been no way in hell I’d vote for Dan if I was eligible to vote as I’ve come to deeply despise his narcissism and authoritarianism, and I have always been strongly anti-lockdown+mandate for humanitarian reasons. Go Ian Cook!!

Aldo Raine
Imagine wanting to be leader of a Country that you’re frightened to walk around freely… the man’s a disgrace…

Ralph Rotten
Labor seems to really have a lot of Chinese supporters, I wonder why.

What do you expect from a communist dictator. No Dan no show. Dan lost his dignity the moment he treated Victoria like a dictatorship.

Viv Rowe
Come on Ian, you have been through hell. Andrews hurt you terribly, closing your business.

Sean Delap
It says a lot that Dan Andrews has not shown his face in public unlike the other candidates.

Martin Wolrich
Thankyou Avi for your work & heritage.I’m Aussie & I support your job on reporting all the corruption in our world.100%.We need you up in Sydney as well.Martin

Luke Kent
Anyone still supporting Andrews at this time has obviously had a labotomy and is happy to see him continue to destroy the state.

Rebecca Dunbar
As a result of Daniels Andrews decisions around health I had the unfortunate experience of battling stage 4 metastatic cancer over the last 18 months. I have arrived at the hospital on multiple occasions via an ambulance only to be treated and administered meds in cold hallways as there were no beds! I was cold and alone without family or friends able to be with me fighting for my life in the cold hallway of the understaffed hospital.
He has done nothing to help our broken health system in light of a world wide pandemic which he deemed so serious he had to lock us up longer than any other city in the entire world ! Nonsensical

Mad Cow Mark
Cookie got it right, I grew up on Labor values but the values have changed, I remember watching a story of Avi’s about on how the leaders of both main parties were supporters of open boarders Turnball and Shorten, lucky one forced into resignation and the other didn’t win the election.
I was a Union delegate many years ago and I remember the Labor government telling union’s to support illegal immigrants.
I didn’t want to support illegal immigration, I support immigration and immigrants, just look at America know.
Bill Shorten and Micheal Turnball both were supported by George Soros and possibly still are!

Freda Rounthwaite
Well done Avi. Another cracking view of the state of Australian gov’t. I hope and pray there is no hanky spanky at the voting poll stations. Everyone knows if thing are done fairly, Andrew won’t get a look in. Go Australia!

Natalie Hilton
I’m sure Dan will be devastated just like the other former politicians who have moved on into well paid positions with no consequences. He won’t lose any sleep over the damage left behind. How many times do we have to keep playing this same game over and over til there’s a complete overhaul and upgrade?


NATO States Feel Deceived by Kyiv in a Simple Situation and Do Not Want to be Deceived Further

NATO States Feel Deceived by Kyiv in a Simple Situation and Do Not Want to be Deceived Further

By U In Hurricane

NATO states feel deceived by Kyiv in a simple situation and do not want to be deceived further.

Sumantra Maitra, Ph.D., who is an elected associate fellow at the Royal Historical Society, suggests it’s unlikely that the Ukrainian govt and military didn’t know they were calling for what would have effectively amounted to a world war. An unnamed NATO diplomat expressed solidarity with this position, having labeled this as “ridiculous”.

From a Machiavellian standpoint, one can understand why Ukrainian leadership would lie to the world to get everyone else to fight their war, even at the risk of nuclear annihilation, Mr. Maitra reminds. Deception is often more effective than force.

The whole situation is kind of saber-rattling by Kyiv without having one and a dangerous flirtation with the U.S. NATO as well didn’t and wouldn’t do anything without the permission of Washington, D.C., but this episode presents an opportunity to contemplate and reconsider some peripheral alliance commitments, and the risk of resultant escalatory spirals, the prominent author concludes.

More Fog, More War

“This is getting ridiculous,” an unnamed NATO diplomat was reported to say, “the Ukrainians are destroying [our] confidence in them. Nobody is blaming Ukraine and they are openly lying. This is more destructive than the missile.”

The outburst came after the Ukrainian government denied consensus NATO and American opinion that it had goofed up and misfired a missile into the territory of one of its biggest backers, killing two. It would have been noble to admit the mistake outright and show some remorse, and the incident would have been unlikely to be held against Ukraine. After all, it is the one facing an invasion, and friendly fire incidents happen in a saturated theatre even with the best militaries, even with top-tier deconfliction processes in place.

The most responsible behavior in the incident came from Poland, the country struck by the missile. Warsaw stated that an investigation was underway, and then called NATO to discuss the apparent “attack.” Once it was beyond a reasonable doubt that the strike wasn’t from Russia, Poland withdrew its Article 4 request.

But for about fourteen hours, the threat of nuclear war loomed large over the Euro-Atlantic. The claim that a Russian missile had flown into Poland hinged on the words of a lone anonymous “senior intelligence official,” amplified first by the Associated Press and then by lobbyists masquerading as national security experts. Its spread was recklessly fuelled by the Baltic states and Ukraine.

The Ukrainian president said it was time for a serious NATO countermeasure. The Ukrainian foreign minister channelled his inner girl-boss and said it was a “conspiracy theory” to say that Poland was hit by Ukrainian air defences. Ukrainian M.P. Lesia Vasylenko tweeted, “2 #russia missiles fly over #Ukraine #Polish border. Hits of polish territory and so far 2 possible civilian casualties. This calls for @NATO article 5 reaction. Right?” Then, as the narrative collapsed in real time, tweeted again, “This is #russia’s fault! If #putin hadn’t gone crazy with a missile shower over #Ukraine yesterday, there would be no hits. In #Kyiv, #Kharkiv or #Przewodow”.

The BBC reported, “Baltic states on the front line with Russia were quick to call on the collective defence of Nato. The President of Lithuania Gitanas Nauseda declared on Twitter: “Every inch of NATO territory must be defended!” Others said the incident made the case for even greater military support for Ukraine. Latvia’s defence minister, Artis Pabriks, suggested NATO could provide more air defenses for Poland and “part of the territory of Ukraine.” Kaja Kallas, Estonia’s prime minister, said the West should give Ukraine more military, humanitarian, and financial support.

Put simply, a whole bunch of people called for direct war between the two largest nuclear powers, all for their petty localized interests.

Now that there is a consensus that the incident was a stray Ukrainian missile, it seems highly improbable that the Ukrainian government and some of their lobbyists in D.C. didn’t know that. It is almost impossible to conceive that a leader of a country at war had not received the frontline information from his battlefield command about the trajectory of the misfired border air-defense missile around the same time that he and his government were making statements about the urgency of NATO imposing collective defense.

In the parlance of D.C., it appears a clear case of deliberate “disinformation.” It is, quite frankly, unlikely that the Ukrainian government and military did not know that they were calling for what would have effectively amounted to a world war. Every sane military strategist knows the meaning of Article 5. The NATO states know that. The Baltic states should know that. Frustrated American intelligence and administration officials, trapped by their earlier Churchillian rhetoric, know that, at least by now. And yet.

A still contested puzzle in international relations is whether great powers influence their satellites or whether ideological small states drag (or “chain-gang”) their witless and myopic benefactors. As Schumpeter wrote, “there was no corner of the known world where some interest was not alleged to be in danger or under actual attack. If the interests were not Roman, they were those of Roman allies…”

From a Machiavellian standpoint, one can understand why Ukrainian leadership would lie to the world to get everyone else to fight their war, even at the risk of nuclear annihilation. Deception is often more effective than force. Fidel Castro also tried to drag the Soviets into his war, but the Soviets were prudential enough to leash their dogs.

One would expect rational small states to zealously guard whatever small influence they have, instead of undermining the core interest of the group that protects their existence. So, what explains Baltic fanaticism about NATO enlargement or brinkmanship with Russia What explains Ukrainian resistance to any grand bargain, to the point of antagonizing their allies? Whatever the result of a total war they seek so ardently, they would not survive one as an intact unit of polity anyway. So, what gives? There are potentially two causes, by no means exclusive, and possibly intertwined.

One, this is ideological. Historically, a simple hypothesis is often correct. But two—and here it gets more complicated—the bigger the alliance, the more constrained the choices of the hegemon. Expanding NATO consolidates the liberal-internationalist orthodoxy and multiplies an imperial, self-sustaining, and expanding bureaucracy, making it more difficult for a hegemon like the U.S. to act in its own interests as opposed to the interests of the group. No great power or empire in history has been this trapped by its own ideological overreach. Fenrir, in this case, is not only chained, but has proceeded to neuter himself.

NATO did not and would not do anything without the permission of Washington, D.C., but this episode presents an opportunity to contemplate and reconsider some peripheral alliance commitments, and the risk of resultant escalatory spirals. Next time the world might not be so lucky.




Five Killed, 18 Injured in Colorado Springs Gay Club Shooting

Five Killed, 18 Injured in Colorado Springs Gay Club Shooting

By RT News

Police have told local media that the number of victims may change.

Five people have been killed and 18 injured in a shooting at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, the second-most populous city in the US state of Colorado, local police say.

The victims are currently being treated in local hospitals. The suspected gunman, who was also injured, is in custody and is currently also receiving medical care at a hospital. It is unclear if the shooter was injured by police or a civilian.

Brian Sherrod, a reporter for KKTV 11 News, said that multiple police vehicles and fire crews arrived outside Club Q, an LGBTQ-themed establishment. Police shut down traffic in the area, as patrol cars and ambulances arrived at the scene.

Club Q posted a short statement on Facebook, thanking the “heroic customers that subdued the gunman and ended this hate attack.”  

“Club Q is devastated by the senseless attack on our community,” the statement read.

The attack took place on Transgender Day of Remembrance, during which the victims of violence against transgender people are honored.

In 2016, a gunman opened fire inside a gay nightclub called Pulse in Orlando, Florida, killing 49 people and injuring more than 50.


What do Ordinary Australians Think of the Conflict?

What do Ordinary Australians Think of the Conflict?

By AussieCossack

What do ordinary Australians think of the conflict?

“Pro-Russian sentiments are present in Australia among ordinary people. It’s only the politicians who do the will of their American patrons, spreading anti-Russian ideology. The people are not against Russia. President Vladimir Putin is very popular, by the way, in Australia, and in general, Russians are respected.

I think that anti-Russian hysteria is beneficial to the United States, and England, to keep Australia in fear. Australia depends, of course, on this system. And it is very sad that she sends military aid, and weapons in favor of the Ukrainian fascists in Kyiv.

Australian taxpayers, of course, are unhappy that the Australian money goes there. It’s a very unpopular policy of the Australian state.

A typical Aussie in relation to a special military operation says: “Australia doesn’t have a dog in this fight”, which means: “Australia has nothing to do with it,” we should not interfere and should not participate. People understand that there is no interest for Australia here, and Russia does not threaten it in any way,” said AussieCossack.


Techno-Authoritarianism Is Here To Stay: China & The Deep State Have Joined Forces

Techno-Authoritarianism Is Here To Stay: China & The Deep State Have Joined Forces

By Tyler Durden

“If this government ever became a tyranny, if a dictator ever took charge in this country, the technological capacity that the intelligence community has given the government could enable it to impose total tyranny, and there would be no way to fight back.”

– Senator Frank Church

The votes are in.

No matter who runs for office, no matter who controls the White House, Senate, or the House of Representatives now or in the future, “we the people” have already lost.

We have lost because the future of this nation is being forged beyond the reach of our laws, elections and borders by techno-authoritarian powers with no regard for individuality, privacy or freedom.

The fate of America is being made in China, our role model for all things dystopian.

An economic and political powerhouse that owns more of America’s debt than any other country and is buying up American businesses across the spectrum, China is a vicious totalitarian regime that routinely employs censorship, surveillance, and brutal police state tactics to intimidate its populace, maintain its power, and expand the largesse of its corporate elite.

Where China goes, the United States eventually follows. This way lies outright tyranny.

Censorship. China’s censorship machine is straight out of Orwell’s 1984 with government agencies and corporations working together to limit the populace’s freedom of expression. Just a few years ago, in fact, China banned the use of the word “disagree,” as well as references to George Orwell’s novels Animal Farm and 1984. Government agencies routinely harass and intimidate anyone seen as non-compliant. Activists are frequently penalized for gathering in public places and charged criminally with “picking quarrels and provoking trouble.” China has also gone to great lengths to muzzle journalists reporting on corruption or human rights abuses.

Surveillance. COVID-19 brought China’s Orwellian surveillance out of the shadows and gave China the perfect excuse for unleashing the full force of its expansive and sophisticated surveillance and data collection powers on its citizenry and the rest of the world. Thermal scanners using artificial intelligence (AI) were installed at train stations in major cities to assess body temperatures and identify anyone with a fever. Facial recognition cameras and cell phone carriers tracked people’s movements constantly, reporting in real time to data centers that could be accessed by government agents and employers alike. And coded color alerts (red, yellow and green) sorted people into health categories that corresponded to the amount of freedom of movement they’re allowed: “Green code, travel freely. Red or yellow, report immediately.”

Social media credit scores. Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, the Chinese surveillance state had already been hard at work tracking its citizens through the use of some 200 million security cameras installed nationwide. Equipped with facial recognition technology, the cameras allow authorities to track so-called criminal acts, such as jaywalking, which factor into a person’s social credit score. Social media credit scores assigned to Chinese individuals and businesses categorize them on whether or not they are “good” citizens. A “citizen score” determines one’s place in society based on one’s loyalty to the government. A real-name system—which requires people to use government-issued ID cards to buy mobile sims, obtain social media accounts, take a train, board a plane, or even buy groceries—coupled with social media credit scores ensures that those blacklisted as “unworthy” are banned from accessing financial markets, buying real estate or travelling by air or train. Among the activities that can get you labeled unworthy are taking reserved seats on trains or allegedly causing trouble in hospitals.

Safe, smart cities. Having pioneered the development of so-called “safe” smart cities, China is exporting worldwide the high-tech communities in which residents are monitored round the clock, their every action under constant surveillance, and every device is connected to a central brain operated by artificial intelligence. As privacy expert Vincent Mosco concludes, “The benefit from smart cities clearly goes to the authorities who are able to use the promise of the modern, high-tech city to extend and deepen surveillance. It also goes to the big tech companies who profit first from building the smart city infrastructure and secondly by commodifying the entire smart city space. Citizens gain some operational efficiency but at great cost to their liberty.”

Digital currency. China has already adopted a government-issued digital currency, which not only allows it to surveil and seize people’s financial transactions, but can also work in tandem with its social credit score system to punish individuals for moral lapses and social transgressions (and reward them for adhering to government-sanctioned behavior). As China expert Akram Keram wrote for The Washington Post, “With digital yuan, the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] will have direct control over and access to the financial lives of individuals, without the need to strong-arm intermediary financial entities. In a digital-yuan-consumed society, the government easily could suspend the digital wallets of dissidents and human rights activists.”

Digital authoritarianism will redefine what it means to be free in almost every aspect of our lives. Again, we must look to China to understand what awaits us. As Human Rights Watch analyst Maya Wang explains: “Chinese authorities use technology to control the population all over the country in subtler but still powerful ways. The central bank is adopting digital currency, which will allow Beijing to surveil—and control—people’s financial transactions. China is building so-called safe cities, which integrate data from intrusive surveillance systems to predict and prevent everything from fires to natural disasters and political dissent. The government believes that these intrusions, together with administrative actions, such as denying blacklisted people access to services, will nudge people toward ‘positive behaviors,’ including greater compliance with government policies and healthy habits such as exercising.”

AI surveillance. In much the same way that Chinese products have infiltrated almost every market worldwide and altered consumer dynamics, China is now exporting its “authoritarian tech” to governments worldwide ostensibly in an effort to spread its brand of totalitarianism worldwide. In fact, both China and the United States have led the way in supplying the rest of the world with AI surveillance, sometimes at a subsidized rate. In the hands of tyrants and benevolent dictators alike, AI surveillance is the ultimate means of repression and control, especially through the use of smart city/safe city platforms, facial recognition systems, and predictive policing. These technologies are also being used by violent extremist groups, as well as sex, child, drug, and arms traffickers for their own nefarious purposes.

While countries with authoritarian regimes have been eager to adopt AI surveillance, as the Carnegie Endowment’s research makes clear, liberal democracies are also “aggressively using AI tools to police borders, apprehend potential criminals, monitor citizens for bad behavior, and pull out suspected terrorists from crowds.” Moreover, it’s easy to see how the China model for internet control has been integrated into the American police state’s efforts to flush out so-called anti-government, domestic extremists. This is how totalitarianism conquers the world.

Secret police. According to recent reports, China has planted more than 54 secret police forces in 25 cities around the world, including the United States, as part of their efforts to track and threaten dissidents and deport them back to China for prosecution. The campaign to surveil, intimidate and punish ex-patriates living abroad engaging in dissent has been dubbed Operation Fox Hunt. As one human rights agency noted, “The message from the [Chinese] ministry of foreign affairs – that you are not safe anywhere, that we can find you and that we can get to you – is very effective.”

Police brutality. Not much has changed about China’s brutal crackdown on protesters in the wake of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Chinese policing remains brutal, excessive and inflexible, now with the added power of the surveillance state behind it.

Intimidation tactics. China has mastered the art of intimidation tactics, threatening activists, their families and their livelihood should they fail to comply with the government’s dictates. As one activist explained, “There have been telephone calls in the middle of the night that family members won’t find work if you don’t cooperate with the government, or that your parents’ phone number will be posted online and they’ll be harassed. Or with Uyghurs, that the rest of your family will be put in camps.”

Disappearance, brainwashing and torture. Those who fail to fall in line with China’s dictates are often made to disappear, arrested in the dead of night and imprisoned in Orwellian re-education camps. China has built more than 400 of these internment camps in recent years to detain people for offenses that run the gamut from challenging the government to so-called religious crimes such as owning a Qur’an or abstaining from eating pork. As the Guardian reports, “abuses include detailed arbitrary detentions, torture and medical neglect in the detention camps and coercive birth control.”

China’s global influence, its technological reach, its quest for world domination, and its rigid demand for compliance are pushing us towards a world in chains.

Through its growing stranglehold on surveillance technology, China has erected the world’s first digital totalitarian state, and in the process, has made itself a model for aspiring dictators everywhere.

What too many fail to recognize, however, is that China and the American Deep State have joined forces.

As I make clear in Battlefield America: The War on the American People and in its fictional counterpart The Erik Blair Diariesthis is fascism hiding behind a thin veneer of open government and populist elections.

For all intents and purposes, we have become the embodiment of what Philip K. Dick feared when he wrote The Man in the High Castle, a vision of an alternate universe in which the Axis powers defeat the Allies in World War II, and “fascism has not simply conquered America. It has insinuated itself, with disturbing ease, into America’s DNA.”

Yet while Dick’s vision of a world in which totalitarianism has been normalized is chilling, our growing reality of a world in which the Deep State is not merely entrenched but has gone global is downright terrifying.

Our national flag may not boast the red and white stripes with a swastika on a field of blue as depicted in The Man in the High Castle, but be warned: we are no less occupied.


How World Economic Forum, Others are Hiding Their Past Ties with FTX

How World Economic Forum, Others are Hiding Their Past Ties with FTX

By Ariel Zilber, Thomas Barrabi and Lydia Moynihan

The shocking implosion of the FTX crypto exchange has become an embarrassment for a who’s who among global elites, with some issuing mea culpas — and others apparently scrambling to hide their ties to its disgraced, 30-year-old founder Sam Bankman-Fried.

Web archive sites show that the World Economic Forum — whose glitzy shindig in Davos, Switzerland, is a must-attend for billionaires and world leaders each year — had previously listed FTX as one of its “partners,” touting the Bahamas-based firm as a “cryptocurrency exchange built by traders, for traders.”

Bankman-Fried also was a speaker at Davos last May alongside luminaries such as Google financial chief Ruth Porat and Bill Winters, CEO of the London-based financial giant Standard Chartered. Nevertheless, WEF has since scrubbed any mention of FTX from its website in the days after the crypto exchange filed for bankruptcy.

“FTX was a World Economic Forum partner. In light of last week’s events, their partnership was suspended and they were removed from the Partners section of our website,” a spokesman for the Geneva-based organization headed by Klaus Schwab told The Post on Monday.

According to one WEF insider, Bankman-Fried likely landed on the group’s site because he donated cash to the group, in addition to his upcoming speaking gig.

The WEF has not commented as to why it has deleted reference to FTX.

The WEF has not commented on why it has deleted references to FTX.

“World Economic Forum survives on donations from outside organizations and companies that are typically aligned with their mission and politics,” the source told The Post.

The WEF isn’t the only group that has egg on its face from its cheerleading for FTX and Bankman-Fried, whose $16 billion fortune evaporated in a matter of days — a stunning collapse that has elicited comparisons to Lehman Brothers and Enron. Bankman-Fried is under federal investigation.

Photographs circulated online over the weekend showing former President Bill Clinton sitting next to Bankman-Fried on stage — along with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair — at an event in the Bahamas this past April.

The Post has sought comment from Clinton’s office.

Bankman-Fried appeared on stage together with former President Bill Clinton and ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair in the Bahamas in April of this year.

Bankman-Fried appeared on stage with former President Bill Clinton and ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair in the Bahamas in April.

While big financial firms like Sequoia Capital, SoftBank and BlackRock have revealed FTX losses in public filings, insiders say wealthier individuals bought in privately, typically plowing money into FTX through family offices.

“This is like a Madoff situation … almost everyone in tech and Hollywood invested in this thing,” one investor close to FTX told The Post. “Now no one wants to admit to it.”

One insider told The Post that Jan Koum — the Ukrainian billionaire who co-founded WhatsApp and sold it to Facebook for $19 billion in 2014 — bought a stake through his family office. Reps for Koum didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Twitter users promoted a video over the weekend showing CNBC investing maven Jim Cramer touting Bankman-Fried as “the JP Morgan of his generation.” The Post has reached out to Cramer and CNBC seeking comment.

CNBC's Jim Cramer

CNBC’s Jim Cramer once referred to Bankman-Fried as “the JP Morgan of his generation.”

Kevin O’Leary — the “Shark Tank” investor who also admitted he has taken a bath on an FTX bet — posted a mea culpa on his Twitter account over the weekend, telling his 951,000 followers: “As an investor, you will never get it right every time. You will make some mistakes. Sometimes big ones like FTX.”

Tom Brady and now-ex-wife Gisele Bündchen are among FTX’s most recognizable victims. After starring in several TV commercials promoting the crypto exchange, they got an equity stake in FTX that’s now likely worthless. Golden State Warriors basketball star Steph Curry was also given an equity stake in FTX. Curry, Brady and Bündchen were not immediately available for comment.

Elsewhere, Bankman-Fried’s FTX earlier this year collaborated with former White House advisor Anthony Scaramucci’s SALT conference to launch a star-studded cryptocurrency summit in the Bahamas.

Lauren Remington Platt, Sam Bankman-Fried and Gisele Bündchen

Lauren Remington Platt, Sam Bankman-Fried and Gisele Bündchen in April.

“We are thrilled to welcome FTX as SALT’s premier global partner and to launch Crypto Bahamas. Sam and the FTX team are building the most important company in crypto and the financial industry more broadly,” Scaramucci said at the time.

The Salt Crypto Bahamas Conference included the now-infamous scene in which Bankman-Fried shared the stage with supermodel Bündchen to talk about sustainability practices within the crypto sector.

As Bankman-Fried’s estimated fortunate ballooned as high as $26 billion during the pandemic-era cryptocurrency boom, the FTX founder used the windfall to cultivate cozy relationships in media.

Bankman-Fried was an early financial booster for Semafor, the blue-chip news startup co-founded by New York Times veteran Ben Smith and former Bloomberg CEO Justin B. Smith.

Sam Bankman-Fried dines with Anthony Scaramucci and Kevin O'Leary at the SALT NY Conference.

Sam Bankman-Fried dines with Anthony Scaramucci and Kevin O’Leary at the SALT NY Conference.

The ex-billionaire poured money into Semafor in a Series A fundraising round that also drew contributions from media types such as The Atlantic chairman emeritus David G. Bradley and The Information founder Jessica Lessin.

Semafor mentioned its ties to Bankman-Fried in its reporting on FTX’s abrupt bankruptcy filing last week. The outlet also addressed its dealings with the FTX founder in a story revealing Bankman-Fried wanted to start a competitor to publishing platform Substack, staffed with his “favorite writers.”

“We closed our seed round in May and received all investments in full in USD. While we are monitoring the evolving situation closely, we don’t anticipate an impact on our financial outlook or our business,” Semafor spokesperson Meera Pattni said in a statement.

The Post has reached out to Semafor for further comment.

Bankman-Fried’s family foundation also gave a $5 million grant to ProPublica earlier this year to “support investigations into ongoing questions about the COVID-19 pandemic, biosecurity and public health preparedness.”

Bankman-Fried at a House hearing in May.

Bankman-Fried at a House hearing in May.

In June, Puck News reported that Bankman-Fried was hiring staffers with experience in journalism to advise him on media relations strategy for his pet projects, including future pandemic preparedness. His aides purportedly took meetings with “several newsrooms” on potential nonprofit and for-profit partnerships — all funded by Bankman-Fried.

Bankman-Fried was open about his ambitions to become a political kingmaker — once declaring that he planned to spend a whopping $1 billion in the 2024 presidential election cycle. He later walked back that brazen claim, describing it as a “dumb quote.”

The disgraced executive may have dialed back the extent of his planned political spending, but he was still a major booster of left-leaning candidates and causes during the 2022 midterm elections. He was the Democratic Party’s second-biggest donor, trailing only George Soros.

Bankman-Fried spent an estimated $36 million on political donations during the stretch run — most of which fueled Democrat-tied causes, according to the Financial Times.

The WEF's ties to Bankman-Fried are likely to fuel further suspicions of the Switzerland-based organization.

The WEF’s ties to Bankman-Fried are likely to fuel further suspicions of the Switzerland-based organization.

Some $27 million went to Protect Our Future, a super PAC backing Democratic candidates committed to pandemic prevention. His spending included a disastrous $11 million investment in the campaign of Carrick Flynn, a first-time House candidate in Oregon who failed to advance past the primary.

Bankman-Fried’s sudden downfall has rankled some within the Democratic Party who expected a major influx of donor cash in the months ahead.

“Sam didn’t live up to his commitments,” one Democratic lobbyist told the outlet.


Jason Bermas: Only Dave Chappelle Can Get Away With This Without MASSIVE BACKLASH!

Jason Bermas: Only Dave Chappelle Can Get Away With This Without MASSIVE BACKLASH!


Dave Chapelle’s SNL monologue watch along with Jason Bermas.

Dave also talks about Trump. And he basically says, look when Trump was up in those debates, calling out the system and saying, hey, I’m a billionaire. I’m part of the system. I’ve been in these backroom meetings. He became legendary. He called him an honest liar.


Dave Chapelle’s SNL monologue watch along with Jason Bermas.


Russia Reports on Military Advances in Donbass

Russia Reports on Military Advances in Donbass

By RT News

Moscow’s forces have liberated several key locations in Donetsk Region, pushing back Ukrainian troops.

The strategic village of Pavlovka, southwest of Donetsk city, has been liberated and cleared of Ukrainian troops, the Russian military announced on Monday.

“On November 14, after heavy fighting, Russian troops completely liberated the settlement of Pavlovka of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR),” the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

The village, located on a key crossroads, has seen intense fighting in recent weeks. Kiev’s forces sustained heavy casualties in the battle, the ministry said last week, losing some nine soldiers to one Russian.

The acting head of DPR, Denis Pushilin, explained earlier that the village occupies a strategic location, with its capture paving the way to potentially advancing further north. This is necessary to push Ukrainian forces away from the republic’s capital, which is subjected to artillery and rocket attacks on a daily basis, he said.

On Sunday, the Russian military also reported the liberation of the village of Mayorsk, which is near the town of Gorlovka, to the north of Donetsk. Russian forces also reportedly took the village of Opytnoye last week.

The settlement is located to the northwest of Donetsk, roughly between the city and its satellite town of Avdeevka, which remains under Kiev’s control. The village, effectively destroyed amid years of fighting, was an important stronghold for Ukraine and was used to shell residential areas of the DPR’s capital.

Russia sent troops into Ukraine on February 24, citing Kiev’s failure to implement the Minsk agreements, designed to give the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk special status within the Ukrainian state. The protocols, brokered by Germany and France, were first signed in 2014. Former Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko has since admitted that Kiev’s main goal was to use the ceasefire to buy time and “create powerful armed forces.”

In February 2022, the Kremlin recognized the Donbass republics as independent states and demanded that Ukraine officially declare itself a neutral country that will never join any Western military bloc. Kiev insists the Russian offensive was completely unprovoked.



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