Why Is The New York Times Urging America To Buddy Up With Communist China

The New York Times editorial board published a piece last weekend that shows a worrying bias for America’s greatest foe: the Chinese Communist Party.

The piece, titled “Who Benefits From Confrontation With China,” is a masterclass in misdirection and falsehood. If it were not published in America’s “paper of record,” it would be just as at home in China Daily.

Arguing that Americans must avoid a “glib” and “misguided” cold war narrative, the editorial seeks a policy of “emphasizing competition with China while minimizing confrontation.” The line mimics CCP agitprop and ignores geopolitical realities. The editorial board frames the rising tensions between China and the United States as primarily the fault of American politicians — particularly in the Republican Party — who are hyperbolizing the danger from the CCP.

In reality, the U.S. has been far too soft on China throughout the 21st century, with each presidential administration doing its part. Former President George W. Bush brought China into the World Trade Organization (WTO). Former President Barack Obama studiously avoided conflict with the CCP. Former President Donald Trump put trade pressure on Beijing while simultaneously praising Chinese President Xi Jinping’s life tenure, and President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and his family have financial ties to the Chinese regime.

Despite two decades of favorable or neutral treatment, China has consistently provoked and aggrieved its neighbors and the U.S.-led world order. China has militarized the South China Sea — an international waterway. It has used civilian fishing fleets as cover for military actions. It has waged brutal battles against Indian soldiers for control of disputed territory high in the Himalayas. It has, at best, covered up the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic and, at worst, deliberately released it from a virology lab. And, most recently, it floated a spy balloon across the entirety of the continental United States, including our sensitive military sites. This is not mere friendly competition.

The editorial uses various tropes commonplace among CCP apologists, all meant to downplay or excuse the malign actions of the Chinese government and shift the narrative in Beijing’s favor.

First, the editorial board claims the U.S. must reduce tensions with China because the relationship economically benefits both countries. But the United States does not benefit like China does. China abuses its economic power to stifle competition, promotes the “digital fentanyl” of TikTok to America’s youth, and steals important intellectual property — most often in the military realm. The New York Times-owned magazine published an incredible exposé on Chinese government industrial espionage only a few days before this major editorial.

Second, the editors mention that the U.S. needs China to combat climate change, or else the whole planet is doomed. Setting climate change science aside, they presume Beijing will act in good faith. China has massively accelerated its construction and use of coal-fired power plants — a fuel source that activists including Swedish truant Greta Thunberg protest against in nations like Germany. The editorial board has previously excoriated Republicans for not doing enough on climate while ignoring China’s actions.

Third, the editors argue that China “continues to show strikingly little interest in persuading other nations to adopt its social and political values.” They claim, then, that China is not a threat on par with the Soviet Union.

But Xi has consistently sought to export the “China model” abroad, specifically stating as much in official communiqués. American experts, including Elizabeth Economy of the Council on Foreign Relations, have proven that China exports its ideology. Budding authoritarians the world over salivate at the totalitarian information control that the CCP exerts at home, while still advancing the basic standard of living to forestall popular revolt.

Fourth, the editorial board claims that anti-American sentiment does not unite Chinese political leaders. This is a page torn right from the old pro-Iran playbook, in the purported split between “moderates” and “hardliners.” As with Iran, the dichotomy does not apply to China. Xi’s increasingly personal rule has cemented that fact. Just before the editorial’s publication, Xi was given a third term as Chinese dictator — effectively making him ruler for life. The vote was a foregone conclusion as were the appointments of his allies to all key positions in China’s government. There are no “moderates” in charge of China, and The New York Times would do well to note that.

The editorial board’s fifth and last pro-engagement argument is that the U.S. cannot “pull back from forums where it has long engaged China,” such as the World Trade Organization. The editors oddly picked the international institution that China has most abused. It has ignored or deliberately broken WTO rules from day one by continuing prohibited policies and refusing to comply with the judgments of trade courts. China has also captured the World Health Organization, which failed to investigate Covid-19’s origins.

American politicians are finally seeing the CCP’s threat to the U.S. But The New York Times views the growing bipartisan consensus on opposing China as the provocation. This purposeful reversal of cause — Chinese malfeasance — and effect — the building bipartisan consensus on China — follows CCP propaganda and aims at turning U.S. policy and public opinion toward a non-confrontational posture.

The editorial board’s pro-CCP bias has many causes, but most revolve around profit. For years, the NYT took money from the Chinese government to run more than 200 propaganda advertorials. The NYT scrubbed those puff pieces from its website in 2020. The articles reached millions of Americans. The immoral editorials did not drive the paper’s profits, though the CCP paid several hundred thousand dollars for them. The key profit motive, subscriber revenue, reinforces the pro-CCP bias.

The NYT maintains and grows its subscriber base by appealing to the professional-managerial class. And that class has the most direct and intricate economic links to China. They would lose the most from an escalation or decoupling, so the editorial board defends the status quo and thus its readership’s bias

Unlike the NYT, the American people are rejecting China as a partner and seeing it as the danger that it is. Since 2020, American public opinion on China has drastically shifted in a negative direction, with most people in both parties viewing Beijing as a threat instead of a partner. Congress has begun to reflect these concerns with the establishment of the House China Committee and efforts to counter CCP influence.

The American people and their representatives have woken up to the China challenge. It is far beyond time we reject the naïve idea of engagement with China and The New York Times editorial board with it.

Mike Coté is a writer and podcaster focusing on history, Great Power rivalry, and geopolitics. He blogs at rationalpolicy.com, hosts the Rational Policy podcast, and can be found on Twitter @ratlpolicy.


While We’re Laughing About a Balloon, Biden Paves a Path to War

While We’re Laughing About a Balloon, Biden Paves a Path to War

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There is reason to be alarmed by the recent China balloon. However, that reason is not the alleged China aggression but the very calculated aggression towards China by the Obama, Trump and Biden administrations. This hate and the manufactured reasons for it have been layering on for years. We’ve seen this playbook. It’s the same game plan that  led us to the war on Iraq.  

The U.S. is trying to contain and control China’s growth as a world power by using its military and economic powers. Just as it wanted to control the oil in the middle east.

There are 4 main reasons why the U.S. is doing this:

First, it wants to prevent China from becoming an economic superpower that could rival America;

Second, it wants the Asian market for itself at any cost;

Third, it wants to exacerbate tensions between other countries that have disputes with China over resources in order to isolate Beijing on all sides;

Fourth, it believes that such actions will increase American influence over Southeast Asia as well as its political leverage against Russia and Iran.

In other words, the U.S. wants to dominate the whole world even if that means burning it down to its core.

So how do you go to war with a country that is not an eminent threat to our nation’s safety and security? Enter the Chinese “spy” balloon. Before the words “chinese spy balloon” ever became a known phrase in every American household, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken had plans to travel to China to meet with his counterpart, Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang. The meeting would have been a diplomatic approach to resolving issues between the two countries and could have been the beginning of working towards cooperation. It also would have been in line with Biden’s promise to Xi in November that we would “keep the lines of communication open.” That was until a high altitude balloon from China drifted into U.S airspace last week.

Suddenly a relatively harmless balloon from China became the latest small cache of weapons becoming earth-dooming weapons of mass destruction. Regardless of the fact that balloons have accidentally entered US airspace before or that it happened three times during the Trump administration, the Pentagon created mass hype and hysteria in this newest attempt to manufacture consent. In fact, just last year during the Biden administration, a balloon crashed near Hawaii without making a splash. This balloon turned into a spectacle because the U.S. is relentless in its aim to ramp up aggression towards China. Those drums don’t beat themselves.

This is evidenced by Blicken’s immediate response by canceling his diplomatic trip to Beijing; essentially closing the lines for diplomacy. Meanwhile during the State of the Union Address on Tuesday, President Biden made reference to the balloon by vowing to protect the US “sovereignty.” He called out Xi by name, “Name me one world leader who’d change places with Xi Jinping. Name me one!” yelling out a threat against a world leader on national television amidst the roaring drums.

Biden and Congress are using the idea of competition with China as a thinly painted veil for what they really want – war. A war they have been setting up for years.

Over the past decade, the United States has increased its military presence in the Pacific at an alarming rate.

The U.S. military has acquired access to four new bases in the Philippines, and increased its presence in Southeast Asia by half-a-million troops since 2002. However, the increased military presence doesn’t just stop and end with the Philippines. On January 1, 2020, U.S. Marine Corps opened a new base in Guam to monitor and conduct military operations in the South China Sea. This new base came to much of the dismay of the locals.

Having a base there means that the United States has more power to control China’s maritime rights under international law. In addition, there are also rumors that this new military base will be used as a “military outpost” against China by the U.S., so that they can more easily attack Chinese territory.

Then on November 29, 2022, the USS Chancellorsville sailed into the South China Sea without permission of the Chinese government. The move was seen as a provocation by many experts, who believe that it may bring about a military conflict between China and the United States. Notably its last participation in a war was when the United States illegally invaded Iraq after lying and misleading the public. Today, it is one of the most advanced warships in America’s arsenal. Sailing the USS Chancellorsville into the South China Sea was a clear threat to China and an act of provocation by the United States.

If that alone is not enough to convince you of major U.S. aggression towards China, then just listen to the words of General Mike Miniha, general in the United States Air Force, who wrote in a leaked memo “My gut tells me we will fight in 2025.” That memo that was leaked to NBC News. There is no indication whatsoever that China wants a war with the United States or any other country. Likewise, Admiral John Aquilino, recently warned the Senate Armed Services Committee that China invading Taiwan is  “much closer to us than most think.” All of these are eerily similar to the bloodlust U.S. military leaders expressed prior to their war of deceit in Iraq.

It is clear that U.S. aggression towards China is calculated and deliberate. The United States has been trying to contain China since the end of World War II, but its efforts have intensified over the past few years as China has become more powerful on the global stage. Our government’s reckless rhetoric towards Beijing shows that Washington will not hesitate to use military force against China if they can manufacture enough consent to make it seem necessary–even though such an action would cause catastrophic consequences for both nations’ economies as well as international stability in the Asia Pacific region. We’ve heard this same drum beat before. We cannot allow murder of millions of people to happen again under the name of American imperialism.

We cannot go to war over greed. We must push for cooperation over competition. It is up to us to stop this escalation now, for the safety and security of all people and the planet.


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Melissa Garriga is the communications and media analysis manager for CODEPINK. She writes about the intersection of militarism and the human cost of war.

Featured image is from InfoBrics


From Constructed Sound Stage, Joe Biden Says U.S. Military Shot Down Balloons Belonging to “private companies, recreation, and research institutions”…

From Constructed Sound Stage, Joe Biden Says U.S. Military Shot Down Balloons Belonging to “private companies, recreation, and research institutions”…

Apparently almost every media outlet buried the lead. According to analysis from combined intelligence operations of the U.S government, last week the Biden administration ordered U.S. military fighter jets to launch missiles and shoot down of what is now believed to be “balloons belonging to private companies, recreation, or research institutions.”  WATCH (w/ transcript below):

[Transcript] – THE PRESIDENT: Good afternoon. Last week, in the immediate aftermath of the incursion by China’s high-altitude balloon, our military, through the North American Aerospace Defense Command — so-called NOR- — NORAD — closely scrutinized the — our airspace, including enhancing our radar to pick up more slow-moving objects above our country and around the world.

In doing so, they tracked three unidentified objects: one in Alaska, Canada, and over Lake Huron in the Midwest.

They acted in accordance with established parameters for determining how to deal with unidentified aerial objects in U.S. airspace.

At their recommendation, I gave the order to take down these three objects due to hazards to civilian commercial air traffic and because we could not rule out the surveillance risk of sensitive facilities.

We acted in consultation with the Canadian government. I spoke personally with Prime Minister Trudeau and Ca- — from Canada on Saturday.

And just as critically, we acted out of an abundance of caution and at an opportunity that allowed us to take down these — these objects safely.

Our military and the Canadian military are seeking to recover the debris so we can learn more about these three objects. Our intelligence community is still assessing all three incidences. They’re reporting to me daily and will continue their urgent efforts to do so, and I will communicate that to the Congress.

We don’t yet know exactly what these three objects were. But nothing — nothing right now suggests they were related to China’s spy balloon program or that they were surveillance vehicles from other — any other country.

The intelligence community’s current assessment is that these three objects were most likely balloons tied to private companies, recreation, or research institutions studying weather or conducting other scientific research.

When I came into office, I instructed our intelligence community to take a broad look at the phenomenon of unidentified aerial objects.

We know that a range of entities, including countries, companies, and research organizations operate objects at altitudes for purposes that are not nefarious, including legitimate scientific research.

I want to be clear: We don’t have any evidence that there has been a sudden increase in the number of objects in the sky. We’re now just seeing more of them, partially because the steps we’ve taken to increase our radars — to narrow our radars. And we have to keep adapting our approach to delaying — to dealing with these challenges.

That’s why I’ve directed my team to come back to me with sharper rules for how we will deal with these unidentified objects moving forward, distinguishing — distinguishing between those that are likely to pose safety and security risks that necessitate action and those that do not.

But make no mistake, if any object presents a threat to the safety and security of the American people, I will take it down. I’ll be sharing with Congress these classified policy parameters when they’re completed, and they’ll remain classified so we don’t give our roadmap to our enemies to try to evade our defenses.

Going forward, these parameters will guide what actions we will take while responding to unmanned and unidentified aerial objects. We’re going to keep adapting them as the challenges evolve, if it evolves.

In addition, we’ve derived — I’ve directly my National Security Advisor to lead a government-wide effort to make sure we are positioned to deal safely and effectively with the objects in our airspace.

First, we will establish a better inventory of unmanned airborne objects in space — above the United States’ airspace and make sure that inventory is accessible and up to date.

Second, we’ll implement further measures to improve our capacity to detect unmanned objecti- — objects in our airspace.

Third, we’ll update the rules and regulations for launching and maintaining unmanned objects in the skies above the United States of America.

And fourth, my Secretary of State will lead an effort to help establish a global — a globa- — a common global norms in this largely unregulated space.

These steps will lead to safer and more secure skies for our air travelers, our military, our scientists, and for people on the ground as well. That’s my job as your President and Commander-in-Chief.

As the events of the previous days have shown, we’ll always act to protect the interest of the American people and the security of the American people.

Since I came into office, we’ve developed the ability to identify, track, and study high-altitude surveillance balloons connected with the Chinese military.

When one of these high-altitude surveillance balloons entered our airspace over the continental United States earlier in the month, I gave the order to shoot it down as soon as it would be safe to do so. The military advised against shooting it down over land because of the sheer size of it. It was the size of multiple school busses, and it posed a risk to people on the ground if it was shot down where people lived.

Instead, we tracked it closely, we analyzed its capabilities, and we learned more about how it operates.

And because we knew its path, we were able to protect sensitive sites against collection.

We waited until it was safely over water, which would not only protect civilians but also enable us to recover substantial components for further analys- — for further analytics.

And then we shot it down, sending a clear message — clear message: The violation of our sovereignty is unacceptable.

We will act to protect our country, and we did.

Now, this past Friday, we put restrictions on six firms that directly support the People’s Republic Liberation Army — the People’s Lib- — the People’s Liberation Army aerospace program that includes airships and balloons, denying them access to U.S. technology.

We briefed our diplomatic partners and our allies around the world, and we know about China’s program and where their balloons have flown.

Some of them have also raised their concerns directly with China. Our exports [experts] have lifted components of the Chinese balloon’s payload off the ocean floor. We’re analyzing them as I speak, and what we learn will strengthen our capabilities.

Now, we’ll also continue to engage with China, as we have throughout the past two weeks. As I’ve said since the beginning of my administration, we seek competition, not conflict, with China. We’re not looking for a new Cold War.

But I make no apologize — I make no apologies, and we will compete. And we’ll be res- — we’ll responsibly manage that competition so that it doesn’t veer into conflict.

This episode underscores the importance of maintaining open lines of communication between our diplomats and our military professionals. Our diplomats will be engaging further, and I will remain in communication with President Xi.

I’m grateful for the work over the last several weeks of our intelligence, diplomatic, and military professionals who have proved once again to be the most capable in the world. And I want to thank you all.

Now, look, the other thing I want to point is that we are going to keep our allies and the Congress contemporaneously informed of all we know and all we learn. And I expect to be speaking with President Xi, and I hope we have a — we are going to get to the bottom of this. But I make no apologies for taking down that balloon.

Thank you very much.

(Cross-talk by reporters.)

Q Mr. President, why did you wait so long to address the public on this matter, Mr. President?

Q Sir, there’s been a criticism — there’s been criticism of this —

Q When are you speaking to President Xi, Mr. President?

Q Is this deal with China compromised by your family’s business relationships in China, President Biden?

THE PRESIDENT: Give me a break, man. (Laughs.) (Inaudible.)

Q Sir — Mr. President — Mr. President, there’s been criticism —

Q Did you overreact?

Q — Mr. President, there’s been criticism that this was an overreaction that was done because of political pressure —

(Cross-talk by reporters.)


Q Is your son still (inaudible) —

THE PRESIDENT: You can come to my office and ask the question when you have more polite people (inaudible).

[Transcript Link]


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SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Senator John Kennedy Provides Additional Information After Classified Briefing on U.S. Military Engagement With “Unidentified Flying Objects” – Recommends We Lock Our Doors Tonight

Senator John Kennedy Provides Additional Information After Classified Briefing on U.S. Military Engagement With “Unidentified Flying Objects” – Recommends We Lock Our Doors Tonight

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy attended a classified briefing today on the topic of the unidentified sky objects that Joe Biden administration officials have been shooting down with fighter jets and missiles.  At the conclusion of the briefing, Senator Kennedy came to the microphones to answer questions.

Unfortunately, Senator Kennedy says the briefing did not explain what the objects are or why the administration is shooting them down.  Additionally, the government has not found the three mysterious flying objects that were shot down in Alaska, Canada’s Yukon territory and above Lake Huron.  Kennedy says if you are confused, you are holding an accurate assessment of the situation.

During the briefing the intelligence officials noted, they do not know what the objects are, they do not know what they are used for, they do not know where they come from, and they cannot find them after they have been destroyed.  The obvious questions continue to mount.

The only clear information that Kennedy states was provided to the people briefed, was that these mysterious unidentified objects have been in/around our airspace since approximately 2017, according to the Biden officials.  At the conclusion of his remarks and Q&A session, a curiously puzzled Senator Kennedy advised everyone, “to lock their doors tonight.” WATCH:



White House Holds UFO Press Briefing – 1:00pm ET Livestream

White House Holds UFO Press Briefing – 1:00pm ET Livestream

There’s a press briefing for 1:00pm today, scheduled to include National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications at the White House, John Kirby, explaining the latest developments in the ongoing U.S. aerial battles with unidentified flying objects.

Normally, I would not find these propaganda sessions with the stenographers too interesting; however, the bizarre stupidity of the entire UFO fiasco has even the most ardent regime stenographers starting to be embarrassed about the narrative engineering they are being tasked to advance.  So, the briefing is at 1:00pm ET.

Fox News Livestream LinkPBS Livestream LinkAlternate Livestream





White House NSC Spox John Kirby Says Pentagon Has No Idea What Objects They Shot Down and Still No Recovery of any Debris

White House NSC Spox John Kirby Says Pentagon Has No Idea What Objects They Shot Down and Still No Recovery of any Debris

The statements by National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications at the White House, John Kirby, could not be more incredulous if he tried. “The truth is that we haven’t been able to gain access to the objects that were shot down Friday, Saturday and yesterday because of the weather conditions. The third one was shot down yesterday over Lake Huron so it’s underwater,” Kirby declared earlier this morning.

According to John Kirby, the pentagon has no idea what objects they have shot out of the sky, no idea what they are used for, no idea where they came from and not a single one of the three this weekend has been recovered.  At this point all of these government officials are beclowning themselves.

Kirby even says these objects could be commercial in nature, belonging to some tech company doing mapping etc and do not have to be ‘nefarious at all’.  Yet if that were the case, the people who launched them would need licenses and would likely be making some form of admission.  This is well beyond silly.

According to Kirby, “there could be totally explainable reasons for why these objects are flying around all there,” he said, adding, “there are corporate entities that operate these kind of things, we just don’t know as soon as we can get to the debris we’ll share what we can. It doesn’t have to be nefarious.

Pentagon officials held a press conference Sunday night in the middle of the Super Bowl. They failed to answer any questions. General Glen VanHerck was specifically asked if it’s possible the objects are indicative of extraterrestrial life; yes, aliens.   General VanHerk’s response, “I’ll let the intel community and the counterintelligence community figure that out. I haven’t ruled out anything,” he said.

Goofy.  All of it.

Kirby will deliver another briefing from the White House at 1:00pm ET.


UFO Shootdown #4 – U.S. Military Shoot Down Another UFO Over Lake Huron

UFO Shootdown #4 – U.S. Military Shoot Down Another UFO Over Lake Huron

According to multiple media reports, the U.S. military has engaged another Unidentified Flying Object over Lake Huron (Michigan) and shot it down.  This represents the fourth UFO targeted and destroyed by the U.S. military in the past eight days.

The dogfight between an F-16 and the mysterious object took place just hours after Montana Representative Matt Rosendale confirmed the sighting yesterday over Northern Montana was not “an anomaly” and was indeed an unknown flying object in the sky. [Tweet Link]

(Reuters) – The U.S. military on Sunday shot down an unidentified flying object above Lake Huron, the third such shootdown in as many days, following a week-long Chinese balloon spying saga that has intensified the hunt for violations of North American airspace.

Two U.S. officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters that the military had shot down the object. They also did not say whether it was maneuverable or simply floating with air currents.

[…] Meanwhile, Canadian investigators are hunting for the wreckage of an unidentified flying object that was shot down by a U.S. jet over Yukon territory on Saturday.

[…] U.S. Representative Elissa Slotkin, a Democrat who represents a district in Michigan, said the military had an “extremely close eye” on an object above Lake Huron, which is east of Lake Michigan on the U.S.-Canada border.

Canada also closed airspace on Sunday near Tobermory, Ontario, which is on Lake Huron near the U.S. border, according to Nav Canada, a private non-profit that operates Canada’s air traffic control system.

China denies the first balloon was being used for surveillance and says it was a civilian research craft. It condemned the United States for shooting it down off the coast of South Carolina last Saturday.

With military and intelligence officials newly focused on airborne threats, at least two other flying objects have since been destroyed over North America.

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told U.S. broadcaster ABC that U.S. officials think the two latest objects were also balloons. The original balloon was brought down off the coast of South Carolina on Feb. 4. A second was shot down over sea ice near Deadhorse, Alaska, on Friday. The third was destroyed over the Yukon on Saturday. (read more)

1) smaller than a car

2) shot down at 40000 ft

3) reportedly interfered with one of the jet fighters’ electronics

4) reportedly had no obvious means of propulsion or means to fly

5)  silver grey

6) US officials described the object as a “small metallic balloon with a tethered payload,” while other media reports described it as “cylindrical” in shape.  [*ability to evade detection]

7) Canada Minister of defense said they “defeated” object. Strange choice of words.

No pics of wreckage. Object over Lake Huron “decommissioned”. Rectangular structure. Taken out at 20,000 ft by F-16 with missile. Another object reported over China port.



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