Mike Lindell Discusses More Details and Proposals for His RNC Chairman Bid

Mike Lindell Discusses More Details and Proposals for His RNC Chairman Bid

Having previously announced his intention to run for Chair of the Republican National Committee, Mike Lindell appears on a podcast with Jenna Ellis to discuss his specific proposals to reform the RNC and create a more effective election organization. {Direct Rumble Link}

In this interview Mr. Lindell discusses what he would do differently and the shakeup that he sees needed in order to realign the priority of the RNC. WATCH:



I’m Impressed – Biden DOJ Assigns Special Counsel to Investigate Republicans in Congress and President Trump for Insurrection, Additionally Investigate Trump for DOJ Defined Classified Documents and Obstruction

I’m Impressed – Biden DOJ Assigns Special Counsel to Investigate Republicans in Congress and President Trump for Insurrection, Additionally Investigate Trump for DOJ Defined Classified Documents and Obstruction

Okay, first things first.  CTH will not play the pretending game or structure the discussion of the special counsel appointment through the prism of MSM references.  Instead, we will stick to the facts as they are presented, explain the events as they are factually reflected within the actual documents, and avoid the pretending constructs.

DATA Links:  (1) Merrick Garland DOJ Statement on Appointment of Special Counsel ~ (2) pdf of Legal Appointment ~ (3) Statement of Jack Smith upon Appointment ~ (4) Transcript of AG Merrick Garland Public Announcement.

The overarching Lawfare framework has been transparently created by President Obama’s former White House Legal Counsel and current U.S. Asst Attorney General Lisa Monaco.  To wit, earlier this afternoon Joe Biden’s Attorney General, Merrick Garland, announced the appointment of DOJ Attorney Jack Smith as special counsel to investigate two specific areas:

♦ First, to investigate current republican members of congress (House and Senate), former President and current candidate Donald J Trump, former Trump administration officials, former White House staff, and other individuals, groups and organizations for their role in supporting an insurrection on January 6, 2021, against the incoming administration of President-Elect Joe Biden.  In essence, the J6 investigation – with an emphasis on congress – transfers to Special Counsel Jack Smith:

The Special Counsel is authorized to conduct the ongoing investigation into whether any person or entity violated the law in connection with efforts to interfere with the lawful transfer of power following the 2020 presidential election or the certification of the Electoral College vote held on or about January 6, 2021, as well as any matters that arose or might arise directly from this investigation or that are within the scope of [Special Counsel Regulations 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a)]. (pdf)

This is an extension of the January 6th Committee special investigation that transfers the committee’s investigative findings, ie phone records, text messages, transcripts, emails, prior testimony and all evidentiary records, into the newly appointed Special Counsel.

However, all prior and current DOJ prosecutions against citizen individuals will remain within the control and direction of Main Justice.  This structure frees up Jack Smith to target the new republican controlled congressional members, their staff, families and/or communication network.   Main Justice keeps focus on the citizen insurrectionists, Jack Smith now appointed to go after the public officials.

J6 Committee staff, committee investigators, FBI agents and DOJ lawyers will now transfer from the committee to the special counsel office. Watch. (More on why later)

♦ Second – and this is ancillary to the first priority – DAG Lisa Monaco has written, and AG Garland has appointed, Jack Smith to target Donald Trump with the same special counsel process previously used by Robert Mueller and Andrew Weissmann.

The Special Counsel is further authorized to conduct the ongoing investigation referenced and described in the United States’ Response to Motion for Judicial Oversight and Additional Relief, Donald J Trump v. United States, No. 9:22-CV-81294-AMC (S.D. Fla. Aug. 30, 2022) (ECF No. 48 at 5- 13), as well as any matters that arose or may arise directly from this investigation or that are within the scope of [Special Counsel Regulation 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a)].

The Trump Mar-a-Lago document investigation (the proverbial nothingburger – just like Trump/Russia) transfers to the Special Counsel office, along with an intended angle to look for an obstruction of justice charge (just like Mueller).   This is Robert Mueller 2.0 using Special Counsel Jack Smith.

The Trump-centric part of the special counsel appointment, the part that everyone is focusing on, is ancillary to the real purpose of the appointment.  However, that said, all investigative resources from Main Justice and the FBI will transfer to Jack Smith as they did when Crossfire Hurricane transferred to Robert Mueller.  The investigative people will transfer along with the investigative evidence.

Duplicating history, all of the DC elements of the UniParty, both Democrats and Republicans, will sing the praises of Jack Smith as an honorable man, beyond reproach, blah, blah, blah.   If you want to stop playing the pretending game, just pay attention to the people praising him, and THOSE voices are the bad guys.

As you can see from the simple (non-pretending) explanation of what is being done, the Lawfare process become clear.   Everything congress now begins to question falls under the protective blanket of an “ongoing investigation,” exactly as we predicted.  Plus, you get the additional Lawfare elements of congressional leadership under investigation which provides an entirely new ‘conflict of interest dynamic’ to the political equation.

Then you have the congressional representatives under investigation and search warrants on their phones, text messages, emails, etc…. AND the added benefit of using DOJ-NSD defined terms of “national security threat” (that’s why they emphasized insurrection) to gain FISA warrants on an entire incoming congressional delegation.  How slick is that? 

They didn’t just think this up overnight.

This is why the January 6 committee never ended.  They are using J6 as a weapon against their losing the House to republicans.  The Democrats are now structurally targeting Republicans with the appointment of Jack Smith.  It’s actually a brilliant move.  The executive is now investigating the legislative branch; the legal structure of this eliminates the separation of powers issue.

The DOJ is not investigating republicans, they are investigating defined criminals; insurrectionists that are national security threats, that happen to be republicans.  See how that works?

This also explains why Nancy Pelosi did not resign from congress, but only stepped down from her leadership role.  The timing of mid-November (today) gives Smith time to get all his midterm counter-offensive ducks in a row before his republican targets take office in January.

All of the congressional J6 and DOJ main justice teams will now assemble in new DC offices to set up the 2023 targeting operation.  The announcement was made today, but the planning of the construct has been in place for months, contingent upon the number of actual House seats that could flip.  The Lawfare design is transparent when you stop looking at the obfuscation reporting from mainstream media.

Primary goal, create enough of a legal mess as to obstruct any republican legislative effort against the Biden White House.  Additionally, if Smith’s DC team can pick-off a few republican House members under charges of “supporting an insurrection“, the political power will revert back to the Democrats in office.

Jack Smith’s curriculum vitae as a lawyer experienced in international government law, think about tribunals for overthrowing government, then becomes a clarifying skillset.

Think of it like the legal ideology of the United Nations (democracy as defined by progressives) prosecuting members of the United States government for acts of rebellion under the framework of a constitutional republican form of government they abhor.  That’s Jack Smith.

In addition, the same ideological Lawfare elements will be targeting the threat represented by U.S. nationalist politician Donald J Trump.   It’s like The Great Reset crew inserting an operative inside a corrupt and friendly United States Dept of Justice, with the intent to remove the threat Donald J Trump represents to their interests.

On the multinational corporate side, while all this is special counsel stuff is taking place, the Wall Street billionaires and multinationals will be providing the illusion of choice for the American electorate.

Things making sense now?

It’s all right there, if we just stop pretending.

Accept things as they are, not as they are presented to be.

If you want to fight this stuff, help me….



NATO Backtracks, Now Admits It Was Not Russia Who Fired Missile into Poland – It Was Ukraine, But Still Putin’s Fault

NATO Backtracks, Now Admits It Was Not Russia Who Fired Missile into Poland – It Was Ukraine, But Still Putin’s Fault

This is a great example of two dangerous dynamics. First, the intellectual dishonesty that is needed to believe that Russia would attack Poland. Second, the insufferable immediate response from U.S. and international media stenographers lusting for war, and the danger they represent.

After the media initially proclaimed a “pentagon spokesperson” reported that Russia fired two missiles into Poland, and then ran with that narrative with such ferocity that Polish President Duda requested an article-4 convention in preparation for a NATO war,… 24 hours later the NATO alliance says ‘whoops‘ it wasn’t a Russian missile, it was a Ukraine missile that landed in Poland.

(Politico) NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg chaired an emergency meeting of alliance ambassadors on Wednesday in Brussels to discuss the incident.

After the session, he said information so far suggests the missile that landed in Poland came from Ukrainian air defenses fighting off a massive Russian attack on Tuesday that saw the country pummelled by dozens of missiles that caused blackouts across Ukraine.

“We have no indication that this was the result of a deliberate attack,” he said. “And we have no indication that Russia is preparing offensive military actions against NATO. Our preliminary analysis suggests that the incident was likely caused by a Ukrainian air defense missile fired to defend Ukrainian territory against Russian cruise missile attacks.”

Duda said the explosion that killed two people in the village of Przewodów, about six kilometers from the Ukrainian border, was likely caused by the missile’s propellant, saying it was probably an S-300 anti-aircraft rocket produced in Soviet times.

“There is also no evidence that it was fired by the Russian side,” he said, calling it “an unfortunate incident.”

Earlier, U.S. President Joe Biden said it was “unlikely in the lines of the trajectory that it was fired from Russia, but we’ll see.” (read more)

Now let’s get beyond the nonsense and talk about the reality of the situation.

We all know the U.S. State Department, not Ukraine or Zelenskyy, is in control of ground military operations in Ukraine.  As a result of that reality, the intellectually honest observer admits to themselves the CIA is therefore the tip of the spear in the country.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy today stomping his little feet and saying no, no way it was Ukraine, only highlights the reality of World War Reddit, where Zelenskyy is nothing more than a casual front man -in Hollywood garb- for the CIA/DoS mission.  Puppet Zelenskyy has no idea who, what, where and why strategic U.S. military forces and contractors are operating in his country.  Zelenskyy’s Ukraine function is to be the Bob Geldorf face in the Ukraine funding and money laundering operation. Nothing more.

So, we have a Ukraine missile fired now supposedly fired “errantly” in a westward direction into Poland, while trying to intercept a Russian missile fired from the east.  Um, well, yeah, that sounds like, :::cough::: bullshit :::cough::: but so be it. As the kids say, “whatevs.”

CIA Director Bill Burns also just happened to be in Ukraine at the time of the “errant” missile firing.  What timing…. And all of this comes on the heels of increased public awareness that the FTX cryptocurrency exchange was coordinating the movement of laundering of U.S. taxpayer funds from Ukraine into DC pockets via campaign contributions.  Wow, more coincidences.

The Occam’s Razor of the situation would indicate that our U.S. proxy war against Russia in Ukraine is entering that dark and energy dependent time of the year, ie winter, and Russia is not being defeated in their securing of the pro-Russia eastern Ukraine region.  So, some knuckleheads in the DoS office of plausible deniability, in coordination with some knuckleheads in the CIA office of plausible deniability, decided to try and pull in some more NATO elements with operation “errant missile into Ukraine that we will blame on Putin.”

Brilliant plan guys… except for the whole potential for NATO nuclear war part.

Luckily for the normies in Ukraine, they avoided the downstream consequence, likely operation vaporization, after reasonable people -few though they may be- said, it might not be a good idea for the whole let’s go to war with Russia in winter thing.

Yep, unfortunately that’s the reality of our current state dept geopolitical outlook, in combination with the ideological thirty-somethings that are running out of Hollywood actors to show up and fundraise.


Within Minutes of Arizona Gov Election Call, Twitter, DHS and Big Tech Begin Blocking Discussion of Difference Between “Ballots and Votes”

Within Minutes of Arizona Gov Election Call, Twitter, DHS and Big Tech Begin Blocking Discussion of Difference Between “Ballots and Votes”

I’m going to skip noting that Elon Musk Twitter is essentially unchanged, regarding the relationship between Twitter, the Dept of Homeland Security and the disinformation police, as many keep saying Musk Twitter has not had time to reformat.

That said, five days after our post-election review of the difference between ballots and votes, and within minutes of the controversial Arizona governor contest being announced by DHS media outlets, suddenly any discussion about “Ballots -vs- Votes” is considered a risk to democracy. [LINK}

The need for control is a reaction to fear.

Twitter specifically, and Big Tech writ large, has now placed a warning on the CTH article where we draw attention to the general difference between ballots and votes. The timing of the intervention, as related to the content discussed, is transparent. Sunlight is a great disinfectant and must be controlled at all costs.

In one sense this effort to block discussion is irrelevant, the discussion is now taking place; attentions are being paid; the horse is out of the barn; millions are now expanding the discussion and applying Occam’s Razor to the simple reality. This is why information providers and independent researchers must work with urgency and diligence to control their own platforms.

CTH is never going to stop discussing the uncomfortable stuff because Truth Has No Agenda, regardless of our personal feelings or opinions on the matter.

Yes, in this discussion there is a clear difference between two electioneering priorities, one focused on ballot assembly and the other focused on winning votes.  However, in the broader sense this censorship effort to control discussion of these distinctions shows just how far and fast we are collapsing into a totalitarian and Orwellian nightmare.

You can read or re-read the article HERE.

Find me something malicious, violent or even ::gasp:: untrue about the subject of Ballots vs Votes as written.

If truth is viewed by Twitter/DHS control mechanisms as an issue that could lead to “real world harm,” well, what does that tell us about how they are defining the “threat to our democracy” as applied from the mindset of the decisionmakers.

Beyond the annoyances, downstream at a granular level these types of information controls have consequences most information consumers do not consider.

These labels created by Big Tech are used against content providers like CTH to block people from reading.  Paths on the internet are controlled by a host of technology systems that use these “malicious” tags as a justification to divert viewers and control the scale of information distribution.  We call this “Techfiltration“.

Techfiltration is the threat to free speech and truthful -even controversial- discussion. Therefore ‘techfiltration’ is really the threat to democracy, not the speech itself. GO DEEP to understand the prior discussion of how your internet provider, cell phone carrier and browser control your internet travel.

…”If you cannot reach a website, see an image, view a page, or navigate a system, it’s likely not anything you are doing wrong; most often it’s the result of a tech control system designed to keep you away from the data.  Additionally, valid information like emails or text messages are increasingly identified as malicious, spam or blocked completely by the email or cell phone service you have subscribed to.” (more)

CTH has one long standing position about discussion and research, The Truth Has No Agenda.

While the Twitter/DHS targeting operation may be intended to shut down discussion and research, we at CTH will not flinch.

It may seem like a small thing to many, but what these censorship examples represent are dangerous when left unchallenged.   Once again, CTH will challenge these self-appointed arbiters and we will not stop providing information that challenges the orthodoxy of ‘approved’ collective thought.

Their need for control is a reaction to fear.

Our small yet formidable beacon will remain lit, and people will find it.  We will continue asking the uncomfortable questions and presenting the logical conclusions, even if the DHS information control officers despise us in the reading of it.

Steadfast as always, determined as ever, and even more resolute with each annoyance.

~ Sundance


Hitch Yer’ Wagon – The Club Branding of Ron DeSantis Continues, and The Transparency is a Little Funny

Hitch Yer’ Wagon – The Club Branding of Ron DeSantis Continues, and The Transparency is a Little Funny

Tomorrow, Sunday November 6th, President Trump will be holding a rally in Miami-Dade, Florida, for the slate of republican candidates.  All of the main republican candidates, including both Florida senators, who rely on the diverse America-First MAGA movement for election victories will be there…. Except Ron DeSantis.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will not be at the Miami-Dade County Fair and Exposition Center, because the team managing Ron DeSantis national branding campaign don’t want him there.  Since July/Aug {Go Deep} the new management in charge of DeSantis have been positioning him as the Trump alternative, the more acceptable republican candidate, ie. the club candidate

Instead, the republican club and Wall Street financed “Friends of Ron DeSantis” superPAC ($150+ million) have organized another optical event in the much deeper red, Southwest Florida (advertisement left) [LINK HERE].

Notice who is paying for the DeSantis event.  Parker Yancey McCollum is an American Americana and country singer-songwriter based in Texas, and if you follow the granular details of the GOPe branding effort, you might notice the DeSantis management team have deployed the strategy of hitching the governor’s wagon to popular music stars [Luke Bryan example].

This specific branding approach is familiar to professional political consultants and those who follow the deep weeds around ‘imaging’ in political campaigns.  The objective is to use the popularity of the Hollywood or music star as a draw for the crowd.  The managed politician benefits from the optical illusion of a large crowd gathered to support the candidate.

The image and branding approach is useful in avoiding a campaign event at a venue where the crowd doesn’t show up, which looks horrible for the candidate.

While President Donald Trump rallies the MAGA movement in Miami-Dade, specifically going to the formerly deep blue region to drive the proverbial stake through the heart of the left-wing political machine in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis will hold court within deep red southwest Florida, using Parker McCollum to hopefully offset the optics of DeSantis absence at the MAGA rally.

Rising country music star Parker McCollum was not scheduled to perform in SWFL [Schedule Here] and the DeSantis event is advertised, promoted and financed by the GOPe SuperPac ‘Friends of Ron DeSantis’.   The motives and intents being the DeSantis branding and management team remain clear to those with eyes to see.

To emphasize… Governor Ron DeSantis is a good governor, a good manager, well liked and should be well supported by the Florida voting base.   There are several large issues for Florida that voters are counting on Governor DeSantis and the Florida legislature to tackle quickly in 2023.

Florida has a major housing crisis combined with a serious issue of unaffordable insurance rates crushing the finances of Florida residents.   For many Floridians their homeowner’s insurance costs, now the highest in the nation, are equal to -or higher than- their mortgage payments, and it’s getting worse.  Energy costs have skyrocketed and that is making overall inflation that much more impactful.

The costs to live in Florida are putting an even more severe burden on those with a fixed income.  All of the working-class residents and retirees in Florida are feeling the issue, and there are things the state can do to help.

Charlie Crist would be an absolute nightmare scenario for Florida, but thankfully his hopes of election victory next week are virtually nil.  That is a good thing.

Florida needs Governor DeSantis to focus on Florida.

We are at a very critical juncture in the state and there are some major decisions that need to be made about the future of the state.

The national GOPe club looking to leverage Governor Ron DeSantis as the more acceptable alternative to Donald Trump’s America-First economic platform in 2024, are in a general sense selfish billionaire Wall Street and multinational types [Example].

That said, if in midyear 2023 the professional financial and political class leverage their donations to Ron DeSantis to abandon his post in order to help them nationally combat the MAGA agenda…. DeSantis will not only lose the contest for the republican presidential nomination, but he will also destroy his political career in an instant.

I know the DeSantis national management and branding team read here, so be forewarned.  Step out of your cocktail class donor bubble for a few weeks and listen to the people who matter.  If you push the principal to repay the $200+ million in donations by attempting to combat the MAGA agenda – you, your candidate, and his tenuously constructed reputation will be destroyed.

Wisdom would dictate that Governor Ron DeSantis work on the critical economic issues for Florida that will have ramifications and impacts for many years forward.  Prove himself skilled at large economic problem solving, and then position your principal to receive the support and appreciation of the hometown MAGA base for 2028….

….But step into the national arena for 2024 and DeSantis will be destroyed by angered MAGA like a feather in a hurricane.


WASHINGTON DC – […] Save America PAC raised a total of $24.7 million during the third quarter— a 38% increase from the second quarter. A source familiar with the fundraising told Fox News that 98.8% of those donations totaled less than $200 each.

Trump raised $10.2 million in August after the FBI’s unprecedented raid on his private residence at Mar-a-Lago—the most Save America PAC had raised in a month since Trump was in office. (link)


Tucker Carlson Discusses Leaked Documents Reflecting Direct DHS Portals to Social Media Companies

My suspicious cat sensibilities are triggered by the timing of these “leaked explosive documents,” in relation to the Elon Musk Twitter takeover.  That said, here is Tucker Carlson interviewing Intercept journalist Lee Fang. {Direct Rumble Link} – WATCH:


Lee Fang… “Over the last five years“… Yeah, bulls**t on that. Sorry.  CTH has outlined in painstakingly granular detail, the weaponization of the networks involved began immediately after January 2009 – specifically right after Obama’s Cairo speech that kicked off the ‘Arab Spring‘ movement.  That’s when Facebook and Twitter were recruited for participation in the construct.

After a few years of beta-testing the govt-corporate relationship, and simultaneously measuring the influence factor, things sped up, and by 2011 Obama-era DHS operatives began collaborating with Big Tech in constructing the modern surveillance and influence system for domestic rollout.

This system didn’t just pop-up “over the past five years.”   A timeframe which, not coincidentally according to the Intercept, removes Barack H Obama from the era of accountability.  The effort to construct a fraudulent timeline makes me even more suspicious of this “leak.”

Tucker Carlson saying “I’m not sure why you wrote this“… indicates to me his own awareness of the suspicious timing.   Watch the other hand.


Suspicious Cat remains, well, suspicious…


Musk Begins Releasing Internal Notes from Twitter Execs Highlighting Intent to Hide True “Objectives and Key Results” During Lawsuit

An interesting dynamic begins as Elon Musk takes ownership of Twitter promising increased transparency.  Mr. Musk tweeted out an internal message from Yoel Roth (still employed) to some unknown entity where the head of Safety and Integrity of Twitter tellingly implied the executives in charge were withholding information from Musk and lawyers during the lawsuit.

Yoel Roth is the Head of Twitter Safety and Integrity; his message on 5/17/22 reads, “But also lol if Amir continues to BS me, my escalation route is “Amir’s OKRs [Objectives and Key Results] are entirely based on fraudulent metrics and he doesn’t care and may actively be trying to hide the ball.”  “Literally doing what Elon is accusing us of doing.”  [SOURCE]

Musk forwarded the message publicly saying, “Wachtell & Twitter board deliberately hid this evidence from the court. Stay tuned, more to come …

If the Twitter executives have left a trail of deception from opposition and the subsequent civil litigation during the takeover bid, Mr. Musk could have standing to withhold any exit compensation package, pending new civil litigation as an outcome of these discoveries.  It will be interesting to see how this proceeds.

One thing ideological leftists are known for, is making legal mistakes in their thirst to retain influence.  It would not be surprising to discover a host of internal documentation that would expose any prior deception within the Twitter company and organization.


Whistleblower Releases Internal FBI Guidance Document Highlighting Disinformation as an Election Crime

Whistleblower Releases Internal FBI Guidance Document Highlighting Disinformation as an Election Crime

The dissidents at Project Veritas have received leaked whistleblower information from the FBI highlighting a guidance document that puts “disinformation” into the category of an “election crime.” [Source Article Here]   According to the internal guidance, sharing “false or inaccurate information intended to mislead others” may lead the FBI to charge people with election crimes.

[WASHINGTON, D.C. – Oct. 27, 2022] Project Veritas published a newly leaked document today provided by an FBI whistleblower.

The document details how the Bureau will tackle what they consider to be “election crimes.”

It lists “misinformation” as a potential election crime, describing it as “false or misleading information spread mistakenly or unintentionally.”

The document also lists “disinformation” as a potential election crime, describing it as “false or inaccurate information intended to mislead others.”

It continues, “Disinformation campaigns on social media are used to deliberately confuse, trick, or upset the public.”

These categories could raise questions about who gets to determine what is “misinformation” and/or “disinformation.” (read more)

Now you know why I continue to say there is no such thing as “disinformation”, “misinformation” or “malinformation”, there is only information.  Once we allow a superseding system within government to start defining ‘information’, we open ourselves to control over thoughts and speech.

Comrades, you were not born with a brain that requires you to believe everything you read or see.  You were born with a brain allowing you to absorb information and make independent decisions as to the validity of it, truthfulness or lies.  Do not abdicate your thinking of responsibility for discernment to anyone – especially the government.



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