The Tyranny of Coronaphobia

The Tyranny of Coronaphobia

Editor’s Note: Former United Nations Assistant Secretary-General Ramesh Thakur writes at the Brownstone Institute about how an unhealthy fear of COVID-19 has enveloped governments across the world.


I’ve had two big worries during the pandemic, starting from the very beginning and still ongoing. Both relate to my sense that ‘coronaphobia’ has taken over as the basis of government policy in so many countries, with a complete loss of perspective that life is a balance of risks pretty much on a daily basis.

First, the extent to which dominant majorities of peoples in countries with universal literacy can be successfully terrified into surrendering their civil liberties and individual freedoms has come as a frightening shock. There is this truly confronting video of the police in Melbourne assaulting a small young woman — for not wearing a mask!

Over the Top

On the one hand, the evidence base for the scale and gravity of the Covid-19 pandemic is surprisingly thin in comparison to the myriad other threats to our health that we face every year. We don’t ban cars on the reasoning that every life counts and even one traffic death is one too many lives lost. Instead, we trade a level of convenience for a level of risk to life and limb.

On the other hand, the restrictions imposed on everyday life as we know it have been far more draconian than anything previously done, even during World War II or the great 1918-19 flu. In present circumstances, the argument for the crucial importance of liberties has been made most eloquently by former UK Supreme Court Justice Lord Sumption in a BBC interview on March 31st, and repeated several times since.

But it’s also an argument that Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of America (and therefore suspect in the post-Black Lives Matter and statues-toppling environment), made back in the 18th century:

‘Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.’

Yet, the evidence for the effectiveness of draconian lockdowns is less than convincing. As one Lancet study concluded,

‘Rapid border closures, full lockdowns, and wide-spread testing were not associated with COVID-19 mortality per million people.’

Plight of the Poor

Second, the coronavirus threatens to overwhelm the health and economies of many developing countries where a billion people subsist in a Hobbesian state of nature and life is ‘nasty, brutish and short’. In poor countries, the biggest numbers of deaths are caused by water-borne infectious diseases, nutritional deficiencies and neonatal and maternal complications.

The lockdown has produced its own version of Thucydides’ dictum that the strong do what they can, the weak suffer as they must. In developing countries, saving livelihoods is no less important than saving lives. The privileged jet-setters who imported the virus can utilise the private hospitals, but the poor they infect have little access to decent healthcare and will be disproportionately devastated. The rich carry the virus and the poor bear the burden, since staying at home means foregoing daily income. Millions ‘fear hunger may kill us before coronavirus’.

I remain very puzzled at how so many people I considered to be liberals have been so utterly indifferent to the plight of the poor and the casual labourers who do not have the luxury of working from home, nor savings to fall back on to tide their family over until they can earn an income again.

Celebrities posting videos and selfies of working from home in opulent mansions is positively obscene and revolting. Not surprisingly, given my Indian background, I was powerfully influenced by the visual images of the millions of migrant workers literally on the march by foot over thousands of kilometres trying desperately to make their way back to home villages as all work dried up.

Many died en route and the heartbreaking case of Jamlo Madkam in particular, a 12-year-old girl who trekked 100km but died of exhaustion just 11km from home, has never stopped haunting me.

This is not to say that high-income Western countries are immune from the deadly effects of lockdown. But the acuteness of the harsh impacts on the poor is just unconscionable and hard to comprehend intellectually as well as emotionally.

What about AFTER this pandemic? What worries you the most?

Most of my answer to this question is anticipated in the answer to the first question: the long-term impact on the health, nutritional requirements, food security, mental wellbeing of people, et cetera. I’ve been worried from the start by the long-term impact of lockdowns over the coming decade on the lives and livelihoods of poor people in poor countries.

I wonder, too, if we have set ourselves up to repeat the folly every year with annual outbreaks of flu, especially if it is a bad flu season. If not, why not? Perhaps someone will come up with the slogan ‘Flu Lives Matter’. Or governments could just pass laws making it illegal for anyone to fall sick and die.

How and when are we going to return to the ‘new normal’ and what will it look like? Globalisation has underpinned unprecedented prosperity and the rise of educational and health outcomes for billions of people around the world, along with a dark underbelly of uncivil society. Will its discontents now throw away substantial benefits as the world retreats behind national moats once again?

The pandemic proves conclusively the need to demilitarise foreign policy and promote greater multilateral cooperation against grave threats that are global in nature and require global solutions. What my former boss, the late Kofi Annan, called ‘problems without passports’ require solutions without passports. The risk is instead we will move in the opposite direction and recreate regionalised balance of power systems in various hotspots around the world.

Pandemics have long been identified as one of many global challenges for which the world should have prepared in advance. Recently The Wall Street Journal had a major investigative article on the failure to do so, despite ample warnings from scientists. ‘A Deadly Coronavirus Was Inevitable. Why Was No One Ready?’ asked the authors, and quite rightly too.

Another catastrophe into which we seem to be sleepwalking is a nuclear war. And remember, the whole point of the sleepwalking analogy is that people walking in their sleep are not aware of it at the time. Other pressing global challenges include growing ecosystem imbalances and fragility, depletion of fish stocks, food and water insecurity, desertification, and of course a host of other diseases that remain the biggest killers on an annual basis.


By way of a concluding reflection, I think a common error has been to privilege the medical over all other considerations. In reality, and certainly with the benefit of hindsight but also from the very beginning in my case, this should have involved a considered assessment of what I call ‘A Balance of Interests’ (my chapter in The Oxford Handbook of Modern Diplomacy). Governments must take into account and reconcile medical, social, economic, liberal democratic, human rights and international policies in fashioning an integrated public policy response to a pandemic.


The above is extracted from a long, 3,000-word full-page interview featured in a Sunday edition of the Argentine daily La Nación on August 22, 2020 (in Spanish): Hugo Alconada Mon, ‘The Tyranny of Coronaphobia’, INTERVIEW WITH RAMESH THAKUR

Since then Covid has mutated into multiple variants, mass vaccinations have been carried out in very many countries, and our understanding, data and knowledge have evolved and grown. Despite that, re-reading these two worries each about the policy responses to Covid two years ago and about the possible ramifications for what the post-Covid new normal will look like, I don’t think I would change a single word today.

I confess I still don’t understand the global outbreak of collective panic and hysteria, the shelving of all existing pandemic management plans, the failure of medical professions to speak out, and the astonishing public compliance with authoritarian policies.


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Freedom of Speech for the Medical Profession is Under Threat in Australia

Freedom of Speech for the Medical Profession is Under Threat in Australia

Medical practitioners and healthcare workers are under pressure to conform to the government narrative on public health, especially regarding COVID-19 vaccination. Their freedom of conscience and freedom of speech have been heavily compromised, affecting standards of care for patients.

No one wants to believe that they have been misled by people in positions of trust.

This is especially true when politicians, health bureaucrats, and regulatory bodies have forced compliance to medical mandates rather than leaving risk as a matter of personal choice. There is growing evidence from around the world that information has been withheld from public view and that doctors have been pressured out of questioning policy and data related to the pandemic.

In 1633, the authorities tried and condemned Galileo Galilei to house arrest, until his death in 1642, for publishing evidence that the planets revolved around the sun. They tried to silence open scientific debate. Ultimately, it didn’t work but did create a lot of suffering and misery for a few brave scientists in the meantime.

This kind of behaviour by powerful bodies is not confined to the past.

Banding Together

The newly formed Australian Medical Professionals Society (AMPS), operating as an alternative to the Australian Medical Association (AMA), is standing up for medical transparency, to protect our patients, and ensure open scientific debate.

Our AMPS members are refusing to be silent, even under threats to our registrations. We are fighting for law reform to provide our patients with evidence-based care rather than uncritical politically driven health practice.


Does the Australian public know that the government regulator, AHPRA, has warned health professionals, including doctors and nurses, not to publicly question government public health directives, including those related to Covid — effectively gagging them? This is done by threatening their registration.

Many have been disciplined or suspended for challenging the public health messaging even if they believed that they had scientific evidence to support their professional view.

The directive states:

‘Any promotion of anti-vaccination statements or health advice which contradicts the best available scientific evidence or seeks to actively undermine the national immunisation campaign (including via social media) is not supported by National Boards and may be in breach of the codes of conduct and subject to investigation and possible regulatory action.’

One Narrative Only

Brett Simmonds, Pharmacy Board Chair and co-chair of the Forum of NRAS Chairs, said of Covid vaccination programs:

‘National Boards support the vaccination program and encourage all registered health practitioners to get vaccinated unless medically contraindicated.

‘The codes of conduct for each of the registered health professions explain the public health obligations of registered health practitioners, including participating in efforts to promote the health of the community and meeting obligations on disease prevention.

‘There is no place for anti-vaccination messages in professional health practice, and any promotion of anti-vaccination claims including on social media, and advertising may be subject to regulatory action.

‘If you’re a registered health practitioner or student, the best thing to do is to read our joint statement. It explains the National Boards’ expectations of registered health practitioners about receiving, administering, and sharing information about Covid vaccination. It’s important you understand these expectations so that patients and communities are best protected against the novel coronavirus that causes Covid.’

AHPRA chief Martin Fletcher rejected the claim, saying:

‘In essence, AHPRA and National Boards expect health practitioners to use their professional judgment and the best available evidence in practice. This includes when providing information to the public about public health issues such as Covid and vaccination.

‘Any promotion of anti-vaccination statements or health advice that contradicts the best available scientific evidence or seeks to actively undermine the national immunisation campaign (including via social media) is not supported by National Boards.

‘It may be in breach of the codes of conduct and subject to investigation and possible regulatory action.’

It is a statement that appears to confirm, not deny, the complaints of medical professionals.

Never before have government bodies demanded compliance with domestic law that we believe breaches our codes and oaths to ‘first, do no harm’ and ‘I will not use my medical knowledge to violate human rights and civil liberties, even under threat’.


Is it widely known among practitioners and the public that the government changed laws to give manufacturers 6 years to provide comprehensive clinical data on safety and efficacy for provisionally approved Covid treatments?

The comparative lack of vital long-term data (present for other vaccines and medical treatments) is lacking in Covid vaccines — making it difficult to justify statements such as proven safe and effective. ‘Assumed to the best of our knowledge’ would be more accurate.

This problem is highlighted by changing promises related to Covid vaccines, which began as ‘you won’t get sick and it will stop transmission’ but now manufacturers and medical bodies have had to admit, due to overwhelming physical evidence in patients, that Covid vaccines do not stop transmission and many people still get sick and die. These revelations call into question the validity of extraordinary measures placed on people for over two years.


In Australia, we have a serious problem. Government excesses of power created through emergency legislation have been allowed to violate our freedoms and liberties. They were justified by largely unscientific and refutable claims. Fear was wrongly employed by political leaders, who also took steps to keep health advice secret from the public by the re-classifying of National Cabinet after Freedom of Information requests were approved by the court.

Public Health Laws gave Chief Health Officers (CHO) unprecedented powers to do almost anything they thought was reasonable during a pandemic — which can be declared on opinion, not evidence — without having to justify their decisions. They are no better than the authorities in Galileo’s time.

Standing Up

Queensland Doctors are taking the Qld CHO to court to gain access to the scientific evidence used to justify mandates that contradict historical experience and scientific consensus. Public confidence should never be coerced through government-mandated compliance to political directives.

We believe our code of conduct requirements demand we exercise our right to political communication to respectfully debate scientific evidence, risk/benefit analysis of therapeutics, and provide informed consent. But to do so, we risk losing everything.

If we are forbidden by the government to adhere to our codes and make our patients our primary concern, then this is the end of medicine and the death of science.


AMPS cannot allow such government intrusion to stand. We are fighting back against new laws recommended by the Queensland government that allow public naming and shaming of doctors under investigation.

‘New legislation introduced in Queensland, the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2022, will greatly enhance the government regulator’s powers for censoring doctors in Queensland,’ said Steven Andrews MP for Marani QLD.

Even the AMA described these new laws as ‘incoherent zealotry’. The cost for patient advocacy will be public humiliation and potentially career-ending reputational damage. With this unchecked power of AHPRA, fear-based compliance to public health directives will become the primary concern of practitioners.

AMPS has been calling for a Royal Commission into the government response to Covid, while advocating strongly for law reform needed now to allow practitioners to advocate for their patients as their primary concern. Click here for more information. We cannot stay silent while adherence to public health messaging becomes the new accepted standard of good medical practice. Our patients, not politicians, are who we serve, no matter the personal cost.

Galileo said, ‘Two truths cannot contradict one another.’ The pressure on medical professionals to hide their true opinions should be rescinded and doctors allowed to openly debate all Covid measures and be able to have all tools at their disposal to treat patients.


Photo by Karolina Grabowska.

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Dr Robert Malone Introduces Ed Dowd on Central Banks, Global Debt & COVID

Dr Robert Malone Introduces Ed Dowd on Central Banks, Global Debt & COVID

Sobering disability and mortality statistics from the United States around the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic raise serious questions about how our governments have handled this public health crisis, particularly with the massive push for ineffective and possibly deadly vaccination.

I first met Ed Dowd during an early trip that a group of physicians from the International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists made to the Hawaiian Islands of Maui and Oahu during the fall of 2021.

The primary purpose of the trip was to support our physician colleagues Dr Kirk Milhoan (MD, PhD- Pediatric Cardiologist) and Lorrin Pang (MD, MPH- Maui County Public Health Officer), who were embroiled in an effort by local press and politicians to take their medical licenses for the perceived infraction of supporting early COVID treatment and (in the case of Lorrin) relying on his own evaluation and interpretation of the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 genetic vaccines. The particular grievance concerning Lorrin seemed to have revolved around his reservations concerning the lack of data demonstrating the safety of SARS-CoV-2 genetic vaccination during pregnancy.

After many long months subjected to the usual defamation and derision in local corporate-controlled media, both were eventually exonerated. No final action was taken against them by the Hawaiian medical board, although both were deeply impacted by the experience, and I suspect will forever be more guarded and defensive in their medical practices.


It was during a local group dinner and fundraiser for the cause, held on the island of Maui, that Ed and his colleagues first introduced themselves to me. To my surprise, they indicated that they had authored a document which they named “The Malone Doctrine”.

Taken aback, as neither Jill nor I had contributed in any way, I asked why they were using this name. Ed and his colleagues told me that “we have read and listened to everything you have said and written during COVID, and this is what is written in the white spaces between every line”.

The wisdom and clarity which they captured in that document has become a guiding light for many since it was published, and their “Malone Doctrine” provides the basis for every statement regarding integrity that I have made since that time.

But where did this profoundly prescient document come from? A dedicated team which included a senior building inspector (buildings need integrity also!), some young hardworking idealists, and an experienced hedge fund manager — Ed Dowd.  Their “Malone Doctrine” was written to address what they saw as a fundamental societal breakdown in commitment to integrity.

Not just for the US Department of Health and Human Services, but for virtually every “vertical” sector throughout society, government and particularly large businesses. We hear a lot about ESG (environmental, social, and governance) scoring from big business and the investment firms that control the large firms, but not much about integrity.

Only a few financial industry “insiders” had heard of Ed Dowd at that point, but as Jill and I came to know him better over the ensuing months, we realised how special both Ed and his team of integrity advocates actually were.

And then, one day, Ed brought to my attention the emerging data concerning all-cause mortality being revealed by senior life insurance executives. He thought that this was big. These data seemed to cut through the obfuscation, the fog of government and corporate media misrepresentations and propaganda concerning the vaccine-associated adverse events.

These were data coming from a completely separate source relative to the various government-controlled “safety” databases, and what these new data revealed raised profound questions about the official narrative of safe and effective genetic vaccines.

I did my best to help introduce Ed to the world and connected him to various leaders in the alternative independent media, and the rest is history. Ed Dowd is now widely recognised for his insights, integrity, clarity of thought, and courage.

I asked him to write a chapter and tell the story of his journey for this book, and am grateful that he was able to find the time.  There have been so many heroes who have stepped up to meet the challenge of the COVID crisis, and Ed and his Hawaiian colleagues are certainly on the short list of the bold and brave. I hope you enjoy and learn from this account of what he has experienced and observed during these trying times.


Central Banks, Global Debt & COVID

My journey into the world of fraud began long before the Covid-19 Vaccine fraud. I have spent the majority of my career on Wall Street at firms like HSBC Inc., Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette and BlackRock. I learned about fixed income, currency, & equity markets through my time at these institutions. My knowledge of global capital markets is very deep.

The Enabled Central Bank DotCom Fraud

My first introduction to fraud began on Wall Street after I received my MBA from Indiana University,  I was a young electric utility analyst in the research department of Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette from 1997 to 1999. The firm was sold to Credit Suisse Bank years after I left, but the firm was known as a premier stock research firm and was referred to as “The Investment House that Research Built.”

In my time there, I witnessed the internet teams in research grow large, as they were in the middle of the DotCom boom and were busy bringing to market IPOs of internet companies that were sprouting up by the hundreds, if not thousands.

It was a heady time, and companies with not much in the way of revenues were quickly run through the due diligence process and deemed acceptable for investors. The demand for these IPOs seemed insatiable, and the money pouring into the bank from the fees was eye-popping.

Needless to say, the party continued, and the deals became more ridiculous, but the stocks of these future worthless companies continued to rise as demand for what was called the ‘New paradigm” continued apace. The belief then was that the stock market is forward-looking, and these companies would disintermediate all the boring old brick-and-mortar companies that had real capital investments and take over the world.

As a backdrop though, and what people couldn’t see at the time, was that the Federal Reserve was providing (by historical standards then) very accommodative monetary policy as the world was deathly frightened by the Y2K phenomenon. The easy money found its way into this speculative craze, and I witnessed my first mass formation psychosis event amongst the professional investment crowd.

This easy money also found its way into junk bonds, which also provided another source of capital for these newly created companies. Flush with IPO cash and junk bonds, these revenue-challenged companies went on a buying binge of epic proportions and bought real estate, software products, and hired countless people.

The end result of all of this was the creation of an explosion of growth in Nasdaq tech companies’ top line as they provided the arms to these new companies to take over the world. The Nasdaq bubble was born, and the party lasted until the Federal Reserve began raising interest rates and took away the easy accommodation.

The first companies to implode were those with no revenues, and their funding dried up. The cascading effects lasted two years, and the US economy went into recession. As always, easy money leads to fraud and the corporate accounting frauds of Enron, World Com, Lucent, Nortel & Quest all came to light.

These real firms all fed off the easy money created by the new companies’ capital spending and the trend of hype. Many of the newly created companies engaged in revenue fraud as well, where they had back door agreements to purchase items from each other to create the illusion of growth. It was a halcyon time for fraud and malfeasance.

The key thing to remember is that the easy money from the Federal Reserve was responsible for speculation, which in turn led to a gigantic misappropriation of capital that ended up driving tremendous losses, fraudulent behaviour and theft. Without easy money, none of this would have happened.

The Cycle Begins Anew: Central Bank Enabled Housing Fraud

A recession began in 2000, and the Federal Reserve began the cycle anew by lowering interest rates to temper the popping of the Nasdaq bubble. In 2002, I became a portfolio manager for BlackRock, and began managing a large-cap growth equity portfolio.

Over the next five years, we navigated our fund through the next Fed bubble that was blowing. That bubble was real estate. It began innocently enough, but quickly moved to speculation which led to excess and fraud. The difference with this bubble (unlike the last bubble which was the consequence of corporate fraud), was that this fraud found its way onto the balance sheets of banks, investment banks & insurance companies.

Wall Street began to develop ways of slicing and dicing the risk of single home mortgages into exotic bonds called Collateral Debt Obligations (also known as CDOs). It began innocently enough, but over time loans were made to people who had no ability to own a home, and the fraud went into high gear as liar loans became an industry standard.

The rating agencies which gave triple AAA ratings to the supposedly safest tranches of these CDOs began to look the other way due to the practice of receiving a fee for rating the bond.  The volume of CDOs being produced by Wall Street was so large that the intuitional imperative took over and greed ruled the day.

Towards the end of this cycle, the refrain from the true believers to the sceptics was that “Home Prices Never Go Down.”  The Federal Reserve started raising interest rates in 2006, the party started to unwind in 2007, and then cascaded into the Great Financial Crisis of 2008-2009.

The formerly rated AAA bonds imploded 60% in price, and if the Federal Reserve had not begun the unprecedented action of bailing out banks and insurance companies by buying these fraudulent bonds (which remain on the balance sheets of the central banks today) it is quite likely that we would have seen a collapse of the entire western financial system.

It’s important to remember that not one banker went to jail for these crimes.  Thus began the rise of global central bank dominance, and this was facilitated by unprecedented cooperation between the US Federal Researve, the EU Central Bank and The Bank of Japan in the form of money printing and debt purchases. The global governments of the world went into deficit spending to make up for the catastrophic wealth destruction, job losses and demand destruction.

The Most Recent Cycle: Central Bank & Political Fraud with COVID as the Cover Up

The free markets (as we previously understood them) ended on March 5th, 2009, when the Fed began its historic bailout of the banking system. The last 12 years have seen an unprecedented growth in global debt to keep the patient known as the global economy on life support. Crony capitalists and those closest to the money printing machines have seen their wealth grow, while the rest of the citizenry have been lucky to march in place and not give up ground economically.

Washington DC’s power and wealth have increased mightily since that crisis unfolded. The percentage of GDP that the government now commands is 40% thanks to the COVID crisis and is up from low double digits 40 years ago.

Many of us in the financial community had wondered what the end of this cycle would look like. We knew that all cycles end, and that the growth in global debt which was in progress was unsustainable. How would it manifest, we pondered: Political Instability? Currency Wars? Kinetic War? Sovereign Debt Defaults?

In 2019 we saw the beginnings of global growth slowing and a repo crisis, where overnight lending rates spiked in the fall. Corporate credit spreads began to wobble a bit and it looked like we were nearing the end of this cycle. Then the COVID 19 crisis hit, and the central banks had an excuse to print the largest amount of money in the history of the federal reserve, with an increase of M1 by 65% from 2019 to 2020 (M1 money supply encompasses physical currency and coin, demand deposits, traveller’s checks, and other checkable deposits).

As a seasoned investment fund manager, my suspicions were triggered by this surge in M1.  My suspicions were confirmed when I saw the Saint Louis Federal Reserve President of James Bullard being interviewed about how to reopen the economy during the April 5, 2020 edition of the Sunday show “Face the Nation”. I began suspecting that COVID was being used as a cover for a new global financial collapse.

Bullard indicated that we had new technologies that could test people, and those with a negative test could wear immunity badges and with new surveillance technologies which would enable them to be tracked. I was simply blown away. Why was a Federal Reserve President weighing in on public health?  I speculated that once a vaccine was introduced, governments would begin to implement vaccine passports.

For raising this concern in 2020, I was labelled a conspiracy theorist. Fund managers such as myself typically operate based on various models which they develop to explain long and short-term political and economic trends. On the basis of the events and public statements (from Bullard and others) which were circulating, I developed a working thesis that COVID would be used as an excuse to control travel and clamp down on global riots once the debt collapse began in earnest.

The collapse of the world’s economies could easily be blamed on COVID and ensuing “safety” measures would be put in place as a system of control and compliance — for our own good. Also, continued virus evolution and outbreaks could be used as additional excuses to print more money by the central banks. Under this theory, the vaccine passport was merely a gateway device for what would eventually become a central bank digital currency system that would monitor vaccine compliance and institute a social credit score to make sure you were a good citizen.

To memorialise this thesis, I developed a Twitter thread beginning May 3, 2020, which predicted what might unfold over the next two years. However, since these ideas seemed so dystopian at the time, I couched my predictions in the form of a dystopian movie script concept. What follows are tweets from that time:

Dowd tweet covid

Dowd tweet covid

Dowd tweet covid

Dowd tweet covid

Dowd tweet covid

Dowd tweet covid

Dowd tweet covid

Dowd tweet covid

Dowd tweet covid

My predictions were all predicated on the thesis that COVID was cover for the end of the global debt bubble that had its origins in 1913 (when the Federal Reserve System was created). Most of what I predicted in these tweets came to pass with vaccine mandates, vaccine passports and the othering of the unvaccinated.

We can all recall that the President of the United States (along with many others) blamed the unvaccinated for the continued spread of the virus at the end of 2021. Throughout all of 2021, the refrain by the establishment was that the vaccines were “Safe & Effective!”

In reality, we have also learned that these injected pharmaceuticals are the deadliest vaccines ever created in the history of man, with countless deaths and injuries, all of which have been suppressed by the media and our governments. We have also discovered that the mRNA vaccines not only don’t work, but also select for the continued viral evolution which has resulted in the vaccinated disproportionally suffering ill effects of COVID relative to the unvaccinated. Finally, just as I had imagined during May 2020, we did witness draconian censorship and the smearing of any credentialed experts who deviated from the establishment narrative.

How I Became Involved in the Fight for Freedom & The Malone Doctrine

In September of 2021, I became very distraught while watching my predictions unfold before my eyes. All over the world, societies were falling into a dystopian nightmare that most of the people around seemed to be fine with, as they gave their freedoms away without so much as a single thought or suspicion.

There were a number of residents on Maui who did consider the draconian mandatory vaccines and passports an assault on our freedoms. I attended the multiple local allies and protests which ensued. I met many different kinds of people who all had one thing in common… a belief in fundamental bodily sovereignty. There was no red team-blue team dynamic, but rather a wide range of different races and creeds and belief systems were represented. We began to call ourselves team humanity.

It was at one of these rallies I met Tom Lewis, who informed me that Dr Malone was coming to the island to help some local doctors fight the medical censorship that was descending within the medical community. A series of private dinners were set up, and Tom wanted me to attend. Steve Kirsch was also in attendance on the island, and he was also present at the dinners as well.

Dr Malone spoke passionately at the dinners about the corruption of our institutions. Local colleagues including Tom, myself, Barry O’Keefe and Andrew Aker attended the dinners, and we decided to look forward and realise that the foundations which most of our key institutions stood upon had been occupied and lost.

Instead, we read everything that Doctor Malone had written about, and even the implications in the white spaces in between what he wrote. The number one thing we saw which had been lost was integrity.  We posited that to destroy and raze the institutions already occupied by greed and corruption, were going to need to establish a new hill… The Hill of Integrity.

We spent all weekend writing a document that declared independence from the decisions of institutions that lack integrity. We came up with ten tenets that must be met in order for us to accept the decisions of those institutions. We called it The Malone Doctrine.

We presented it to Doctor Malone and his wife on October 20, 2021, and they both immediately signed the document and incorporated this into their foundation. They envision that over time, as we dig out of the corrupt hole we find ourselves in, that institutions will adopt the Malone Doctrine as a core article of behaviour and will abide by it to the utmost of their ability. Furthermore, we propose that institutions that lack integrity should not be allowed to impose their decisions on the rest of us until they adopt the principles of the Malone Doctrine.

Malone Doctrine

Dr Malone and his wife Jill asked me to be on the board of the Malone Institute and I was honoured to join. Over the next few months, I informed Doctor Malone that I would be monitoring the life insurance companies and funeral home results to confirm what we had suspected which was that excess mortality and disability were being caused by the vaccine.

Data Fraud, Life Insurance, CDC Excess Mortality & US Disability

In the first week of January 2022, OneAmerica CEO Scott Davison made comments on an Indiana Chamber of Commerce meeting that were picked up by a reporter for The Center Square Margret Menge:

“We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business — not just at OneAmerica,” the company’s CEO Scott Davison said during an online news conference this week. “The data is consistent across every player in that business.”

Davison said the increase in deaths represents “huge, huge numbers,” and that it’s not elderly people who are dying, but “primarily working-age people 18 to 64” who are the employees of companies that have group life insurance plans through OneAmerica.

“And what we saw just in third quarter, we’re seeing it continue into fourth quarter, is that death rates are up 40% over what they were pre-pandemic,” he said.

“Just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a three-sigma or a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be 10% increase over pre-pandemic,” he said. “So 40% is just unheard of.”

Most of the claims for deaths being filed are not classified as COVID-19 deaths, Davison said.

He said at the same time, the company is seeing an “uptick” in disability claims, saying at first it was short-term disability claims, and now the increase is in long-term disability claims.

This stunning revelation set off flares for Doctor Malone and myself, and Doctor Malone began working to elevate my relatively small social media presence and was able to get me on Steve Bannon’s War Room.

I had already done some media and had been quite loud that the clinical trial data at Pfizer was fraudulent based solely on the fact that the FDA in November said they would hide the data for 75 years, which for me was prima facie evidence of fraud and a cover-up.  It was then that I realized the FDA was in on the fraud and was completely captured. Eventually, Moderna & Pfizer will be held accountable for this fraud.

After first appearing on Bannon’s War Room saying that the vaccine program was based on fraudulent data, I said I would be monitoring the results of Insurance companies and funeral homes for the fruits of their fraud. Unlike financial frauds, the damage here was not monetary, but human lives and long-term health. I also stated I wanted to be a lightning rod, and two individuals came forward to assist my effort.

The first of these was Brook Jackson, who was the Antavia Whistleblower who witnessed data corruption of the Pfizer 28-day clinical vaccine trial. She oversaw 1,000 of the 44,000 patients enrolled in the clinical trial, and the most egregious thing she witnessed was the unblinding of the patients. This was a direct violation of Pfizer’s own protocols, and the data should have been thrown out. Instead as a reward for reporting this to the FDA, Brook was fired and the data made its way into the clinical trial.

The number of patients during the 28-day trial that the 95% effective rate was predicated upon was so small, that mathematically just Brook’s clinical research site could have altered the results and rendered the vaccine completely ineffective. Real-world experience has proven that at a bare minimum, the vaccine does not work in stopping infection or transmission. This was the original sin and genesis of the fraud.

Brook’s sites were given awards by Pfizer for apparently doing such a good job. Obviously, where there is smoke there is fire, and it can be easy inferred that other sites also engaged in unblinding of the patient data. The impact of this unblinding is important to understand, as maintaining the integrity of the data blinding system is the cornerstone of the integrity of any drug trial. Because unblinding can introduce bias, and can easily lead to doctors not testing patients who present illness as having had COVID because they can look at the chart and see the patient had the vaccine and decide not to test for COVID due to a bias of assuming that the vaccine is effective.

After speaking with Brook, I concluded that my suspicions of fraud were confirmed, and we did an interview together with the Thomas Paine podcast where this fraud was highlighted. Brook is currently engaged in a lawsuit with Pfizer where it has come up recently that one of Pfizer’s defences is that it’s ok that they engaged in fraud because the US government was aware of it. Why this is not the largest mainstream media story is testament to the corruption of the press by government money.

The second individual to come forward to assist me in my analysis of the insurance industry was Josh Stirling. Mr Stirling was a former #1 ranked Institutional Investor Wall Street Insurance Analyst who worked for Sanford C. Bernstein Research. He had us focus on the loss ratio of the group life and disability divisions of the life insurance companies. The reason we did that is because this is a stable business that is very profitable for insurance companies. It’s basically a typical death benefit and disability policy offered to mid-level employees when they join a corporation.

The death benefit is de minimis in dollar amount, and never is expected to be collected as (statistically speaking) working-age people don’t die in large numbers when they are healthy and employed with good jobs. What we found was stunning and confirmed what the OneAmerica CEO saw in January.

The Q4 results from some of the major insurers saw a range of increase in their loss ratio of between 25% and 45% from 2019 baseline levels, and there was a continued rise from Q3 2020 results. Many of the CEOs blamed this huge increase on COVID, and they developed and then blamed this increase on a strange new concept they termed indirect COVID. Disability also saw a marked increase and still continues to climb today.

Josh and I suspected that the insurance companies which didn’t have these types of losses and excess mortality in the early part of the year were because the corporate mandates instituted by the Biden administration began in the fall of 2021 which coincided with a huge uptick in the deaths and losses the insurance companies experienced in Q3 and Q4 of 2021.

Remember these are working-age people, and as a group were not affected by COVID in 2020 before the vaccines were deployed.  However, suddenly they began experiencing a huge uptick in excess all-cause mortality. Using simple deductive reasoning, Josh and I concluded that the only thing that changed from 2020 to 2021 was the vaccination program and the mandates.

Next, my partner decided to look at the CDC excess mortality data. The data as presented on the CDC website was not very helpful as they lumped all ages together. That chart in itself was damning as it showed two spikes of excess mortality. The first spike was during the fall-winter of 2020, then there was a subsequent spike into the fall of 2021 which was almost but not quite as high.

That alone would suggest gross incompetence by our health officials, especially given the supposed introduction of miracle vaccines which according to them prevented infection and transmission (both of which statements have since been shown to be lies). However, Mr Stirling was able to grab the data from the website and break it down by age. He developed baseline mortality analyses from 2015-2019 (which was pre-COVID) and then developed excess mortality charts over time for each age group. What he found was simply stunning, and both of us suddenly confronted the implications.

This analysis effectively confirmed the results we saw from the life insurers in their financial reports. Millennials saw an acceleration of excess mortality into the second half of 2021 to new all-time highs, a stunning 84% above baseline. The rate of change during the fall vaccine mandates was particularly striking for us, as it coincided with the surge of corporate vaccine mandates during that time. We called this the smoking gun chart.

The virus didn’t decide to affect a different age group in the fall of 2021, suicides didn’t magically all happen in a three-month period, nor overdoses or missing cancer screening in a three-month period.  The only thing that changed was that genetic vaccine products were forced upon the millennial generation via government and corporate mandates. We summarised this stunning finding in a series of graphs such as the following:

Millennial mortality

The second most important discovery that Mr Stirling found was the shift in the mixture of mortality from old to young which occurred from 2020 to 2021. In 2020 there were 592,000 excess deaths with 126,000 under the age of 65 (approximately 21%). In year 2 of the outbreak, there were 512,000 excess deaths with 181,000 under the age of 65 (approximately 35%).

The millennials saw the greatest percent increase in mortality of 45% from 42,000 to 61,000. It is hard to explain the mix shift in year 2 of the pandemic as being due to COVID, because the strains were already mutating and were becoming less virulent, and we had already determined that the virus affected mostly older people with comorbidities. It’s important to note that 45,000 more people died under the age of 65 in year 2 versus year 1.

Did the virus suddenly decide to only target younger folks disproportionately? Did the virus change from respiratory to pulmonary in year 2? The only thing that changed in year 2 was the introduction of the vaccine and the subsequent mandates, which is the obvious culprit based on simple deductive reasoning.

However, the authorities and the corporate media simply refuse to acknowledge much less comment on this data.  The reason it is not allowed is because if the data were discussed, the obvious question would begin to be asked about the vaccines — are they really safe and effective?

excess deaths chart

In the first week of June 2022, Mr Stirling and I discovered another database collected by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is the department responsible for the monthly household survey that delivers the employment report we see every month.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics also routinely ask a number of questions that relate to disability. This is a monthly real-time survey, where the surveyed respondent answers as to whether they are themselves disabled or if there is someone in their home who identifies as disabled. This statistically derived number is not tied to claims or a doctor’s note, but rather it is based on self-identification. This is important to note, because it gives a very good real-time idea of disability trends in the US.

Prior to the vaccines, the run rate was about 29 million give or take for the last five years. Since the introduction of the vaccines in 2021, the number of self-identified disabled Americans has increased by 13.7% as of June 2022 from the prior run rate. This represents a numerical increase of about 4 million Americans.

The graph illustrated below shows the steep rate of change that continues today. In my opinion, these data reflect an ongoing national disaster. I suspect the labour shortages we are seeing are heavily influenced by this number and can also explain much of the inflation in wages we are seeing.

Again, based on deductive reasoning, the simplest explanation for this increase is that the disability is caused by the genetic vaccines. When pressed, the establishment claims that this is due to long COVID. However, most officials and corporate press outlets are ignoring and obfuscating this national tragedy.

disabled population graph

I also took a look at funeral home results, and consistent with the findings from the other databases, business has been quite good for publicly traded funeral homes, with the second half of 2021 number of funeral contracts accelerating into the end of the year and continuing into 2022.

The commentary from funeral home executives during Q1 of 2022 from many of the companies was interesting. They were mostly surprised by their own results, and one company even said the deaths they were seeing could not all be explained by COVID.

Service Corporation International hit all-time highs and has been outperforming the S&P 500 return for well over a year and a half. One would think that with the pandemic supposedly over and the introduction of “miracle” vaccines that funeral homes would be seeing business return to normal trends.  That assumption however would be wrong, and (unfortunately) funeral home stocks are growth stocks at the moment.

Final Thoughts and Implications

My stock-picking career was successfully predicated on pattern recognition, making an investment thesis with limited information, taking an initial position, being early and being right over time as my thesis was either proved or disproved. Essentially, during my career, I had learned to become a stock-picking “conspiracy theorist”.

Those that want to call me that now are welcome to do so, but I firmly believe that my thesis on the link between global debt, central banks and COVID will be borne out over time and has gained more legitimacy since my initial and “crazy predictions” during May of 2020.

With regards to the vaccine data fraud, every week that rolls by seems to produce more evidence of malfeasance by Pfizer and Moderna which are unearthed by Dr Naomi Wolf’s dedicated volunteers perusing the clinical trial data dumps that the FDA wanted (unsuccessfully) to hide for 75 years. The evidence of excess death and disability continues to pile up weekly.

I can say with complete certainty that I have never been more convinced in my whole career of the fact that the vaccines not only don’t work, but that these are the deadliest vaccines ever introduced into the human population on such a global scale.

The US government is guilty of democide with their forced mandates, and countless corporations and government agencies are also likely liable for forcing employees to accept injections of experimental vaccines which employ novel gene therapy-based technology. The corporate media and large tech companies are also complicit due to their censorship of the nature of these vaccines, and in my opinion are accessories to wrongful death.

The single greatest implication is that once we succeed in opening up the Overton window of allowed discourse on this topic, and the majority of the population gains the knowledge of what has happened, we will witness an incredible loss of trust in our institutions.

At a bare minimum, the NIH, CDC, FDA and Health and Human Services need to be razed and built up again anew. In addition, the politicians involved, the unwitting doctors who pushed this vaccine program, University Administrators-departments and the media-tech complex have all lost the trust of the public, will need to rethink their institutions and governance structures, will have much to answer for in the coming years.


Originally published at Who is Robert Malone. Photo by Olia Danilevich.

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New York Times Accused of ‘Normalizing’ Cannibalism After Publishing ‘Sick’ Essay

New York Times Accused of ‘Normalizing’ Cannibalism After Publishing ‘Sick’ Essay

Cannibalism “has a time and a place,” according to a recent New York Times piece that was blasted for “normalizing” human consumption.

In an essay published in the New York Times on Saturday — titled “A Taste for Cannibalism?” — writer Alex Beggs discussed recent media involving cannibalism.

“A spate of recent stomach-churning books, TV shows and films suggests we’ve never looked so delicious — to one another,” she wrote.

“Turns out, cannibalism has a time and a place,” she added, noting that recently published books and media hint “that time is now.”

Beggs cited several examples of this trend, including the dystopian Showtime series Yellowjackets, which follows the lives of a girls’ soccer team that crash lands in the Canadian wilderness, where the girls spend about a year separated from modern society. 

During their isolation, the girls form Lord of the Flies-style feral clans and resort to cannibalism.

The pilot episode depicts a trapped teenage girl who “bled out like a deer and served on a platter in a terrifying ritual.”

“The show’s tension is in the knowledge that you know cannibalism is coming, but when? And why?” Beggs wrote.

The series’ co-creator, Ashley Lyle, offered her own insight into what might be “fueling the desire for cannibalism stories today.” 

“I think that we’re obviously in a very strange moment,” she said, noting the coronavirus pandemic, climate change, school shootings, and the country’s current political state as possible factors.

“I feel like the unthinkable has become the thinkable,” Lyle added, “and cannibalism is very much squarely in that category of the unthinkable.”

In one episode, there was a subtle attempt to support abortion mill operators by depicting a young woman backing out of an amateur abortion because she feared she could die without professional assistance.

Beggs also cited Fresh, a gory cannibal movie released on Hulu in March about a doctor that dismembers and eats women, as well as the novel Lapvona published in June, which “portrays cannibalism in a medieval village overcome by plague and drought.”

The novel’s author, Ottessa Moshfegh, posed her theory that cannibalism “might be an antidote to the actual horror of what’s happening to the planet.”

Admitting her work is “a bit disturbing” even to her, Moshfegh said she “had to think about what part of the body would be an interesting place to start and how it would feel to hold someone’s severed hand in yours.”

Beggs also listed the 2020 book Tender Is the Flesh, which “imagines a future society that farms humans like cattle,” and Raw, a film that “tells the story of a vegetarian veterinary student whose taste for meat escalates after consuming raw offal.”

Another soon-to-be-released film, Bones and All, is about a “young love that becomes a lust for human consumption.” 

“A fascination with cannibalism, perhaps not surprisingly, can toe a fine line,” Beggs wrote.

Beggs noted that for Chelsea Summers, author of A Certain Hunger — which tells of a restaurant critic who craves human flesh — the eating of human flesh can be seen as a way to hold on to a former relationship.

“More generally, Ms. Summers thinks that the recent spate of cannibalistic plots could also be commentaries on capitalism,” she adds.

In response to the piece, Twitter users blasted the attempt to “normalize” the consumption of human flesh.

“So now the Leftists running the @NYTIMES think cannibalism is hip,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton wrote.

“@NYTIMES, taking a break from promoting the mass killing of the unborn through abortion, promotes cannibalism,” he wrote in another tweet.

“Stop. Normalizing. Cannibalism,” political commentator Ian Miles Cheong wrote.

“Post-Christian culture seems a lot like pre-Christian culture,” columnist Jon Gabriel wrote.

“WTH are you even saying right now? Between normalizing pedos and now cannibalism, when [can we] expect your promotion of a live  PURGE night?” radio host Monica Matthews asked.

“First they encourage you to go vegan, and then…,” political commentator Suzanne Evans wrote.

“Western ‘Liberalism’ on its next logical step,” author Sankrant Sanu wrote.

“WTF??? Why is the New York Times promoting Cannibalism?” one Twitter user asked.

“Communism, pedophilia, and cannibalism… What’s going on with the writers at the New York Times?” another Twitter user asked, adding, “Sick stuff coming out of there.”

In 2019, Swedish behavioral scientist Magnus Söderlund suggested that eating other people after they die could be a means of combating climate change.

The scientist mentioned the possibility of embracing cannibalism during a broadcast on Swedish television channel TV4 about a fair in Stockholm regarding “food of the future”.

The same year, Newsweek suggested that because cannibalism is found throughout the animal kingdom, perhaps it is time for humans to rethink the “ultimate taboo” against eating human flesh.

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WHO Boss Tedros Officially Declares Monkeypox a Global Emergency

WHO Boss Tedros Officially Declares Monkeypox a Global Emergency

LONDON (AP) – The chief of the World Health Organization said the expanding monkeypox outbreak in more than 70 countries is an “extraordinary” situation that now qualifies as a global emergency, a declaration Saturday that could spur further investment in treating the once-rare disease and worsen the scramble for scarce vaccines.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus made the decision to issue the declaration despite a lack of consensus among members of WHO’s emergency committee. It was the first time the chief of the UN health agency has taken such an action.

“We have an outbreak that has spread around the world rapidly through new modes of transmission about which we understand too little and which meets the criteria in the international health regulations,” Tedros said.

“I know this has not been an easy or straightforward process and that there are divergent views among the members” of the committee, he added.

Although monkeypox has been established in parts of central and west Africa for decades, it was not known to spark large outbreaks beyond the continent or to spread widely among people until May, when authorities detected dozens of epidemics in Europe, North America, and elsewhere.

Declaring a global emergency means the monkeypox outbreak is an “extraordinary event” that could spill over into more countries and requires a coordinated global response. WHO previously declared emergencies for public health crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2014 West African Ebola outbreak, the Zika virus in Latin America in 2016 and the ongoing effort to eradicate polio.

The emergency declaration mostly serves as a plea to draw more global resources and attention to an outbreak. Past announcements had mixed impact, given that the U.N. health agency is largely powerless in getting countries to act.

Last month, WHO’s expert committee said the worldwide monkeypox outbreak did not yet amount to an international emergency, but the panel convened this week to reevaluate the situation.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 16,000 cases of monkeypox have been reported in 74 countries since about May. To date, monkeypox deaths have only been reported in Africa, where a more dangerous version of the virus is spreading, mainly in Nigeria and Congo.

In Africa, monkeypox mainly spreads to people from infected wild animals like rodents, in limited outbreaks that typically have not crossed borders. In Europe, North America and elsewhere, however, monkeypox is spreading among people with no links to animals or recent travel to Africa.

WHO’s top monkeypox expert, Dr Rosamund Lewis, said this week that 99% of all the monkeypox cases beyond Africa were in men and that of those, 98 per cent involved men who have sex with men. Experts suspect the monkeypox outbreaks in Europe and North America were spread via sex at two raves in Belgium and Spain.

“Although I am declaring a public health emergency of international concern for the moment, this is an outbreak that is concentrated among men who have sex with men, especially those with multiple sexual partners,” Tedros said. “That means that this is an outbreak that can be stopped with the right strategies in the right groups.”

WHO’s emergencies chief, Michael Ryan, explained what preceded the director-general’s decision.:

“[Tedros] found that the committee did not reach a consensus, despite having a very open, very useful, very considered debate on the issues, and that since he’s not going against the committee, what he’s recognizing is that there are deep complexities in this issue,” Ryan said. “There are uncertainties on all sides. And he’s reflecting that uncertainty and his determination of the event” to be a global emergency.

Before Saturday’s announcement, Michael Head, a senior research fellow in global health at Southampton University, said it was surprising WHO hadn’t already declared monkeypox a global emergency, explaining that the conditions were arguably met weeks ago.

Some experts had questioned whether such a declaration would help, arguing the disease isn’t severe enough to warrant the attention and that rich countries battling monkeypox already have the funds to do so; most people recover without needing medical attention, although the lesions may be painful.

“I think it would be better to be proactive and overreact to the problem instead of waiting to react when it’s too late,” Head said. He added that WHO’s emergency declaration could help donors like the World Bank make funds available to stop the outbreaks both in the West and in Africa, where animals are the likely natural reservoir of monkeypox.

In the U.S., some experts have speculated whether monkeypox might be on the verge of becoming an entrenched sexually transmitted disease in the country, like gonorrhoea, herpes, and HIV.

“The bottom line is we’ve seen a shift in the epidemiology of monkeypox where there’s now widespread, unexpected transmission,” said Dr. Albert Ko, a professor of public health and epidemiology at Yale University. “There are some genetic mutations in the virus that suggest why that may be happening, but we do need a globally-coordinated response to get it under control,” he said.

Ko called for testing to be immediately scaled up rapidly, saying that similar to the early days of COVID-19, that there were significant gaps in surveillance.

“The cases we are seeing are just the tip of the iceberg,” he said. “The window has probably closed for us to quickly stop the outbreaks in Europe and the U.S., but it’s not too late to stop monkeypox from causing huge damage to poorer countries without the resources to handle it.”

In the U.S., some experts have speculated that monkeypox might become entrenched there as the newest sexually transmitted disease, with officials estimating that 1.5 million men are at high risk of being infected.

Dr Placide Mbala, a virologist who directs the global health department at Congo’s Institute of National Biomedical Research, said he hoped any global efforts to stop monkeypox would be equitable. Although countries including Britain, Canada, Germany and the U.S. have ordered millions of vaccine doses, none have gone to Africa.

“The solution needs to be global,” Mbala said, adding that any vaccines sent to Africa would be used to target those at highest risk, like hunters in rural areas.

“Vaccination in the West might help stop the outbreak there, but there will still be cases in Africa,” he said. “Unless the problem is solved here, the risk to the rest of the world will remain.”

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Here We Go Again? WHO Looks Set to Declare Monkeypox a ‘Global Health Emergency’

Here We Go Again? WHO Looks Set to Declare Monkeypox a ‘Global Health Emergency’

(AFP) – Faced with a surge in monkeypox cases, the head of the World Health Organization is Saturday expected to declare if the agency has decided to classify the outbreak as a global health emergency — the highest alarm it can sound.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus will address a virtual press conference at 1300 GMT, the WHO announced in a statement late Friday.

It did not reveal what would be announced.

Monkeypox has affected over 15,800 people in 72 countries, according to a tally by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published on July 20.

A surge in monkeypox infections has been reported since early May outside the West and Central African countries where the disease has long been endemic.

On June 23, the WHO convened an emergency committee (EC) of experts to decide if monkeypox constitutes a so-called Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) — the UN health agency’s highest alert level.

But a majority advised the Tedros that the situation, at that point, had not met the threshold.

The second meeting was called on Thursday with case numbers rising further, where Tedros said he was worried.

“I need your advice in assessing the immediate and mid-term public health implications,” Tedros told the meeting, which lasted more than six hours.

A U.S. health expert sounded a grim warning late Friday.

“Since the last #monkeypox EC just weeks ago we’ve seen an exponential rise in cases. It’s inevitable that cases will dramatically rise in the coming weeks & months. That’s why @DrTedros must sound the global alarm,” Lawrence Gostin, the director of the WHO Collaborating Center on National and Global Health Law, said on Twitter.

“A failure to act will have grave consequences for global health.”

Warning against discrimination 

A viral infection resembling smallpox and first detected in humans in 1970, monkeypox is less dangerous and contagious than smallpox, which was eradicated in 1980.

Ninety-five per cent of cases have been transmitted through sexual activity, according to a study of 528 people in 16 countries published in the New England Journal of Medicine — the largest research to date.

Overall, 98 per cent of infected people were gay or bisexual men, and around a third were known to have visited sex-on-site venues such as sex parties or saunas within the previous month.

“This transmission pattern represents both an opportunity to implement targeted public health interventions, and a challenge because in some countries, the communities affected face life-threatening discrimination,” Tedros said, citing concern that stigma and scapegoating could make the outbreak harder to track.

“I am acutely aware that any decision I take regarding the possible determination of a Public Health Emergency of International Concern involves the consideration of many factors, with the ultimate goal of protecting public health,” he added.

The European Union’s drug watchdog on Friday recommended for approval the use of Imnavex, a smallpox vaccine, to treat monkeypox.

Imvanex, developed by Danish drugmaker Bavarian Nordic, has been approved in the EU since 2013 for the prevention of smallpox.

It was also considered a potential vaccine for monkeypox because of the similarity between the monkeypox virus and the smallpox virus.

The first symptoms of monkeypox are fever, headaches, muscle pain and back pain during the course of five days.

Rashes subsequently appear on the face, the palms of hands and soles of feet, followed by lesions, spots and finally scabs.

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Many seasonal flu viruses can be classified as pandemic influenza – WHO

Investigative journalists Deborah Cohen and Philip Carter state that the WHO changed the definition of an influenza pandemic by excluding reference to the words “with enormous
numbers of deaths and illness.”

What the article fails to state is that the WHO made two changes; the
second change was to drop the requirement for a new sub-type with a simple
reassortant virus meaning that many seasonal flu viruses could be
classified as pandemic influenza.

A search of online web archives reveals that the WHO website had the
erased definition dating back to at least January 2003 through to July
2008. [1]

“An influenza pandemic occurs when a new influenza virus appears
against which the human population has no immunity, resulting in several,
simultaneous epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and
illness. … When a major change in either one or both of their surface
proteins occurs spontaneously, no one will have partial or full immunity
against infection because it is a completely new virus. If this new virus
also has the capacity to spread from person-to-person, then a pandemic
will occur.”

Seroprevalence studies emerging show that substantial protions of
society had pre-existing protective antibody levels across age groups. A
new scientific study shows the full effect of Pandemic Influenza H1N1 in
New Zealand in 2009

The Ministry commissioned study, conducted by Environmental Science
and Research (ESR), estimates that 1.26 million or 29% of New Zealanders
were immune to the pandemic influenza virus by March this year. [2]

About 480,000 people had some immunity prior to last year’s pandemic
wave, mostly in the older age groups. An additional 780,000 were estimated
to have been infected during 2009. The highest rate of infection during
2009 was in school age children – where one in three children were
affected. Almost half of those infected showed no obvious symptoms.

14 percent of New Zealand school aged children had pre-existing
antibodies to the 2009 H1N1 virus.

If the WHO guidelines in effect at the time that the 2009 H1N1
influenza virus was identified in the USA in April 2009 then it would
never have been declared a pandemic as it was not a new sub-type, was not
causing enormous numbers of deaths and illness, and a significant number
of people had already been exposed to an immunogenically similar virus.

The fact that only one vaccination was required for all but young
children is another sign that this was not an immunogenically novel virus.*/

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Graham “Hoody” Hood — The Courageous Pilot

Graham “Hoody” Hood — The Courageous Pilot

Reluctant heroes are usually the best ones. He was perfect for this job, because he didn’t want it. Erstwhile Qantas pilot Graham Hood shared his life’s story of trauma, loss, salvation, healing and renewal.

Last week my husband and I attended a rally at our local church. It was thrown together with haste, yet with great success. Attended by some 250-plus people on a rainy day, the drawcard was a man, his wife and a story of hope.

Graham (Hoody) Hood rose to prominence during the COVID-19 crisis of lockdowns, coercive vaccination and eroded freedoms that we have all lived under these past couple of years.

Graham Hood was a Qantas pilot, who, after being told that he would lose his job should he not agree to be vaccinated, had the strength and moral character to stand and say “No”. Not just to vaccination, but to government tyranny, corporate self-interest and the sheer bloody-mindedness of bureaucrats falling in line across the world, who made decisions that to this day remain at the very least controversial, at the most unconscionable.

Graham Hood is made of tough stuff. He would not go passively into the darkness, tail between his legs, but chose to stand for the freedom past generations laid down their lives to obtain for us.

So, he made a video, a poem of defiance. He shook his fist and proclaimed, “What are we doing?” That simple video made him a hero to so many people who had no voice and were losing hope quickly.

We listened to his story, the good and the bad, and came away knowing he has been in many ways ‘a man of grief, acquainted with sorrows’. If he reads this, I think he could well bow his head, thinking he was not worthy of those words — I disagree. Jesus said, “Let he who wishes to follow me take up His cross daily.” Graham and Michelle Hood do this, and humbly.


As the rain pelted down on the tin roof, one of Graham’s friends, David Stojcic, explained how it had become necessary to find a new venue or two.

Newcastle City Council, after taking the booking of City Hall — which holds approximately 800 people — cancelled. A spokesperson quoted clause 18-4 of the hire agreement: Newcastle City Hall is an iconic venue and prides itself on welcoming a variety of family-friendly events, promoting the well-being of the community. “We reserve the right to cancel the agreement for any socially harmful activity or activity harmful to the community’s well-being. Graham Hood’s appearance at our venue contravenes the above conditions.”

Newcastle City Council… because of them, Newcastle has become a member of the Smart City initiative. God help us.

It appears Graham Hood is a dangerous man. Dangerous because he speaks the truth, he and his wife are people of integrity. When invited to speak at freedom rallies and events, people have often said, “We really like you, but don’t talk about God.” His response? Stuff it.

Identity in Christ

He spoke about the exhilaration of flying, up there in the rarefied air, coming down to earth. He considers it a stepping-stone to where he is now. At age 70, he graduated recently with a university degree to prepare for what’s happening around us.

People have often described him as clever; he shrugs this off, saying, “We are not defined by how we earn our living, but by who we are in Christ.” For most of his life, he didn’t want to know about Jesus. He came to faith through a corporate denomination, whom he says has for the most part sadly let us all down.

Graham said:

“I put no stock in religion; what God requires is our heart and mind through the cross; without it, we’re nothing. Brothers and sisters, love and compassion wins. Different faiths don’t matter, but bonding and the building of unity in faith in God.”

He then encouraged us to turn around, say hello and give somebody a hug.

“Locked in fake social isolation, we lost this. The atmosphere of fear kept us apart, suspicious and compliant. Tyranny, loss of freedoms, therefore freedom of choice or free will. We were never meant to live like this. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. He whom the Son sets free is free indeed. Freedom itself has been persecuted.”

Dark Times

He spoke candidly about his life before coming to Christ, about being stuck in addiction to pornography, which gutted him on the inside. The trappings of success were on display in his life, but he had a gaping hole in his soul. He spoke of his dad being a hard man, and his mum at times being subjugated.

Caught in a desperately unhappy marriage, he was trapped in a cycle, taking his destiny away from him. He had suicidal thoughts and had already penned a day in his diary to end his life, and “get even with those he left behind.”

At that time, his daughter was a ballerina and lived in Cairo. In a phone conversation, she informed him she was becoming Muslim and marrying. He was pretty much aghast. Her reply was, “Before you criticise me and my choices, what about you? What do you believe in, Dad?”

He thought about it for a week, deeply. At the end of the week, his answer was, “I think there must be a God, but religion is conducted by men who really stink at it.” He then went back to normal.

However, he asserted there must be a God; he argued with himself about it, hands to the sky, saying, ‘I can’t do this anymore.’ He phoned his daughter and she asked if he was OK. He answered, “I have to get out of the marriage, I’m going to get my affairs fixed and in order and build a shack in the bush.” And so, he did. His divorce was painful, and his kids suffered, but it had to be.

Love at First Sight

One day he boarded a flight to Perth. He told an amusing story about waiting in line to go to the toilet. The stewardess told him, “You can’t go in there yet, there’s a lady in here, but she’s worth waiting for.” A few minutes later, a beautiful lady opened the door, smiled and said, “Are you the man who made the announcements?” He smiled and said, ‘Yes, I am.’ She replied, “Well, thanks for making us feel safe.”

They talked for a while and when he went back to the cockpit, his copilot asked what kept him. He answered, “I’ve just fallen in love.” He met her at the 11th hour, and turned his life around: “A life that exploded with relevance and hope for the future.” His wife introduced him to Jesus in 2006.

He likens life to a 10,000-piece jigsaw — you pull the pieces out and try to find the corners and the straight edges, but Jesus is the master puzzler. “We always want to be in control, but Jesus reached in and picked me up. Jesus put me where I fit. When we’re in control, we jam a piece in, and it buckles, all the pieces stress, uncomfortable, and not in the right place. It was like Jesus had said to me, ‘Now can I put you in the right place?’ God lets you go to the edge with free will, then He introduces His will.”

Healing and Renewal

When he and Michelle talked and examined what they wanted out of life, each other’s dreams overlapped. Michelle had been spiritually abused, but part of her healing was that she wanted to return to the church where she sustained that abuse and be baptised there. She asked Graham if he would come. He said he would, if only to be her bodyguard. He recalls how in that service the minister preached to him, specifically for him it seemed. He asked Michelle if she had said anything to the minister about him, and she replied, “No.”

When they were leaving, the minister spoke to him on the way out and asked him a few questions. Hoody was coy and it took a while to actually admit he was a Qantas pilot. Amazingly, the minister said, “Wow, I used to work at the airport in maintenance, do you know such-and-such?”

“I do,” replied Hoody. So began a relationship with the church. Six weeks later they married and were baptised on the same day. Since then, he and Michelle have been involved in lay ministry, counselling broken people involved in addiction, broken relationships and loss of hope. They are servants of God, make no mistake. Their faith is real, and they live it proudly, openly and without apology for who they are and what they believe in.

Brave New World

Graham went on:

“That was the past, but what about now? Freedom, liberty of conscience; 100,000 Aussies died for that freedom. We have a system set up to break down the family unit. Call them the Illuminati, the elite; their purpose is to take men down, it’s their game plan. Political correctness, the definition of a woman; there’s less of God, the darker it’s getting. All allowed to happen on our watch.

“Freedom was eroded for us to comply. We need to be building better communities, connecting together in compassion and in love. Separate what faith is, to corporate religion, because it has let us down. We have the good news of the Gospel; compare religion, denomination, theology to Jesus who came and He’s able to save.

“Our definition of heroes has been redefined into sporting greats and such. The hero is you, standing up for freedom even when you’ve lost family homes, job security; heroes go on regardless defending the defenceless.”

“You see, nowadays men have never been taught, they are criticised and demonised. Most are little boys in grown men’s bodies; it’s a truism, and our system is set up to fail them. Real heroes create an atmosphere where women and children feel safe. Four times more men take their lives compared to women. Seven times more women talk about it. We start broken. God knows how broken we are, so stop trying to cover it up. We’re all broken.”

Hoody quoted Galatians 1:10 —

For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man?
If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ

He and Michelle have a property where they have counselled men, addicts and couples.

He asks a question to the men: “Would you like your daughter to marry a man like you?” Defects are exposed, and healing comes in.

Terrible History

He goes on to explain how we got here — men, in particular.

Men lost their way during the Industrial Revolution. The industrial/military complex, owned by wealthy men sent them off to the coal mines and foundries. Subjected to accidents and ‘dusting’, they often died young.

World War I, with its destruction, shattered families; there were many broken lives due to their father figure being eliminated or scarred deeply. World War II was created by Germany being starved to death by reparations demanded by the League of Nations, the forerunner off the United Nations. The cycle has been repeated in every war since then.

Filling the Breach

Role models must be re-established. Men must be able to say, “It’s okay, son. I’m here.” It must be generational. Broken families and one-parent families are all too common; there is a gaping wound in society. The struggles with the dysfunction of families and marriages must be addressed. God’s grace and mercy fills so many gaping wounds. Love covers a multitude of sins. Reconciliation is never too late, or too early.

Hoody spoke of his oft-troubled relationship with his dad. His parent’s marriage was far from perfect. He recalls the abject horror of witnessing his dad shaving his mother’s hair, with his brother’s help, for the offence of dyeing her hair black. It wounded him deeply.

He became addicted to pornography, when, at the age of twelve he discovered a Playboy magazine in his family caravan. Filled with shame after the encounter, he felt dirty, but had nowhere to turn.

He recalled his father’s expectations and backhanded compliments on his achievements: “I’ll be proud of you when…” Nothing quite lived up to Dad’s measuring stick.

After his father witnessed Hoody’s new life, sustained over many years, they had a father-to-son chat, where Hoody asked his dad if he was ready to accept Jesus. “I reckon I am, son.”

So, dad was born again. About three months later dad slipped into a coma-like state. When Graham and Michelle arrived, they were told he was unresponsive. But Graham saw a reaction when dad heard his voice. Going to his bedside, he took his hand and said, “I know you’re scared, Dad, but just one more sleep and you’ll be at peace. I really love you, Dad. I honour you. You’ve been the best father.” His dad reached up with his hand, and soon after slipped into God’s eternal embrace.

What Now?

Hoody’s philosophy continues to be God and family-centred.

“Everything needs to be established, said and done when the sons are young. When we are old, if we’ve done our job, we need to hear, ‘Thank you, Dad, you did a great job.’ We need to re-establish the cycle of manhood, being strong and courageous, establishing love and trust in manhood.

“Whether it’s standing against a needle or some other principle, we need to say, ‘We will not be bought or sold.’ The last election showed how we have compromised. The country chose lattes over freedom. Look at the Anzac Day disgrace: cenotaphs were open to politicians and bureaucrats, not the Diggers, to our shame. We have to plant the flag and live by it.

“Our lives are a rich tapestry, but with some dark threads. But God knows and makes beauty from them if we let Him.”

A Question-and-Answer session followed his talk. So did a call for the men present to Stand for Freedom and commitment to family and country. (80% stood and made their way forward in a show of commitment and solidarity.) Then came the call for Salvation. Some 15-20 people came forward and were led in the prayer of salvation by Ps. Col Grigg. Particularly poignant was a little white-haired lady, in her 80s making her way forward to accept Jesus Christ as her Saviour.

There was no shame in Hoody’s words, no weakness. Just his consuming passion for the Amazing Grace of God.

I’m a child of the late 50s and watched Robin Hood as a child. Was he a fictional character, steeped in myth, based on fact? Who knows? One line of the theme song resonates with me after meeting Graham Hood: Feared by the bad, loved by the good.

If you want to bring the Bible into it, think of David, anointed by God, pursued by King Saul. He hid in the cave of Adullam, and there he was joined by a band of disgruntled, disaffected and fed-up people. Out of this bunch came David’s Mighty Men of valour. More than that, they became a community and a family, a band of brothers.

Perhaps that’s our enemy’s greatest fear. Our unity.


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