Urgent Security Council Meeting Sanctions North Korea, the U.S. in Confrontation with China and Russia

Urgent Security Council Meeting Sanctions North Korea, the U.S. in Confrontation with China and Russia

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The U.N. Security Council held an emergency meeting after North Korea launched a series of ballistic missiles. The United States emphasized that it would strengthen sanctions against North Korea through a new resolution. Yet China and Russia are considering the relaxation of sanctions, and the United States is in confrontation with China and Russia.

On May 11, the United Nations Security Council held an emergency meeting at the request of the United States in response to North Korea’s repeated ballistic missile launches. As a result, the U.S. drafted a new resolution to strengthen sanctions against North Korea. U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Thomas Greenfield said, the Security Council can no longer remain silent, and the sanctions resolution needs to be communicated to all members of the Council as soon as possible. Greenfield said we could not sit back and wait for provocative and dangerous acts such as North Korea’s nuclear test, calling for the resolution to be adopted as soon as possible. In addition, Greenfield accused China and Russia of “blocking all sanctions resolutions against North Korea for the past four years, equivalent to giving North Korea a free pass to its illegal behavior. In response, Chinese Communist Party Ambassador to the United Nations Zhang Jun said, “The United States fetishizes the magical power of sanctions, and U.S. resolutions are not the appropriate way to deal with the current situation on the Korean Peninsula.” Communist China, along with Russia, has advocated easing sanctions against North Korea, and the United States has confronted China and Russia. 

Japanese Ambassador to the United Nations Ishikane strongly criticized North Korea’s repeated ballistic missile launches and said, “North Korea is taking advantage of the U.N. Security Council’s less-than-tough response to accelerating its nuclear weapons development.” Ishikane stressed that it is now even more critical for the Security Council to respond quickly and consistently.

Regarding the new resolution submitted by the United States, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said at a morning press conference, “We strongly condemn North Korea’s launch of ballistic missiles and firmly support the new Security Council resolution proposed by the United States. Furthermore, the series of nuclear missiles launched by North Korea, the activity seriously threatens the peace and security of the international community and repeatedly violates the resolutions of the U.N. Security Council. Therefore, we cannot discuss easing sanctions.”

Matsuno said, “I hope the UNSC will work together to fulfill its responsibilities. We will continue to closely monitor the movement of the UNSC in response to the North Korean issue and work with the U.S. and other international communities to urge North Korea to comply with all of its obligations under UNSC resolutions.

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