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James Perloff returns to SGT Report to expose the United Nations Agenda 2030 New World Order World Economic Forum plan for 15-minute gulags where human freedom will go to die.

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Keeping, or Losing, Our Faith in Climate Change

Does climate change? If so, why? Is there really a climate crisis? If there isn’t, then why do so many believe there is? Is climate change a religion?

In drafting this essay, I have drawn heavily on my own training and experience as a teacher of meteorology and my own research in the 1960s and 1970s, when the scientific community was seen to seek the truth without the bias of pushing specific agendas. With my background in these things, I offer you what I believe to be a balanced and factual argument that the concept of climate change, previously known as global warming, has become a religion.

Today, there is so much commentary on climate change, so much so that I think that the majority of us accept that climate change is an inconvenient truth, and trust that those in power are getting on with fixing it. Is that it? Surely, if that’s true, we don’t need another essay!

But I think we do! In this essay, I would like to shine a light on some corners of the subject usually glossed over.

Does climate change? If so, why?

I believe that climate does change over time. (Remember, we are talking about climate now, not weather.) Climate is a description of the average atmospheric conditions in a specific region, taken over at least 30 years. Weather simply changes every day. In the case of Melbourne, Australia, it is said that you can experience all four seasons in one day!

A century ago, Serbian scientist Milutin Milankovitch hypothesised that the long-term, collective effects of changes in Earth’s position relative to the Sun are a strong driver of Earth’s long-term climate, and are responsible for triggering the beginning and ending of ice ages. Let me discuss his three cycles.

  1. Eccentricity of the Earth’s Orbit

Earth’s orbit around the Sun isn’t a perfect circle. Over time, the gravitational pull from the two largest planets, Jupiter and Saturn, cause the shape of Earth’s orbit to vary from nearly circular to slightly elliptical. Currently, Earth’s eccentricity is near its least elliptical (most circular) and is very slowly decreasing, in a cycle that spans about 100,000 years.

The total change in global annual insolation (energy received from the sun) due to the eccentricity cycle is very small and some will argue, insignificant; but before I go on, consider this.

The Earth’s atmospheric system is extremely complex and extraordinarily difficult to model. There are so many variables to consider. Let’s just consider one here.

The amount of ice on the Earth, on land or on oceans, correlates with the amount of insolation reflected back to space, known as the Earth’s albedo.

During ice ages, much of the Earth’s surface was covered with ice. This large coverage of white meant that the Earth’s albedo was high, with much of the incoming solar radiation received by Earth being reflected back into space without appreciably warming the atmosphere.

But if a change in the Earth’s orbit brings about a minute change in the insolation received — for example, just a little bit more heat, barely enough to measure — it could be enough to melt an ice cap or two just a little bit, barely enough to measure. The Earth’s albedo decreases, just a little bit. Then, more of the incoming insolation is retained as heating, melting a bit more ice, and before you know it, a positive feedback loop is set up and the ice age melts away.

As a result, a steady increase of real measurable temperatures; sea level rises from the melting ice; and plants and animals once again begin to colonise what had been the frozen rocky waste that underlay the ice.

  1. Obliquity of the Earth’s Spin

The angle of the Earth’s axis of rotation is tilted as it orbits around the Sun is known as obliquity and thus explains our seasons. Each hemisphere facing the sun has its summer and the hemisphere tilted away has its winter. As the year progresses, when the sun is directly over the equator, each hemisphere has its autumn and spring respectively.

Obliquity varies between 22.1 and 24.5 degrees with respect to Earth’s orbit. The greater the obliquity, the more extreme our seasons, as the hemisphere facing the sun receives more insolation during its summer, and less during winter when it is tilted away. It is believed that periods of greater obliquity can trigger deglaciation after an ice age, as the Earth’s albedo is reduced.

Obliquity is currently tilted at 23.4 degrees, or about halfway between its extremes, with a cycle that spans about 41,000 years. It was last at its maximum tilt about 10,700 years ago and will reach its minimum tilt about 9,800 years from now.

  1. Precession of the Earth’s axial wobble

As Earth rotates about its axis, it wobbles slightly, much like an off-centred spinning top before it falls over. This wobble is believed to be due to tidal forces caused by the gravitational influences of the Sun and Moon that cause Earth to bulge at the equator, affecting its rotation. The cycle of precession spans about 25,770 years.

The passage of precession makes the seasons more extreme in one hemisphere and less extreme in the other. Currently, this makes Southern Hemisphere summers hotter and moderates Northern Hemisphere seasons. But in about 13,000 years, precession will cause these conditions to flip.

Other climate change drivers

So far in this essay, I have not mentioned the effects of volcanic ash from eruptions, that can be carried right around the globe by high-level jet streams. These clouds of ash reflect insolation and can have a cooling effect on our climates for many years.

[A word of caution here. If you are not aware, or perhaps have forgotten, the internet is far from ‘balanced’ in the articles and websites fed to you on a search. I have noticed (and it getting worse and worse in my view) that generally government websites (whatever the country), NASA, Wikipedia and National Geographic, to name but a few, all point their readers to the doctrine that climate change is an inconvenient truth. They have no room for discussion of alternative views.]

Another contributor to climate change is the sunspot cycle of 11 years. The comings and goings of sunspots have been shown to parallel changes in the Earth’s climates, and the occurrence of the Little Ice Age, which lasted from about 1450 to 1820.

Then there is the theory that the burning of fossil fuels, coal, oil and natural gas is creating climate change. Usually, this is described as anthropogenic warming, as it is a direct effect of man’s activity. It is focussed on the extra production of carbon dioxide (CO2), which is one of the greenhouse gases that trap insolation in our atmosphere as the radiation bounces off these molecules on their way back out to space, but as a result, are returned to Earth, creating the heating effect.

One thing to remember about the theory of anthropogenic warming due to CO2 is that CO2 only makes up an extremely small proportion of our atmosphere and this is not changing significantly due to our anthropogenic activity. Our atmosphere is 78 per cent nitrogen, 21 per cent oxygen, 0.9 per cent argon, and 0.1 per cent other gases (including CO2).

However, CO2 is the most important gas for plant growth, being the only source of carbon available to them. As Jordan B. Peterson has eloquently pointed out, the globe’s food production from plants has increased thanks to the extra CO2 produced by man and the deserts have begun to shrink! Great news for mankind!

There are still more climate change drivers. For example, the distribution of continental masses around the globe resulting from plate tectonics. Their distribution influences the Earth’s albedo, as land and oceans have different coefficients of reflectivity with respect to insolation.

Other examples are gaseous and particulate pollution, cutting insolation and stimulating rainfall, to say nothing of poisoning our environment. Deforestation has a devastating impact on soil quality, to say nothing of the reduction in water vapour in the atmosphere (a great contribution to the greenhouse effect). And the impact of commercial agriculture on the atmosphere.

Our atmosphere, the weather and the climate we experience are influenced by arguably the most complex, interconnected array of variables known to man. To simplify it to anthropogenic warming and to the excess of CO2, does a gross injustice to the science.

Is there really a climate crisis?

Most media commentary, most governments’ policies and most corporations, particularly the global ones, believe that there is. Anyone who is not a believer is ridiculed, sidelined, or ignored. But does that mean that there really is a climate crisis? Or does it demonstrate something completely different?

In the second half of this essay, I am leaning heavily on a one-and-a-quarter-hour-long discussion between Amir Tsarfati and Professor Yonatan Dubi published in November 2022 — Climate Change: A New World Religion? Amir is a Jew converted to Christianity, and Yonatan describes himself as a Jew by birth but now part atheist, part agnostic.

Yonatan is a physicist who specialises in mathematical modelling. He points out that the world’s average temperature has risen by 1.1o C over the last 100 years and that sea levels have risen by 30 cm in the last 100 years. This is an interesting observation, as we would expect sea levels to rise following the Little Ice Age of 1450 to 1820, and they have. Nothing unusual here!

Globally, sea level rise is extremely variable depending on local tectonic forces. For example, the sea level on Israel’s coastline has risen 7 cm over the last 100 years. Do these rates constitute a crisis? I don’t think so.

As Yonatan points out, rates like these will give man ample time to adjust to make any necessary changes to save himself and his livelihood. For Yonatan, this is not a crisis. He also points out that the IPCC’s (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) own data shows that there has been no rise in catastrophic weather events over the last 100 years either. As we know, the mainstream media love to use each hurricane, flood, fire, or drought as evidence of climate change. They are simply stoking the fire of alarmism and fuelling the fears of climate change believers.

Is climate change a religion?

What is a religion? Extremely hard to define, I am sure you will agree, but for me, there are some core components. Belief is central, a belief in something that requires faith, without the evidence of fact. The second element for me is that the belief engenders, or creates, a unity within a community of believers. Those who don’t believe are outcasts, excluded from the community.

According to a classical sociologist, religion is a “unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things, that is to say things set apart and forbidden — beliefs and practices which unite into one single moral community called a Church, all those who adhere to them.” (Durkheim, 1915)

Amir and Yonatan build their argument that climate change is a religion. They recognise the emergence of the ‘environmental movement’ in the 1960s with the publication of the classic work Silent Spring (Rachel Carson, 1962). The core of this book targeted the use of DDT against the curse of malaria in Africa. Afterward, the banning of DDT led to the excess deaths of millions from malaria, until the Africans started using DDT again!

Amir identified the Club of Rome’s Limits to Growth, 1972, as planting the seeds of the current preoccupation with limiting economic growth as a worthy environmental response to the climate crisis. Yonatan also identified the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 as the moment that saw increasing numbers flocking to the Greenpeace movement.

At the heart of all these initiatives was the underlying belief in the planet and in the fact that the planet needed saving. The enemy that needed to be fought against was mankind. Man was no longer the pinnacle of God’s creation, but rather a curse, responsible for so much pain, misery and degradation of the planet.

So, parallel with the demise of the Judeo-Christian heritage, starting in the liberated 1960s and continuing with the destruction of Communism, culminating in the breakup of the USSR and the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the people needed a new cause around which to unite. The environment, the planet, became their new god.

So, God said, in effect, “If that’s what you want, that’s what you get.” It wasn’t long before they were living in a pigpen, smeared with filth, filthy inside and out. And all this because they traded the true God for a fake god, and worshiped the god they made instead of the God who made them — the God we bless, the God who blesses us. Oh, yes!
~ Romans 1:25 (MSG)

It seems to me that climate change has all the hallmarks of a religion. For me, the most concerning aspect of this is that their adherents have ‘set aside’ their rational, enquiring, eager-to-learn minds, that naturally question and debate; for blind belief, faith, in what their leaders tell them. Their singular target is simply our individual carbon footprint, that is, the amount of CO2 that can be attributed to each one of us. So, believers simply must make the sacrifices necessary to bring this impact down. The more we save, individually, the more pious we are and the higher up the religious hierarchy we go!

Do not be deceived!

The climate change religion is very deceiving. It is so easy to become unwitting converts, as so much of it is obviously sensible. Let’s consider a few examples. Overfishing the oceans will swell our profits for today, but deplete the harvest for future generations — our children and grandchildren.

Clear-felling and burning our native forests send precious resources up in smoke, destroying the natural habitat for innumerable species of plants, animals and birds, to say nothing of the potential for cooling the planet due to increased smoke cover in the upper atmosphere.

Intensive commercial farming is over-reliant on artificial fertiliser. It degrades the soil, depleting the carbon content, and increases the risk of soil erosion by wind and or flood, not to mention the dangers of salinisation, as salt may be brought to the surface by evaporation, rendering the land unusable by future generations.

3 As Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives,
the disciples came to Him privately.
“Tell us,” they said, “when will this happen,
and what will be the sign of Your coming and of the end of the age?”

Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you.
For many will come in My name,
claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many.
You will hear of wars and rumours of wars,
but see to it that you are not alarmed.
Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.
Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.
There will be famines and earthquakes in various places.
All these are the beginning of birth pains.”
~ Matthew 24:3-8 (my underlining).

I believe that the climate change religion can easily deceive us. Stage one, we believe the rhetoric, because we can’t see any alternative narrative as censorship has effectively outlawed alternative perspectives.

Stage two, we subconsciously accommodate the new religion into our current faith and moral practices. Finally, stage three, we can no longer recognise the new religion that has taken up residence within us and makes it normal for us to outcast any, including our family or community, who don’t share our beliefs. We take on the mores that preach the moral virtue of ‘for the greater good’, even though it flies in the face of the fact that each one of us, has been individually, fearfully and wonderfully made by God (Psalm 139:14).

More and more layers of red paint!

Yonatan described a wonderful analogy of more and more layers of red paint. He compares the impact of increasing the parts per million of CO2 in our atmosphere due to the burning of fossil fuels to adding layers of paint to a fence.

When we paint a fence with red paint, the first layer will look pretty anaemic as the original material or colour will be bound to show through. So, we put on another coat of paint, then another and perhaps a fourth.

By now each additional layer simply makes the paint layer thicker; it does not change the colour. Yonatan is saying that reducing the parts per million of CO2, as the climate change religion desires, will have as negligible an effect as taking off one layer of red paint from our fence. The fence will still look red!

So, imagine the destruction of all the economies right across the globe. Imagine the impact on the poorest people. Imagine the wealth gap widening even more as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. And all for what? An immeasurable impact on the planet’s climates!

I can only see one benefit from all this. The rich elite, who have designed this new religion, do very well, thank you! The rest of us become the new feudal society of serfs, serving our new masters for their every pleasure.

Be nice to your neighbours

Let me conclude on a positive note.

15  Your hands are full of blood!

16 Wash and make yourselves clean.
Take your evil deeds out of My sight;
stop doing wrong.
17 Learn to do right; seek justice.
Defend the oppressed.
Take up the cause of the fatherless;
plead the case of the widow.

18 “Come now, let us settle the matter,”
says the Lord.
“Though your sins are like scarlet,
they shall be as white as snow;
though they are red as crimson,
they shall be like wool.”
~ Isaiah 1:15b-18

I commend the whole of this chapter to you, but what does the writer say here? To recognise that we might have been deceived into thinking and doing wrong. Then to do right, to seek justice, defend the oppressed, and take up the cause of the fatherless and plead the cause of the widow (v17).

I can think of no better analogy than that we should be:

… the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.
~ Matthew 5:13

Let’s be nice to our neighbours. Let’s be responsible to the environment, while remembering that it is our decisions, our responsibility as citizens that counts, not the edicts and demands of external authorities. If there is no clearly argued good reason for doing something, there is no clearly argued good reason for doing something!


Photo by Markus Spiske.

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Excess Death Spike Now Seen Simultaneously in 30 Western Nations

Data from across the Western world shows an unusual excess death spike that demands an explanation.

At least 30 Western nations are experiencing a coincidental spike in excess deaths years after the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to statistics from national databases.

Examples of the national data in question have been circulating for months on social media. This week, up-to-date statistics were collated and summarised by Covid commentator Dr John Campbell. A retired Ph.D. nurse educator from northern England, Campbell has had over 600 million views on his popular YouTube channel.

Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand, as well as 25 European countries or subnational regions, all have rising excess mortality data showing hundreds of thousands of collective excess deaths during the latter half of 2022.

“I think we are in somewhat of an international emergency,” the usually understated Campbell tells viewers in his most recent video.

Despite heavy interest from the legacy press in daily deaths during the pandemic, mainstream news outlets are yet to show any interest in the highly unusual spike in worldwide excess mortality.

What the Excess Death Statistics Say

In the United States, excess deaths throughout 2022 total more than 242,000, per CDC and census data. According to Campbell, this is the opposite of what should be expected since so many of the nation’s vulnerable already died during the pandemic and immunity should be higher now than in recent years.

Excess mortality also remains high in Canada, though currently, Statistics Canada only provides data until August 2022.

In Australia, the most recent provisional mortality statistics show almost 20,000 more deaths than the historical average — a 16% spike. Less than half of these, or 8,160, are attributable to Covid-19. The remainder are yet unexplained, though a significant number have been referred to coroners.

New Zealand has seen a 10% rise in deaths between 2021 and 2022 per StatsNZ data.

Excess Death Data in the UK and Europe

Statistics bureaus in the United Kingdom are releasing particularly worrisome data. During a single week in January, almost 20,000 deaths were recorded, or 20.4% more than the historical average. As Campbell points out, in raw numbers that week more UK citizens died than there were victims in the 2001 World Trade Centre terrorist attack, yet the press has responded with “a deafening silence”.

As elsewhere, in the UK, Covid-19 cases and hospitalisations are going down and intensive care admissions remain low, even as excess deaths are up, indicating that the vast majority of these excess deaths are not attributable to Covid-19. Indeed, only 5.3% of UK deaths involve Covid-19, per the Office for National Statistics.

According to EuroMOMO data, all-cause mortality is significantly up in 25 European nations or subnational regions. Elevated levels of excess mortality are seen in all age groups compared to average levels from before 2020.

Excess Deaths and the Bradford Hill criteria

In summarising the worldwide data trend, Campbell refers to the Bradford Hill criteria, a set of principles widely used in epidemiology to establish a causal relationship between an effect and its presumed cause.

According to Campbell, the Bradford Hill criteria has been met in the excess deaths fiasco, though he stops short of naming the probable cause for fear of violating YouTube’s so-called COVID-19 medical misinformation policy.

“I really hope this stops soon,” Campbell laments, adding, “But even if it did stop tomorrow, this demands an explanation.”

Image via Unsplash.

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Zero Trust Access

thecrowhouse – January 13th, 2023

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These people think we are stupid for not wanting to be vaxxed. Here is what they are dealing with…

Jim Crenshaw – January 12th, 2023

Well you are quite the trained but not educated smug asshole Mr. Cox are you not? Said “if you are dumb enough to believe the random guy on YouTube (would that be the CEO of Pfizer?) who tells you mRNA vaccines changes your DNA then perhaps that is precisely what you need”… it would appear that as Tiktok influencers, you two have been greatly Covid media and bullshit influenced?

I understand that you and pinky there may be having some problems. Is her hair still pink or has it all fallen out from the chemo? If you are dumb enough to believe that those shit shots they are pumping into you will help you health wise…perhaps that is precisely what you need. After all they have certainly done her some good right?

No tears here. The sooner you die, the less you can help to harm. Get your boosters you vax pushing asshole. You are taking part in a genocide. You are part of why children are being murdered.
Source: bootcamp: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/HcR3pLdZtqqE/

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Robert Kennedy Jr Launches Landmark Legacy Media Lawsuit Over COVID-19 Censorship

Anthony Fauci critic Robert F. Kennedy Jr has launched a landmark lawsuit challenging mainstream media for its blanket censorship of COVID-19 content.

The 68-year-old son of slain 1968 Democrat Presidential hopeful, Bobby Kennedy, along with eleven other plaintiffs, filed the lawsuit on Wednesday against The Washington Post, BBC, Associated Press, and Reuters, demanding trial by jury.

Documents presented to the court, and subsequently made available by the Children’s Health Defense Foundation, describe the lawsuit as both an ‘antitrust action’ and an ‘action to defend freedom of speech and the press.’

The 96-page complaint claims that largely leftist legacy media incorporated and partnered with technocrats Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter, in what the plaintiffs said was a communications cabal named the “Trusted News Initiative (TNI)”.

Kennedy contends that those within the TNI ‘agreed to work together, to exclude from the world’s dominant Internet platforms rival news publishers [who were] reporting on certain issues relating to COVID-19 and U.S. politics.’

Media Monopoly

Labelled as a ‘group boycott,’ lawyers representing Kennedy allege the COVID communications cabal’s crackdown on COVID-19-related content was (is) a blatant violation of the 1890 FTC Sherman Act, which aims to protect free and unfettered competition.

Plaintiffs maintain TNI’s ‘unlawful group boycott’ was:

“a concerted attempt by a group of competitors” to “disadvantage [other] competitors by either directly denying or persuading or coercing suppliers or customers to deny relationships the competitors need in the competitive struggle” or by “cut[ting] off access to a supply, facility, or market necessary to enable the boycotted firm to compete.”

This includes ‘small news publishers’ who need Internet platforms ‘to compete and even to survive in the online news market.’

Further, ‘for all practical purposes, to be denied access to those platforms is to be denied access to the market itself.’

Point 12 of the lawsuit argues that the TNI cabal, while ‘publicly purporting to be a self-appointed “truth police” extirpating online “misinformation”, were, ‘in fact suppressing wholly accurate and legitimate reporting in furtherance of the economic self-interest of its members.’

Kennedy and company also accused legacy media and Big Tech of colluding out of ‘economic self-interest.’

In an explosive claim made in point 18, plaintiffs allege that the “Trusted News Initiativecensored competitors out of fear of competition, not out of concern for the facts.

‘The TNI was spearheaded by legacy news organizations, like the Defendants, fearful of what they themselves described as an “existential threat” to their economic survival.’

Point 18 of the lawsuit reasoned,

‘Thousands of new, rival sources of news threatened to take audience share away from traditional news organizations and to undermine consumers’ trust in those organizations.’

Backing the claims with a quote from the BBC statement, lawyers for Kennedy said,


This was followed by claims the communications cabal,

 ‘Was expressly formed to “impede the free flow of ideas”, to “keep others from publishing”, and to stifle “the widest possible dissemination of information from diverse and antagonistic sources.”

Lawyers concluded that the Trusted News Initiative was ‘a restraint on trade, and was unreasonable because they suppressed competition in the marketplace of ideas, offending the basic functions which a constitutionally guaranteed free press serves in our nation.’ (pp. 7-8)

Put simply: the COVID cabal rejected free and fair competition, while simultaneously repressing freedom of the press, and the right to free speech.

Social Media Manipulation

Padding their case, lawyers for the plaintiffs referred to influential content providers such as Wired magazine editor-in-chief Nicholas Thompson, who explained,

“Every publisher knows that, at best, they are sharecroppers on Facebook’s massive industrial farm. If Facebook wanted to, it could quietly turn any number of dials that would harm a publisher — by manipulating its traffic, its ad network, or its readers.” (p. 37)

Thompson’s comments joined statements from News Media Alliance president, David Chavern, who admitted,

“No news organization on its own can stand up to the platforms. The risk of demotion or exclusion from the platforms is simply too great.”

Kennedy’s lawsuit ingeniously argues,

‘Those who defend Big Tech censorship frequently assert that de-platformed news publishers remain free to publish whatever they like on their own independent websites.’

‘That’s technically true,’ his lawyers added, ‘but the economic damage from de-platforming — typically a loss of over 90% of traffic — is devastating.’

The economic reality is that ‘exclusion from the world’s dominant Internet platforms means being shut out of the market.’

Summing up, the landmark lawsuit against legacy media stated that ‘all the elements of an ‘unlawful group boycott are present’ in TNI’s COVID cabal monopolising the communications industry.

Returning to previous statements, Kennedy’s legal team damned the collaborative TNI collective, writing,

‘The TNI’s core purpose, from the beginning, was to enlist the Big Tech platforms into a partnership with Legacy News publishers in order to achieve the suppression of competitively threatening online reporting — a suppression that the Legacy News Members could not achieve themselves.’

The lawsuit’s purpose, as outlined in the complaint, is to seek a court order declaring the Trusted News Initiative’s alleged anti-trust activities unlawful.

This coincides with the request for an order demanding the COVID communications cabal cease and desist its harmful boycott and censorship of other online news publishers.

Kennedy’s lawsuit could be a massive gamechanger for newcomers to the fourth estate, a once-proud institution, who, under the motto, “Democracy dies in darkness,” sought to keep bureaucrats accountable, not join them in being compromised by the love of power, money, and politics.

The lawsuit will impact small news organisations that have been at the backhand of Silicon Valley censorship for presenting reasoned viewpoints which question the hegemony’s prevailing political narrative.

Watch this space.

Any legal victory Kennedy wins here might be enough to liberate small news publishers from the insidious practice of shadow-banning — Silicon Valley’s silently abusive shaming control technique.


Also published at Caldron Pool. Photo by furkanfdemir.

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Antitrust Lawsuit Against Legacy Media for Excluding Rivals from Internet Platforms

Antitrust Lawsuit Against Legacy Media for Excluding Rivals from Internet Platforms

ER Editor: This case will be heard in the Federal Court of Texas. Plaintiffs include Dr. Ben TapperDr. Joseph Mercola, Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft, independent journalists Ben Swann and Erin Elizabeth Finn and independent news outlets TrialSite News and Creative Destruction Media, and health-freedom activists Ty and Charlene Bollinger, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Children’s Health Defense (CHD).


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft Join Together with Several Others In Antitrust Lawsuit Against Legacy Media for Efforts to Exclude Rivals From Internet Platforms


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Conspiracy Theories, Corrupt Media, Twitter Files, CIA, Mafia, Censorship, Free Speech & God

These days, conspiracy theories abound, and it is hard to know what is real and what is not. Fake news combines with the deceitful narratives of big government, Big Tech and corrupt godless media to create a cesspool of lies and false narratives. Isaiah, the Old Testament Prophet, had the same problem in 740 BC. This is what he said in Isaiah 8:11-17 —

“The LORD has given me a strong warning not to think like everyone else does. He said,

Don’t call everything a conspiracy, like they do, and don’t live in dread of what frightens them.

Make the LORD of Heaven’s Armies holy in your life. He is the one you should fear.

He is the one who should make you tremble. He will keep you safe…

Preserve the teaching of God; entrust His instructions to those who follow me.

I will wait for the LORD… Who has turned away from the descendants of Jacob.

I will put my hope in Him.’

Paul encourages us in the New Testament in Hebrews 12:2, “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.”

We must continually remind ourselves that, as Jesus said in John 18:36, “My kingdom is not of this world.” And again, in Matthew 25:34, the encouraging words, “You who are blessed by My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.”

But Jesus emphatically told us in Matthew 10:16, “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore, be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”

I have compiled seven videos that might give us insight into what the wolves are doing. I say ‘might’ as all of the interviewers and interviewees are not necessarily people of faith, nor can I vouch for their accuracy. Mind you the last video is very special. You will have to use your own judgement with the videos and do your own research.

As I often say when people tell me their favourite conspiracy theory, “I don’t know if what you are saying is the truth or not, but what I do know is that the Devil conspired against God in the beginning and has not stopped yet.”

David said in Psalm 2:1-12,

“Why do the nations conspire, and the peoples plot in vain?  The kings of the earth rise up and the rulers band together against the Lord and against His anointed, saying,Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles.

The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them…

Therefore, you kings, be wise; be warned, you rulers of the earth.

Serve the Lord with fear and celebrate His rule with trembling’…

Blessed are all who take refuge in Him.”

Media Bias

The first video is by John Anderson. He is a strong man of faith, and I believe he is worthy of our trust. I have known John for well over two decades. The video is a short 3:27 second clip from an interview series called ‘Conversations’ which features John Anderson, the former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, interviewing some of the world’s foremost thought leaders about today’s pressing social, cultural and political issues.

John Anderson believes proper, robust dialogue is necessary if we are to maintain our social strength and cohesion. As he puts it; “You cannot get good public policy out of a bad public debate.” The original interview was done over a year ago, but it is still very relevant today. I encourage you to check out John’s channel here.

This video is appropriately called Can We Trust the Mainstream Media?” It features Matt Taibbi being interviewed by John Anderson: Matt Taibbi speaks about the decline in trust of the mainstream media and why it has stopped reporting the objective truth for a political agenda.

Matt Taibbi has a formidable journalistic record. I like Matt. He is authentic. Matt is an author and has worked as a freelance reporter in the Soviet Union, a sports reporter for The Moscow Times, a contributing editor for Rolling Stone Magazine, and, more recently, editor of “TK News” Substack.

Big Tech

The second video, approximately 8 minutes long, is called “Scope of Intel Agency Involvement in Tech Censorship Revealed in Twitter Files”.  Megyn Kelly is joined by Matt Taibbi to talk about the censorship exposed in the Twitter Files, the government and intel agency’s involvement in suppression, Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, and more. It is very revealing.

The third video is from a UK alternative news channel called The Unherd. I have found them to be pretty good on the whole. Again, you make up your own mind. Freddie Sayers, the main host of the channel, interviews PayPal co-founder David Sacks. David is a very smart operator and a billionaire to boot, so he certainly has some credentials. The 43-minute video is called “David Sacks: The tech reset has only just begun“. It covers Twitter, free speech and the future of tech.

In 1999, Sacks left his job as a management consultant for McKinsey & Company to join e-commerce service PayPal, which had been co-founded the year before by Max Levchin and Peter Thiel.

In October 2002, eBay acquired PayPal for $1.5 billion. Sacks is a member of the so-called “PayPal Mafia”, a group of founders and early employees of PayPal which included Elon Musk , who went on to found a series of other successful technology companies.

Pandemic Panic

The fourth video is 9 minutes long and is called “The Fall of the Great Covid Narrative“. Professor Jeffery Sachs is joined by Russell Brand, a UK comedian, who is very distrustful of the mainstream narrative to discuss Covid propaganda, the CIA & Censorship. (Note: Profanity alert.)

Jeffrey David Sachs is an American economist, academic, public policy analyst, and former director of ‘The Earth Institute’ at Columbia University, where he holds the title of University Professor. See his opinion on the origin of Covid. What he has to say about the founding of the CIA in 1947 is very interesting.

Sachs is co-founder and chief strategist of ‘Millennium Promise Alliance’, a non-profit organisation dedicated to ending extreme poverty and hunger. From 2002 to 2006, he was the director of the United Nations Millennium Project’s work on the MDGs. Watch the full episode for his interesting take on the war in Ukraine on Rumble here.

Power Plays

The fifth video is an hour long and is by the alternative USA news channel called Redacted, with former Fox News journalist Clayton Morris. It is a provocatively titled video: “She’s EXPOSING How the Deep State Mafia Controls All of Us”. Clayton is on the edge in more ways than one.

Journalist Whitney Webb sits down with Redacted’s Clayton Morris for a dense conversation about her bombshell new book on Jeffrey Epstein‘s deep connections to the world’s biggest power players. Whitney exposes the deep corruption and cover-up at the heart of the major western power structure. As I have said before, you need to do your own research. For more information, check out her new two-volume book here.

The sixth video is an interview with Peter Theil, another billionaire, who is not without fault according to Whitney Webb. To his credit, he is a highly intelligent deep thinker, whom I think is trying to be honest in this interview. That is perhaps a naive statement. He could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Make up your own mind.

Peter Robinson from the Hoover Institute conducts the interview, which is called “Peter Thiel, Leader of the Rebel Alliance“. This video is an in-depth interview and goes for 48 minutes. It is certainly an interesting interview. The Hoover Institute has some good people on board and are smart operators.

Whatever you do, don’t get wound up with all this information. Take it all with a grain of salt. Do your own research. Look for correlations and most of all remember: our prayers can change history.

The wolves don’t stand a chance! Keep in mind that we serve the ‘Alpha and the Omega’, the Beginning and the End.

Have Faith

Lastly, the seventh video is called “When He Returns” by Bob Dylan, which is the last song on Slow Train Coming. The last line sums it all up. “He (God) has plans of His own to set up His throne when He returns.”

Revelation 11:15-19 says it all.

“Then the seventh angel sounded: And there were loud voices in heaven, saying, ‘The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!’ And the twenty-four elders who sat before God on their thrones fell on their faces and worshiped God, saying:

‘We give You thanks, O Lord God Almighty,

The One who is and who was and who is to come,

Because You have taken Your great power and reigned.

The nations were angry, and Your wrath has come,

And the time of the dead, that they should be judged,

And that You should reward Your servants the prophets and the saints,

And those who fear Your name, small and great,

And should destroy those who destroy the earth.’

Then the temple of God was opened in heaven, and the ark of His covenant was seen in His temple. And there were lightnings, noises, thunderings, an earthquake, and great hail.”


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