Adolf Hitler Documentary by Der Wolff (eng/subtitles)

A r c h i v – January 27, 2023

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Hitler’s Economic Miracle, Freedom from Debt Slavery


” If Gentiles refuse to live a life of inferiority, then this signals their rebellion and the unavoidable necessity of Jewish warfare against their very presence” Cf. Mordechai Nisan, Kivumin, Official publication of the World Zionist Organization,August 1984 pp. 151-156.

The National Socialist Movement in Germany and Austria shut down the Rothschild banks, seized their assets and issued new labour notes as currency, backed by labour provided.
The result was the biggest economic miracle turnaround in history as the usurious class and their crippling debt burden were expelled.
Judea declared war on Germany in 1933.

24 major efforts to avoid war with France and UK by the National Socialists were ignored by the British, French, even unofficial backdoor attempts such as leaflet drops on England (“Last appeal to reason” )and the parachuting in of a senior Nazi to talk with powerful Dukes on a peace deal. The final position of the Germans was offering to leave the siezed ethnic German parts of Poland and also offer assistance to the British Empire should it come under challenge.
All to no avail as Churchill was in and the bankers needed their war and got it. Nations leaving the global cabal banking system will never be accepted even if atrocity propaganda is needed to justify the actions carried out in shutting such recalcitrance down.

Sergeant Major

Germans wanted to end the Jewish usury that enslaved the whole world, today more than ever we need this type of brave men which were the National Socialists. The term NAZI was created as a derogatory term by the Jews, because Hitler was Waking Up the World to The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion & The Synagogue of Satan. The Germans were devoted Freedom loving people with National Pride that wanted all other countries to enjoy the same living conditions free from Jewish Communist enslavement. The Germans wanted to cleanse the world from from Rothschild’s Debt Slavery System. Adolf Hitler was the most beloved Freedom Fighter on earth with an approval rating of 99%. The Germans knew that after WW2 there was nothing else if they were to lose the war, the JEW would destroy the entire Free world, and sadly they were correct. This documentary is banned in most countries around the world but thanks to the internet and VPN technology, you no longer have an excuse for being Asleep, Unconscious, and Brainwashed. The only way to stop the Jewish Globalist Communist Cabal with their New World Order agenda is to Awaken to the Truth as quickly as possible and take actions to stop the world-wide Communist enslavement that is in full swing right now. It was the Jews & Rothschild’s that Declared War on Germany and started WW2. Expect lots of thumbs down on this video because we live in a world of braindead Zombies and dumbed down Sheep that are incapable of doing their own research to ever Wake Up. The very fact that 65 to 70% of people on earth lined up for a SUICIDE JAB is Proof in the Pudding. Never forget that Lincoln & JFK both tried to squash the Rothschild Federal Reserve & Central Bank in the USA, and look what happened to both of them.

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Europa – The Last Battle – Intro

Europa – The Last Battle – Intro

About true and world – November 1st, 2021

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Why is the truth about Hitler, National Socialism and the events of World War 2 so important today

Why is the truth about Hitler, National Socialism and the events of World War 2 so important today

Page Chronicles – September 20th, 2022

Do not red pill (go down the rabbit hole) into a black pill (Nihilism) but rather shoot for the Gold pill(conscious positive action) ,,. know your adversary …

My Tidbit: Christian … can you handle the Truth? To me, there is nothing like the European Christian Worldview. From what I gathered, the world of the many is controlled by a very few, These few have minions of subordinates in the hundreds of thousands. These few are nothing less than Mercantile Banker Pirates. You night have heard of BlackRock or Vanguand and how it own most of the big businesses at the end of the day.
I wonder what is going to happen with the central banks when the fed cannot service it’s debt? … and then there’a BRICS(s.
This clique has not waived from their original M.O. and their 4 major streams of sourcing revenue. 1, Banking – Control economies/nations by controlling the money and its issuance) 2. Slavery (from the slave trade to indebted slaves of a banking cabal), 3 Weapons/Arms selling to both sides of the conflict often causing the conflict and bonus lending to both sides)4. Drugs (Narcotics – Pharma/T”he Rona”???)
– These few believe themselves to be “Chosen People.”The chosen people of Ba’al (LORD GOD) -I will agree because they are certainly not the chosen of the Most High/Divine Creator … by their fruits you will know them, The children of Moses will accept the anointed one(Christ Jesus, Messiah, Logos) In the beginning was the “Logos” and the Logos was with God and the Logos was God, C Thrist Jesus was the Logos incarnate.(logic, reason, rationale, the mind of God).
The head of the snake had proclaimed that there are too many eaters(mankind) and something must be done to save the planet.
These few and their minions not on;y believe in this vision but they have engineered a depopulation agenda and we are in the midst of a “Live Exercise.” To me, these atheist with their trans-humanism have made their plans clear for full spectrum dominance the 3th Reich, The “Great Reset” slavery via digital- Digital ID and (CBDC – central bank digital currency and assets) to Usher in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Welcome to the Technocratic Totalitarian State brought to you by the R&D of technology and science culminating in the fusion of the biological, physical and digital,. Doesn’t SKYNET or Big Brother come to mind? There will be no privacy or private property in world of 24/7/365 surveillance.
I a fan of Frank O’Collins and his UCADIA model … ideas of solutions for our present condition should always be considered – at least I do, Logos rising … There is spiritual war upon us and it;s between Christ and the anti-Christ and we’re in the midst. It’s time to stand and fight for what is just, right and fair,

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

In Protecting The KGB, Gorbachev Laid The Foundation For Putin’s Gangster-State

In Protecting The KGB, Gorbachev Laid The Foundation For Putin’s Gangster-State

The notorious KGB chairman Yuri Andropov recruited Mikhail Gorbachev, cultivated him, and placed him in the Kremlin leadership to ultimately take power. Once he led the Soviet Communist Party, Andropov’s recruit protected and rewarded the Soviet secret police by making it off-limits to any truth-telling, accountability, or reform.

Gorbachev has died, but the KGB that he nurtured and protected lives on under an ungrateful Vladimir Putin.

Until the day he passed away at age 91, Gorbachev got an international pass for saving the core of Soviet power: the ever-watching secret police and its global spy and active measures networks.

Gorbachev didn’t stand up for the KGB’s victims. While he opened Soviet society, he protected the tormentors. He shielded the KGB from the “openness” of glasnost, keeping it unaccountable for decades of industrial-scale crimes. He insulated it from the reorganization of perestroika. Gorbachev even preserved the KGB’s cult-like devotion to the Bolshevik Cheka. To this day, Russian intelligence and security officers still call themselves chekisti or chekists.

He kept the KGB’s entire archives secret to save the chekists’ reputation and prestige.

The internal repression and informant files? Gorbachev kept them secret and the networks operational. The international subversion files? All secret. The Soviet terror network files? Secret. Indeed, as the USSR was collapsing, Gorbachev promoted one of the architects of the Soviet terror network, Yevgeny Primakov, to run KGB foreign intelligence.

He knew the big names in Western business, politics, journalism, and culture who worked for the KGB or the Soviet Communist Party. He could have known all the names had he chosen too. He could have exposed them all. But he protected them. And they heap praise on him today.

Gorbachev could have un-done the KGB’s ghoulish presence with the stroke of a pen. But he didn’t do it.

When, under perestroika, Gorbachev authorized the creation of joint ventures with foreign companies, he required a KGB officer to be assigned as a vice president of each enterprise. This undermined enduring economic reforms, subverted western companies, and built the foundation for the KGB gangster-state that would beget Putin.

Gorbachev made sure that glasnost and perestroika would keep the KGB on top. He never permitted lustration, the screening out of KGB assets from holding posts of public trust, the way the post-Communist Czechs and East Germans were doing. He did not permit the KGB’s victims to see their files. He protected every last KGB informant.

He never truly sought to become part of the civilized world by ripping out the KGB’s peerless global human intelligence networks, subversive political warfare penetrations and operations, and putting it all out on the table so such cancer could never spread again.

Indeed, Gorbachev gave the KGB so much power that the chekists, under KGB Chairman Vladimir Kryuchkov, led the coup to overthrow him in August 1991.

And when Gorbachev returned to the Kremlin, in a meeting with the presidents of the union republics of the USSR, he did nothing to punish the secret police. Instead, it was Boris Yeltsin who gleefully forced a reluctant Gorbachev to sign a decree dividing the KGB into separate parts. Gorbachev’s handwriting on the decree, never meant for public view, is strained, as if under duress.

Even so, the splitting up of the Soviet KGB kept the hated old chekist apparatus in place. Nothing was torn out by the roots. No perpetrators were investigated, let alone put on trial. Gorbachev held nobody accountable – and his fans in the West didn’t hold him accountable, either.

The KGB’s First Chief Directorate that did the foreign spying was simply renamed Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR). The chekisti Second Chief Directorate responsible for “internal security” changed its name to what is now called the Federal Security Service, the FSB.

The world today is confronting the results of Gorbachev’s strategy to preserve the chekist legacy and the KGB itself, to protect all perpetrators and deny justice to its victims, and to merge KGB officers into the rising gangster state. Gorbachev paved the way for the rise of Vladimir Putin. He had thirty years to reconsider. Thirty years to expose. He never did.

J. Michael Waller is senior analyst for strategy at the Center for Security Policy. His areas of concentration are propaganda, political warfare, psychological warfare, and subversion. He is a former professor at the Institute of World Politics, a graduate school in Washington, DC. A former instructor with the Naval Postgraduate School, he is an instructor/lecturer at the John F Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School at Fort Bragg.

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The Secret KGB UFO Abduction Files (2001)

The Secret KGB UFO Abduction Files (2001)

CARET – May 21, 2022

When researchers began looking into just how much the Soviet government knew about UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation, they were not surprised to learn that the Russians took the subject very seriously.
What they didn’t expect was evidence of ancient alien visitation, paranormal properties associated with related artifacts, and most shocking of all, of a mass abduction in 1985!
Among the piles of materials obtained from former Soviet spies, some extremely puzzling and disturbing documents and film footage surfaced confirming rumors which had been circulating for decades. In the late 1950s and 60s, the Russians became very interested in a number of unusual and newly discovered archaeological sites in Egypt. By interpreting ancient symbols, one of those sites was believed to contain the remains of a life form not from earth.
Startling top secret film footage, never before seen outside the Kremlin confirms the Soviet mission to recover and analyze these remains. But the most astonishing part of this story is that a small following of believers was formed in the years after the initial discovery – scientists and others who were convinced of a return of the extraterrestrial entity depicted in the ancient writings. Investigators discovered a videotape held for over twenty years by Egyptian police.
Here, for the first time ever, the public will see the arresting five-minute clip showing an entire group of followers returning to the ancient site and then completely vanishing from the desert!

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Misinformed By FSB, Putin Fires Bumbling Generals

Misinformed By FSB, Putin Fires Bumbling Generals


Reports came in late last week that Vladimir Putin fired eight of his “top generals.” Back in the good old days, Vlad would have simply shot them but political correctness came to the Soviet Union right along with capitalism. Insiders leak that Putin is “raging” at the FSB over “failed intelligence and poor strategy.

FSB botched the invasion

Russia’s “security service” used to be called the KGB when Vlad Putin was running it. They call it the FSB now and from things leaking from the Kremlin, they might have a “Deep Stateinfestation of their own, similar to the FBI here in America.

The big difference is that Putin isn’t taking it lightly. He cleaned house. The American Deep State is still firmly in charge of our Federal Bureau of Instigation.

According to Oleksiy Danilov, head of Ukraine’s security council, “around” eight commanders were fired since the invasion started. Moscow is reportedly scrambling “to change strategy.

They were supposed to go in with a “shock and awe” style blitz which never developed. It’s all the fault of the FSB Putin decided. Security service officials are rumored to be stockpiling warm clothes before they get sent to Siberia.

Putin made a fool of himself by relying on intelligence that commanders of the FSB security service handed him “suggesting that Ukraine was weak, riddled with neo-Nazi groups, and would give up easily if attacked.” They lied. It’s not clear why.

Former British spy Philip Ingram is also of the opinion that “Putin is obviously ‘very angry‘ and is blaming his intelligence agencies.” Specifically, “He blames them for seeding him the advice that led to the poor decision-making in Ukraine.” Kind of like James Comey’s poor decision making with Hillary Clinton.

Much higher casualties

Instead of quickly surrendering as expected, the Ukraine people are putting up massive resistance. Poor FSB decision making “has led to Russia suffering much higher casualties than it expected in its attack, which has now been going on for two weeks.

Moscow was expecting a totally different scenario. They thought “airstrikes to seize key targets during the opening days” would squash most of the defense. Instead they were met with “punishing counter-attacks.

Unconfirmed estimates suggest that Russia has lost “up to 12,000 men” in the first two weeks of combat. “European intelligence puts it lower – between 6,000 and 9,000 – and US lower still, at up to 3,000.” Whether 3 or 12 thousand, “it is almost certainly more than Putin anticipated when he launched the attack in the hope that fighting would be over in just a few days.

The FSB officials are scrambling to point the finger at anyone but themselves. The corruption is built into the system, they whine. “Most FSB agents are brought into the service as legacy hires based on their parents or grandparents being agents, he said, and are removed from mainstream schools to be educated in-house.” Compare that to “western security services, which tend to recruit from elite universities or colleges to ensure they get ‘the cream of the crop.

With Ukrainian forces dug in tight, they’re encouraged they can hold off the Russians, who continue suffering “punishing losses on the battlefield in Ukraine.” It’s clear to all the experts that the FSB failed to “anticipate the level of resistance.” Putin is hoping that his new generals will get the message.

They changed their leadership. They had about 8 generals removed from their posts because they did not complete the task. Now, new ones have been appointed. We clearly understand what is happening in the Russian Federation. Moreover, I can say that they are desperate.” The Russian military, meanwhile, “is changing tactics to ‘medieval‘ siege warfare that it has used in other conflicts, such as Syria.



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