Joe Biden Rages at ‘Extremist’ Supreme Court; Admits Democrats Do Not Have the Votes to Make Abortion Legal Nationwide

Joe Biden Rages at ‘Extremist’ Supreme Court; Admits Democrats Do Not Have the Votes to Make Abortion Legal Nationwide

President Joe Biden on Friday again expressed his outrage at the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and pleaded for Americans to elect more Democrats in November.

“I share the public’s outrage at this extremist court,” Biden said, describing the Supreme Court’s ruling last week as a “tragic” and a “terrible, extreme decision.”

The president held a video conference call with Democrat governors to discuss the importance of preserving the “right” for women to abort their unborn children. In the past week, Biden has been under fire from leftist Democrats and pro-abortion activists who are displeased by his lack of fervor on the issue.

Biden again vowed to do “everything within the power of the federal government” to protect the right for women to seek abortions in other states but said that it was up to Congress to pass a law to make abortion legal across the United States.

“Ultimately, Congress is going to have to act to codify Roe into federal law,” Biden said. “As I said yesterday, the filibuster should not stand in the way of us being able to do that, but right now we don’t have the votes in the Senate to change the filibuster at the moment.”

Biden noted that two more Democrats were needed to codify Roe v. Wade in the United States Senate as well as a Democrat majority in the House of Representatives.

The president said it was more important than ever to elect members of Congress who would be willing to act to make abortion legal nationwide.

“This is not over,” he said.

Biden also stressed the need for more government funding for “family planning.”

“Not for abortion but for family planning,” he clarified.

The president indicated that Americans would be “shocked” by the ramifications of the Supreme court’s decision, warning of states prosecuting women who traveled to other states to get abortions.

“I don’t think people believe it’s going to happen but it’s going to telegraph to the whole country that this is a gigantic deal that affects all of your basic rights,” he warned.


Biden Regime Admits On Camera: Ushering In ‘Liberal World Order’ Is More Important Than Affordable Gas

Biden Regime Admits On Camera: Ushering In ‘Liberal World Order’ Is More Important Than Affordable Gas

The Biden White House admitted on Thursday that record-high gas prices are part of a broader scheme to usher in the “liberal world order” at Americans’ expense.

On CNN, Biden’s director of the National Economic Council, Brian Deese, made clear that high gas prices are a part of the plan, as the administration promotes prohibitively expensive electric vehicles to struggling consumers.

“What do you say to those families who say, ‘Listen, we can’t afford to pay $4.85 a gallon for months if not years. It’s just not sustainable’?” the CNN host asked.

“What you heard from the president today was a clear articulation of the stakes,” Deese said. “This is about the future of the liberal world order and we have to stand firm.”

Deese was referring to Joe Biden’s comments at the NATO summit in Madrid, after one reporter asked the president, “How long is it fair to expect American drivers and drivers around the world to pay that premium for this war?” in reference to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, which only spiked prices that were already elevated long before the war started.

“As long as it takes,” Biden said.

Deese then highlighted the administration’s efforts to “blunt” rising gas prices, including proposals for global price caps on Russian oil and a temporary gas tax holiday. Such policy maneuvers, however, are unlikely to make a difference without more oil and gas production in the United States, operations the White House has continued to shut down.

In May, Biden’s Department of the Interior killed plans for major oil and gas projects across the country from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico. When the administration announced the resumption of new oil and gas leases on federal lands to comply with a court order, the White House did so with a 50 percent spike in royalties while offering only 20 percent of the land initially nominated for exploration.

Other administration officials have left no room for doubt about their intentions, which has choked investment in the capital- and labor-intensive industry.

“President Biden remains absolutely committed to not moving forward with additional drilling on public lands,” White House climate adviser Gina McCarthy pledged on MSNBC.

Meanwhile, the president’s proposed break on federal gas taxes is a gimmick that will only offer more revenues for corporate sellers, who are able to pocket the savings as gas prices remain dictated by the open market and driven higher by the government-induced scarcity.

Deese also said the White House was “engaged with the industry” to increase oil and gas supplies and bring refinery capacity back online. But as the administration shutters down oil and gas operations, Biden also shut down plans for a major refinery in the U.S. Virgin Islands two months ago. Five refineries have closed down operations since 2020, with few prospects of reopening under an administration that has followed through on its pledge to regulate the industry out of business.

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Poll: Most Hispanic Voters Support Trump’s ‘Title 42’ Border Policy

A majority of Hispanic voters support former President Donald Trump’s Title 42 immigration policy that makes it easier for the federal government to deport border crossers and illegal aliens, according to an Axios-Ipsos poll released Thursday.

Axios found that 51 percent of Hispanic Americans support keeping Title 42 in place. On the other hand, just 44 percent are opposed to the policy.

“I think because it’s a COVID mitigation thing, we do see sort of higher support for it, than if it were just sort of a pure immigration concern,” Ipsos pollster and senior vice president Chris Jackson told Axios. Jackson was reportedly “surprised” that most Hispanics supported Title 42.

These poll numbers come as President Joe Biden’s administration is in a legal dispute over the pandemic-era immigration policy. After Biden announced the program would end in May, 21 states sued the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), alleging Biden unlawfully terminated the program.

A federal judge ordered Biden to keep Title 42 in place as a result of the lawsuit.

A majority of Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, and Cuban Americans support keeping Title 42 in place, according to the poll. However, just 41 percent of Central Americans support the policy.

The poll also found that 58 percent of second-generation Hispanics and 59 percent of third-generation Hispanics support the policy.

Unsurprisingly, Hispanic Democrats disapproved of the policy more than Hispanic Republicans, but interestingly, 57 percent of Hispanic independents support Title 42.

Axios also determined that Democrats are losing support to Republicans among Hispanic Americans.

As Axios reported:

Twenty-nine percent of Latino Americans say they would vote for a Democratic candidate if the midterm elections were held today, compared to just 17% who say they would vote for a Republican candidate. While this lead is substantial, it represents a 4-point decline from December.

Hispanics also trust Republicans to handle the economy better than Democrats, by a seven-point margin, according to the poll.

The Axios-Ipsos poll surveyed 1,018 Hispanic adults with the help of Telemundo from June 9 to June 18.

The poll has a margin of error of ± 3.7 percent.


Exclusive — Guatemalan President: Kamala Harris Is Missing in Action on Migration Crisis; ‘We Need Greater Communication’

Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei has not spoken to U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris since January and says “greater communication” is needed between Guatemala and the United States to address the countries’ ongoing migration crisis.

Giammattei told Breitbart News during a wide-ranging interview in Washington, DC, on Tuesday that the last communication he had with Harris — a phone call in January — was not focused on migration.

“She told me she didn’t want me to appoint my attorney general. We didn’t talk about human trafficking. That was the only time that I spoke to her since she went to Guatemala, and the topic was not immigration,” Giammattei said.

The president added, “I do think that we need greater communication between the government of the United States and our government at least.”

U.S. President Joe Biden assigned Harris to lead efforts to address the “root causes” of migration in March 2021 in response to surging numbers of migrants illegally entering the U.S. through Mexico.

Harris said at a CEO Summit in June, well over one year after Biden appointed her as border czar, that the administration was “making progress” on its “long-term efforts” to address “root causes” of migration. Harris’s claim of progress appears to conflict with the sheer numbers of illegal migrants border officials continue to apprehend on a monthly basis, however.

Border officials reported encountering more than 200,000 migrants crossing the border illegally for the past three consecutive months, sky-high numbers not seen in at least two decades. The overall number of illegal migrant encounters under Biden continues to far outpace numbers seen under the Trump administration.

Asked if he felt Harris was doing her job as border czar sufficiently or if she could do more, Giammattei said, “I could tell you that I don’t know the powers of Vice President Kamala Harris regarding programs with us.”

Ashley Oliver Alejandro Giammattei

(Matt Perdie/Breitbart News)

Harris visited Guatemala in June 2021 and appeared alongside Giammattei for a press briefing, during which she made a viral albeit apparently empty “do not come” plea to illegal migrants. In their January 2022 phone call, the White House claimed Harris and Giammattei spoke about her agenda to address migration’s “root causes,” human smuggling, and “holding corrupt actors accountable,” a possible reference to Guatemalan Attorney General María Consuelo Porras.

Giammattei’s reappointment of Porras in May, which Giammattei noted was discussed in his phone call with Harris in January, has been an ongoing source of contention between the United States and Guatemala.

The U.S. State Department has designated Porras as corrupt, accusing her of using her position to “protect her political allies.” Giammattei disagrees deeply with this designation, and a spokesman for his office told Breitbart News he believes the Biden administration has its own political motives behind its move to sanction Porras.

The White House also noted in its summary of the January phone call that Harris told Giammattei her “Call to Action” initiative has “generated over $1.2 billion dollars of private sector investment to the region,” but the Giammattei spokesman said, “We are still waiting for that.”

Giammattei’s interview with Breitbart News occurred while the president was on an official tour in the United States. The president’s visit included meeting with Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and appearing at the Organization of American States and at the annual International Religious Freedom Summit.

Write to Ashley Oliver at Follow her on Twitter at @asholiver.


Poll: Most Say lllegal Immigration Getting ‘Worse,’ Will Be ‘Important’ Issue in Midterms

Poll: Most Say lllegal Immigration Getting ‘Worse,’ Will Be ‘Important’ Issue in Midterms

Most voters believe illegal immigration is getting “worse” and will be an “important” issue heading into the midterm elections, according to a recent Rasmussen poll.

The survey found that 52 percent believe illegal immigration is getting “worse” in the country, followed by 32 percent who say it is “about the same.” Most Republicans and independents, 76 percent and 57 percent, respectively, believe immigration is getting “worse,” but a plurality of Democrats believe the issue remains “about the same.” 

A majority across the board, 67 percent, rate Biden’s handling of immigration issues as either “fair” or “poor.” Of those, 49 percent rate his handling as “poor,” while most independents, 54 percent, give the same rating. 

Overall, 73 percent say the issue of immigration will be an “important” subject heading into the midterm elections, and of those, 42 percent say it is “very important.” There is a consensus across the board, as most Democrats (69 percent), independents (65 percent), and Republicans (85 percent), also identify immigration as at least a “somewhat important” issue in the midterms.

Per Rasmussen Reports:

Majorities of every political category – 85% of Republicans, 69% of Democrats and 90% of unaffiliated voters – think the issue of illegal immigration will be at least somewhat important in this year’s congressional elections.

Seventy-six percent (76%) of Republicans, but only 24% of Democrats, think the illegal immigration problem is getting worse. Twenty-two percent (22%) of Democrats, but only five percent (5%) of Republicans, believe the problem of illegal immigration is getting better. Among unaffiliated voters, 57% think the illegal immigration problem is getting worse, five percent (5%) believe it’s getting better and 33% say the problem is staying about the same.

The survey was released on the same day as the Supreme Court ruling 5-4 in favor of the Biden administration ending the Trump-era Remain in Mexico policy.

Migrants taking part in a caravan heading to the US, walk from Huixtla to Escuintla, Chiapas state, Mexico, on June 9, 2022. (Photo by PEDRO PARDO/AFP via Getty Images)

The Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) program, specifically, “requires migrants seeking asylum in the U.S. to wait in Mexico for their U.S. court hearings,” as Breitbart News detailed. Biden took action on the issue immediately upon taking office, suspending the program and triggering a flurry of legal action:

Biden suspended the MPP on his first day in office, and then his Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, issued a memo terminating the policy last June.

However, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in December upheld a lower court’s order that required Biden to reimplement the MPP “in good faith.”

Biden began reenrolling migrants into the MPP in December after negotiating with Mexican government officials. Although the court did not set quotas to determine what a “good faith” reimplementation looks like, Biden is enrolling migrants at a sharply decreased rate from that of former President Trump.

The survey was taken June 28-29, 2022, among 1,000 likely voters and has a +/- 3 percent margin of error.


Joe Biden Insists He Will Not Beg Saudi Arabia to Produce More Oil

Joe Biden Insists He Will Not Beg Saudi Arabia to Produce More Oil

President Joe Biden refused Thursday to ask Saudi Arabia to produce more oil to bring down the cost of gasoline in the United States and around the world.

Biden was specifically asked during his press conference in Europe about what he would say to Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud or Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman about oil during their scheduled meeting in July.

“No, I’m not going to ask them,” he said, noting that he already “indicated” to all the Gulf heads of state his desire for them to produce more oil.

“I hope we see them, in their own interest, concluding that makes sense to do,” Biden said.

Biden argued that his trip to Saudi Arabia was about Middle East peace negotiations with Israel, not the production of oil.

“I’m sure — it’s in Saudi Arabia, but it’s not about Saudi Arabia,” he said. “It’s in Saudi Arabia.”

Biden said he was not even sure he would end up speaking to the Saudi leaders.

“I’m not even sure; I guess I will see the King and the Crown Prince, but that’s — that’s not the meeting I’m going to,” he said. “They’ll be part of a much larger meeting.”

Biden has frequently gone out of his way to criticize Saudi Arabia despite their influence on global oil markets.

During his presidential campaign, Biden vowed to treat Saudi Arabia as a “pariah” but ultimately agreed to a meeting with their leaders in July.

Biden blamed high gas prices around the world on Russia invading Ukraine — even though gas prices in the United States were already rising rapidly before the war began.

“The bottom line is: Ultimately, the reason why gas prices are up is because of Russia,” he said. “Russia, Russia, Russia.”

Biden and his administration continue to pursue anti-fossil fuel policies, putting the country more at the mercy of oil-rich foreign dictators.

When asked how long drivers would be paying for gas, Biden replied, “As long as it takes. So Russia cannot, in fact, defeat Ukraine and move beyond Ukraine.”


Poll: 59 Percent of Voters Worry About Joe Biden’s Mental and Physical Fitness 

Poll: 59 Percent of Voters Worry About Joe Biden’s Mental and Physical Fitness 

A majority of voters are worried about President Joe Biden’s mental and physical fitness, a Thursday Rasmussen Reports poll found.

The poll asked the question “How worried are you about the mental and physical fitness of President Joe Biden?”

Overall, 59 percent said they are worried, which includes 39 percent who are “very worried” and 20 percent who are “somewhat worried.”

Only 35 percent of respondents are not worried, comprising 18 percent who are “not very worried” and 17 percent who are not worried at all. Only six percent have no opinion.

The poll also asked, “Suppose that President Biden stepped down and Kamala Harris became president. Would that be better or worse for the United States?”

Forty-seven percent believe the nation would be worse off with Harris as president, while only 27 percent believe the nation would be better off with Harris. Twenty-six percent were unsure.

The poll sampled 1,200 voters from June 23-25 with a +/- 2.8 point margin of error.

Additional polling shows a majority of voters believe Biden is unfit to be president and doubt his mental ability, 58 percent saying he should publicly disclose his mental health condition. A majority of voters expect Harris to assume the presidency before Biden’s first term ends.

The polling comes after Biden flashed a notecard with detailed instructions of how to act as commander in chief. “YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to the participants,” the notecard instructed Biden. “YOU take YOUR seat”:

Biden has also had some physical challenges, such as falling off his bike and tripping while climbing Air Force One steps:

On at least one occasion, Biden has also appeared to wander around looking for someone or for something to do:

Biden has taken flak for his mental state. Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) said he should resign. “Joe Biden is unwell. He’s unfit for office. He’s incoherent, incapacitated & confused,” Scott said in a statement. “The most effective thing Joe Biden can do to solve the inflation crisis he created is to resign.

Thirty-eight Republican lawmakers, along with Donald Trump’s former White House physician and now-Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), have also written a letter to Biden, demanding he take a cognitive test for fear that he may have Alzheimer’s disease.

Noting Biden’s “changes in mood and personality” and “forgetfulness,” the lawmakers said Biden’s cognitive ability has been declining and “is not just a recent trend” but has become more apparent “over the past two years.”

It is unknown whether Biden has undergone cognitive testing.

Follow Wendell Husebø on Twitter and Gettr @WendellHusebø. He is the author of Politics of Slave Morality.


Exclusive – President of Guatemala: Buying Oil from Venezuela Is ‘Nourishing the Devil’

Exclusive – President of Guatemala: Buying Oil from Venezuela Is ‘Nourishing the Devil’

President Alejandro Giammattei of Guatemala told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview this week that he would never consider buying oil from socialist Venezuela, calling such a deal – which U.S. President Joe Biden is reportedly considering – akin to “nourishing the devil.”

In a wide-ranging interview in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, Giammattei also suggested that rumored talks about lifting American sanctions on Venezuela’s oil industry may be related to what he described as inaction on the part of the Biden administration in the face of drug traffickers flying planes full of product into America out of the Caribbean nation.

Reports began surfacing in March, later confirmed by Venezuelan socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro, that Biden had sent a delegation to Venezuela for talks with the regime. America does not recognize Maduro as the president of Venezuela given that he formally lost that title after a sham election in 2019. Maduro confirmed again this week that the Biden administration representatives had met with a senior regime official in Caracas.

Giammattei, a hardline conservative, is visiting the U.S. for several engagements, including a meeting with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, a leadership summit at the Organization of American States, and an address to the 2022 International Religious Freedom Summit:

Giammetti is one of a dwindling number of conservative leaders in the Americas after the elections of leftists Biden, Chilean President Gabriel Boric, Argentine President Alberto Fernández, Colombian President-elect Gustavo Petro, Peruvian President Pedro Castillo, and Bolivian President Luis Arce. In Central America, Guatemala shares the region with one of the most brutal dictatorships in the hemisphere, the communist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua.

Asked about the challenge of running Guatemala as a conservative, Giammattei laughed and replied, “Very difficult – it’s hard! But we’re moving, struggling for what we believe, what we really believe. For our principles.”

“I’ll give you an example. I could see myself [struggling] with many needs, but I would not make a pact with the devil,” Giammattei told Breitbart News. “Going to buy oil from Venezuela, from Maduro who has committed crimes against the Venezuelan people, who has the biggest immigration [crisis], that is negotiating with the devil and that is breaking with [my] principles.”

“If I believe in democracy,” the president concluded, “Maduro can have petroleum and I could have need, but I wouldn’t buy a gallon. I wouldn’t buy it for a simple reason: I would be nourishing the devil.”

Giammattei observed elsewhere in the interview that Venezuela is a major hub of drug trafficking and questioned why American officials appeared not to act sufficiently to prevent drugs from entering the United States from the South American country.

Years of evidence compiled by the American government and transnational crime experts implicates nearly every single senior Maduro regime official in drug trafficking, particularly cocaine. Diosdado Cabello, who runs Maduro’s United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), has repeatedly been identified as the head of the Cartel de los Soles, a cocaine trafficking organization run from within the Venezuelan military. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) issued a fugitive alert in 2019 for Maduro’s oil minister, Tareck El Aissami, on charges of having “facilitated shipments of narcotics from Venezuela, to include control over planes that left from a Venezuelan air base and drug routes through the ports in Venezuela.”

Two of Maduro’s nephews, Franqui Francisco Flores de Freitas and Efrain Antonio Campo Flores, were sentenced to 18 years in prison in 2017 for attempting to smuggle cocaine into New York.

“The fault is here,” the Guatemalan president said of the United States in relation to the transnational drug problem, “and I will explain why. 50 percent of the drugs consumed in the world are consumed here.”

“When we see every day the planes come down in Venezuela – which, it is known that in Venezuela is where the planes come down, which, there are negotiations with Maduro now, I hope they negotiate so that planes don’t leave with drugs from there,” Giammattei continued, “but 95 percent of the planes land in Venezuela and they come empty. They don’t bring money, they come empty and they fly with drugs. Where is the money? Here.”

“Why, if we know where the planes leave from, why has the United States done nothing to stop planes from leaving from Venezuela?” Giammattei asked. “Ah! They are negotiating oil.”

Reports first surfaced in March that Biden representatives had traveled to Caracas to discuss buying Venezuelan oil as a means of offsetting high gasoline prices in America and replacing supplies of Russian oil. Much of the Western world stopped buying Russian oil following Moscow’s escalation of its eight-year invasion of Ukraine in February. Venezuela is heavily indebted to Russia, however, meaning any oil profits the Maduro regime would see would likely fund the Russian government.

Following the reports in March, Biden administration officials told establishment reports in May that the White House would allow negotiations between the American oil company Chevron and the Maduro regime, “temporarily lifting a U.S. ban on such discussions,” according to Reuters.

“It does not allow (Chevron) entry into any agreement with PDVSA or any other activity involving PDVSA,” anonymous Biden officials reportedly claimed at the time. “So fundamentally what they’re doing is just allowed to talk.”

Nicolás Maduro himself revealed on Monday that Biden had sent a second delegation to meet with his officials this weekend.

“I am in communication with Jorge Rodríguez. He is currently receiving a delegation from the U.S.,” Maduro said, referring to the head of the socialist-controlled National Assembly. “An important delegation from the government of the U.S. that has arrived in Venezuela two hours ago. And he is working to continue communications initiated on March 5 and to continue the bilateral agenda.”

Giammattei has been one of Latin America’s staunchest opponents of the Venezuelan regime. As one of his first acts in office in 2020, Giammattei cut Guatemala’s diplomatic ties to Maduro, months after Maduro blocked him from visiting Venezuela to meet its legitimate but powerless president, Juan Guaidó.

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