Man Steals Bulldozer, Goes on Political Rampage

haines city florida man bulldozer biden signs

A 26-year-old Florida man is under arrest after stealing a bulldozer and driving over several Biden / Harris campaign signs. He’s currently being charged with trespassing, grand theft and criminal mischief in Polk County.

James Blight of Haines City Florida claims he was “drinking whiskey all day” when he decided it would be a good idea to destroy some Biden – Harris 2020 signs in his neighborhood. It was broad daylight when he walked down the road and yanked two Biden campaign signs out of a neighbor’s yard.

Drunken joyride lands man in jail

Blight then went to a nearby construction site and climbed into a bulldozer, which had the keys still in the ignition. He proceeded to drive the heavy piece of machinery up and down busy streets in Haines City, running over Biden – Harris campaign signs, destroying a speed limit sign and even toppling a neighbor’s fence. Some neighbors were looking on in shock, with many of them snapping photos of the suspect during the mayhem.

haines city florida man arrested bulldozer biden harris signs

Resident calls bulldozer attack a hate crime

Former vice Mayor Adam Burgess lives in the neighborhood. He’s calling the incident a hate crime and he’s vowing to follow up on the suspect’s charges. “This man just came onto my property, took the two Joe Biden signs I had in my yard, and then came back with a bulldozer to run down my fence,” Burgess said in a statement to reporters. “Why bring that to our neighborhood? This is a predominantly Black neighborhood and you’re coming over here with that? That’s not right.”

With the presidential election just days away, tensions are running high across the country. There has already been numerous incidents of violence and property damage caused by both candidates supporters. Residents of Haines City were quick to blame Trump and his rhetoric for the destruction.

Cornelius Marion, a homeowner in the neighborhood, jumped into his car and followed the bulldozer as he called police. Later he told reporters “It speaks to dog whistles that Donald Trump has been putting out his whole campaign. Stand back and stand by and we have guys in bulldozers doing this. What does the President have to say about that? He stopped in traffic and cussed everybody out.”

The suspect, James Blight, claims he was drunk when he stole the bulldozer and he doesn’t remember what happened. Hopefully he lays off the booze and stays away from bulldozers from now on.


Proposed bipartisan Sen. bill would bolster DHS screening of visas amid concerns of ISIS’ western recruits

October 28, 2020


Two senators on the Senate Homeland Security Committee, one Republican and one Democrat, have proposed a bill this week that seeks to bolster the Department of Homeland Security‘s (DHS) visa screening process, amid shared fears of foreign Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists as its caliphate has crumbled, The Hill reports. This move comes after IS killed 24 people on Saturday when they bombed an education center in Kabul, Afghanistan and recent fighting between the Taliban and U.S.-backed government forces.

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The Visa Security Expansion Act, introduced by Sens. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), the committee’s chair, and Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.), would have the DHS and the State Department boost the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations agents at U.S. embassies abroad. These personnel are trained in counterterrorism and assist the State Department in running interviews for non-immigrant visa applicants and deciding which applicants should receive visas.

Sen. Johnson claims that this bipartisan bill will aid national security “by placing agents with subject matter expertise and specialized training at posts deemed to be the highest risk.”

Sen. Hassan echoed this sentiment, stating that this legislation “will help protect us from this threat by expanding the number of counterterrorism agents who aid the State Department in making decisions about whether to grant U.S. visas to foreign nationals.”

“With the fall of ISIS’s caliphate,” she said, “I am deeply concerned about the threat that ISIS foreign fighters, armed with western passports, could pose to our homeland and our allies.”

The bill, per The Hill, would specifically order the DHS and the State Department to hike up the number of these visa security agents each year in at least two U.S. embassies or consulates. Additionally, in order to pay for the new personnel, the bill includes imposing a “security fee” on visa applications from non-immigrants.

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Khamenei ‘raises doubts about the Holocaust’ on Twitter after Dorsey defends protecting his tweets

October 28, 2020


Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei questioned the facts of the Holocaust on Twitter Wednesday. The tweet was sent as Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey was being grilled by lawmakers on Capitol Hill for time and time again refusing to censor or flag the Iranian leader’s antisemitic, hateful, and dangerous statements on the platform. Moreover, the Senators pressed Dorsey on why Twitter chooses to continually censor President Donald Trump for questioning the safety of mail-in ballots and alleged an apparent double standard.

“The next question to ask is: why is it a crime to raise doubts about the Holocaust? Khamenei tweeted Wednesday. “Why should anyone who writes about such doubts be imprisoned while insulting the Prophet (pbuh) is allowed?”

Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Senator Roger Wicker, R-MS, asked Dorsey Wednesday about the platform’s censorship policy. In response, Dorsey defended keeping the Iranian leader’s tweets protected because he’s a world leader whose language in those tweets that is considered protected as “saber-rattling.”

 “We did not find those to violate our terms of service because we consider them saber-rattling, which is part of the speech of world leaders in concert with other countries. Speech against our own people or a country’s own citizens we believe is different and can cause more immediate harm,” Dorsey told the Committee Chairman.

Dorsey also admitted that Holocaust denial isn’t “misinformation,” according to Twitter’s rules.



Election 2020: If Biden Can’t Do the Job, Who Will?

Do you cringe at cruel tweets showing Biden’s memory lapses, as about what state he is in?

Being President is a grueling job. How would Joe Biden cope? What does the pace of his campaigning show about his stamina? Is “C’mon, man” an acceptable response to world leaders?

 If a President Biden needs to “call a lid” at 9:00 a.m., who will actually be making the decisions? “Moderate Joe” or the radical elements of the Democratic Party, who are propping him up because their own policies would be unelectable? What would be the role of the Chinese businesses in which he and his family have allegedly been involved? Or of the wealthy globalists behind the World Economic Forum, who are calling for the “Great Reset” with the destruction of capitalism?

 What if frailty and cognitive decline soon prevented Biden (“I’m Kamala’s running mate”) from serving? A vote for Biden is likely a vote for Kamala Harris. What do Americans know about her? She did not do well in the primaries and dropped out early. Questions voters should ask include:

  • What experience does she have in business or domestic and foreign affairs? The qualification she touts is running the second largest justice department in the U.S. She is a prosecutor and said she would be “a prosecutor president.”
  • What is her record on justice and race relations? Tulsi Gabbard highlighted this during the Democratic primary debates. Harris reportedly put a disproportionate number of blacks and Hispanics behind bars (nearly 130,000, 68 percent of new inmates). Was this warranted? She has been accused of withholding exculpatory evidence.
  • What does she mean by “trust the scientists”? She names Dr. Fauci and is concerned about scientists being “muzzled or suppressed.” Apparently, “scientists” are only those who agree with UN agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO). She has not complained about censoring physicians and scientists who disagree with Dr. Fauci and treat COVID patients early to prevent hospitalization and death.
  • Would she destroy the U.S. energy industry—mining, drilling, fracking, refining, and transporting by pipelines? This is implied by her “unequivocal” support for the Green New Deal.
  • As “prosecutor president,” how many “big polluters” would she try to imprison? If carbon dioxide, the building lock of all life, is a pollutant, everything that breathes or burns fuel is a polluter.
  • Where would she get, and exactly how would she spend the $10 trillion she wants to “invest” in keeping the climate from changing? How would she measure success?

For further information on “The Great Reset” and on Dr. Fauci’s record as AIDS czar, see AAPS News November 2020.


Wild Drunken Bikini Brawl Turns Ugly on the River (Video)


A teens gone wild video from a couple of years ago is suddenly making the rounds of the interweb again. What it shows is so bizarre that nobody can tell if this drunken bikini brawl was staged just to bring instant YouTube celebrity status, or if our younger generating is really this hopeless.

What started out like an ordinary summer day on the river for a group of young adults produced a shocking three minute video clip.

[embedded content]

Intoxicated bikini brawl

The video purports to show a couple of intoxicated girls in bikinis getting into a seriously violent scuffle. Besides some half-hearted slaps and gratuitous rolling around in the mud, laced with casual displays of anatomy, some of the blows seem substantial.

The most outrageous part is that most of the group was more interested in watching than stopping the brawl.

One young man makes an attempt to separate the girls but others egg them on while another girl jumps into the fray.

If all of this weren’t weird and ugly enough, at regular intervals, one young man can be seen jumping out of the bushes to spit at the battling beauties for no apparent reason.

“What’s with the dude that runs out of the bushes every so often to spit in their faces?! What a bunch of methed out trash,” one viewer writes.

That’s one of the clues that the video brawl may be a fake. Well, at least that’s what makes the older generation hope it’s a fake. If this is a real incident, our nation is in big trouble when these kids take charge.

“Whoever recorded this is trash,” another posts, “I feel bad for the girls at the end, obvs a set up and those people are trash because they did that.”

“Please keep your garbage out of our waterways,” Copious Doinks tells the bikini girls. Dean Treadaway agrees, “That’s what u call river trash from the trailer park.”


Covid-19 Exposure at Fox News Sends Top Anchors Into Immediate Lockdown

Fox news hosts covid-19 outbreak

The President of Fox News Media and several of the network’s top anchors are being told to self quarantine due to possible Covid-19 exposure. The drastic decision comes after the network’s top talent unknowingly flew on a plane with someone infected with the Covid-19 virus.

The staff members currently in lockdown include Fox News Media President Jay Wallace, along with anchors Brett Baier, Juan Williams, Dana Perino and Martha MacCallum.

Someone tested positive

The New York Times reports the Fox News hosts were possibly exposed to the virus when they flew on a private plane together coming back from the last presidential debate on Thursday night in Nashville, Tennessee. Someone on that flight has since tested positive for the virus. None of the anchors are reporting any signs of illness at this time. The lockdown is a precautionary measure to prevent any possible spread to other employees at Fox.

The virus exposure comes at a horrible time for Fox News, with the presidential election just a week away. This will surely be one of the biggest weeks for news ratings in recent history.

In a memo to employees, Fox News Media President Jay Wallace and Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott said they would be “further reducing some of the workforce in our buildings and operating virtually wherever possible through the week.”

Election coverage over a Zoom call

So I guess this means we’ll be seeing some of the top Fox News personalities covering this historic election over a Zoom call in their homes. Kind of a buzzkill.

This comes just weeks after President Trump, the First Lady and their son Barron tested positive for Covid-19. Several White House staff members who work closely with the President were also infected, including Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

After a brief stay at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the President was released with a clean bill of health and he wasted no time getting right back on the campaign trail. I suspect the anchors at Fox News will be back to work in no time as well. Maybe even in time to cover the election in studio.


Trump: ‘We have probably 9 or 10’ countries readying to normalize ties with Israel

October 27, 2020

Before heading to the Midwest, President Donald Trump had some updates about the Middle East.

Asked by a reporter about if there are any more countries in the Middle East who may soon seek to normalize ties with Israel, President Trump said he thinks that more countries in the region will soon follow suit.

“We have probably nine or 10 [countries] that are right in the mix. We’re going to have a lot—I think we’ll have all of them eventually,” he said beside First Lady Melania Trump at Andrews Air Force Base on Tuesday before flying off to the Midwest for three campaign rallies.

As for when these new potential diplomatic agreements will materialize, he said, “that’ll largely be after [the election].”

“The beauty is it’s peace in the Middle East with no money and with no blood,” the president then said. “There’s no blood all over the sand.”

“And it’s happening,” he continued. “We have five definites, and I think we’ll have another five pretty-much-definites soon. And all of them: the big ones, the smaller ones, and the three that we got I have great respect.”

For decades, ever since the State of Israel was established in 1948, its predominantly Muslim, anti-Zionist neighbors have treated it hostilely. As the years have gone on, more and more of these countries have made peace with Israel and have established formal diplomatic ties with the Jewish State. The first of these countries to do so were Egypt in 1979 and the Kingdom of Jordan in 1994, though under different circumstances.

Back in September, the United States brokered agreements between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, in what has been called the Abraham Accords.

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Following that foreign policy victory for the president, the U.S. brokered yet another deal earlier this month, this time between Sudan and Israel.

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Closing his Tuesday remarks at the airfield, Trump compared his administration’s strategies to those of past administrations, saying: “And we did it in a much different way than than they’ve [who???] been working over the last 30 years.”

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‘Worst mayor ever!’: de Blasio gets heckled while waiting in line to vote

October 27, 2020

While New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray, were waiting in line to vote on Tuesday in their former neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn, a few individuals lobbed some heckles at the unpopular mayor, the New York Post reported.

“Get to work!” shouted a cyclist.

And after that, “You’re the worst mayor ever!” one pedestrian intoned—to borrow The Post‘s verbiage.

The mayor has been infamous for not showing up to work as much as he should at City Hall, often opting for midday strolls all the way across the river in Brooklyn or sweating it out at his favorite gym (at least before the pandemic). Critics from seemingly everywhere on the political spectrum have eviscerated him for dawdling while COVID cases jump again in the city, while his rival, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.), handles the brunt of the work in containing the spread.

When the heckling occurred, the mayor was chatting it up with other folks in line. He had been in line for over 40 minutes.

“Everyone else is waiting,” he said. “They’re doing it because they care and they want to make their voices heard.”

“I admire everyone on this line and I’m going to join them,” he added.

Hours-long wait times have plagued polling stations across the city ever since early in-person voting commenced this past weekend. Despite this, over 300,000 city residents have already cast their ballots in these first three days, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In response, Mayor de Blasio on Monday said that the city’s Board of Elections will require more voting machines and poll workers in order to counteract the absurdly long queues. He also mentioned that he would be willing to work with Gov. Cuomo to try and resolve the issues.

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COVID-19: Catalyst for the ‘Great Reset’ ?

Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving with your family? Or awaiting Tony Fauci’s permission?

In a conference at Yale on Monday, Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked when we could go back to normal. He said we wouldn’t have to wear masks “forever,” but we couldn’t abandon public health measures such as masks and distancing before the end of 2021. We can’t just go “wherever we want.”

Dr. Fauci also said we needed to increase “international engagement.” What that means he has spelled out in the scientific journal Cell. We need to make “radical changes” in the “infrastructures of human existence.” It would require, explains Wesley Smith, “unprecedented and intrusive government regulations and the transferring of policy control from the national to international level—nothing less than an international technocratic and authoritarian supra-governing system—with the power to direct how we interact with each other as family, friends, and in community.”

This sounds a lot like the “Great Reset of Capitalism” promoted by the World Economic Forum. COVID-19 presents the great opportunity to get people to accept radical changes in everything including the social contract, WEF officials say. It’s an opportunity to accelerate policies already being promoted to fight “climate change.” The “Fourth Industrial Revolution” will roll back industrialization to decrease carbon dioxide emissions.

While Joe Biden has not explicitly endorsed the World Economic Forum, he uses its terminology: “Build Back Better,” “end the era of shareholder capitalism,” and “rewrite the social contract.” He reportedly has intimate ties with Great Reset figures.

What we can expect from a Democratic Administration:

  • Prolonged restrictions on business, education, travel, and human contacts in the name of public health
  • Medical care determined by technocrats rather than personal physicians
  • Greatly increased subordination to the UN and international agencies and bureaucrats not accountable to American voters; no “America First” policy
  • More centralization of decision-making
  • Tighter censorship of dissenting opinions
  • “Transitioning out” of the oil industry—without details on what we will use for fueling agricultural equipment, airplanes, and trucks or for making the thousands of products derived from petroleum such as 30 percent of our medicines
  • Restricting fracking, at least on federal lands

For further information on “The Great Reset,” see AAPS News November 2020.


Philadelphia Riots result in 30 police officers injured, 12 hospitalized

October 27, 2020

Twitter: @MrAndyNgo

Riots that broke out in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania overnight resulted in 30 police officers being wounded. 12 of the injured officers were hospitalized, The Post Millennial is reporting.

The riots started after police shot and killed Walter Wallace Jr., a 27-year-old Black man who was armed with a knife and refused to comply with officers’ orders, according to the news site.

In the rioting and looting that ensued overnight, a police vehicle was set ablaze and an officer was reportedly run over by a truck.

Click here to read the full report.