Another pile of dead vaxed people. They just keep piling up.

Another pile of dead vaxed people. They just keep piling up.

Jim Crenshaw – June 28th, 2022

If enough of these poor people pile up will that cause a wake up?
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Fauci Does the Unthinkable: Refuses to Stop Flow of Taxpayer Money to His Chinese ‘Colleagues’

Fauci Does the Unthinkable: Refuses to Stop Flow of Taxpayer Money to His Chinese ‘Colleagues’

  June 21, 2022

Two years after the COVID pandemic began, Dr. Anthony Fauci is still fighting to fund “Chinese colleagues” that may have been responsible for the origins of the novel coronavirus.

During Senate testimony Thursday, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases revealed that he would not stop funding biomedical research in China when asked by GOP Sen. Roger Marshall.

Referencing the “productive, peer-reviewed, highly regarded research projects” with Chinese virologists, Fauci said, “I don’t think I’d be able to tell you that we are going to stop funding [the] Chinese,” the Washington Examiner reported.

Marshall further questioned Fauci on whether the public has access to all records and studies from EcoHealth Alliance’s research in China.

The Biden administration’s chief medical adviser said that “we have access to an extraordinary amount of information that has gone there,” but he did admit that no one completely knows “everything that’s going on in China.”

Fauci also told the Senate committee last week that COVID most likely originated as a “natural occurrence,” continuing to dispel the notion that the virus leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

“This is very, very likely a jumping species from an animal host, perhaps through an intermediate host, into a human species, which then spread throughout the human population, certainly, almost certainly, originating in China in Wuhan,” Fauci said.

If the midterm elections go well for them, Republicans are prepared to investigate why Fauci and other scientists backtracked on the origins of COVID-19, according to the Examiner.

In a video posted to his YouTube channel on Monday, Marshall talked with GOP Rep. Jim Jordan about “the Fauci COVID Cover Up.”

“I’m hoping the Senate is going to be in Republican hands. We’re hoping the House is going to be that way as well. And we’re already talking about a joint-type of investigation we can do because the country deserves the truth,” Jordan said.

Marshall and Jordan discussed scientists’ responses to the lab-leak theory, particularly the 11 virologists who had a conference call with Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins on Feb. 1, 2020.

Collins was the head of the National Institutes of Health before retiring in 2021.

If the GOP wins the Senate and House in November, Jordan said getting the 11 scientists, Fauci and Collins to give sworn testimony would be on the table.

“We want to find out what exactly Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins may have had to say on that particular phone call. So that’s how you start investigations,” Jordan said. “You don’t bring in Fauci for a deposition right away. You start by looking at these folks who were on the call, get all the documents you can in unredacted form – so that’s something that needs to happen.”

After reading the emails and correspondence before and after the call, Jordan believed that Fauci, Collins and the 11 scientists knew that the lab-leak theory was plausible.

“The key is, we know or we’re convinced that Dr. Fauci, Dr. Collins, and others knew right from the get-go that this thing most likely came from the lab, and I think they took real concerted steps to make sure the country didn’t get that information,” Jordan said.

The notes Jordan and Marshall have reviewed from the participants in the phone call indicate some had initially expressed serious reservations as to whether the virus could have developed naturally.

“Marshall wrote in February that the authors of those letters have collectively received hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding, arguing that ‘a failure to carry water for Collins and Fauci certainly could have resulted in new grants being reduced or even pulled back,’” the Examiner noted





world orders review – June 25th, 2022

(world orders review)
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Monkeypox: Was COVID Just a Test Run? (Dr. David Martin Interview)

Monkeypox: Was COVID Just a Test Run? (Dr. David Martin Interview)

Man in America Published May 25, 2022

LIVE AT 10:30AM ET: Just as COVID starts to die out, a brand new public health threat emerges: Monkeypox! But luckily, Bill Gates and the W.H.O. already have it all planned out! Join me for a live interview with Dr. David Martin to discuss the latest global health scare, and what to expect next.

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HAMMERED by Multiple ‘HEART ISSUES’ Caused by the Covid Vaccine (South Australia Reports)

TimsTruth Published June 16, 2022

My Rant about the Idiotic Medical Grubs

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Dr. Fauci admits no studies back COVID boosters for kids

Dr. Fauci admits no studies back COVID boosters for kids

Rand Paul also confronts on vaccine royalties for FDA panel

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., confronts Dr. Anthony Fauci in a Senate hearing June 16, 2022. (Video screenshot)

One day after the nation learned he had tested positive for COVID-19, the government’s quadrupled-boosted pandemic adviser was confronted in a Senate hearing by his nemesis, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.

Pressed on the safety and efficacy of COVID vaccines, Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted Thursday there were no studies to support the claim that booster shots would reduce the risk of hospitalization and death in children.

And Fauci refused to answer whether or not members of the FDA vaccine advisory board were receiving royalty payments from pharmaceutical companies.

The National Institutes of Health, agency scientists and executives such as Fauci received a total of $350 million in royalty payments from third parties, such as pharmaceutical companies, according to government documents obtained through a lawsuit. The NIH documents are heavily redacted, and only the number of payments each scientist received is disclosed along with the aggregate amount per NIH agency. The amount of the individual payments is blacked out.

On Thursday, Paul asked Fauci if he could state that he has “not received a royalty from any entity that [he] ever oversaw the distribution of money and research grants.”

“Everybody on the vaccine committee – have any of them ever received money from the people who make vaccines?” the senator continued. “Can you tell me that? Can you tell me if anybody on the vaccine approval committees ever received any money from the people who make the vaccines?”

Fauci interrupted: “Sound bite number one: Are you going to let me answer a question?

“Let me give you some information,” Fauci continued. “First of all, according to the regulations, people who receive royalties are not required to divulge them even on their financial statement according to the Bayh Dole Act.”

The law allows individuals to own own patents derived from government-funded research and profit from them.

Fauci said that between 2015 and 2020, he personally received only small payments for the monoclonal antibodies his lab created.

“During that period of time, my royalties ranged from $21 a year to $7,700 a year and the average per year was $191.46,” Fauci told the senators.

Paul asked Fauci if he could cite any studies that show COVID booster shots reduce hospitalization and death in children.

Fauci could not.

“Right now there’s not enough data that has been accumulated, Senator Paul to indicate that that’s the case,” he said.

“I believe that the recommendation that was made was based on the assumption that if you look at the morbidity and mortality of children within each of the age groups, you know, zero to 5, 5 to 11 …

Paul interrupted.

“So, there are no studies – and Americans should all know this – there are no studies on children showing a reduction in hospitalization or death with taking a booster,” the senator emphasized.

See the exchange:


There Is No Balm in Gilead

Recently revealed emails show Fauci and NIAID officials “scrambled in April 2020 to answer questions about altering the endpoint” in a trial of remdesivir. Once the drug was declared the new standard of care for COVID-19, as Forbes reported, Gilead’s stock surged more than 16 percent in overnight trading.

Cihlar and Lane had reason to be glad over what Fauci called “quite good news.” In its press release on remdesivir, also known as Veklury, Gilead claims that its FDA-approved drug “can help reduce disease progression across a spectrum of disease severity and enable hospitalized patients to recover faster, freeing up limited hospital resources and saving healthcare systems money.”

Scientific and medical journals were skeptical, to say the least.

As Jon Cohen and Kai Kupferschmidt noted in Science magazine, the European Union cut a deal in October 2020 with Gilead potentially worth $1 billion. Later that month, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration made remdesivir the first drug to receive approved status for COVID treatment.

The European Union settled on remdesivir pricing—$2,400 for a full course—one week before the Solidarity trial, and was unaware of the results. For its part, the Science authors charge, Gilead “knew the trial was a bust.” That didn’t sit well with Scripps Institute cardiologist Eric Topol.

“This is a very, very bad look for the FDA,” Topol told Science, “and the dealings between Gilead and EU make it another layer of badness.” The EU and American decisions, the Science authors noted, “baffled scientists who have closely watched the clinical trials of remdesivir unfold over the past six months—and who have many questions about remdesivir’s worth.”

One study found that remdesivir “modestly reduced the time to recover from COVID-19 in hospitalized patients with severe illness.” Other studies found remdesivir to have “no impact of treatment on the disease whatsoever.” The fourth and largest study, by the World Health Organization, “showed that remdesivir does not reduce mortality or the time COVID-19 patients take to recover.”

The Science authors cite Jason Pogue of the University of Michigan, president of the Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists, that the FDA should not have approved remdesivir. There is not enough evidence that remdesivir works and “more questions than answers about the efficacy of remdesivir in hospitalized patients.”

Gary Schwitzer, publisher of HealthNewsReview.Org, found Fauci’s announcement of remdesivir as the standard of care “troubling.” Schwitzer also cited Dr. Eric Topol, who was “unimpressed” by the Gilead drug. As Schwitzer pointed out, “the primary endpoints or outcomes were shifted by the researchers in the NIH trial” (emphasis added). In the middle of that trial, the endpoint was changed from measuring the effectiveness against death and various forms of hospitalization on day 15 to time to recovery through day 29.

For the general public, Schwitzer wrote, “this is somewhat akin to the football field being shrunk so that the goal line is not 100 yards away but only 50 yards away—after the game has already begun.” And it was only after scientists and journalists pointed to evidence that the goalposts had been moved “that any public discussion or explanation was made by the researchers.”

In his public statement in April 2020, Fauci said the trial results proved remdesivir “can block the virus” that causes COVID-19, but the NIAID boss didn’t mention the change in endpoint. If anybody thought Fauci was rigging the trial to get the outcome he and Gilead wanted, it would be hard to blame them. And it wouldn’t be the first time.

Fauci’s favored treatment for AIDS was AZT (azidothymidine) marketed as Zidovudine. This DNA chain terminator is highly toxic and does not prevent or cure AIDS. Even so, in 1987, the FDA approved AZT at lightning speed, which disturbed molecular biologist Harvey Bialy, then scientific editor of Biotechnology.

“I can’t see how this drug could be doing anything other than making people very sick,” Bialy said. On the other hand, AZT was making some people very rich. At a price of $8,000 per patient per year, AZT was the most expensive drug ever marketed at the time. After FDA approval, Burroughs Wellcome stock went through the roof.

Fauci’s NIAID funded trials of AZT and other dangerous drugs on foster children in New York, nearly all of them African American or Latino. According to one nurse, some 80 children died in the experiments. (For further reading, see Poison by Prescription: The AZT Story, by John Lauritsen.)

Cohen and Kupferschmidt cite a disproportionately high number of liver and kidney problems in patients receiving remdesivir, compared to other drugs. In The Real Anthony Fauci, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. cites the “toxicity” of remdesivir, Fauci’s “vanity drug.” Remdesivir shows “no clinical efficiency” against COVID, but at approximately $3,000 per treatment, remdesivir is much more expensive than either hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin, treatments that Fauci opposes.

As Kennedy explains, Fauci’s deputy Cliff Lane co-chaired the NIH treatment guidelines panel that supervised the remdesivir trials and stood to share in the patent rewards. So Lane was “doubly conflicted.”

Meanwhile, as the prophet said, “is there no balm in Gilead?” Not this time, but there is a great deal of money.





SGT Report – June 24th, 2022

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