Elon Musk Says Neuralink Is Almost Ready to Implant Brain Chips that No One Thinks Are Good for Society

Elon Musk Says Neuralink Is Almost Ready to Implant Brain Chips that No One Thinks Are Good for Society

Elon Musk’s brain chip company Neuralink aims to start implanting its brain implants into human patients within six months. A Pew poll in early 2022 found that only 13 percent of Americans believe that Musk’s brain chips will be good for society.

Bloomberg reports that Neuralink, Elon Musk’s brain-computer interface firm, said at a Wednesday evening event at its headquarters that it plans to begin putting its coin-sized computing brain implant into human patients in six months. This news comes despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of America think slapping a computer chip inside the human brain is a terrible idea for society.

Elon Musk, Tesla chairman, smokes a "spliff" (marijuana and tobacco cigar) on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Elon Musk smokes up on the Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan Experience/YouTube)

Monkey playing pong

Monkey playing pong (CNET/YouTube)

Musk said that Neuralink’s device, which has been refined over the past years, would be implanted into people using a robot that carves out a piece of their skull and attaches the device to their brain. Discussions with the FDA mean that the company can plant to begin it’s first human trials in the next six months, he said.

In addition to working on a brain-computer interface, Musk revealed that his company is working on spinal implants that might one day restore mobility to people with paralysis. He also revealed that his firm is working on an ocular implant to restore human vision or improve it. Despite the continued hype from Musk, recent reports show that Neuralink is a company in chaos.

Musk said during the event: “As miraculous as that may sound, we are confident that it is possible to restore full-body functionality to someone who has a severed spinal cord.”

Musk claims that an individual who suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or a stroke may soon be able to communicate via their brain using a brain-computer interface (BCI). The Neuralink device would be able to detect neuronal activity and turn it into data that would be interpreted by a computer. Musk believes that the device could one day become mainstream and allow humans and computers to communicate with each other. Musk has long been a proponent of the idea that humans must be enhanced to match the development of artificial intelligence.

Musk said: “You are so used to being a de-facto cyborg. But if you’re interacting with your phone, you’re limited.”

In February, Neuralink was accused by an animal-rights group of subjecting test monkeys to illegal mistreatment and causing “extreme suffering.” Business Insider gained access to a draft regulatory complaint expected to be filed with the U.S. Department of Agriculture this week.

The complaint by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) alleges that the group obtained access to records showing that monkeys used in Neuralink trials experienced “extreme suffering as a result of inadequate animal care and the highly invasive experimental head implants during the experiments.”

The PCRM alleges that UC Davis and Neuralink committed as many as nine violations of the Animal Welfare Act, including breaches of agreements that researchers minimize the pain and distress of animals, have a veterinarian advise on the use of anesthesia, and ensuring that daily observations of animals take place.

The complaint alleges that in one example, a test monkey was found missing many fingers and toes “possibly from self-mutilation or some other unspecified trauma.” The monkey was killed during a “terminal procedure” at a later date.

Another monkey had holes drilled into its skull and electrodes implanted into its brain. The monkey allegedly developed a painful skin infection and was euthanized.

Another macaque monkey had electrodes implanted into its brain, immediately began vomiting, retching, and gasping. Days later, researchers noted that the animal “appeared to collapse from exhaustion/fatigue” and was then killed. A later autopsy showed that the monkey suffered from a brain hemorrhage.

According to Jeremy Beckham, a research advocacy coordinator with the PCRM, of the 23 monkeys only seven survived and were transferred to a Neuralink facility in 2020 after Neuralink ended its relationship with UC Davis.

Read more at Bloomberg here.

Lucas Nolan is a reporter for Breitbart News covering issues of free speech and online censorship. Follow him on Twitter @LucasNolan


EU Threatens to Ban Twitter Over Elon Musk’s Free Speech Plans

EU Threatens to Ban Twitter Over Elon Musk’s Free Speech Plans

Twitter could be banned from the EU if Elon Musk continues with his free speech reforms, a senior official within the bloc has reportedly said.

Thierry Breton, the European Union’s Internal Market Commissioner, has reportedly ordered Elon Musk to abandon some of his free speech plans for Twitter or risk seeing the platform banned from operating within the EU.

It comes as Musk continues pushing the platform in a direction more accepting of freedom of speech, unbanning the likes of former President Donald Trump and reversing Twitter’s hardline policing of COVID-related content.

However, in what appears to be partly an attempt at appeasing global elites, Musk has repeatedly said that he has no intention of allowing the platform to be completely free, promising leaders that he will limit the reach of content governments deem offensive.

According to a report by the Financial Times on Wednesday however, it appears that such a promise is not enough for Breton, with the commissioner said to have threatened Musk during a meeting that the EU could see the platform banned from all of its member states if he does not bow to every single one of the bloc’s demands.

While the EU official later wrote on Twitter that he welcomed the CEO’s “intent to get Twitter 2.0 ready” to implement EU regulations, the bigwig then redirected users towards platform rival Mastodon to see the exact demands he was making of the social media giant, which included censoring content, working with so-called “fact-checkers” and the demonetisation of the spread of “disinformation”.

Interestingly, Breton made no reference to ensuring the online security of citizens using Twitter, an oversight that becomes more questionable when considering that he directed his own followers towards a platform that — according to Forbes — has “numerous vulnerabilities and other security issues”.

While extreme, it appears that Breton’s threat that Twitter could be banned from the EU if it does not comply may be more bark than bite, with POLITICO reporting that the mechanisms to actually see the platform axed from the bloc will likely not be in place until 2024.

What’s more, while agreements are currently in place between various tech giants and the European Union on the regulation of disinformation and hate, as of now, these agreements are entirely voluntary in nature, with Twitter being under no obligation to follow any guidelines set out.

Unfortunately, this will likely not stop Elon Musk from bowing to Breton, with the multi-billionaire having at this point repeatedly said he would acquiesce to the Frenchman’s demands in regard to censorship on the platform.

Things do not look likely to be different this time around, with Musk not only reportedly confirming that he was willing to follow EU law when it comes to censorship, but also saying that he thought the rules were “very sensible”, and that the bloc’s forthcoming law on social media regulation ought to be enforced worldwide.

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A GOP With Backbone Would Support Elon Musk, Punish Apple, And Fight For Free Speech On Twitter

A GOP With Backbone Would Support Elon Musk, Punish Apple, And Fight For Free Speech On Twitter

Apple’s threat to remove Twitter from its App store for the crime of being a slightly more open forum for free speech under Elon Musk has been met with a chorus of outrage and substantive threats of congressional action by Republican leaders.

Just kidding. Republicans have barely said anything about it, and establishment Republicans have said nothing at all. With the exception of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who offered his opinion on a matter outside his purview as a governor, Apple’s threat to crush Twitter has been met more or less with silence, even from members of the GOP who consider themselves conservative. (Sen. Mike Lee, to his credit, tossed out a tweet saying Apple’s threat makes the case for the Open Apps Markets Act. But he’s the exception to the rule.) And though Apple leaders apparently smoothed over the “misunderstanding” with Musk on Wednesday afternoon, we have all seen this pattern: Big Tech’s anti-speech aggression always turns out to be a “mistake” or “misunderstanding” as soon as enough people notice.

This is why I’ve argued that actual conservatives, those who want to save the country and restore republic self-government, should stop calling themselves conservatives. At this point, the label amounts to an admission of failure and defeat, and might as well be the official title of those who desire above all to be the controlled opposition for a permanent leftist regime. 

The Apple situation perfectly illustrates why conservatives need to swap out their old labels for new ones even as they swap out old ways of thinking about government power for a candid recognition of new realities and new imperatives.

In this case, Apple and its CEO, Tim Cook, are squarely on the side of authoritarianism, here and abroad. They are certainly on the side of communist China, which right now is trying hard to suppress mass protests over the CCP’s draconian “zero Covid” policy. Chinese President Xi Jinping sent tanks into the eastern city of Xuzhou this week — not that you’ll read much coverage about it in the corporate press.

As it happens, China is working to quash protests and suppress free speech with Apple’s help. Earlier this month, news broke that the company eliminated the AirDrop wireless file-sharing on iPhones in China after the feature was used by protesters to coordinate and share information. For their part, Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., wrote a letter to Cook, branding Apple’s operations in China “unconscionable” and calling on the CEO to work toward halting them; Florida’s Marco Rubio, who is a co-sponsor on the Open Apps Markets Act with Hawley, chimed in with an anodyne tweet; and Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, echoed what’s been abundantly clear: “Apple is fully in bed with Communist China.”

Since Apple is an active collaborator with China’s police state, it’s no surprise that Apple is also on the side of an increasingly authoritarian Democrat Party and a Biden administration that seems eager to use Big Tech to suppress online speech. Consider White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s recent comment that the administration is “keeping a close eye” on Twitter and Musk, “monitoring” the social media giant to ensure it suppresses “misinformation” and “hate.” And you know what that means. 

Given all this, it should be easy for Republican leaders like Rep. Kevin McCarthy and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to come out swinging against Apple and in defense of Twitter and Musk, to propose legislation that breaks up tech giants such as Apple and Google, treats them as common carriers, or at the very least requires Apple and Google to make it easier for app developers to connect with customers directly, as the Open Apps Markets bill would do.

But the old conservatism remains so in thrall to free market libertarianism and big business that it cannot even contemplate any of that, which means that it has effectively outlived its usefulness and we should be done with it. The only kind of Republicans we need now are those who recognize not just that the left has captured our institutions but that for at least the last half-century it has been building a tyranny machine in the form of an aggressive administrative state, which is now colluding with the most powerful tech companies in the world to suppress speech, rig elections, and support authoritarianism abroad.

This fusion of the administrative state with Big Tech threatens to replace republican self-government with an unaccountable federal bureaucracy. Indeed, that process is already well underway. Those on the right who repose some hope in the Supreme Court stopping it are being naïve. The court has proven itself unwilling to smash this tyranny machine — and even if it tried, the left has signaled its willingness to pack the court if it feels its revolutionary project is truly under threat.

The task at hand, then, is nothing less than the restoration of republican self-government and the revival of first principles in American civic life. To do that, we need a plan to revive the other two badly atrophied branches of government so they can dismantle the federal bureaucracy or, where necessary and possible, use it as an instrument of renewal.

McCarthy, or whoever ends up as the next Republican speaker of the House, will have such a slender GOP majority that it will be limited to investigating the administrative state and blocking the Biden administration’s legislative agenda. It would be a monumental mistake to pursue any kind of bipartisan cooperation with the Democratic Party on any issue. It would likewise be a mistake to ignore calls to investigate and impeach Attorney General Merrick Garland and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. 

Asked about these things recently, McCarthy betrayed a fundamental misunderstanding of the problem, saying, “I think the country wants to heal and … start to see the system that actually works.”

But the system cannot work as long as Garland can use the Justice Department as a political weapon, branding parents who speak out at school board meetings as “domestic terrorists” and sending the FBI to raid the homes of anti-abortion activists. The system cannot work when the DOJ is allowed to deploy a geofence dragnet warrant to intercept the communications and location data for thousands of peaceful protesters on Jan. 6, making a mockery of the Fourth Amendment. It cannot work as long as Mayorkas is free to ignore federal immigration law and maintain a de facto open border. And it cannot work if Apple and the White House are allowed to attack Twitter because Elon Musk decided to make it marginally more open to free speech.

There is a war underway for America’s future, and right now only one political party is fighting it. The political and cultural project of the left constitutes a cancer that’s killing our republic and must be cut out. It’s time for Republicans to start talking and acting like they understand that, or step aside and take their place in the ranks of a failed conservative movement. 

John Daniel Davidson is a senior editor at The Federalist. His writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Claremont Review of Books, The New York Post, and elsewhere. Follow him on Twitter, @johnddavidson.


Twitter CEO Elon Musk Says He Will Publicly Reveal Twitter’s “Files on Free Speech,” and Implies Coordination with Government

CTH has not visited the various Twitter stories recently, quite frankly because we are ambivalent to them.  It just seems illogical for Elon Musk to have purchased Twitter without any idea of what was happening inside Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop, the public-private partnership that structures the operations of the social media company known as Twitter.

That said, some interesting developments recently as media rail against the platform and organized ultra-leftist groups demand advertising boycotts.  Apparently, Apple and Android are threatening to remove the Twitter App and Mr. Musk is doubling down on exposing the matrix of how the U.S. government was working with Twitter toward controlling speech that was against their interests.

This tweet about releasing internal “files” on “speech suppression” follow on the heels of Mr. Musk noting that government involvement in the blocking of speech is very troubling.

It’s not a secret that FBI and U.S. Dept of Homeland Security offices were in partnership with Twitter. Much has been written about how DHS collaborated with the platform on the definitions and removals of material adverse to their interests.

When Musk uses the word “files” he is probably referencing a set of guidelines from the U.S. government to Twitter for content enforcement.

We see a lot of shocked faces around this as if people are only just discovering the issue.  The general ‘surprise‘ seems rather weird.

It is worth remembering when Twitter became a tool of the U.S. government.  It was back during the 2011 ‘Arab Spring’, specifically the events in Egypt, when members from the Obama administration first solicited Jack Dorsey (Twitter) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) for help.

The U.S. State Dept goal was to use these social media platforms as a way for citizens in Egypt and Libya to organize when the government was trying to put down protests.  President Obama wanted to assist the Muslim Brotherhood achieve the goal of removing Hosni Mubarak and Muammar Khaddaffi respectively.

Twitter and Facebook were instrumental in the organization of the protests which were then compromised by the more extreme political elements of political Islam from within the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The relationship between the government and social media grew from there.

While the middle east uprisings were essentially the Beta test, everything in the relationship between govt and those companies evolved toward domestic use in the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri.

Twitter and Facebook began promoting the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” nonsense that was created for national media consumption by the Black Lives Matter group.  … and from that moment the public-private partnership was off to the races.

Fast forward a decade, and yes, now DHS is focused on domestic extremism as the greatest public threat.  Again, controlling speech that runs counter to the interest of government is part of a continuum of the same relationship.

It will be interesting to see what’s in the files.


Elon Musk Wants Answers About Apple’s Support Of Censorship

Apple suspended most of its advertising on Twitter, according to the blue bird app’s new CEO Elon Musk on Monday. Now, Twitter’s chief is asking questions about Apple’s censorship practices to his more than 119 million followers.

“Apple has mostly stopped advertising on Twitter,” Must wrote. “Do they hate free speech in America?”

LBRY, a publisher that describes itself as the “bitcoin” of publishing, outlined the company’s own experience with Apple censorship in a response to Musk’s post.

“During Covid, Apple demanded our apps filter some search terms from being returned,” the company wrote back. “If we did not filter the terms, our apps would not be allowed in the store.”

The response caught Musk’s attention.

“Who else has Apple censored?” Musk wrote in a quote tweet to amplify the post.

Musk revealed a few minutes later that Apple threatened to suspend Twitter from its app store, “but won’t tell us why.”

Giving Twitter the boot over ambiguous standards would closely resemble the company’s decision to strip Parler, a pre-Musk free speech alternative to Twitter, from the Apple app store last year. Days after the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, Apple colluded with other tech conglomerates to take Parler offline. Apple and Google barred Parler from being downloaded on their devices while Amazon stripped the platform from its web hosting services.

As nationwide protests broke out in China over the weekend threatening to undermine the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) under President Xi Jinping, Quartz revealed that Apple plugged a crack in the regime’s “Great Firewall” that dissidents exploited to communicate. Apple’s latest iOS update released in November placed new restrictions on “AirDrop,” a file-sharing feature on iPhones that allows users to share files directly from one phone to another (and consequently under the nose of government monitors). The update erased unlimited use for Chinese users only.

“Rather than listing new features, as it often does, the company simply said, ‘This update includes bug fixes and security updates and is recommended for all users,’” Quartz reported. “Hidden in the update was a change that only applies to iPhones sold in mainland China: AirDrop can only be set to receive messages from everyone for 10 minutes, before switching off. There’s no longer a way to keep the ‘everyone’ setting on permanently on Chinese iPhones.”

Apple’s new update to benefit the CCP is neither a recent development nor an isolated incident. According to a report from The New York Times last year, Apple routinely compromises privacy and security practices to appease communist leaders.

“Apple’s compromises have made it nearly impossible for the company to stop the Chinese government from gaining access to the emails, photos, documents, contacts and locations of millions of Chinese residents, according to the security experts and Apple engineers,” the Times reported.

In the United States, Apple remains one of the “Big Four” tech giants with a backdoor hand in censorship. Eliminating Parler from its app store over the company’s refusal to capitulate to demands from Silicon Valley was one example. By picking an apparent fight with fellow tech giant Twitter, whose new CEO has pledged to restore some kind of an open forum on the internet, Apple is showing its censorship regime to be even more brazen.

Tristan Justice is the western correspondent for The Federalist. He has also written for The Washington Examiner and The Daily Signal. His work has also been featured in Real Clear Politics and Fox News. Tristan graduated from George Washington University where he majored in political science and minored in journalism. Follow him on Twitter at @JusticeTristan or contact him at Tristan@thefederalist.com.


Twitter’s Brussels Office Is Dismantled

Twitter’s Brussels Office Is Dismantled

Twitter’s Brussels office dismantled

The move by Elon Musk to rid the online platform of “woke” ideologues has sparked EU concern over online content control. With Twitter dismantling its entire Brussels office, some EU officials claim the platform will no longer comply with their new rules on controlling online content.


The Brussels departures are part of a global trend, seen from India to France.

Twitter executives who had previously dealt with government officials have either left the organisation in recent weeks or have been laid off in what appears to be a major staff reorganisation.

The company thus no longer has the staff to ensure compliance with local laws designed to control online content. EU sources have warned that this could expose the company to legal and regulatory action.

“I am concerned about the news of Twitter firing so many staff in Europe,” Věra Jourová, EU vice-president in charge of the “disinformation code”, told the Financial Times.

“If you want to detect and take effective action against disinformation and propaganda, it requires resources.

“Especially in the context of the Russian disinformation war, I expect Twitter to fully respect EU law and honour its commitments. Twitter has been a very useful partner in the fight against disinformation and illegal hate speech and this must not change.”

Two individuals in charge of Twitter’s digital policy in Europe left the company last week, according to five people with knowledge of the departures. It is not clear whether the two had resigned or had been fired.

Musk issued an ultimatum last week for staff to commit to a “hardcore work culture”.

Twitter no longer EU tool

The two had been leading the company’s efforts to comply with the EU’s “disinformation code” and the Digital Services Act, which came into force just recently, dictating new rules on how large companies “must keep users safe online”, essentially banning all content that does not toe the EU line.

Other Twitter executives in the Brussels office, seen as a crucial instrument for European policymakers, left the company earlier this month during staff cuts which saw half of its 7,500 employees eliminated.

The lay-offs came in the wake of a broken promise by various leftwing and “woke” organizations not to harm the platform’s advertising revenue.

Musk explained on Tuesday that his initial plan to have a “content moderation council with widely diverse viewpoints” had been designed because “a large coalition of political/social activist groups agreed not to try to kill Twitter by starving us of advertising revenue if I agreed to this condition”. Sadly, “they broke the deal” by immediately organizing an advertiser boycott against him.

In response, Musk said that he would rather listen to the voice of the people. On the US holiday of Thanksgiving, he announced that a general amnesty for suspended Twitter users who had not “broken the law or engaged in egregious spam” would begin “next week”.

Musk had posted a poll the day before the holiday on this issue and over 3 million votes, 72.4 percent of users said “yes” while only 27.6 percent said “no”.

“The people have spoken,” Musk announced after the poll closed. “Amnesty begins next week. Vox Populi, Vox Dei.”

Last month, the ADL had threatened Musk with “dire consequences” if he allowed back “dangerous individuals” like Donald Trump, Alex Jones, Nick Fuentes, Steve Bannon, Andrew Tate and David Duke.



Featured image, Vera Jourova:  EPA/PATRICK SEEGER


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Elon Musk Takes a Hit: Tesla Stock Loses $700 Billion in Value– *Triple* Disney’s Total Market Cap

Elon Musk Takes a Hit: Tesla Stock Loses $700 Billion in Value– *Triple* Disney’s Total Market Cap

Tesla’s market capitalization has reportedly plummeted from over $1.2 trillion to $530 billion in the past year alone. The $760 billion loss is the equivalent to triple the entire market cap of The Walt Disney Company

Business Insider reports that Tesla’s market valuation has plummeted by nearly $700 billion from its peak a year ago. Insider notes that the $670 billion decline is equivalent to the market value of three Disneys, four Nikes, or six Starbucks.

Tesla’s market cap rose from under $100 billion at the start of 2020 to over $1.2 trillion in November, boosting Elon Musk’s automaker’s share price from a $30 split-adjusted price to over $400. However, it has plummeted by almost 60 percent since then to $530 billion as of Monday’s market close.

Tesla's Elon Musk Smokes Weed

Tesla’s Elon Musk Smokes Weed (Joe Rogan Experience/YouTube)

This massive market value drop isn’t far off the entire worth of Warren Buffet’s firm Berkshire Hathaway, valued at $685 billion. Insider notes that Tesla’s market-cap drop is equivalent to triple the entire market value of McDonald’s ($201 billion), Disney ($178 billion), or Wells Fargo ($178 billion).

Only five S&P 500 companies — Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft, and Berkshire Hathway —are worth more than the $670 billion in market value that Tesla has lost over the past year, reflecting a wider exodus from growth stocks and concerns that Musk’s new business dealings overseeing Twitter will be a major distraction for the CEO.

Tesla has promised for some time that most of its profits will be made in the future, but in the current market conditions, stocks such as Tesla become less attractive to investors.

Add to this that Musk recently purchased Twitter for $44 billion and has cashed in billions of dollars worth of Tesla stock to finance the venture, many investors are becoming worried. Tesla shareholders are also worried that Musk could lose focus over time as he attempts to restructure Twitter and may even sell more Tesla shares to cover costs, either of which would further affect Tesla’s stock price.

Read more at Business Insider here.

Lucas Nolan is a reporter for Breitbart News covering issues of free speech and online censorship. Follow him on Twitter @LucasNolan


Twitter Welcomes Back Trump

Poll determines the former US President should be allowed back on Twitter.

Elon Musk announced the day before yesterday that former President Donald Trump will be allowed back on Twitter.

Musk made the announcement after conducting an online poll that attracted more than 15 million votes.

Just over 51% of respondents voted to bring Trump back to the social media app.

Musk tweeted:

“The people have spoken. Trump will be reinstated. Vox Populi, Vox Dei.”

It really shouldn’t have been put to a vote. Bringing Trump back should have been a given.

You either believe in free speech or you don’t, you can’t pick and choose. Free speech should not be contingent on majority approval or disapproval.

The idea that a former US President should be banned from expressing his views is, frankly, embarrassing.

Remember, dictators like the Ayatollah of Iran were permitted to remain on Twitter while Trump was banned.

And besides, Twitter was never as good as this classic Donald Trump tweet:

Twitter Trump-nuclear-button

Activist Karens were immediately triggered by news that Trump would be allowed to speak.

Shannon has pronouns in her bio, so we ought not to be surprised.

I’m not mocking here though. It’s terribly sad that freedom of speech is happening to her. Thoughts and prayers, Karen.

Thoughts and prayers.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report.

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