Melbourne Children’s Hospital cannot admit more patients because Dictator Dan sacked most of the staff

Melbourne Children’s Hospital cannot admit more patients because Dictator Dan sacked most of the staff

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China Doubles Down on ‘Zero Covid,’ Orders Police to Hunt Down Protesters

China Doubles Down on ‘Zero Covid,’ Orders Police to Hunt Down Protesters

The Chinese Communist Party, through its state propaganda outlets, insisted that it would not relent on its brutal lockdown and quarantine policies known as “zero Covid” on Monday, apparently responding to, but not acknowledging, protests in major cities nationwide over the weekend.

Beijing has insisted on “zero Covid” for nearly three years, abruptly trapping people in their homes and often leaving them without food or basic medicine. The Chinese government announced its first deaths attributed to a Chinese coronavirus infection in six months last week – three people over the age of 87 – meaning that, by the regime’s own tally, more people have died as a result of lockdowns, forced internment in quarantine camps, and other “zero Covid” policies than by Chinese coronavirus infections.

Chinese citizens have staged protests, some of them violent, against the policies since at least March 2020, when a group of people in Hubei province – where Wuhan, the origin city of the virus, is located – brawled with police and overturned police cars in an attempt to leave their province. The NGO Freedom House observed in a report this month that protests have slowly increased in frequency until becoming a “daily” occurrence this year.

Simultaneous protests erupted over the weekend in some of the nation’s largest cities – Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou, among others – against the Communist Party’s lockdown and quarantine policies, apparently triggered by disgust at authorities failing to properly address a high-rise residential fire in Urumqi, occupied East Turkistan, last week. As the building was under a coronavirus lockdown, firemen could not reach it through barricades, resulting in at least ten and as many as 40 deaths, including children. The Communist Party denied any relationship between the deaths and “zero  Covid” policy.

China is currently committing genocide against the Uyghur indigenous population of East Turkistan.

The Chinese government’s Global Times propaganda outlet insisted on Monday that authorities had “optimized” their lockdown protocol to improve its efficiency, touting new policies such as allowing those who live in areas not documenting any coronavirus cases to avoid mandatory testing. The Global Times did not mention the protests, but listed the cities with the largest protests – Beijing, Guangzhou, Chongqing, and Zhengzhou – as those “optimizing” their policies. It nonetheless warned that any “optimizing” would not lead to an end to quarantining and lockdowns.

“The authorities have stressed that optimizing and adjusting the measures does not mean loosening prevention and control, nor is it a lifting of [Chinese coronavirus] restrictions or ‘lying flat’ in fighting the virus,” the Global Times asserted, adding that “the optimized policies were welcomed by many netizens,” but not offering any evidence to back up that claim.

The People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, boasted on Tuesday that the lockdown policies that prompted the protests were “scientific and effective” – a claim the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) has contested – and the regime would not abandon them.

The Japanese outlet Kyodo News also observed that China’s Ambassador to the United Nations Zhang Jun made public  remarks this week defending the lockdowns by claiming that the only alternative to them is death.

“You might say you prefer more liberty, more freedom, but then you have to be prepared to die,” Zhang reportedly told the Qatari outlet Al Jazeera.

Also weighing in publicly on Tuesday was Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying, one of the few people in China legally allowed to use the American social media platform Twitter. Hua did not directly address the protests, instead insulting the United States to defend China’s lockdown policy.

“What we want is to protect our people’s lives and ensure them a better life,” Hua said, in a statement that most Chinese citizens could not legally read give the platform it was posted on.

The vocal defense of the Communist Party’s brutal policies erupted simultaneously with police operations to track down and silence known protesters, multiple reports have confirmed. Police are reportedly targeting university students in particular and officials are reportedly attempting to shut down universities to disperse concentrated groups of young people living on campus.

The news agency Reuters reported on Tuesday that it had compiled evidence of police persecuting individuals believed to have been present at protests, ordering them to appear at police stations or otherwise disappearing them into custody.

“In one case, a caller identifying as a police officer in the Chinese capital asked the protester to show up at a police station on Tuesday to deliver a written record of their activities on Sunday night,” Reuters narrated. “In another, a student was contacted by their college and asked if they had been in the area where events took place and to provide a written account.”

“There are just too many police. Police came to check the ID of one of my friends and then took her away. We don’t know why. A few hours later they released her,” one anonymous alleged protester in the nation’s capital told the outlet.

Multiple reports have accused police of seizing the phones of random passersby in Shanghai and checking them for images or videos of protests, deleting anything that may be used to share the reality of China with the world.

Communist Party authorities have also reportedly deployed large numbers of police officers to key plazas and other public spaces that could potentially be used to gather in an attempt to scare protesters away. The U.K. newspaper the Guardian called it a “show of force” intended to silence dissidents.

“Dozens of police cars lined the streets around a central Beijing subway station and patrolled surrounding blocks on Monday evening, while uniformed and plain-clothed officers stood guard at station exits and stopped passersby for questioning,” the Guardian observed. “In Shanghai, authorities barricaded a street where protesters had gathered for the past two nights.”

Some independent reports online have suggested that the Chinese military is planning on a potential intervention. Independent journalist Jennifer Zeng shared a video allegedly showing military vehicles, including tanks, organizing in Xuzhou. Breitbart News could not independently verify the video.

Police are also reportedly attempting to convince citizens that the protests were not a result of genuine disapproval of the lockdown policies, but “foreign interference,” claiming nefarious foreign agents were organizing destabilizing activities. Radio Free Asia (RFA) documented an incident in Beijing in which a man, presumably a Chinese regime agent, approached protesters and condemned them for being “foreign anti-China forces,” prompting general outrage.

RFA reported on Monday that authorities were emptying universities in an attempt to disperse potential protesters. Among those institutions reportedly urging students to leave is Tsinghua University, one of China’s most prestigious academic institutions and dictator Xi Jinping’s alma mater. Reports estimate that thousands of Tsinghua students joined the protests this weekend.

“Tsinghua University … is offering free bus services for students to all major Beijing railway stations and airports so they can return to their hometowns,” RFA reported, citing the Global Times. “Similar measures are underway at the University of International Business and Economics and the Chinese Academy of Sciences to ‘help students return home,’ the paper reported.”

RFA reported, citing several sources, that the Party is forcing university leadership into “emergency meetings” to respond to the protests, addressing them as a “foreign phenomenon” but not offering any evidence that any foreign powers are involved.

“When you say foreign forces, are you talking about Marx and Engels?” one protester reportedly quipped when asked to beware of foreign forces.

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White House Ignores China’s Violent Crackdowns in Delayed Statement Supporting Right to Protest

The White House reacted to news of widespread protests of coronavirus lockdowns in China, issuing a mild statement supporting peaceful protests.

“We’ve long said everyone has the right to peacefully protest, here in the United States and around the world,” read a statement from the White House National Security Council shared with reporters. “This includes in the PRC.”

The statement was released Monday morning after critics pointed out that the White House had not said anything over the weekend to defend the protesters.

During the White House press briefing on Monday afternoon, National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby repeated a similar message, noting that the president supported the overarching right to peaceful protest.

“The president’s not going to speak for protesters around the world, they’re speaking for themselves,” Kirby said when asked by reporters if he had a specific message to the protesters in China.

But Kirby and White House failed to condemn China’s violent authoritarian crackdowns of the protests or their attempt to censor protesters online.

Biden has personally remained silent throughout the weekend, ignoring reporters as he returned to Washington, DC, on Sunday evening after a long Thanksgiving holiday in Nantucket. He also held an event at the White House with Nobel Prize winners on Monday afternoon that was closed to the press.

The White House statement also noted that China’s “zero COVID” crackdown policies would make it “very difficult” for China to contain the virus, echoing rhetoric used by the World Health Organization.

The Associated Press

President Joe Biden on November 15, 2022, in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

The statement pointed to promoting vaccines, boosters, testing, and early treatment of the virus as a solution for the United States.

Protests in China continue, as Chinese dictator Xi Jinping is trying to suppress them and hold firm with his coronavirus containment policies.

The latest round of protests was sparked after an apartment building fire killed ten people in Urumqi, as people in the city blamed the lockdown policies for failing to rescue the victims.


COVID Lockdown Horror Leads to Massive Uprisings and Protests in China

COVID Lockdown Horror Leads to Massive Uprisings and Protests in China

On November 23rd a fire broke out in Urumqi’s Jixiang Yuan district in an apartment complex. Because of the Chinese COVID lockdown, it is claimed the doors to the building were locked from the outside; people could not escape.  Jennifer Zeng has been documenting the story on Twitter.

Fire trucks were not permitted to get close enough to the building and the people locked inside could not escape.

Chinese media initially said 10 people were killed; however, it was widely believed the death toll exceeds that number with a 3-year-old included.  The current death toll stands at 44 victims.

This horrific event seems to have become the inflection point for a large uprising against the Chinese Communist Party and the continual COVID lockdown rules.

(MSM) “Now the episode in Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang region, has unleashed the most defiant eruption of public anger against the ruling Communist Party in years. In cities across China this weekend, thousands gathered with candles and flowers to mourn the fire’s victims. On campuses, students staged vigils, many holding up pieces of blank white paper in mute protest. In Shanghai, some residents even called for the Communist Party and its leader, Xi Jinping, to step down, a rare and bold challenge.”

For the past several days mass protests have been spreading throughout the populous region. Things are getting very spicy as the communist government does not accept civil disturbances as a right of protest.

SHANGHAI (AP) — Protesters angered by strict anti-virus measures called for China’s powerful leader to resign, an unprecedented rebuke as authorities in at least eight cities struggled to suppress demonstrations Sunday that represent a rare direct challenge to the ruling Communist Party.

Police using pepper spray drove away demonstrators in Shanghai who called for Xi Jinping to step down and an end to one-party rule, but hours later people rallied again in the same spot. Police again broke up the demonstration, and a reporter saw protesters under arrest being driven away in a bus.

The protests — which began Friday and have spread to cities including the capital, Beijing, and dozens of university campuses — are the most widespread show of opposition to the ruling party in decades.

In a video of the protest in Shanghai verified by The Associated Press, chants against Xi, the most powerful leader since at least the 1980s, and the Chinese Communist Party sounded loud and clear: “Xi Jinping! Step down! CCP! Step down!” (read more)

The CCP is also cracking down on western journalists who are reporting on the protests.


Poll: Majority of Americans Not Worried About Coronavirus

Poll: Majority of Americans Not Worried About Coronavirus

Most Americans are not personally worried about contracting coronavirus, a survey from The Economist/YouGov found.

The survey asked respondents, “Taking into consideration both your risk of contracting it and the seriousness of the illness, how worried are you personally about experiencing COVID-19?”

Most, 59 percent, said they are not very worried, and of those, 27 percent said they are “not worried at all.” Twenty-eight percent said they are “somewhat” worried, but just 13 percent said they are “very” worried.

Democrats are more worried than Republicans and independents, as 58 percent expressed concern, compared to 38 percent of independents and 26 percent of Republicans who are at least somewhat worried. Most Republicans and independents, 73 percent and 60 percent, respectively, are not very concerned or not worried at all about contracting the virus.

The survey also found that 44 percent “never” wear a mask on their face, followed by 25 percent who do “some of the time.” Only 17 percent said they “always” do, and 14 percent said they wear one “most of the time.”

Further, 25 percent believe the pandemic “has already ended,” but 32 percent believe it never will. Notably, President Biden declared the pandemic “over” in September. 

The survey follows Dr. Anthony Fauci sounding the alarm this week, urging individuals to get tested prior to Thanksgiving gatherings. 

“So when we’re gathering at a family gathering for Thanksgiving or for Christmas or for any other holiday as we get into the winter, it makes sense that you might want to get a test that day before you come into a place in which you might be infected and spread it, or other people who might be there in order to protect,” he said, pointing to masking and vaccine boosting as “part of the spectrum of protecting yourself.”


White House

That particular press conference descended into chaos after Karine Jean-Pierre scolded reporters for asking Fauci about the origins of the virus.


White House Source

Book Review: “Against the Great Reset”

To understand the diabolical nature of the Davos deities, read this book.

This is not the first book to appear in recent times critiquing the Great Reset, Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum, and related matters. Some of these volumes I have already reviewed. But this is the newest and perhaps the best. At nearly 500 pages, the collection of essays found here is first-rate.

The editor has assembled a great lineup of leading intellectual heavyweights, including Douglas Murray, Victor Davis Hanson, Conrad Black, Roger Kimball, Angelo Codevilla, David Goldman and a number of others. All up the book has 16 important essays, plus introductory and concluding pieces by Walsh.

All the key issues are examined here: Covid tyranny, socialism, globalism, economics, politics, China and the social credit system, Big Tech, national sovereignty, the WHO, the WEF, Schwab, Bill Gates, critical theory, green energy, population matters, politicised science, cultural Marxism, climate alarmism, health fascism and so much more.

Against the Great Reset bookIt is good that all the bases are so carefully covered here. Given the rapid pace at which the nefarious agenda items of the Davos elitists are being realised, this book could not be more timely. The plans the activists have for their globalist utopia are not something that lies ahead — all this is already well underway.

Walsh explains early on why such a volume is so very much needed. It will be too late if we wait around for the history books to look back on the Great Reset. The issue NOW is whether “the formerly free world of the Western democracies will succumb to the paternalistic totalitarianism of the oligarchical Resetters.”

False Religion

He is right to speak of how the secular left West is so receptive to all this: “In an age of atheism and disbelief, note the religious fervour of neo- and cultural-Marxism and the messianic quality of Schwab’s anti-humanistic Great Reset.” Quite so. Once you ditch Christianity, plenty of false religions will rush in to take its place.

His closing paragraph nicely informs us of just where we are heading in the Schwabian dystopia:

“The satraps of Davos don’t want to simply reset a post-Covid world. Or a post-fossil fuels world. Or even a post-racial world. They want to run it, forever, and while they no longer have need of a god, they’ll always need an enemy. They may not believe in a power higher than themselves, but they certainly believe in demons, and their most irksome devil is you.”

Others pick up on the quasi-religious nature of all this. As Hanson puts it in his essay, “When ‘great’ is applied to a proposed transnational comprehensive revolution, we should also equate it with near-religious zealotry.” Marxism and radical greenism have both been pseudo-religions, and they come together in the Great Reset.

Absolute Control

He and others of course note how Schwab and Co have capitalised on Covid, and want the whole world under their thumb in order to ‘keep us safe’ from further pandemics, including climate change disasters they assure us are just around the corner.

Many of the writers give us terrific descriptions of who these folks are and what they want. But I especially like how Conrad Black characterises our Davos Divines:

Davos is for democracy, as long as everyone votes for increased public sector authority in pursuit of green egalitarianism and the homogenization of all peoples in a conformist world. …

The Covid-19 pandemic caused Davos Man to break out of his Alpine closet and reveal the secret but suspected plan: the whole world is to become a giant Davos — humorless, style-less, unspontaneous, unrelievedly materialistic, as long as the accumulation and application of capital is directed by the little Alpine gnomes of Davos and their underlings and disciples.

John Tierney carefully looks at how science and medicine were politicised during Covid, and concludes his chapter with this dismal outlook:

The Great Reseters will create jobs for the laptop class and subsidies for crony capitalists while stifling the economic growth that lifts people out of poverty. While promising “environmental justice,” they will burden the poor and the despised middle class with regressive taxes and higher energy costs. Their war on fossil fuels will be devastating to sub-Saharan Africa, where half the homes still lack electricity, but it won’t stop technocrats from flying to Davos for conferences on “climate equity.”

Hmm, did we not pretty much see all of that during the past few years? We will just be getting more of the same. The elites then, as during the past few years, will not feel any ill effects from this. It is us mere peons who will fully face the awful consequences.

Revisionism and Fake Compassion

History of course is under attack here. As Jeremy Black writes:

History’s place at the fore of culture wars is no surprise. The destruction of alternative values, of the sense of continuity, and of anything short of a self-righteous presentist internationalism, is central to the attempt at a “Great Reset”.

Moreover, in a variety of forms, including cultural Marxism and, particularly and very noisily at present, critical race theory, such a “reset” is part of a total assault on the past, one that is explicitly designed to lead the present, and determine the future.

With the assault on history goes an assault on open discussion and free debate. He continues:

“What is possibly most striking is the apparent suspension of any real sense of critique of the new order. Maybe, debate is so beneath you when you possess all truth. Much better just to steamroll people into compliance. Debate is seen as oppressive. Those who hold contrasting views are readily dismissed and shunned…”

Of course, freedom itself is going to be the biggest casualty here. As Walsh says in his concluding piece: “The Great Reset’s gambit is to mask and cloak itself, like an obedient handmaiden, in good intentions while stealing you blind and enslaving you. It positively radiates concern for its billions of fellow men even as it consigns them to indefinite house arrest.”

But on a lighter note, humourist Harry Stein manages to find a ray of hope in all this:

When the Soviets banned typewriters, the good guys produced samizdat by hand and continued on with the business of undermining an empire. We’ve now got podcasts and Substack and the emergence of alternative social-media platforms. We’ve got Dave Chappelle and Ricky Gervais, and The Babylon Bee. The truth is, we couldn’t be more fortunate in our enemy.

Dissident wise guys looking to bring down the Iron Curtain had only the likes of anabolic women weightlifters and a glowering Leonid Brezhnev as material, but in our current war with the elites we’ve got high school “girl” track stars with balls, a non compos mentis Biden, and largely peaceful demonstrators trashing our history and burning down our cities. Tell me that isn’t funny. Better yet, tell it to Klaus Schwab and his band of anti-merry men. We’re already laughing at them, too!

It should be noted that a wide spectrum of views is found here with the authors. Sure, they all oppose Schwab and the Davos madness big time. But other differences exist. Consider religious convictions: we have Christians and non-Christians writing here. Walsh for example prefers talking in terms of ‘Greek and Roman’ instead of ‘Judeo-Christian’. Contrast that with how James Poulos concludes his helpful chapter on Big Tech.

He says our “technoethical elites” are worried about whether they can “wield powers denied them by God. In this fateful moment, our digital politics is revealed to be a spiritual war. To survive victorious, we must remember: the greatest spiritual weapon against errant human reset is divine revelation.”

In sum, the revolutionaries always want to create a new world order, but always end up destroying man and civilisation in the process. Nothing new here. But the Davos elites have no interest in history. We should, however. If we will not learn from history, the prospect looks very bleak indeed. Hopefully, a volume like this will wake up enough people to take a united and forceful stand against this great globalist evil.


Originally published at CultureWatch. Photo: Natalie Behring/Wikimedia Commons

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D.C. Public Schools to Force Coronavirus Tests After Thanksgiving

Washington, DC, public schools will require that all students and staff test negative for the coronavirus before they are allowed to come back from Thanksgiving break.

“To support a safe return from Thanksgiving break, all students and staff are expected to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test,” the district website reads. “Families should test their students and upload test results…on Sunday, November 27.”

The district included a link with the testing information and a portal to upload results to prove testing negative.

Tests must be taken within 24 hours of the Monday, November 28, return to school.

The requirement to test comes as many on the left are calling for masking and social distancing again in spite of the evidence against the efficacy of those practices.

Breccan F. Thies is a reporter for Breitbart News. You can follow him on Twitter @BreccanFThies.


Don’t Trust Me, I’m a Doctor

With the ongoing censorship of health professionals, how can we truly trust their medical advice?

I was recently accused of lying. This was a little hard to swallow, as it was over a directly referenced quote. At the same time, I found the accusation understandable. So much has happened over the past two and a half years, it’s difficult to know who to trust anymore.

Take this example: Pfizer recently admitted they didn’t test for transmission because they were too busy moving at the ‘speed of science’ (to be honest, they really didn’t need to admit it — just ask any double, triple, quadruple-jabbed person whether they’ve had the virus yet). Yet we were repeatedly told by authorities that the vaccine would stop the virus in its tracks. Trustworthy?

Or this example: The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) revealed it did not know the myocarditis risks of the Pfizer and Moderna products until five months after provisionally approving them for use. Five months! Trustworthy?

Meanwhile, adverse event reporting systems around the world indicate more adverse events in Covid vaccines than all previous vaccines developed over the past 50 years, combined. Yet we were subject to months of multimedia messaging that claimed the vaccines were both ‘safe and effective’. Trustworthy?

It turns out that for a small (but significant) number of people, the vaccines are neither safe nor effective.

People like Tyson Illingworth (known to his millions of fans as ‘tyDi’). He is an acclaimed composer, songwriter, and DJ with a swag of awards. Like so many others trying to ‘do the right thing’, he stepped up for his first dose with ‘complete faith and trust in (Australia’s) leadership and medical system’.

What happened next was alarming. He writes,

‘Within days I started to feel severe and unbearable shooting pain and paralysis in my hands and feet.’

Soon afterwards, Tyson was rushed to the hospital.

‘I couldn’t believe the vaccine could do this to me, especially when we were all told it was safe and effective and if there was a reaction it would be minor.’

But there was worse to come. Before his release from the hospital, Tyson was strongly advised to get the second vaccine by the neurologist.

‘I acted on the neurologist’s advice and ended up taking the second vaccine… in hindsight, I cannot believe I listened to her, as I have always thought of myself as a critical thinker, and instead I took advice from a doctor who had no regard for my personal situation.’

Tyson’s symptoms were further exacerbated by the second dose, and he was rushed to the hospital once again.

‘I was unable to move, my hands felt like they were on fire, and I struggled to get through the day… I thought my life was over…’

A couple of months later he contracted the virus, sending him to the hospital yet again.

Tyson’s life has changed immeasurably. Where there should be touring, performing and interviews, instead is terrible pain, medications and doctor’s appointments, and a new understanding of the state of medicine in Australia.

Vaccine Claims and Censorship

The COVID-19 Vaccine Claims Scheme was established to help people receive financial support if they’ve experienced harm because of a Covid vaccine. The application process could be described as complicated, at best. Many patients find they are ineligible to claim due to the limited list of recognised adverse effects. In addition, submitting a claim requires a doctor to complete a 10-page report documenting their medical opinion and link to vaccination — something many doctors are unwilling to put their name to.

Tyson experienced this also:

‘I had 5 different doctors confirm that my condition was caused by the vaccine, and they all said they cannot go on record.’

Thank you, AHPRA position statement

(The position statement makes clear that any health advice which undermines the national immunisation campaign may result in investigation and regulatory action. Result? Many doctors are too scared to report an adverse event for fear they might be investigated.)

Despite these limitations, the claims scheme budget is set to blow out to almost $77 million by July 2023. That’s a lot of claims.

Un-informed Consent

Tyson rightly questions the advice he was given recommending he take the second dose of the vaccine.

‘One would think that when a patient presents with severe neurological issues in hospital a specialist would think first, “I will do no harm and disclose the risk”… The information about neurological side effects was available to every clinician at the time, a simple Google search would have revealed this.’

A formal complaint from Tyson to the Queensland health ombudsman returned a letter acknowledging that although the doctor advised him to get a second vaccine, despite being injured by the first, the practitioner was (conveniently) indemnified.

However, an April 2021 letter from Greg Hunt to both the AMA and the RACGP released under freedom of information outlines the parameters of this ‘indemnity’ and confirms ‘as with all vaccines, informed consent is required before the administration of each vaccine dose’.

The Australian government’s six-page consent form lists only a handful of potential and ‘rare or very rare’ side effects including blood clotting and heart inflammation. There is no mention of neuropathy or potential for other serious side effects emerging or not yet known, due to incomplete safety data of these provisionally approved injectables.

So, what exactly is informed consent?

Every health practitioner should know ‘consent is a process, not a form’, says medical professional insurer Avant.

‘Gaining consent from your patient means more than just going through a checklist of risks… you need to understand the risks that are material to your patient.’

Medical professional insurer MIPS agrees that it is important that professionals ‘identify the risks that the patient is most concerned about.’

Given the nature and severity of Tyson’s reaction to the first dose, it would be reasonable to be concerned about the risk of a reaction to the second.

This ‘un-informed consent’ story is all too common and one I have heard repeated time and again. Being simply handed a form to read and sign does not equate to informed consent. It never has. Especially when administering a provisionally approved medical product.

If the government’s indemnity scheme is dependent on informed consent, and informed consent didn’t happen, what happens when the patient suffers a vaccine injury? Where does the buck stop?

It stops with the patient, the person at the receiving end of this bureaucratic mess. In this case, that person was Tyson, who now suffers debilitating symptoms.

How Bureaucracy Undermines Trust

The recently amended National Law, which regulates medical practitioners, is set to give AHPRA even more power to silence doctors if they are deemed to be undermining ‘public confidence’. This means if doctors disagree with public health messaging, like a ‘safe and effective’ mantra, they risk disciplinary action.

How then will patients be able to trust they are receiving the best health advice for their individual circumstances alongside up-to-date evidence, and not the government-endorsed public health message of the day?

They won’t.

For someone who used to trust our medical system, like Tyson, I’m not sure that trust can be earned back. And with the way things are heading, I wouldn’t trust it either.


Originally published at The Spectator Australia. Photo by Chokniti Khongchum.

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